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Warriors to face UC Irvine in Big West Tourney


The Hawai’i basketball team will be the No. 5 seed for the Big West Conference Tournament, and will face UC Irvine in a quarterfinal game on Thursday, March 14, at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. The game is tentatively scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. (Hawai’i time).

UC Irvine rallied from a 19-point deficit at halftime to defeat UC Davis, 88-85, on the final day of the regular season on Saturday. With that win, the Anteaters clinched the No. 4 seed (and dropped UC Davis to No. 6).

The Warriors finished the regular season at 17-13 overall and in fifth place in the Big West at 10-8. UC Irvine is 18-14 overall and 11-7 in the conference.

Hawai’i and UC Irvine split the regular-season series, with each team winning at home. The Anteaters won, 68-64, on January 9 in Irvine; the Warriors won the rematch, 78-72, on February 9 in Honolulu.

In other quarterfinal pairings: No. 1 Long Beach State will face No. 8 Cal State Fullerton; No. 2 Pacific will face No. 7 UC Santa Barbara; No. 3 Cal Poly will face No. 6 UC Davis.

More information will be posted in the days to come.


  1. [Sorry — Please DELETE Earlier “Send”]

    Warriors Need to Get their Feet & Legs Set/Established on The Anaheim NEUTRAL Court…
    (I never Liked Vegas although we might go there in the Future
    TOO Many Distractions for Hawaiʻi AND FANS…)

    Once they Establish and Play ʻBow Ball
    They CAN Play with Any One

    IF Hawaiʻi CAN Scratch Out a Game One WIN…
    They CAN Be Dangerous for Anyone

    Step Up ʻBows!
    Need ALL Starters, Bench to Play Full Bore


    BTW — LBSU Looked Pathetic on the Road Against Pacific Today…

  2. Hawaii #5 seed vs Irvine #4.

    That is as good a draw as any for UH. UH split with Irvine. In fact UH could have, should have won game on the road at Irvine if we recall.

    I know it is hard without Spearman to compete in BWC tourney, however, as was said, Hauns, Jawato, have to step up big time in scoring and defending the perimeter players for other BW teams, no matter who UH is playing, that was the role of Spearman before injury.
    Sometimes, it doesn’t matter, maybe now it does. Note: UH has not lost 3 games in a row this season. To end season Hawaii loss to Poly and Northridge. A 2 game losing streak. If Hawaii can defend, and play well, shoot well for 40 minutes, even using the whole bench or 9 guys, whatever it takes, they can get the W.

    If UH goes into one of those doldrums, and start losing by 12-14 pts, in second half, hard to come back. UH and Gib, guys, just play your hearts out, however Gib with a really good scheme Defensively and Offensively, Sometimes, Jace or whoever running the point for Offense or Defense looks confused, what do we run now?

    Come Gib , get team ready, guys, just bust loose, have fun, run and gun, and get the Win! UH gets to Championship game, even if lose, at 19 wins, I think they play in CIT.

    1/9/2013 * UC Irvine* (ESPNU) Irvine, Calif. L 64-68 Box Score
    2/9/2013 * UC Irvine* Stan Sheriff Center W 78-72 Box Score

  3. I think Derek you are right. Remember at start of season, Bigs for UH would get rebound start break and UH was in transition, scoring or getting spot up 3’s, pretty exciting stuff, now the slow down, thinking man’s game in half court, UH comes to standstill at times. When they get to the Bigs and they kick out , the perimeter guys, Jawato, and Hauns have to hit a ton of 3’s.

    Maybe you are correct Derek, forget the lockdown D, or overly concerned about what D to run or switch in and out of, just play a matchup zone, get closer to 3 ball shooters, get the long loose rebounds off of 3 ball misses, and get up and run, try to score in the eighties, at least exciting for UH MBB team and fans., A shoot out, however once again, loss of Spearman, hurts, however with Jefferson, Hauns, Jawato, and Christian, I am sure they can get transition points, just take it to the rim, get the other team on their heels, shoots, if this is UH’s final stand, the game against Irvine, at least try to break a BWC scoring record for tourney game, make it exciting and let the guys have fun, run and gun!

