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Game video: Hawai’i vs. Air Force


Apologies for this late post, but below are the full game videos from the Hawai’i basketball team’s 69-65 loss to Air Force in the first round of the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament.

Because the game was not televised, we wanted to post extended video of the game on this site. Obviously, it took longer than expected to upload.

To recap, the Warriors rallied from a 14-point deficit early in the game to take a 34-31 lead at intermission. Air Force surged ahead in the second half, thanks mostly to its 3-point shooting. The Falcons went 15 for 31 from 3-point range for the game, including 7 for 13 (53.8 percent) in the second half.

The Warriors had possession of the ball in the closing seconds of the game, trailing 67-65, but senior Hauns Brereton’s 3-point attempt from the deep wing was off the mark with 16 seconds remaining.

Freshman forward Isaac Fotu led the Warriors with 24 points and nine rebounds, and junior forward Christian Standhardinger added 16 points and eight rebounds.

Senior center Vander Joaquim made headlines in his final game in a Hawai’i uniform – and not in the way he wanted to. He was limited to two points and two rebounds in seven minutes, and left the arena early in the second half after he was assessed a technical foul.

Hawai’i finished the season 17-15 overall.

Because of the length of the videos, it is separated into four parts: first half, second half (part I), second half (part II) and post-game interviews.


  1. As always, you have a great coverage of practices from pre season till fall campment and every home game as well as Molokai trip.
    Awesome Dayton and WI. Thank you so much for you and staff for providing excellent video.

    AFA vs UH game, only regret, boy, all of the fans on this forum, wish UH had won. I was cheering at the radio, and hoping that Hauns 3 point shot would have went in and possibly caused overtime. I think if UH went into OT, they probably would have won. Loved once again that 2nd unit, with Michael Harper, Spearman, Jawato, Davis, Jefferson, who led charge alongside Christian and Fotu, and Hauns at end, to come back and almost win the game. If UH, whole team stuck together, without question UH wins, and they would have played tonite second round.

    Oh well, we anxiously await your video updates with Gib on possible additional if any recruits for this year, besides Michael Thomas, Stefan Jovanovich. And what happens at awards banquet and after Gib comes back from Final Four. I think it should be interesting, as jeff and dawheeler alluded to, maybe possible goings on with UH program. I hope so, for the betterment of team and staff!

    Go Warriors(old school, Go Fighting Deans, Bows or Rainbows)Go UH MBB to greater heights!

    Mahalo to WI. Thank you so very much, it keeps my Basketball juices flowing even during off season!!


  2. In video, Christian, Gib keep on talking about Harper, Harper, who is that? Yup, that is Aussie Mum’s boy! When I heard he went in to give team energy, and Gib stated he should have used him perhaps more, he works extremely hard on scout, and deserved it. He gets a few steals, and hits that deep corner 3. I was cheering really loud along with radio announcers and crowd in SSC! Harper, the Australian kid, he can play. Aussie Mum, great respect for your son, for handling school work, sticking with the team, being a great young man in community and campus and well liked by coaches and team.

    Look forward to more PT for Michael in future. He is what Warrior Basketball Global is all about, ESPN should write an article about his odyssey to the USA to play NCAA DI Basketball. Aussie Mum, you and your family could not be any prouder!

    Great Warrior Basketball Player from good Aussie Stock, one Michael Harper, The Thunder From Down Under, and great sport. Spot on Michael!

    Uhfanzonly1. I thought he was a great late walk on pick up for Gib’s team. Totally unselfish, and team player. Still remember him introducing himself to everyone at Gib’s house when they put food on the Barbie, “My name is Michael Harper” from Australia. Now, after the AFA game, I shall address him as Mr. Michael Harper, student athlete and great Basketball Warrior!

    Great son you have Aussie Mum, all of the mums and dads can be proud of how hard they all worked on the court and off the court!

    Look forward to next year, and I do agree with the post about recruiting more from Australia and New Zealand, there is a growing amount of great young Basketball talent. Good if UH MBB starts a pipeline, through Michael and Isaac, out of that region, then UH will truly be the Pacific Rim’s Best College Basketball program bar none!

