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All the Hawai’i basketball team can do this weekend is wait for the results of the four remaining Big West Conference games on Saturday:

Long Beach State at Pacific
UC Irvine at UC Davis
UC Riverside at UC Santa Barbara
Cal State Fullerton at Cal Poly

The Warriors concluded their regular-season with an 88-75 loss at Cal State Northridge on Thursday. Hawai’i is 17-13 overall and currently in fifth place in the Big West at 10-8.

The Warriors will be either the No. 5 or 6 seed for the eight-team Big West Conference Tournament next week at Anaheim, Calif., and that seeding will be determined by the outcome of the UC Irvine at UC Davis game.

The tournament will follow a 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, and 4 vs. 5 format in the quartertfinals. In the semifinals, the highest-remaining seed will face the lowest-remaining seed, and the two middle seeds will meet.

The Big West Conference has not released official scenarios for the seedings, so here are our best guesses (and please note that these are unofficial):


Long Beach State has clinched the regular-season title for the third consecutive season and will be the No. 1 seed.


Pacific can clinch the No. 2 seed if it beats Long Beach State, OR if Cal State Fullerton upsets Cal Poly.

Cal Poly can clinch the No. 2 seed if it beats Cal State Fullerton on Saturday AND Pacific loses to Long Beach State.


Pacific will be the No. 3 seed if it loses to Long Beach State AND Cal Poly defeats Cal State Fullerton.

Cal Poly will be the No. 3 seed if it loses to Cal State Fullerton, OR if Pacific beats Long Beach State.


UC Irvine will be the No. 4 seed if it beats UC Davis.

UC Davis will be the No. 4 seed if it beats UC Irvine.


Hawai’i will be the No. 5 seed if UC Irvine beats UC Davis.

UC Irvine will be the No. 5 seed if it loses to UC Davis.


Hawai’i will be the No. 6 seed if UC Davis beats UC Irvine.

UC Davis will be the No. 6 seed if it loses to UC Irvine.


Cal State Fullerton will be the No. 7 seed if it beats Cal Poly AND UC Santa Barbara loses to UC Riverside.

UC Santa Barbara will be the No. 7 seed if it beats UC Riverside AND Cal State Fullerton loses to Cal Poly.

If Cal State Fullerton and UC Santa Barbara both win or both lose, the 7 and 8 seeds would be determined by the final placings of Cal Poly and Pacific. If Cal Poly gets the No. 2 seed, then Cal State Fullerton would get the No. 7 seed. If Pacific gets the No. 2 seed, then UC Santa Barbara would get the No. 7 seed.


Either Cal State Fullerton or UC Santa Barbara (see scenarios for 7).


  1. Kind of confusing.

    However, UH is still either 5 or 6 seed. So potential first round game against, UC Davis, Poly or Pacific.or Irvine, they don’t have to play LBSU in first round though that would be okay, At this point, whomever UH plays, just has to find a way to scratch out a win, however they can. Maybe the rest, and being back home, and relaxing, for awhile, being in their own beds, and not having to worry about regular season title or 1, 2 or 3 seeding is a good thing.

    UH Band, Cheerleaders, Dancers, and hopefully a good crowd of ex Hawaii residents, and local UH fans going up for tournament will make a loud noise in the day time opening round game. Anaheim, should be a good netural site, Vegas would have been really good too at the Orleans Arena, who knows, you guys, have fun, play well for 40 minutes, win one, then two, and if you make the championship game, be at 19 wins, maybe an invite to the College Insider Tournament which is a very competitive Mid Major tourney., However, shoot for the moon, one win at a time, and you can be dancing in the NCAA’s. Have a great post season guys.

    And thanks Dayton , Warrior Insider and sponsors, and forum supporters with comments. It has been fun, Kind of up and down, however, one last chance for MBB team to end March on the upswing, I believe the guys can make a Post Season tourney, just have to shoot , rebound, take care of the ball and defend well.