    If the guys are more relaxed, and play uptempo, and Gib uses all 11 guys, to refresh starters. maybe, just maybe Hawaii can make it to the championship game, and that is a good thing guys. Gib coach them well, get the Win! Beat Irvine and anything can happen!

  4. xer21,

    regarding your post before this update, you are spot on. Spearman loss, especially his D and ability to be agressive on O and all over the court, the one UH guard who could fairly matchup with BWC type guards. When he went down, UH became really slow. And you are correct, Hauns, having to chase these super quick guards, very tough, Hauns not the fleetest of foot. Same with Christian and Isaac, very hard for 6’8″ Bigs to chase guards.

    Tough break, literally when Brandon Spearman went down, man, oh man, if he was healthy for that second half of Pacific game on the road, I believe UH would have won that game, the Poly game, UH might have won that too, and the Northridge game, Spearman might have been the X factor, putting pressure on Greene and scoring on agressive drives to the hoop and taking dagger 3’s in crunch time, as well as his timely prime time FT shooting.

    That is why, It is up to Gib, no , no hate here for Gib, he is young 3 year NCAA DI coach as well, he tried to recruit right attitude and character athletes, instead of great athletes yet questionable nature and not team players, or good chemistry with returnees, Gib wanted to team to be stable, no defections. however, with injuries, and sickeness, what can you do? Last year Miah staph and Zane Mono, cost them post season tourney play and more wins. This year Spearman out, . Maybe some of that Anaheim Disneyland Magic rubs off on Jawato and Hauns and they just go nuts from 3 ball line and help UH get win over Irvine, wouldn’t that be something., If UH can get to semi final game, who knows! If UH gets to championship game, one of the best runs in Conference tourney play for UH in maybe a decade or more!

    Go UH MBB team, just play your best , nothing else left, lay it all out, get the W. Clean slate, every team is 0-0 on Thursday March 14 2013! Any one of 8 teams can win the BWC tournament! Xer21 we all hope, all the hard core MBB fans for UH to somehow get win, wish them the best!

  5. Wonder if UH has their eyes on stellar guards next season? I tink dats what they still lack.

  6. May be… appear to be pursuing some…

    The Types You might be thinking of Start (well) as Freshmen and maybe…

    As Seniors Turn into Top Ten Programs like Illinois Was and Miami still is…

    OR UNLV and Hawaiʻi (Amost Everyone) Needs…

  7. Well, the cards have fallen as favorably as UH could have asked for. UH wont play Davis and a slim chance of playing Cal Poly (not until finals).

    UC Irvine will be a tough game as evidenced by the season split. I think everything depends on Vander and if he can dominate the boards and paint like he’s capable of.. He’s been extremely inconsistent and plays like he’s scared of committing fouls. Which I think explains why he’s so inconsistent in the 1st half but then picks it up with 10min left in the 2nd. He usually plays strong at the end of games once he feels the foul situation is under control. The problem is when he’s not aggressive he’s a detriment to the offense.

    Since the BW tourney reshuffles the bracket after the first round, its hard to predict semi-final match ups since everybody is beatable.

  8. EVERYBODY IS NOT BEATABLE – just UH! FUHA – you are correct, Vander is afraid of fouling and he appears weak; opposing players feel they can dominate him – he gets frustrated, commits stupid fouls and has the potential to get a TF.

    UH will NOT beat Irvine – it is like a home game for UCI and they will have everybody at the game. Coach can go back to doing what he does best – start recruiting for next year and get high potential players to come to UH and have them sit on the bench! Play his favorites and let the chips fall where they may!

    Finishing 5th seed is pathetic in the BWC with the highly touted “bigs” – UH should have finished in the Top 3. Please don’t use injuries as an excuse – it’s not an excuse; just a cop out for poor performing and no chemistry! Take time off and get ready for spring practices. Mahalo.

