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DaBeast Froductions: Tattoos in Paradise

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The crew of DaBeast Froductions – namely junior Davis Rozitis and freshman Isaac Fotu – are introducing a new series called “Tattoos in Paradise.”

Rozitis and Fotu plan to ask their teammates on the Hawaii basketball team about their respective tattoos.

In the first episode above, Fotu introduces his own tattoos, which include several on his left arm, and a big FOTU across the top of his back. Fotu said the artwork on his upper left arm are a tribute to his Tongan heritage.

In the video below, redshirt freshman Dyrbe Enos explains the tattoo he had done on his upper left arm just a few months ago. He said the Hawaiian symbols represent tributes to his family, and he also has Christian symbols to remind him of his faith.

Rozitis and Fotu said they plan to interview more teammates with tattoos in the coming weeks.


  1. (P.S. excellent video on Tattoos in Paradise Dayton, the young guys are having fun, enjoying the Hawaii college experience and that is how it should be, have the guys relax, more to life in school than Basketball!)

    TribeVx4: Following up on your excellent reply last update…

    You and Aussie Mum and Ozi Mum, Tonganator Dad, Memphis Mum, if you all are supportive of you sons and your and their decision to come to Hawaii, so far away and to play for the University of Hawaii and Coach Gib and staff, that speaks volumes! It convinces me, that indeed, whatever bumps in the road Gib might have had in past few years, and UH fans have to realize, Gib has not had a losing season in going on 3 years, and this season, still potential to go to a Post Season Tournament, so program, like Eagle says to, is headed in right direction. Fans on this forum have right to their opinions, and you and your wife having experience coaching, and you being very akamai(wise or smart) in things related to Basketball, as well as having 4 sons having attended college and being involved in sports, I truly respect your comments and insight.

    A lot of contributors, to these message boards have never played organized sports, either, grade school, AAU, YMCA, Church leagues, Youth leagues, Junior College or 4 year Colleges, it is a challenge, managing school, community service and practice and games for season. I could never do what the young student athletes are doing today. Tribute to Gib for the emphasis on Quality Character young guys to bring into program. That I like. I am sure without question, new AD Ben Jay appreciates that as well. These young men, 16 of them in program now, including Aaron, Michael Harper, Caleb Dressler and Dyrbe Enos, are working just as hard as the active roster 12.

    And you are right TribeVx4, Gib is a recruiting coach, and his emphasis, develop relationships with families first, even from sophomore year in HS. We have to be patient, however, with addition of your son Airon, Micahel Thomas, Keith Shamburger, Stefan Jovanovic, possibly Niko Filipovich or another PG, basically Cali HS system products, so Gib is starting the West Coast pipeline.

    Maybe Evan Fitzner 6’10” and growing out of San Diego, highly skilled post, in two years? It makes me feel good as a long time UH MBB fan. We have had ups and downs in past 8 years or so, kind of spoiled when teams in the 70’s, 90’s and early 2000’s had fairly good runs and NIT, NCAA bids. I love the effort , energy, even if UH is shorthanded, and doesn’t have the perfect fit for Big West competition, still if Gib can scout well, and develop good scheme, and Team bonds and gets hot, I still think UH can win a couple of games in the tournament and possibly make it to the the Championship game, which, win or lose, should probably guarantee UH a bid in possibly the College Insider Tournament. NCAA bid even better yet.

    So, TribeVx4, represented well by Aaron, a great young man, we look forward to hopefully a great finish this year and next year with 6 new players to complement the 9 returnees. Can’t wait for 2013-14 season, with the athleticism and speed, should be a team that is competitive from the get go in BWC and pre conference with Isaac Fotu and Christian Standhardinger leading the charge as Bigs, and the return of Brandon Spearman at 100% health.

    Hey, Valdes Ohan, and TribeVx4, being a parent, coach, and fan of UH, and liking the program and coaches, and Gib, mahalo to you , your wife, and other children, as well as Aussie Mum, Ozi Mum, Memphis, Tonganator, and all the families, at great sacrifice, are helping UH and Gib take UH MBB to another level, we , being impatient like everyone else sometimes, have to go with the flow.

    Even I was starting to have doubts, however, already, it is a few days away from the first round matchup with Irvine on Thursday March 14 2013, in Anaheim at the Honda Center, so the juices are flowing, and there will hopefully be a nice contingent of green clad, UH supporters from the mainland, including the Cali families as well as a very good viewing audience from Hawaii. Yes, there are relatively few who post on WI and the other Hawaii sports forum, so there are a lot of UH MBB fans, that haven’t given up and are hard core and faithful supporters of Gib , the staff and direction UH program is going.

    I am sure, Tonganator, Memphis, Aussie Mum, and Ozi Mum will somehow get the feed to Fox Sports on their cable TV provider and if they can will be watching live and direct or DVR playback the game against Irvine. You know , as an aside, you being a coach, even though Irvine will probably be favored, UH has never lost 3 in a row, so far this season, maybe, the trend will continue, UH gets ready, rested, and prepared and gets that 18th win of season against Irvine and moves on to semis, I would, and all UH MBB fans will be happy.

    Aloha, and Mahalo TribeVx4, appreciate the insight, the heartfelt, and keeping it real , objective, thoughts and comments from Parents of team members, your words, the family members, mean a lot more than we fans, a lot more. We love the University and its Athletics, really it is our featured team to follow, since there are no pro sports teams in Hawaii. Go Warriors, win the Irvine Game for your Ohana following you from around the world.

    There is a lot more to life, in these trying times than sports, however, UH sports is a great respite, win or lose, our family has supported UH, all the athletic teams for decades. We are former, collegiate athletes and alumnus of the University! Go Warriors, give great effort, and good results will come about. Mahalo again TribeVx4, your and Aussie and Ozi Mum and Tonganator, comments, are sincerely appreciated, with great respect, our family and many other fans, the faithful ones,appreciate it so much!!

    And thank you Dayton for this forum for the families to comment too. A great site, the best on the planet for all things Warrior Men’s Basketball!

    Uhfanzonly1, with great respect for the families of the Men’s Warrior Basketball team!! 😀 !!

  2. I am positive and extremely tolerant person, but despite that I do not like tattoos. It seems as though we use the body as a billboard for advertising or wall for graffiti. For the life of a man except the physical changes changed mentally and spiritually, it is certain that the messages are not identical to those of youth into maturity, a tattoo is permanent
    Ozren a month ago expressed his desire to be tattooed as I was saddened, because I read a lot about the health psychological and sociological aspects of tattooing. I appreciate the culture of tattooing that is present in many nation, too many tattoos I like the artistic reasons.
    Do not mention it now, but it is much more negative element associated to tattooing. I think you should always decide to herbal and temporary tattoos and do it only in a very well proven and licensed studio
    Studies show that almost all of them, after a while, wanting to remove a tattoo and have a problem with it.
    I know young men who were serving in the army, which was obliged at 18 years in our former country, doing various military tattoo markings. When the war broke out and broke the former country was almost dangerous to have such tattoos all of which were then ashamed

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