    Have a great time in Anaheim, hopefully playing the final game on Sat. March 16 2013! 😀

  2. Yes, very confusing. And as stated above, I’m not even sure if this is entirely accurate.

    But as far as I can tell, if Hawai’i is the No. 5 seed, it will play UC Irvine in the quarterfinals. If Hawai’i is the No. 6 seed, it will play either Pacific or Cal Poly in the quarterfinals.

  3. In any scenario – plan on playing just 1 game, Hawai’i has been playing erratically and will not get beyond first round. Wind-up 17 – 14; which is a significantly below expectations. Not getting 20 wins in this league is pathetic, with the “Big’s” we have and all the hoopla about the guards, etc.

    The writing is on the wall – no matter who you recruit and transfer in, you still have to get them to play at optimal levels game in and game out. It’s about chemistry . . . Enjoy the rest of the weekend at Disneyland! Mahalo.

  4. No matter the draw. If you lose the last game against one of the worst teams in the conference, you can see the writing on the wall. It will be one and done. And this is not being negative, it’s just looking at the eye test. But, I’d like 3 straight miracles next week. I just can’t see it.

  5. Yes, Good Points, Dallan
    WarrʻiorInsider Haiku
    Reflecting Last Week?

    Chemistry, Teamwork,
    Execution: D & O
    Toughness, Consistent

    Can Learn from Big West
    “Young Team” in D-1, System?

    Still to Learn, Play Hard
    Rock the Court @ Anaheim
    Win Big West Tourney?!

    Only Possible
    Mahalo Dayton, Sponsors
    Go Ê»Bows!…IMUA Warriors!

  6. Dallan and Derek, etc., Eagle, we want the MBB team to win at least first game, then see what happens. The fact is, UH doesn’t have the athletes to compete with the Davis, Poly, Irvine, Pacific teams. The other teams have figured UH out and play them accordingly, quick guards, shoot 3 ball at will. Out hustle UH. UH short on the good perimeter players who can keep up offensively and defensively with the BWC teams at this point.

    Eagle, it would be a nice, even short of a miracle for UH to win BWC tournament, however, there are teams around the country with losing records, who had a nice run in their Conference Tournament, and won it all. They ended up in playin game of NCAA’s.

    I hope UH has one more win in them. Without Brandon Spearman, and not too many fans and media mention his loss. Spearman being out for season, and the timing, when UH need to finish strong with 3 or 4 wins to finish season is a HUGE loss. Without Spearman, just to steady UH on Offense and Defense, and to take that needed 3 pointer and make it, or the drive to the rim and one, the steal, the blocked shot, or diving for loose ball, that is what he brought to the court for the Warriors.

    It doesn’t look good for UH to win BWC , possibly they might lose first round game, a one and done, however, I am sure none of the 11 guys on UH’s active roster are thinking that way. They are going up there, to Anaheim, to try to win the tournament. If they bought into, the attitude of no sense even showing up to BWC tournament, they should not even be part of team. I think the guys will give all out effort, maybe they catch a Poly, Pacfic, Irvine, or Davis, thinking ahead.

    Former UH Athlete, what say you? How can the guys, win at least the opening round game? Seems like they have tried everything they could in last couple of games.

    Go UH team, try your best, that is all I can say. and look forward to an extension of this season, or the hope of a good season next year.

    Guys, whatever you do, don’t give up, play hard till the final buzzer, either next week or in a couple of weeks!!

    Go Warriors, Bows or Rainbows!

  7. The team been sucky lately but I’m a Hawaii Warriors fan. I remember a Hawaii team with Troy Ostler, Nerijus Puida, Savovic, Burneika, Mcintyre and English with a similar record 17-14 win the conference tournament. So it can be done just got to believe.

  8. I don’t know why Arnold doesn’t instruct his players to extend the 3 point line at least another 2 feet. They always play on the line or back up to the line. This is coaching, in practice. So what if they give a 2? That’s better than giving a 3. There are certain points on the floor that are prime shooting spots. The top of the key, the wings, and the corners. To me the best defense to cover that is a match up zone. Either that, or Arnold should forget about defense, just try tell the players to try to score 90 points and see what happens. Haha! But, I don’t think he would listen to me.