  9. Dallan:

    I don’t know how far back you go in following UH MBB history. UH had the 1994 team going into WAC tourney at 15-13, very similar, a lot of questions, under acheivers, Riley Wallace questioned for starting lineups, playing only certain guys, while others rode the bench. Team, came together at WAC tournament, upset BYU in Salt Lake City and went on to meet Syracuse in NCAA’s at 18-13. So one and done, possible, impossible for UH to win against Irvine, I don’t think so. BWC parity. UH had to play tough D and you and UHFA, are both correct Vander has to be active on D especially, all the time. Correct, when he picks up 2 fouls in first 20 minutes, he backs off, or, with the BWC officials the way they call the game, any contact, He being the biggest and most skilled Big in the league will get called for the foul whether at the SSC or on the road. Probably that is why he is tentative. He hardly dunks, so you know he is not 100%. Don’t know what more he can do, however, if he goes off, in first half, and perimeter guys, Hauns and Jawato can hit a lot of 3’s to give UH a good lead at halftime, UH can win.

    Gib, so far, sure he does not have a lot of experience as a DI coach, Rough times with guys that left. All of those players, none of them on All America watch list, some not even in school, or even playing ball, one sadly fell into a bad state.
    Gib had to, this year 3, go after good kids, and he did. Great bunch all 16 (including the 4 RS’s).

    As to playing favorites, or not letting guys have a chance to play, Manroop was a starter, Ozren too, Jawato, Jefferson, and Vander, Jace, Hauns, Christian, Spearman, Isaac. Davis has minutes, even Harper got to play. As for Manroop, Ozren, Jawato, speed of the game and ability to defend, they had chance to start and had minutes to produce. If Manroop, Ozren , Jawato, were burning the nets and defending, making crucial defensive stops to close out games, they would be starters from day one. Every guy on team , all 12, had a look in practice, and sometimes, just for change of pace, a chance to be in game and show what they got. Not saying Gib is Coach K.(look , even the great Coach K. had some heartbreaking losses this season)and his inexperience shows at times. Some fans, I would say it is 50-50, some like him(Manoa Maniacs do!)some loather him. Whatever it is, Gib is the coach, and in this BWC tournament, it is his chance to prove the detractors wrong. Get the win against Irvine. It will be tough, Irvine playing very well, however they are not Duke.

    As for Spearman, injury and Jace’s Injury, and Vander’s MCL, if you ever player any type of competitive sports, if you are hurt and not 100%, you cannot give all you can. Just do the best. Spearman being out, from that Pacific road game, that is when UH went into the season ending spiral,. I tell you that young man, was the glue holding the team together, at least make them competitive, when he went down, UH could not close out. So now Hauns, Jawato, Jace, Jefferson, Roop, Ozren, Harper, have to step up, and VANDER has to play lights out from tipoff to final horn. however, 16 pts and 19, count em 19 rebounds was pretty huge against Northridge, Vander has to stay on the court and play good D, and help D, UH can win. Anything can happen, a underdog can beat a favorite, just ask all the #1 teams that got upset this year.

    Dallan. Mahalo!

  10. UCI is the preferred matchup based on our regular season outcomes. Their style of play suits us better than say a Cal Poly or a UC Davis that hoists up many shots from outside. Their second leading scorer (Adam Folker) was injured this past week. However, they are very dangerous and are one of the hottest teams in the Big West at the moment. They have finished the season winning six out of their last seven with wins over LB, UoP, @ UT Arlington, and @ UC Davis in that span.

    As for Hawaii, the team is not playing great ball. I wouldn’t be surprised with a very short stay in Anaheim. Coach Gib is going to have to shore up some deficiencies on the defensive end (particularly on the perimeter and in transition). Offensively, we’re going to need someone to step up other than our usual go-to scorers on the road (Vander, Christian, and Hauns).

  11. Dallan, I can tell the frustration and the disgust. Ditto. The problem with the team, and the coach(es) is inconsistency. One game they play well, another or two they stink up the joint. Our team is like a box of chocolates, we just don’t know what we’re going to get from game to game. This Big West tournament venue is supposed to be a neutral site. The biggest key is controlling what we do, not what the other team does. That means taking care of the ball, have good ball movement, and shoot the ball well, from the field and at the line. I agree, can’t use any injuries for any excuses. It’s part of the game. I don’t think Arnold uses his personnel to the maximum. Yeah, maybe he plays favorites, but I don’t know that myself. Sometimes I shake my head. How can Jawato foul out in 12 minutes? And Jefferson practically disappears? And Tavita had surgery on his pinkie and he plays 37-38 minutes and lays an egg with no points? He doesn’t use Manroop who is the quickest guard and better shooter at all!!!! Too bad Pavlovic had to stay home, but I assume he is back for the tournament. We could have used him at Northridge. We just don’t know who is going to show up to play a good game.

