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Shamburger wants to point the way next season

Keith Shamburger still has another eight months or so before he can play his first official game for the Hawai’i basketball team. But at least he doesn’t have to sit and watch any more games as a redshirt player.

“Basketball was taken away from me this year, and I just had to look at it from a different view,” said Shamburger, who had to redshirt the 2012-13 season due to NCAA transfer rules. “I learned a lot of stuff from the scout team, as in different defensive schemes that other teams run, or that we run.”


Shamburger, a 6-foot point guard, played his first two seasons at San Jose State before transferring to Hawai’i in 2012. He was allowed to practice with the Warriors during the 2012-13 season, but was not eligible for games.

In essence, he was the leader of the scout team that prepared the starters for each game. “I worked on my patience this year, a lot,” he said.

Although senior Jace Tavita led the Big West Conference in assists during the just-completed season, the point guard position was considered an enigma for the Warriors. Shamburger, who averaged 13.1 points and 5.2 assists as a sophomore at San Jose State, is expected to stabilize the position next season.

“I’m going to bring what ever aspect I can,” he said. “If they need me to shoot more, I’ll shoot more. If they need me to pass more, I’ll pass more. I’m the type of point guard, I like to get people involved.”

Shamburger noted that this one season of practices allowed him to become familiar with other players who will be returning next season.

“I’m looking forward to winning next season, to be honest with you,” he said. “I see us coming one or two in the (Bit West) and I see us getting to the (NCAA) Tournament next year.”


  1. The first player that I noticed in the open gym was Keith Shamburger. That’s the first name I remember and I’m very sorry that this season could not play.

    He’s a true point guard, and I want him to lead the Warriors to a winning season

    Good luck Keith

  2. Great comments from Keith and the other returning players from previous interviews. History has shown that most transfers played significantly better during their second year, the rare exceptions were Tom Henderson and Antony Carter, they were difference makers from day one. Believe Spearman had a good year, not great, and with his attitude expect great things from him next year, Spearman reminds me of Trevor Ruffin’s situation, a better second year. With the addition of Aaron Valdes who redshirted, he maybe the sleeper of the returning group. Have a feeling that both Harper and Clair will be 100% better next year, both were young but work hard to improve; this year probably was an eye opener for them. No excuses for next year. At the end of the day, this was a valuable year of experience. The returning players by their comments seem to have really bonded well.

    Whether, attempts for quick fixes for next year are in order is the big question especially with no scholarships available. Whether, those 2 Mt SAC players are of the Tom Henderson and Antony Carter caliber is a big reach.

    Taking a page from a long time and successful coach at U of H, Dave Shoji; loyalty to players are very important for the program’s future.

  3. I think Gib wants to get more scorers. Nevels and Allen are scorers at PG and SG. They are quick and athletic. Come from a winning JC program, and by all accounts from their coach, they are good kids. They will be , or maybe they are already, in Hawaii very soon, I guess Tako we shall see how 2 scholarships if any are available for Nevels and Allen or others.

    The returning guys, definite to come back as of now on video, Fotu, Spearman, Jefferson, Shamburger , Christian. Davis have to wait and see, he could graduate, and pursue a post UH career. Or return as a grad student for senior year.

    Ben Jay, going to sit down with Gib and evaluate the past season, and what Gib has and hasn’t done. Ben alluded to , how Gib’s recruiting was going. Gib stated in post game interviews, video , print and radio, that he had to get quickness, and shooters, that is why he and assistants are going all out to secure some more firepower to match BWC three point shooters.

    What is ironic, a lot of the BWC teams, for this coming season, are getting more BIGS, that is kind of funny. Bigs to match UH’s Bigs. And Hawaii, trying to add smalls to compete with the BWC guards who dominated them.

    Agree with you, AC and Tom Henderson, were exceptional players, once every 40 years or so, as soon as they stepped onto the Basketball court with team, they made others better. And when they needed to, they could step up their offensive game to affect winning. Not saying that Nevels and Allen are of that level, however in Cali JC ball they are pretty good athletes. If Gib can get them in somehow, and retain the returnees, minus any early graduation, or special situation where a player returns home for valid reasons, I am pretty sure that Gib wants to retain everyone, how he will do that, anyone’s guess, I think there are options.

    Key thing. Gib and Keith, Brandon S., Garrett J. , Christian S. and Isaac Fotu, and whomever returning want to WIN, and go to the BIG dance, the NCAA’s, they will have a very good nucleus coming back with Christian and Isaac , and Spearman leading the way, along with the underclassmen, including Michael Harper, walkon super hard worker, and team player, so foundation is set. This team has one year under their belt of BWC play. I believe, without Vander, they will be more athletic, faster, better shooters, and get up and out on transition more. Should be exciting Basketball at the SSC arena!

    Go Warriors. And keep up the good work, from Isaac, to Keith to Michael Harper and Dyrbe Enos.

