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There were good times, and there were not so good times. The Hawai’i basketball team completed its 2012-13 season last week with a 17-15 record.

Through the ups and downs, WarriorInsider.com photographers Brandon Flores and Chase Simmons were at courtside for every home game at the Stan Sheriff Center to capture still photos of the Warriors.

Above is a slideshow collection of some of their shots.

It should be noted that both photographers volunteered their time for WarriorInsider.com this season. Recognition should also be given to Warren Haraki, who also volunteered his photography services for some of the road games.

Brandon Flores and Chase Simmons both offer photography services for weddings, parties and other occasions. Please send an e-mail to dayton@warriorinsider.com for more information.


  1. What a roller coaster ride for UH MBB fans! You had to take blood pressure meds or antacids! A lot of young guys, including RS got to play this year, so I hope it bodes well for next season.

    Gib, gets 2 more athletic shooters, quickness to defend, UH with Isaac, Christain ,Shamburger and Spearman leading the way, and awaiting that 5th starter, should be vastly improved. Look forward to Michael Thomas, Aaron Valdes, Stefan Jovanovich, and Caleb Dressler, as well as the pride of Kamehmeha Schools-Kapalama, Dyrbe Enos, and the rest of returnees. Have a great off season getting better guys, and UH MBB can be good. Coach Gib, keep team stable, and on track to improve on court and in class.

    Great video work and writeups, Dayton, you probably were on that crazy up and down season with all of us in UH MBB Warrior Nation.

    Go Warriors. And thank you for final video of the year Dayton and thanks to the sponsors, really super people!

  2. Mahalo(thankyou)Plenty to Brandon , Chase and Warren for your time and excellent photos highlighting UH MBB’s past season. Beautiful work and WI UH Warrior MBB nation appreciate all that you have done!

    Great job!!


  3. Great job by Brandon, Chase, Warren and … of course, Dayton. Nice tribute to the players, coaches and fans, and a keepsake for the families. I’m sure they’re all appreciative of what this site has done to promote UH basketball.

  4. Really Nicely Done, Dayton, Brandon, Chase & Warren …
    You captured All the Great Moments i remembered and
    some from better angles than we saw, even some we couldnʻt see in the moment

    Great Tribute to an Overall Happy Team and IF Thatʻs Part of the Glue
    that keeps most players here through their graduation, All to the Best (Go, Gib!)

    For the Most Part, Especially @ Home,
    This IS A Happy Team… it shows….

    As Ozi Mum pointed out, That Chemistry takes a while
    Even the Big Three @ Miami took more than a year…

    Next Season they may be Good Enough to TAKE It on The Road…
    and TAKE It through Post-Season…

  5. Awesome tribute, 7 months to Warrior Time, Bring on Midnight Ohana, let’s go !

  6. What an awesome representation of what it takes to be a Warrior.
    It was a real privilege to be there over Christmas watching the basketball.
    This snapshot shows all the hard work that the boys, coaches and support staff have put in – how much the student body was invigorated and it is just a snapshot of how creative, clever and commited Dayton and Wes are. And of course those magical action photos that Brandon and Chase do so well..
    And all with the support and assistance of those wonderful Schmidts.
    Life doesn’t get much better when you are part of this family!

    Now let’s play harder, faster and smarter next season so that we can go dancing in March!!


  7. Are we losing scholies because of grades ? simple ? Is it cause of tranfers out what is the deal here Or is hawaii going not going to be able to participate in post season ?

  8. UHfanzonly1… Jovanovich looks like a a developmental guy. Big kid, but his video is limited. He might be red-shirted since Fotu, Rozitis, and Dressler in the active lineup next year.

    I’m very curious to see how Dressler looks next year. I saw him in the background in one the recent videos in this blog and he looks like he’s put on some much needed muscle. In his HS videos, he moves pretty smoothly on the court and does a good job of keeping the ball high after catching under the rim. (Many big men have a bad habit of bringing the ball down or dribbling in traffic… that’s when the guards steal it away). I think Dressler has a mid range jumper, but I guess we’ll just have to wait to see when he gets some minutes next season.

    I’ve been saying UH will be in good shape next year. Most people seem to think that also. The guys just need to really work on their weaknesses over the offseason. Roop and Jawato need to really work on defensive fundamentals, which was why their minutes shrank.

    Fotu just needs to add to his solid post game. He’s got an unreal hook shot, he just needs to balance that with one or two left hand moves so defenders don’t cheat towards defending the hook.

    Standhardinger just needs to get a little stronger in his legs, and continue to work on the free throws. He’s had trouble holding his ground vs stronger guys he’s guarded. He is UH’s best overall player. The dude is just a grinder.

    Spearman needs to work on refining his jumper and be more aggressive attacking the rim. Now that Vander is gone, that should open up more room to move on the interior.

    With the entry of Shamburger, UH will have a more offensive minded PG, so defenses can’t sag off the PG and stuff the paint. So no more 4 vs 5 while on offense. Opponents defense will be forced to play all 5 UH players now and that should open up the offense.

  9. FUHA: Enjoyed your breakdown of MBB team, returnees, and newcomers. I think if Gib can get those scorers, and the team bonds, goes small ball, they will be very competitive, With the guys coming back, they know what it takes to Battle every team with the quick guards and 3 ball launchers.

    I think, just my opinion, Ben Jay might give Gib an extension, if Gib guarantees, he has a team next year that will improve level of play , able to match as you said and we all knew, 5 on 5. I am getting kind of excited already for a team that will be much quicker next season. With Fotu and Standhardinger, who I think will probably one of the best pair of forwards in NCAA Western Region, team will start to create a buzz, win and have great support from those, Manoa Maniacs, who are legion and growing(thanks to Gib and Jamie Smith)

    Caleb, I liked, from last summer. He was a HUGE kid. about 6’10” and 285 north I think. He said he bulked up, by lifting a lot, and eating , in senior year in HS. Looks like his RS year did wonders. On the bench he looks like a monster. Certainly as strong if not the strongest Center on Team. Vander, was tall, pretty agile, however wasn’t physically strong. Without Vander, team will be much faster on Offense and Defense.

    Wish him the best , wish he apologizes to everyone in Warrrior BB nation, however, that is water under the bridge(the past). If Gib gets those 2 good athletes he is targeting that can create, shoot the 3, and defend with speed, UH MBB will be pretty good. However, you are correct, we have to be patient and wait and see.

    This 2nd summer UH session, we should see the new guys and returnees, and know better , if they have improved, and the scorers, if signed, what they bring to the table. Hey FUHA, it is almost April 2013, and we are getting ready for start of next season! Why not. UH MBB, when competitive and winning, and all the guys are having fun, is a great ride for all the fans, team and Warrior Global Nation!!


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