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Warriors get CIT invitation


The season is not over yet for the Hawai’i basketball team.

The Warriors will host Air Force in the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament (CIT) on Wednesday night (7:00 p.m.) at the Stan Sheriff Center.

The Warriors were one of 32 teams to receive an invitation to the CIT, and it is the second time in three years that they will participate in the postseason event.

Hawai’i lost to UC Irvine, 71-60, in the quarterfinals of the Big West Conference Tournament last Thursday at Anaheim, Calif. The Warriors, who are 17-14 overall and finished fifth in the Big West, were considered a long shot to receive a postseason invitation.

Former longtime Hawai’i head coach Riley Wallace is the chairman of the CIT selection committee, and his influence was undoubtedly one of the factors to help the Warriors get an invitation.

Air Force is 17-13 overall and finished sixth in the Mountain West Conference at 8-8. The Falcons were 13-2 at home, including upset wins over UNLV and New Mexico. However, they are just 3-10 in road games. The Mountain West finished the regular season as the top rated conference in the nation.

Air Force’s leading scorer, 6-foot-5 senior guard Michael Lyons, suffered a knee injury in the Mountain West Tournament last week and is out for the season. He leads the Mountain West in scoring at 17.7 points per game, and was one of five players selected to the All-Mountain West Conference first team. This will be Air Force’s first game without Lyons this season.

Without Lyons, the Falcons will not have any player averaging double-figure points when they play Hawai’i. Mike Fitzgerald, a 6-6 senior forward, is averaging 9.7 points per game, and Todd Fletcher, a 6-2 senior point guard, is averaging 9.6 points and 3.7 assists per game.

The Falcons lead the Mountain West with a .475 field goal percentage, and also lead the conference with 253 3-pointers.

The Warriors have three players averaging double-figure points: Christian Standhardinger (15.7 points, 7.9 rebounds), Vander Joaquim (14.2 points, 8.4 rebounds) and Hauns Brereton (10.1 points). Junior guard Brandon Spearman, who is averaging 9.7 points per game, could also be ready for some limited action by Wednesday. He has missed the last five games with an ankle injury.

Hawai’i is one of three teams from the Big West selected by the CIT. UC Irvine and Cal Poly are also in the CIT field (UC Irvine will host High Point, and Cal Poly will play at Weber State).

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Here is the ticket information provided by the University of Hawai’i:

Tickets will be available online beginning at 10 p.m. on Sunday night for season-ticket holders and beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday for non-season ticket holders.

Season-ticket holders may purchase their tickets by logging into their online account at etickethawaii.com. Tickets will also be available for season-ticket holders on Monday morning at the Stan Sheriff Center Box Office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Non-season ticket holders may begin purchasing their tickets at the Stan Sheriff Center on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Tickets may also be purchased by calling 944-BOWS (2697) beginning on Monday at 9 a.m. for season-ticket holders and on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. for non-season ticket holders There are limited phone lines, therefore, fans are encouraged to purchase online and can do so 24 hours a day.

Processing, handling, and convenience fees may apply.

Season Ticket Holder Prices
Lower Level $18
Upper – Adult $12
Upper – Senior Citizen $10
Student (4-HS) $4

Non-Season Ticket Holder Prices
Lower Level $24
Upper – Adult $16
Upper – Senior Citizen $14
Students (UH & 4-HS) $5


  1. Thank you Riley maybe cuz it is last time they are called Rainbow Warriors who knows I hope at least 4000 show up Thanks to Ben Jay he gave ok to Gib to play on I hope Vander shows up do not much bout air force except MWC team so watch out

  2. Thank you Riley , the CIT and the teams that made it happen by getting selected by the NCAA, NIT and the CBI!
    Come what may, UH has a chance to get one more win at the SSC. Pretty sure at least 4000 maybe more will show up. Be very vocal. Band, cheer squad, and a lot of old and new time BB fans. That last senior nite that drew perhaps almost 9000, if half show up Wed nite for Air Force game, great atmosphere, time for Ben Jay and AD dept to drum up quick support and advertisments, on OC 12 sports, Local paper, radio media, and UH athletic sites, hey even go door to door Maniacs and MBB team!

    The following week , will be Spring Break for UH, so after hopefully a good win for the Warriors. , The students can be on break for perhaps a second round game. Cannot think too far ahead, though it is great news. Come on fellow Maniacs come out in force. I hope Ben Jay can seek private donors to buy blocks of 40 or 50 tickets for students, maybe total about 300, or so, would be good community service, show the vestment in UH athletics, and UH fans and school would appreciate!