    Thanks to the Harpers, once again for sharing Michael with our team, and YOUR team the Warriors.!! Awesome!!


  3. Sorry, correction on Hauns’ last shot , the 3 pointer, I think that was for the go ahead bucket? Anyways just short! Next year, UH will have more shooters, and make those 3 pointers, matching other teams basket for basket, with great Defense, and stops, UH can have a good year. Getting excited for the Fourth Year for Gib Arnold. Should be exciting, and faster paced, better shooters, with more athleticism!

    Go Warriors!


  4. If Michael ever needs an agent you are it UHF1

  5. Dayton,

    Thank you so much for putting up all that video.
    Big thanks from all Down Under

  6. I believe that at the end of the season we all want to express a final review, here are my

    As a mom I never analyzed the play because I thought that it would be inappropriate, but I enjoyed other people’s analyzes, some of which are in my opinion were very professional

    Uhfanzonly1 posts are always so positive and shows that they are real fans UHMBB and that he personally influenced the young generation to develop in the same direction. His writing contributed to the whole forum has such beautiful features

    Eagle posts were a pleasure for me because they are always very brief and always ideally chosen content of the post for the moment

    Posts from Former UH Athlete were interesting to me because it’s from a player’s perspective, and I could learn from them what is important for the players in the behavior of coach

    Posts Tonganator, and other families of the players have always been emotional for me because it’s not easy to be objective as a parent, and all were able to achieve this without too much to write personal views

    Posts Aussie Mum were heroic and much contributed Forum
    Thank you Aussie Mum encouraged me to get involved

    Posts by Derek would always smile and elicited my sympathy because they are written with a lot of passion and I’ve always felt the effort to control your negative emotions

    Posts playhoopsa deserve great praise because young people are rarely able to control passion and he was able to do that and was always so positive.

    Everyone on the forum, we were united in our desire to achieve such a better result, I thank everyone for their company.

    I’ll write something personal with it because I want point out how important this forum for parents

    We could not watch the final game only statistics. Gib said that all players will play. When we see by the statistics that only Ozi not playing, we were very concerned that he may be injured. We communicate via Skype and because of the time zone that can not be immediately

    Then we read in the forum that someone wrote that he did not play the notes without injured, then we knew it was only a decision of the coach and we were very happy and thankful that there’s someone wrote. I can not remember who wrote it but I thank him for that, because at that time it was for us very important information.

    In the end, I want to look back on the season, and I generally write opinion

    From the start I believe in the players and the team, a lot of unachieved potential of talented players and I’m sure next season will be much better when “…….”. I can not find a good translation for the Croatian word that is very significant, but it means that all players have a permanent role and each player knows the role of each player. That every player at the current movement of any teammate, immediately knows who will be his next move. That all play as one to create a powerful synergy. This takes a long time gaming together. I hope they will stay together and achieve the kind of play next season.

    Good luck to the seniors in their future career, good luck to everyone in the next season

  7. Aussie Mum and Ozi Mum: Mahalo(Thankyou) for kind words. I am like the both of you , a long time supporter and fan of University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball program since mid-sixties. Through ups and downs, our family has always given a shout out or try to keep positive with whomever the coach, and the players. From a long time ago coach Red Rocha to current coach Gib Arnold.
    If my words, or eagle, clyde, Valerie Schmidt, DK, Derek, jjay can help you to be encouraged , we as UH MM fans are happy!

    It is a long, long distance from Australia to Hawaii, and from Croatia to Hawaii. I am sure that your sons, fresh out of High School, prep school, or grammar school, in your countries, miss you dearly. The sacrifice is a great one. From day one, when Ozren and Michael, met the other UH team members, till now, they became part of the UH Warrior Basketball Global, Worldwide family.

    I hope, that Coach Arnold, his staff and the University will take care of your sons, Michael and Ozren, also, Isaac, Christian, Manroop, and Davis(from Latvia), also hope the best for Vander in getting his College degree and pursuing his dreams.

    Ozi Mum, I can sense and feel your concern for your son, I am sure that he is well, and Ozren will communicate with you. As I have said from last summer, I personally like all of the 12 active roster players and the 4 Redshirt players.