    Obviously, Christian is our best player, but sometimes he can have a so-so game too. Vander, very good to not good. Hauns, depending if his shot is falling, Fotu, he needs to be engaged early, Tavita doesn’t shoots as well on the road compared at the Sheriff. Jefferson, you want defense or you want offense. Pavlovic, if he’s hot, he’s hot and you know the drill. Jawato, hot streak or bad streak. Clair, gotta produce when he gets the chance. Problem is he’s hasn’t gotten the chance since January. Rozitis, sometimes plays well, other times fouls a lot. There you go, an inconsistent team. We’re still trying to find an identity. Oh, maybe we do. We are a front line oriented team. In the college game, we lose because the superior shooting guard teams will kill us with the 3 everytime. We make 10 for 20 baskets, get 20 points for 50%. The other team gets 7-20 from 3 points, gets 21 points on 35% shooting. Who’s shooting better? Who’s winning? That’s why we will be big underdogs at the BW tournament. As President Clinton said, it’s arithmetic!!!! Our players are good guys and they play hard. They deserve better coaching and leadership from the top. Bottom line, winning cures a lot of things. Ask Tiger Woods. I’ll just watch now and see what happens. Oh, by the way, congratulations to the Rainbow Wahine basketball team. 13-5 to finish the regular season is very impressive. And Beeman still not a truly happy camper. That’s what I like. She’s never satisfield. She’s pleased, but never satisfield.

  12. I agree with Dallan, DK, Derek, Eagle, n2joy, UHFA, etc. the buck does stop with Gib. If Gib, since he is the leader, the mentor , the coach, cannot get a win against Irvine. Gib’s contract should runout. I think he will be here 2013-14 right? That is when he is currently contracted too? I know Gib has a great agent/lawyer, wrote up a good deal for him the incentives and bonuses etc. Key, agreed, injuries notwithstanding, Gib and UH MBB team, if they win this darn BWC tournament, None of us have anything negative to say. It will be one of THE Hawaii Sports stories of 2013 spring! If Gib loses against Irvine, well, Ben Jay start looking for next coach.

    Must be Gib has a good , great relationship with the parents of current players, none chime in at this point. Why? I think their sons enjoy playing here and like Hawaii and the experience. They don’t want to talk about negatives, or UH losing games or coach.

    We shall see, Gib, I still say, this Irvine game, is the GAME OF THE YEAR for Gib, he wins, sits at 18 win, pretty good for him and team, with chance to move to semis, get to championship game, anything can happen.

    I hope team reads our posts, and just tells us : We will show the naysayers, as a team we will play our hearts out, play as a team for the team and fans, and get wins, win that darn BWC tournament, and we all will say good job Warriors!

    I don’t know about the rest of you, I will be glued to Fox Sports West TV watching UH vs Irvine, and hoping for the guys to pull off a win. !!

    P.S. Not having a consistent starting five and 3 or 4 huge contributors off the bench, results in an up and down season, still at 17 wins and a guaranteed winning season in conference and end of regular season, and we still complaining, Ahhh life in the 21st century.

    For the sake of all the good parents of Vander, Jace, Hauns, Christian, Brandon S. Brandon J., Jefferson, Ozren, Harper, Manroop, Davis, and Isaac, your boys have done well, tried best they could, and season not over yet. I want them to win, all on this forum do, right Eagle!?!!:D

  13. Playhoopsa, I think parents are happy to have opinions and voice them, but are just cautious about doing so on a public forum (as it should be).
    From my own experience, parents are generally not very good at assessing a team, coaches, sons performance etc. For most parents, during their child’s sporting career, it goes something like this….every parents boy is the best, if the coach doesn’t play their son they are the worst, etc, etc… It is not a useful conversation to have in your own head when you are a parent, nor to voice in a public forum like this. And especially when the “boys” are young men. These young men, are committed and playing hard. The coaches are professional and know what they are doing and the outcomes that they desire. Parents need to keep all of these things in perspective.