    I really admire John Calipari from Kentucky. After they lost to Georgia he said he’s never been more disappointed in himself for how he was coaching his players. He took the heat. It was on him. Today, Kentucky beat Florida. I have never heard Gib Arnold said that he was ever at fault for anything about his coaching. That’s just my opinion. Players are asked to play better. Maybe the coaches should look at themselves first. They might not like what they see. When coaches do that first honestly, then I think the team will get better.

  9. 1993-94
    The Rainbows capture their first WAC Tournament
    and advance to the NCAA Tournament for the first
    time in 22 years. Guard Trevor Ruffin sets the singleseason
    UH scoring record with 625 points and earns
    all-WAC first-team honors. UH drops its NCAA
    first-round game to Syracuse.(source: UH Athletics)

    I think their final regular season record was 15-13.
    Trevor Ruffin, Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, Tony Marnoey, John Molle Jr.
    Phil Handy went on a 3-0 run and upset BYU in championship game. Ended up 18-13 headed to NCAA’s.
    Riley Wallace said something to the effect after they made it to final game:’Well we won 17 games already, so The NIT is good too. Ruffin said something like….So and So to the NIT, UH went out and came from behind in second half to defeat BYU in Salt Lake City where WAC tournament was held . So this team, a roller coaster season, they came alive and went NCAA dancing!

    UH makes a remarkable run in the WAC
    Tournament, defeating three of the tourney’s top
    four seeds, including host Tulsa, 78-72, in overtime.
    The ’Bows fall to Syracuse in the NCAA
    Tournament first round.

    SJRC: This the team you alluded to. Where Carl English either got a start or came off bench to help UH get an upset victory over Tulsa, at Tulsa’s own home gym in the WAC tourney final. A great game. I think this Savo , Troy Ostler led team had 17 regular win season too. So you are correct. It can be done.

    Well, Go Warriors, maybe there is something left in the tact. get rest, rehab, do well in school this semester and just play loose, have fun and see what happens. Past UH history says, it can be done, even if you have 15 to 17 wins regular season!

  10. Derek:

    Something about who is coaching the Defense, is is Arnold, Benjy Taylor, or Brandyn Akana, or by committee?
    You are right, if anything goes wrong with team, and Riley Always did this, coach takes the blame.
    Really, it would be a big boost in Gib’s resume with the fans of UH hoops, if the buck stops with him for losses, recruiting, or style of play.

    It still hurts that UH does not have Spearman, however, I remember the AC Carter led teams, did not play man to man all the time, it was a form of match up zone, and they had to be very close to 3 line shooters , you are right, even if team is slow, have the perimeter players, defend a few more feet out, and stay out there. Then the Bigs, just stay in the paint, protect rim, and have guys always be prepared for the long rebound that comes off of the opponents 3 point missed shots.

    Well, This BWC tournament is real telling, the touchstone of Gib’s career. If they get to championship game, a really great situation for UH and Gib.

    Gib is the coach, you have to figure out a better defensive , substitional and time management scheme to have a chance to get a win or win the whole thing, one game at a time.

    Without question, the guys hearts, and minds, are telling them they want to win the tournament, Gib had to lead the way, with whomever he has.

    Go Warriors, battle to the end, get win number one, then advance to semi final, give it your all that is all one can ask!
    And Gib , coach them up well, and prepare team to win against , any one of the 7 other teams in tournament, just go for it. You would have a memorable season, and this team would have one of the better finishes in the last decade!

  11. Just added thought, the 1994 Trevor Ruffin led team did have Ruffin, a free agent , who played with the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers for two NBA seasons.

    The Savo, Ostler team, had English, and company, also Predrag Savovic, made it to the NBA via free agency, and played about a season and a half for Denver Nuggets.

    So both the 1994 team and the 2001 team had some NBA type talent leading the charge.

    Vander, is, at the least a good high Euro Pro, type player, maybe longshot at NBA free agent with the right team.
    Hauns, could get hot, however, has to play better D. Jawato, has to play with higher BBIQ, and get his shots to fall. Those two, Hauns and Jawato, are key to replace the loss of Spearman. They guard much better, as Derek says, by extending their D another feet, and some matchup zone, could slow down other team’s three point shooters.

    Plus, