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Warriors lift spirits at hospital visit

Words like healing and recovery took on a whole new meaning for the Hawai’i basketball team on Monday.

Less than 48 hours after a disappointing loss to Cal Poly, the Warriors took some time to visit ailing patients at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children.


“I just think we have a lot to be thankful for,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “We played a game Saturday night and there were 10,000 people in there cheering us on. We got a real good life … when you have a chance to give a little bit back and maybe bring a smile to couple kids faces who may be going through some tough times, I think it’s our obligation to do that.”

The Warriors were undoubtedly dejected after Saturday’s 64-61 loss to Cal Poly dropped them from third to fifth place in the Big West Conference. But Arnold said the visit to the hospital put life in perspective.

“You’re feeling bad about yourself, you lose a tough game, and you come here and see who’s got real issues and real problems, it makes losing a game seem not as bad as it really is,” Arnold said. “You kind of take a step back and look at your life and realize how fortunate you really are.”

One Warrior who already understood that is Hauns Brereton. His younger brother, Landon, battled brain cancer and spent many years in and out of hospitals in Tennessee. Landon has since recovered and was able to attend Hauns’ Senior Night game last weekend.

Brereton said he recalls players from the Memphis Grizzlies making a visit to see his brother and other patients, and how it helped raise the spirits of everyone involved.


“Going in there and just bringing some excitement helps out a lot,” he said. “It gives them some type of energy. The Grzzlies did this for my little brother and it brought energy to him where he was able to go through the processes that he needed to to be alright.”

Arnold and his staff have made a commitment for the program to serve some type of community service several times a year.

“We’re trying to give back to the community, but with that said, they are helping us, too, because you see some very strong-willed people in hospitals,” he said.


  1. Great job Warriors.

  2. Hey Aussie Mum, second your thought, great experience for UH MBB, giving back to those in greater need. As team says, it puts things into perspective! Others, are not playing college sports, though they wish they could. They are facing much more challenges than athletes trying to hit 3 point shots and winning ball games. Very happy, from day one, Gib wanted team to get involved with the community. Life lessons, you are right Aussie Mum and Ozi Mum, great job warriors. Take care of the young warrior fans and boost their morale and lives. Lessons, the young ones and Warrior MBB team will treasure forever!

    Hope, team, dedicate next game, get win , for those young patients in hospital. Get a win at Northridge for the youngsters, I am sure they are UH fans too!

    Good job too Gib, the team has bonded, great bunch of student athletes and citizens. Glad for the agenda of recruiting High Character and good people ahead of just athletes, much better atmosphere among the team , they are now life long friends.

    Go Warriors!

  3. We’ve probably all spent time in a hospital, some of us when we were kids, so you can imagine how a visit like this can help brighten what can typically be a painful, anxiety-filled day. Good job, guys.

    And, as Gib, Hauns and Christian said, it certainly brings perspective into one’s life … a good way for the players to put Saturday’s loss behind and move forward with newfound appreciation for all that they’ve been blessed with.

  4. No words, no book, no story, that someone can change as the power of personal experience

    A long time ago as a young, I was in a position to travel due to work abroad in a mini bus with people who use wheelchairs .
    Driver, bunch wheelchair on the bus, their users and I

    I will never forget the looks on the customs officers directed at me because they thought that I am disabled.

    Experience with this trip has made me a better person.
    I am very sensitive to the sick and different people

    You may have noticed that I often feel like the guys to stay healthy
    I very much appreciate the decision that coaches and the team visit patients

  5. Very cool, great job Bows.

  6. Just caz I’m bored, I googled the recruits that chose other D1 schools over UH. I didn’t count the guys who didn’t qualify and went JUCO.

    Amazingly, only two guys are making any kind of impact on their teams. Deng Deng is contributing as a backup this year for Long Beach and Jordan Loveridge is playing very well for Utah.

    Dan Monson was able to outmaneuver GIb on Deng Deng. Utah was able to keep Loveridge near home (from West Jordan, UT) and in the Pac 12. So can’t blame Loveridge wanting to play in front of friends and family in the Pac 12.

    Other than those two, there is little to no news on other players who chose another D1 school over UH. So Gib’s done a good job with the recruits. UH has lost a handful of talented guys to academic non-qualifiers.

  7. Ozi Mum:

    Great, very heartfelt post and comments Ozi Mum. Your son Ozren reflects your attitude and feelings. You are right, for those with disabilities, yes I have disability too, a simple going to restroom is a challenge, however, there are ones who suffer more than I do.

    What UH Warriors did , and what type of coach and person Gib is, it is a wonderful thing! Ozi, and the whole team will grow and be more appreciative of the blessings of good health and youth that they enjoy.

    Some of those in youth hospital, have ailments that are life challenging. My heart goes out to them. They are True Warriors, great spirit. I am sure that experience, the Team visiting the less fortunate will help the Warriors in school, life, and a priority further down the road now, a successful Basketball season for 2012-13.

    I hope Jace Tavita, and Brandon Spearman who have injuries now(Jace with a surgery repaired dislocated finger) heal up well and will be back with their friends and Ohana!

    Thank you Aussie Mum and Ozi Mum for the love and care you show to your sons and UH MBB as well as the State of Hawaii, USA!

    Uhfanzonly1. 😀

  8. Way to go Warriors! I remember when the Tennessee Titans came to St. Jude and Landon was one of the patients they spent some time with. At the time he was so sick and so ready to give up the fight and a week later he was trying to walk with a walker and asked if we could find him a Titans uniform. He would were that uniform proudly with the helmet on as he weaved all over the place going from appointment to appointment with his walker. Another visitor was Shane Batier (sp?) who played for the Grizzlies at the time.
    It is so awesome when those that are so blessed help and give hope to those in need. I have so many stories I could share and I am so proud that the team has gone out and shared their strength with those in need. As a mom it means so very much! I am truly grateful for all those that gave a piece of them selves to brighten our family’s day. The days get long and hard when you are forever waiting….

  9. And much mahalo(thankyou) to Memphis Mum!

    Another of the many great mothers or the Warrior Basketball team! Great to see the support for Hauns by your family and little brother Landon! You are right, we who still have a measure of health and mobility, are blessed. Many are suffering, and in some countries or areas of the USA, they don’t have the support or visitations of athletes or other celebrities. This whole chapter in the MBB year of 2012-13, puts everything in proper focus. Life is so precious. There is so much more, ability to give and share aloha and love. Exhibit kindness, compassion and be a good friend and neighbor. UH BB with Coach Gib and his great loving family set a good course for team, give back, appreciate and inspire!

    Thank you to another great Mom and fan of UH BB and Hauns Brereton, Tri Captain! Wish the best to Landon Too.

    Thanks Dayton for feature. Helps us to see life’s real priorities, caring for one another on this planet!

    Great job guys, stay hungry, humble, honest and be hard working in class, the community and lastly have success in BWC tournament. These life lessons, will help you all 10, 15 , 25 , 40 years down the road!

  10. Jace will Play , he is a Warrior , We dont surrender to a finger, we will overcome all obstacles and beat Northridge, it’s Warrior time , Jace ,lead us to victory and no less!!!

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