    When I go to the footy in Melbourne (Aussie rules), if we have an horrific loss, then just like some of the posters here, my voice gets loud – every player is the worst, the coach should be sacked, the umpires didn’t call it our way!!!!! Everything is in the mix and everyone’s opinion is heard and understood however, not always agreed upon.

    Go Warriors for the tournament – play well and kick arse!!!!

  14. Aussie Mum,

    Best post of the year! Honest, forthright, to the point, concise. I guess we all love “our team” wherever that might be , in Australia, or USA. I guess a lot are frustrated, UH could have been at least 3 or 4 more games up in the win column, sitting at 20 wins, regular season. I think most of the posters on this message board, have no qualms with the boys personally, Gib is the captain, and you are correct, we always think our boy or girl is the best or we harp on them as the worst if not playing up to potential.

    Also, if we figure our son or daughter should be playing more or less, coaches decision etc.
    I give you credit, you are a TOUGH and VERY STRONG supporter of Warrior Basketball win or lose.
    Props to Aussie Mum, great comments and post.

    Yes, we all want UH to win. Warriors just play strong and try to get win against Irvine, give your best effort, what more could coach or parents hope for!

    Mahalo Aussie Mum.!!

  15. …AND REALLY…CONSISTENCY Is the Bane of ALL Teams Other than the VERY Best …
    Even with FULL-TIME PROS…

    Dallan –EVERY TEAM (This Year) in The Big West has UGLY Losses AND Ugly Wins…

    Remember…The Opponent — Smart and Talented as they CAN be on their good days,
    IS Doing everything in their power to mess up yours…

    ONE WAY to have More Consistency is to play Five – to Seven (RE: Riley?)
    BUT then every year is a Re-Start and Every Injury or Personal Foul from Three-On Up is a Dramatic Roller-Coaster…

    Aussie Mum — SO Well Displaying WHY These Young Men ARE So Wise — Maybe Moreso than ‘Us Fans’ —
    IT ALL Starts with the Parents and How they interact with their kids — that’s why coach insists on visiting Home Environment…

    I’d LIKE to SEE a BW Team that CAN Pack Anaheim —
    VERY Little Evidence of Huge Home-Court Advantages During the Regular Season
    BUT A Packed House is Likely to Spur Our Team on as well…

    GET Those Frustrations Out…
    THIS Should be a Safe Place to Discharge, Re-Charge Then Cheer On The Successes
    GO ‘Bows!
    WIN Warriors!

  16. Eagle: Your posts almost “Haiku” like. Appreciate your thoughts and compliments to Aussie, Ozi Mums, Tonganator Dad and Memphis Mum, you have good young men representing the University of Hawaii, and for some at great cost. Thank you.

    Eagle, from day one, of WI, you said keep the posts coming, keep WI alive, I think with all of this passion for MBB , comments and suggestions to help team, the analysis, the frustrations, the tears the fears, the hopes, and anxieties, YOU have always, kept the flame of HOPE alive for team, never read your post, where you say: JUST TANK THE SEASON, team just give up! As long as a shot to go post season tourney or to improve this year and next, you say GO FOR IT, IMUA!

    Keep flying high Eagle. If the guys get the Irvine win, the posts will be flying high too, with positives. Either way , I enjoyed the good nature of Michael, Aaron, Caleb, Davis, Isaac, Hauns, Garrett, Vander, Jace, Christian, Manroop, Brandon Spearman and Brandon Jawato, and Mr. Da Beast Davis Rozitis and the Frotu from NZ, the King of the Kiwi Fros, Isaac Fotu. And, the Toni Kukoc in training Ozren Pavlovic. the Character of this year’s team without question, they are good young men. University and Ben Jay can be proud they are good representatives of UH Warrior, Rainbow, Bow, Fighting Deans, Basketball!

    Imua Warriors. Go get that Irvine team. Would be good upset, and launch towards semis. Fans, for the guys sake, give a shout out, , thanks for the hard effort, energy and attitude, despite some injury setbacks and adjustment to starting five, good year so far, and possibly great finish!

