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Coaches continue search for recruits


After a weekend of networking at the Final Four in Atlanta, the coaching staff for the Hawai’i basketball team is back on the hunt for new players for the 2013-14 season.

At least one player is scheduled to make an official visit to Hawai’i this week, and more could be scheduled next week, according to assistant coach Brandyn Akana.

“This week we have a player coming in once again,” said Akana, who is also the team’s recruiting coordinator. “We’re bringing in players, shuffling them in and out. We had players come in (last week) and I’m sure we’ll have players come in next week also.”

Mount San Antonio College (Calif.) guards Corey Allen and Garrett Nevels visited Hawai’i last week, but both will take at least one more recruiting trip to another school this week.

City College of San Francisco point guard Quincy Smith has been mentioned as a Hawai’i recruit, but it remains to be seen whether he will visit this week or next week.

What also remains unclear is the number of recruits Hawai’i will be able to sign during the upcoming signing period (April 17 to May 15).

“We’re still waiting – it’s still up in the air,” Akana said. “There’s no exact number on who we can bring in so we’re still working with that. It’s an ongoing process.”


  1. Yep, all depends on how guys finish up schooling for Spring Semester UH. Then team knows how maybe scholies available!

    Go get em Brandyn, Benjy, Gib, get two or three really great guards!!


  2. Or, as Brandyn Akana says, still up in the air, how many guys to sign for this coming season. Wow. Could be 3? would be nice if had a great PG, a creative SG/Wing, and a JC 6’10” 235 Vander type with a team attitude, Very athletic, raw, yet able to run floor with the guards, get flushes, blocked shots, O and D rebounds and intimidation, a ALL for team guy. Would be nice.

    Why do I say 3? Well Brandyn Akana’s first recruiting update, he mentioned they are looking to replace three seniors. Jace PG,Vander C/PF, and Hauns SG/SG…so I assume UH is looking for a PG, SG and an athletic Big, raw, but coachable!!

    Go get em Gib. Bring in scorers and hopefully a big, a hidden athletic PF big that can spell , Fotu.


  3. Gib’s clearly focusing on inproving on the weak point of last years team… point guard depth and quickness.

    With Shamburger ready to go, that’s a big improvement right there. Just need another athletic PG to sure up the depth. I’m not confident Roop can fill that roll as he’s not a strong ball handler and really needs to work on his on-ball defense. He’s more of a 2-guard but he’s behind Spearman and Jawato in that position. Plus he’s a little small for a 2-guard.

    The bigs at UH really look years down the road so now Gib needs to make the team more athletic to cover the smaller Big West rosters better.

  4. What an exciting time….who will be added to the UH men’s team Ohana?

    We look forward to seeing the 2013-2014 team on the court so that Hunter can pick his favorite player for the season! His annual tradition!

    I have to tell Warrior Nation that Hunter’s favorite player from 3 years ago, Bo Barnes and family are followers of WI. They saw the story and Bo sent Hunter his well wishes. Bo’s mother remembered Hunter naming Bo as his favorite player 3 years ago!

    I am happy to know that so many people continue to follow WI. We may not know how many people follow since only the “regulars” post comments.

    Eagle-Hope all went well on Wednesday, glad Hunter can be a smile that lead the way for you.

    To all-Hunter is doing well. Back at school, just no PE or recess yet.
    Val Schmidt

  5. Valerie Schmidt: Mahalo Plenty for providing sponsorship of a very, very unique online site for all things MBB Warrior Nation!

    Glad to see Hunter doing better. He had great best friends, or favorite players in Bo Barnes and Davis Rozitis, very nice young men.

    Hope eagle , you long time UH MBB fan are okay and on the mend, and cheering the guys on at the SSC or from home.

    Valerie , check with Dayton, I think there is a way for WI to find out the amount of “views” of a certain update, or writeup on WI. Sort of like how YouTube does with their 1 million views of certain viral videos. Also, websites, commercial, have ways of determining the “hits”, old school, how many people visited their sites, without leaving comments.

    I would guess, from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Angola, Canada, Latvia, Indonesia, Croatia, Honolulu, California, Memphis Tenn., Chicago, there could be a lot. I noticed some newbie posters , the new screen names appearing with comments, seems like over the years, more are logging on and voicing opinion and support of Warrior BB nation, and of course enjoying the updates and videos from Dayton.

    Mahalo and thankyou so very much. This site, I believe, potential recruits and their families log on, and view too, check out team, coaches, and fans. It is a vital tool to help future, possibly recruits and their ohana making decision to become MBB Warriors, either now, or a few years down the road.

    Thank you again Valerie Schmidt, Hunter, Tony, Ameriprise , and Dayton Morinaga. For our family this is a kind of UH hoops paradise, we love MBB for decades. We love the emphasis on MBB.

    Aloha, and take care Hunter, and eagle!!:D

  6. Thank You, Valerie, UHF, and All Well-Wishers,
    i have to say things went well… we definitely know more and have a Revised, maybe Improved, COA (Course of Action), continue to improve and seeking even better…and can resume ‘normal activities’ as soon as tomorrow…
    Since this is a UHMBB site, FTR that Does Include playing basketball!

    i Hope (Fully Expect) that Hunter continues to improve, strengthen and build toward the Healthiest, Strongest Best Functioning Heart that he can have…i told our Cardiology (CAT) Staff about Hunter, let them know i consider them fully capable And in Honor of Hunter’s Enthusiasm and Willingness to Help, i am also offering to install my own IV, Catheter, etc. everything i can help with!

    Keep Going & Growin’ Hunter !


    Less than a Week from Beginning of NLOI Period…
    What’s Good? Maybe even Great?

    i have Full Confidence This Team (especially ‘cos The TEAM IS Part of The X Factor that Recruits Will Decide Upon and These Are Great Guys) and This Staff along with The Program built “So Far” WILL Land at least One or Two (or more?) Good to Very Good Players that WILL Help the Team to Perform even better than they would have … (just with the players on-board so far)… and That Will Be Pretty Good….

    Happy Hunting !

  7. Situation: There are 13 scholarships accounted for right now. 2 of them are reserved for incoming freshman Thomas and Jovanovic. If you get any more recruits signed then by addition there has to be a subtraction. Somebody has to go, or should I say more players. The question is who and why.
    Basketball scholarships are for one year, and could be renewed or not be renewed. The problem with a lot of changes is that there is no consistency, continuity, and stability. When Arnold signed 8 freshman last year (Jawato was a redshirt Fr.) we thought he’s building the foundation for the future. I guess the question is, who’s the foundation besides Fotu. It’s a vicious circle man! Rent a player for a year or two and say Aloha! See ya! In defense of Arnold, if he doesn’t win big soon, he’s probably Aloha too! See ya! There’s more drama in Manoa Place then Peyton Place. So again I say, who’s coming and who’s going?

  8. as it is today, it’s a toss up if 13 scholarships are spoken for. I haven’t read/heard an official count, Coach says it doesn’t matter as players are all part of the team.

  9. For anyone still following: Vander’s team lost again 90-80. Vander had 10 points, four rebounds, one block, one steal and five fouls in 26 minutes. He shot 4 for 11, including 0-2 from 3-point range. He measured 6 feet 9, 252 pounds, with 109-inch reach and 86.5-inch wing span.

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