    Ozi Mum, take care of yourself, and best wishes and Aloha(our love) to you Ozi and your family from Croatia!

    Hope the best for next season!

    Ozi Mum, your analysis about Basketball is very thoughtful and insightful, I am guessing that you have a background or relationship with the game of Basketball. Very fine comments and posts!

    Be in good health, as we await a brighter day and times, and we all desire University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball with all the great student athletes and people that include Ozren Pavlovic. We ALL appreciate your effort to post messages and thoughts.

    Thankyou Ozi Mum, and Mahalo for kind thoughts. UHF is just one of many, possibly a few thousand, that follow and cheer on UH Basketball every year!

    Be in good health, or as best you can be!

    Aloha. UHF and family. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I have found the best Vander. No, not Vander Joaquim. It’s Vander Blue from Marquette. What a player he is, too! I hope the players at UH are watching a lot of the NCAA tournament so they can learn what they need to work on in the off season to get better for next season. It’s not only shooting, it’s getting stronger, quicker, working on footwork, on ball defense, ball handling, passing, jumping, and a lot of mental work on different game situations to be prepared. That’s called basketball IQ, court awareness and fundamentals. We will see what players get better and which ones will not and who works the hardest. There is some talent, but Arnold and the coaches are the ones who need to bring them out. That’s the one I worry about. Maybe Arnold needs to consider making some changes. I thought when we lost Walter Roese we got worse. This is my opinion.
    There was no flow offensively and defensively on a consistent basis. A lot of standing around.

  9. Derek: great observations as always. appreciate your and FUHA’s analysis. Agreed, Gib a recruiting coach, doing what he could from a late start March/April 2010 hire till now. With Walter Roese, and all of his experience, remember they had Hiram Thompson and Bill Amis as leaders, that team, the coaches, along with Benjy Taylor( I am not sure, though Benjy was a guard in college and understands guard play) I believe coaching defense, when in system, it was a fun, and pretty fundamentally sound team. Just did not have the guards to pick up penetrating opponents into the paint.

    Amis was great weakside, last man, shot blocker, awesome what Bill did defensively. Hiram, even though lacking overall foot speed and athleticism, just his BBIQ and leadership, even though hurt, helped that team win 19 and oh so close to 20 games that first year 2010-11.

    Key: Walter and probably Benjy’s coaching. Gib first year DI HC. Walter and Benjy had coaching experience at DI level, and Walter experience coaching for Brazilian National team experience. Something, maybe happened, we will never know, and Walter moved on, to care for family business and be in Brazil to help coach National team. Benjy, DI experience coaching HC at Chicago St. He was able to coach some pretty athletic players.

    Not only players off season, I am sure, even Gib and coaches have to take notes of NCAA games, speak at Final Four to other coaches, pick their BB minds, and come back even better prepared to help team get to next level. With the core of Isaac, Christian, Spearman, and seniors Davis, Jefferson, alongside, a stronger and more mature Jr. RS transfer Keith Shamburger, Caleb Dressler a strong dude, Aaron Valdes and Michael Thomas, athletic wings with hops and quickness, what they do in this offseason is key. Good NCAA rule. Now in Springtime, UH coaches will have some sessions individually with groups of UH athletes.

    Also, 2nd summer session Gib encourages all who can, to come back to Hawaii and enroll in summer school, and have that window of working with the players, in small groups. What Gib and coaches, or maybe even an additional tactical coach, is so important. As for the Athleticism, I believe, Keith Shamburger, Aaron, Michael Thomas, returning Spearman and Jefferson, alongside very agile and quick, Bigs in Christian and Isaac, and maybe a player or two to be announced LOI’ed,

    This summer, guys improve, and start of November 2013, first games of season, I think we see a very athletic, smart BBIQ, , better defenders and hopefully Gib gets those athletic defender 3 ball shooters. He does that, team will definitely be exciting and competitive in BWC play next year. Maybe, the FOURTH year for Gib is payoff. As Dave Reardon alludes, to,it is so important to keep program and guys stabilized, that is why recommend 1 year extension for Gib , the continuity and the added athleticsim to the returning core MBB team.