    Uhfanzonly1. Go Warriors! 😀 !!

  17. Of course shout out to the hard working in school and on the RS scout team , Keith Shamburger, Caleb Dressler, Dyrbe Enos and as aforementioned Caleb Dressler. You guys are students first, citizens of Warrior nation and University second and finally great athletes. Never shall we pour negatives on you, whatever suggestions and positives to help your team an coach, we offer.

    Thanks for the outlet for our emotions Dayton. Without WI, man what would we do? WI, keeping the USA and the entire Global Warrior MBB nation rocking in the year 2013 and beyond!

    Mahalo Dayton , WI, staff and sponsors, and shout out to the Schmidts!! :D!!

  18. Yes this time of the year, especially when UH is still in the hunt to Dance, no matter what people say, our Ohana gets excited!

    Forgot, apologies to the Athletic, and high flying RS and very patient Airon Valdes and family. Wait till next year Aaron Valdes, hang on, you will be bringing awesome D, and some high flying transition dunks, and weakside block shots, and steals and runouts for flushes, to the Valdes Ohana, thank you for sharing Aaron with UH MBB. Some fans forget to thank the team and their families, so our Ohana says thankyou to all Warrior Nation.

    Uhfanzonly1. 😀 !!

  19. Ok Warriors , no mistakening here , you played unacceptably poor defense all year against the three, this is crunch time ,playoffs , no more excuses , no more nicey nicey good boy comments, it’s time you guys start playing like champs start to finish , play it hard and don’t take a half off. This was suppose to be a 19-20 win season, if you want some sort of post season, you have to win some games. Come on Man. The last game just killed us fans. Just Win.

  20. jjay,

    I wonder if MBB team TOO NICE. You are right, and so are other contributors to forum, Bottom line, no excuses, if UH MBB team wants to go to any Post Season Tournament after BWC tourney, have to win against Irvine, then win semis, and get to championship game.


  21. Aloha,

    We have some UH fans here in San Diego who plan on driving to Anaheim to support the basketball team on Thursday. Anyone knows which section UH fans will be seating on? We would love to sit next to them if possible.


  22. Uhfanzonly1 thanks for the shout-out and no worries. It’s all about the team. Aussie Mum I also agree with what you said, that was perfect. If I may add, as Aaron’s parents we really won’t say much publicly at all on how the team should be run or who should play. You won’t hear anything negative ever said about the school, coaches, players or game decisions either from us. You may hear me say something about the refs though. I’ve coached basketball too many years and my wife was also a coach (not BBall), and we know how evil some parents can be with coaches. This is our 4th son playing collegiate sports and we know how difficult things are and can be for any of the staff throughout the season. We are extremely happy with the program and certainly feel it is heading in the right direction. So as fans this year without a player on the court my feelings about how this year has gone are very positive. We are big fans of the team.

    I read a lot of the posts about how come we didn’t get this player or that player. As a parent of a basketball player who was being recruited, we had our concerns about Hawaii before the move to the Big West. The travel did concern us before UH joined the BW. Remember we can’t just get up and drive to go see our kid play a home game. Same goes for recruiting, coaches can’t just get in a car and drive to go see a player play that easily. It gets real expensive. With UH in the BW, you will start to see more kids interested in the program. The kids that were recruited this year are all excited about joining the team and playing for Hawaii and I’m sure playing in the BW had a lot to do with it as well. The parents are excited as well and that is important. You are going to start to see a lot more of that in the coming years. It’s going to take time for recruits to want to come to UH. Once they see how much fun the guys are having and the type players the program has, you will see more good character/talented recruits want to come.

    The fans are great, keep it up and you will definitely see us at a couple of UH home games next year. Go Warriors, beat Irvine!

  23. To Aussie Mum and TribeVx4, thank you for bringing much-needed perspective to collegiate sports. Hopefully, your messages resonate throughout the reaches of WarriorInsider. Too often people see players (and coaches) as pawns for their own amusement, as if they are pieces in a fantasy league. They forget that these are young men and women playing a game they love, and striving to do their best with their God-given abilities, no matter the depth of what they possess. That’s why it’s nice to have parents contributing to Dayton’s blog. You help keep it real. Mahalo.

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