    Can’t wait for the Band, the Dancers, the Cheerleaders, Billy V and Baton girl, and the famous Manoa Maniacs, well trained by Jamie Smith and fully supported by the brain child of drumming up student support for THEIR UH SPORTS TEAM. one Gib Arnold, so many knock, him, however a lot of credit goes to Gib for bringing in 16 very nice young student athletes , from Angola to Australia, thank you Gib, your wife and 5 great kids.

    Go Warriors!!

  3. Wow! This was not expected. While it ain’t the NCAAs or NIT, it’s better to be among the 152 schools still playing rather than the 195 that won’t be. The extra practice will be good for the program, and the seniors have a chance to wash that awful taste out of their mouths after the opening-round loss in the BW Tournament.

    I actually won’t mind if the game isn’t televised — unless it’s pay-per-view or Oceanic helps pay for any expenses such as an entry fee. The school can’t afford to take any kind of financial hit. Besides, I’m hoping the women’s team gets a WNIT berth, which means another expense that likely was not budgeted for.

    All in all, good news. And may I add a heartfelt mahalo to Jamie Smith. It was nice to see the students involved in the program again. I hope the school can work out an arrangement to bring Jamie back. If not, best of luck to him. The British national team would be a nice fallback.

  4. Dayton thankyou for the update, although it has been online and through radio and TV media for some time.
    Well, hope that UH gets victory against Air Force, so that UH can continue in March, the guys should be rested.

    Could you have , tomorrow and update on team’s conditioning, any additional injuries, and how is Brandon Spearman doing?
    Would he be ready to play against the Air Force or perhaps the next round if Hawaii wins Wed nite.

    Also, are the kids, doing well in class, would be sad if some neglected school and couldn’t participate, That is where, Gib , his staff and academic advisors come in. They have done a great job!

    Will bet interesting matchup: Could you ask Gib about Air Force, they are without a key player who went down to injury, and maybe another Big. However Air Force has a really high RPI rating and has beaten NIT and NCAA bound teams this year. UH beat LBSU an NIT team and Pacific the NCAA representatvie from the Big West . Plus, UH played well at home, nearly beating Illinois, at SSC center last year, oh so close. As well as coming back to make a game of it against UNLV on the road(another MWC team) and, making a game of it against Ole Miss in the second half of the DH classic, Once again, good UH and bad UH.

    I think the seniors, Jace, Vander, and Hauns, have to play their best games of the year, show true leadership, as well as Jawato, Clair, hitting at least 6 three pointers for 18 points off the bench, and Davis, Jefferson getting rebounds, steals, blocked shots, taking charges, and between them at least 12 points, and the Big Three, Fotu, Christian and Vander getting at least 45 pts, 30 rebounds, so Bigs=45pts, Bench=18 pts, Hauns=17 pts total= 80 pts , and outrebound Air Force by 10 at lest, and turnovers, 10 or less since, Air Force is very disciplined, who knows, Gib might just unleash UH, get D stop, get rebound, run and score, maybe run and score quickly after every made or missed basket by the opponent. Would be fun game, and of course, as Eagle says , and a lot on this forum, and Gib knows too, Defense, 6 to 8 stops in a row, and UH scores maybe 18-10 pts off of those stops, UH can win game. UH is battle tested , 31 games under their belt, seen every type of defense and the infamous 3 pt shooting teams and quick PG’s, UH has to dig in , and just find a way to win.

    Very few people in sports or life in general get SECOND CHANCES, so Gib and UH MBB this is yours, it is a real gift, use it well and get the W. Thousands of fans, from around the world are wishing for one win, then another, then…

    Go Warriors.!! D:!!

  5. Aussie Mum, Ozi Mum, Memphis Mom and Tonganator, one more game for UH MBB team and your sons. This Wed March 20 2013 at 700pm HST.

    Hope they get a win for their awesome families, the most unique and supportive, international brother and sisterhood Warrior Ohana in the world.

    Go Warriors win against Air Force for your parents , siblings, hometowns, countries and friends around the Globe!

    Go Warriors! D:!!

  6. This is good news. Air Force is a decent draw. I am hopeful Hawaii can flip a small profit out of this. As mentioned previously, the team also can end their season on a higher note by snapping a three game losing streak and maybe bring in a recruit or two during the game.

  7. This is awesome news. The season continues! At least, for now. On paper, Air Force appears to be quite the daunting match-up…however, with their point guard/leading scorer out, along with the fact that the Falcons are a bad road team, I’d say the tables are quite evenly matched. Hawaii has been solid at home, and if Spearman returns? Those cadets better watch out! Should be a good one!

  8. Great news for UH. Thanks Riley Wallace for your continuing support of the basketball program.

  9. Coddled by RW AGAIN.

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