    Yes this Spring to Summer and Fall 2013 is critical, what the coaches and players do to improve selves and team.
    Could be very exciting team, I look forward to it. !!

  10. Of course as Dave R. alluded to , so important the APR, and retaining student athletes. As Ben J. says, the coaches, the academic and athletic watch, monitoring mentoring goes hand in hand. Ultimately falls on the HC and his program. Did remember Gib, even with the guys, a lot, transferring out, he wanted them to finish each semester strong. Including leaving some players home instead of taking them out on the road for games. TW, and some others. Just my opinion, for continuity and if Ben J. sees in Gib, that he is doing all he can, and actually improving the academic side, retaining players and graduating them, is key.

    I like what Gib is trying to accomplish. I don’t agree with all the tactical things, or not targeting PG’s, good ones for the last 2 years, even this year past, he should have brought in a couple of JC solid , not spectacular PG , who could shoot, defend with quickness and run the O and D. This team would have won 20 + games handily.

    Ben J. whatever you decide, I am sure it will be in the best interests of MBB program and really set the precedent for all Athletic teams on the UH Manoa campus.

    Should be interesting April and May fellow fans. We will keep a close eye on developments of contract, and possible incoming outgoing recruits. For the sake of the program, and the core die hard UH MBB fans, I hope things work out. Gib averaged 17.3 wins per season and 2 out of his first 3 years, along with help getting in, two CIT tournaments, so that is some leverage, plus having, All WAC center in Vander, and all BWC first teamer in Christian and All BWC co freshman of the year in Isaac.

    Go UH MBB team, hope team and program is stable and forward moving for years to come!

  11. Fact: The UH MBB program’s schedule the last 3-4 years has been pretty weak.
    Fact: We don’t have any elite players. The best players the last 10-15 years has been Anthony Carter, Pedrag Savovic, and Carl English.
    Fact: Vander Joaquim is overrated, but he can play pro ball someplace, but not the NBA or even the D-league.
    Fact: Hawaii has a very difficult time winning on the road. The last NCAA team was the last team to do well on the road.
    Fact: We don’t have a pied piper, ala Jimmer Fredette. The last team that was the toast of the islands and was electric was the Fabulous Five. But, we keep hoping.
    Fact: If Florida Gulf Coast can make a run in the NCAA, there is a glimmer of hope everywhere, including here, that we can be that team too.
    Fact: We keep trying to support the program because we keep hoping, one of these days……….that it can be like the 2007 football team.

    Let’s pray!!!

  12. can’t wait for any recruiting news…..gib still recruiting for 2013? when can they sign?

  13. Wow FGCU two yrs in D1 goes to sweet 16 we can not even win Big West maybe not fair Just watching in NCAA s teams so are light years ahead of bows or warriors or deans whatever

  14. He’s still on mainland west coast recruiting from what I hear on Warrior Sports Network blog. Looking at some Cali jc guards .

  15. I guess do the Math(Arithmetic): UH MBB available Scholaships to offer as of March 25 2013.

    Senior scholarhips players eligibility finished- Vander and Hauns(2) Jace walkon(0)=2 available scholarships.

    Returning and RS scholarship LOI or scholarship agreements athletes-Christian, Isaac, Davis, Garrett, Brandon S., Brandon J. , Manroop,Ozren, Keith S., Aaron V., Caleb Dressler= 11

    Early November LOI signees , Michael Thomas and Stefan Jovanovic=2 11 + 2= 13 scholarships filled for 2013-14.

    Walkons-, Harper, Enos freshman.

    2 available minus 2 LOI freshman signed= 2

    So 13 scholarships for NCAA MBB D1 permitted, and UH has currently 13 filled?

    According to my Arithmetic: unless change or movement. Scholarships to give= 0?

    Gets confusing, maybe Dayton does update after Final Four with Gib, what is the status, is Gib still trying to sign guards for this coming season 2013-14, or is it 2014-15?

    Thanks in advance if you have any idea Dayton.!

  16. Correction on my above post:

    2 available scholarships to offer upon Vander and Hauns athletic eligibilty over MINUS signees Thomas and Jovanovic 2 = 0 to offer?

    No wonder I did not major in Economics or Accounting!

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