    As for additions, i.e. JC guards. We have to wait and see. Maybe within next few weeks!

    Go Warriors, and Gib! Keep getting better!

  4. UH and the Big West has a long way to go. A very, very long way to go based on tournament results. Pacific, Long Beach St. and Cal Poly were blown out in their first game. UH lost in the first round at home. UC Irvine won one game and lost in the. Next game. That’s not exactly a strong conference showing.

  5. Say What: “If you pat em on the back, some things get done. If you kick em in the ass, more things get done.” Bobby Knight

    Best line of the day: “Down 14, we never lost faith. It’s March……..anything can happen.” Trey Burke, PG, Michigan.

    Night and Day: Trey Burke, first half, zero points. Second half and OT, 23 points.

    Best Sports Quote of All Time: “It’s never over, until it’s over” Yogi Berra.

  6. [If you will, please delete/replace previous un-edited version — Mahalo!]

    The Spearman Lesson is that you need the Ready-to-WIN second and third player at every position, whether by rotation or being truly two/three-deep…

    UH has Rarely had more than seven or eight, and fourth, fifth, sixth were usually Not Ready to Dominate or Win their position — just trying to break-even, hold down their opposition or come close to neutralizing …

    The returning seven to nine with prime-time on-court experience, and four redshirts with system familiarity IS Unprecedented Returning Depth — other than injury Every Returning Player WILL BE Improved (Vander with his injury was the Only Drop-Off Last Year)…

    Three-Star Recruit Michael Thomas — Former Coach/Head Recruiter Jackson reports that he is receiving “Real Deal” Reviews only heard for Fotu last year — may be as impactful as somewhere in the Range of First Year Players Spearman, Standhardinger or Fotu OR Worst Case have a Clair-Pavlovic-Level Learning Freshman Campaign …

    Ideally, Any JC Players added are of the Level to “Challenge” Current Starters for PT. That was the mantra of Previous Staffs: Not Sure how likely or realistic that can be now with recruits such as MT SAC Players having NO D-1 Experience (unlike Spearman & Standhardinger before them)…

    SO Early — i HOPE Ozi Mum can help convince Ozi to get that degree — the money can wait (like Vander — there was a ‘good’ example for most of his career)
    — i think like Manroop when they Fully Function in the System,”Fans” Will Be Surprised How Much Basketball Skill these two ‘Sophomores’ Possess — Future or Near-Pro Levels … JUST Having one or two Primary Point Guards should Free-Up Manroop to be a Shoot-Anytime Player — that alone should remove the hitch/hesitation in his and Ozi’s shots, much smoother …

    As You have Been….

  7. An Cinderella “shock” the Buckeyes? The Wichita Shockers lead the Ohio St. Buckeyes 35-22 at halftime. At one time, they played with 4 guards and their tallest player was 6’7″. Speed, quickness, defense, swarm to the ball, uptempo. That’s the way I like to see our team play, like Runnin Rebels when Tarkanian was coaching. Non stop, relentless, make a lot of 3s and drive to the basket or kick it out for an open shot. Bam, Bam, Bam! I hope all UH players are working on their conditioning, quick jumping, and lateral movement. The easiest thing to do in practice is shooting the basketball. Work on the the fundamentals and get better physically and mentally in the off-season.

  8. Call me crazy but I could see cool Keith become the big west player of the year in the next two years.

  9. Mr. Shamburger I like that attitude of yours, do whatever coach asks of you and maybe with your game @ pg, taking UH BB to the promised Land!

    Keep it up

  10. Keith Love Your Dedication to Improve and help team win next year!!:D

    Dayton, I like your videos, on what Fotu, Garret J., Brandon S., and Keith Shamburger are dedicated to do for next season, Improve!Kudos to those athletes. Also the last video, the CIT game, the post game interviews with Christian and Fotu, mentioning how they like who is coming back , the team, and they know what it takes to be a winning team, and go for the NCAA bids.

    A lot , maybe not familiar with Keith, he was an All WAC point guard, 2nd in assists his sophomore year to Miah O. I believe., so Keith can dish as well as score. His RS year helped him tremendously, he knows the staff and players as well as the MBB system on O and D. Keith look forward to your leadership since you have DI experience , 2 yrs at San Jose St, as well as all those 9 or so returning players from this years active roster!

    Dayton, it was interesting interview with Davis, his uhhhh…wait and see, and then Ozi jumps into picture, Davis , says, maybe he spend time , offseason? in Croatia, thought that was funny. Hmmm , the two eastern european team members who appear to be great friends, I mean, the whole team bonded. Wish the best to the team, new and returnees working hard this summer to make UH MBB a Great Team!

    Go for the NCAA’s guys! And Keith have an awesome Junior season as PG, your leadership will be valuable. Nice if Gib has another solid PG, alongside experienced guards Spearman, Jawato, Clair, Harper and Jefferson, UH could be awesome!!

  11. That’s what I like to hear. Can we just start the season already?!

    Agree w/ what a lot of you are saying with letting Manroop go. His cross over dribble is too high and long, and he doesn’t have enough strength to create space. He may have to go to at least get one of the two Mt. Sac guys. Got to see some footage on the two. They’re pretty good, but I wish there was some footage against better competition. Can’t wait. Thanks Dayton for all of the updates.

  12. Isn’t it a little harsh people talking about how someone should be let go when the student athletes are trying to get an education and also play basketball. Why don’t we let the coaches make the decision as to what’s best for the student/player. We need to keep in mind Mr. Manroop Clair only made 18 in December. We need to keep in mind that Gib Arnold recruited him and gave him a scholarship. We need to keep in mind that of all the recruits that Arnold signed last year, Mr. Clair was the highest rated player. We need to keep in mind that people on the AAU circuit compared to Mr. Clair to one, Jimmer Fredette. We need to keep in mind that Mr. Clair was rated the 9th best Canadian player last year in high school. We need to keep in mind that if Mr. Clair fails, then Gib Arnold has failed. Give the kid a break. He’s young and he’s learning and he’ll improve. Don’t underestimate the human spirit. I believe in him and in his potential and his game. Look at his AAU tape. The guy is good. If he needs further growth, he can take a redshirt year to get stronger, but let him keep his scholarship. This is my opinion. It would be unwise to let a player go after just one season unless the player want to leave on his own. Players like Bobby Miles and Trevor Wiseman stayed at least 2 years before they decided to go elsewhere to pursue more playing time opportunities or other situations. If Josten Thomas stayed at UH maybe we didn’t get Isaac Fotu. Who knows! Arnold has a vested interest in Mr. Clair and the other players in the program. Their success is his success and the program’s success.

  13. Derek, with Manroop Clair, correct, it is a matter of physical maturity and DI experience. He has a good summer and off season weight, strength development, and workouts spring and 2nd semester UH with coaches, he as a sophomore, stronger and with more DI savvy, will be much improved in my opinion. Vander was raw as anything, by the time of Jr. year , what a change in his game for the better. Same with Manroop.

    Agreed, bottom line, the captain of this MBB ship is Gib , and he is held accountable. I think he did bring in, and accept, good young student athletes, both scholarship and walkons. That is a positive. I believe he wants to retain all the young guys. If they decide to move on, well coach will talk with him and his parents what is best.

    Any offers, if it is one or two, for next season, possible additional JC guards, Gib would have to know, who is interested in moving on or not returning. He stated that this group of young men he thoroughly enjoyed coaching. They are a good bunch of guys. Not unlike the Men’s Volleyball team. Young, however, close, and good relationships.

    I don’t know how, some people, supposedly in the know say Dressler will not be back and Clair. I never heard about that. If any player or players are offered some type of scholarship for next year besides Thomas(who had a great HS senior year, and is getting some pretty good reviews), as well as Stefan Jovanovich, early LOI November signees, maybe one or two, pursue professional careers, in whatever field.

    Correct Derek, we can just speculate, however Gib knows,and the players and families involved in any type of release or not coming back next season falls into Coaches, hands. Of course Ben Jay is evaluating Gib to make sure everything is above board. The young guys worked so hard, last summer, the fall, and throughout the season, though up and down, I give this group of guys a ton of credit for sticking out the entire season, except for a senior, who left program, in last game with a half of CIT game to go. Wish that player well too.

    Derek we shall see. Brandon Spearman, Christian Standhardinger, Isaac Fotu, Keith Shamburger, Garrett Jefferson, Manroop Clair, Brandon Jawato, and the rest , from August of last year till now, a great group of UH MBB players students, wish they have a good summer and hope they have a better season next. Can’t wait for November 2013 first game!

  14. It is harsh, but it’s just fans sharing opinions. Geez. I’ve been a fan of Manroop from when gib was first recruiting him. I love his story about owning Suleiman from Duke. But “if” scholarships needed to be moved, I’d vote him. I hope not since I think we will have a good team next year with or without the Mt. Sac guys. I just hope he works his butt off and eat poke bowls with Isaac. Let’s go Warriors!

  15. In defense of Roop, he’s playing out of position, never was a point guard in high schools. Coach recruits him to be a pg and Roop’s in the learning process to a qb in basketball. We may never know how he could have panned out at the 2 position if Coach is so adamant about that position change. Not only learning how to run the team but prolly losing his practice time shooting the ball. Not is he only a young man, he’s having to deal with Ozi treating him like a little boy.

    Coach offered a scholarship to him to come here, I don’t see Coach taking it away unless he doesn’t something against team rules, school work, etc.

  16. This kid is legit. Can’t wait to have him active on the team next year!!

  17. How dope is it that a Gib copped Sham from San Jo!

    I remember Sham murdering us last time he played against us.

    Sham is legit, and if we don’t challenge for the BWC title then i question Gibs coaching.

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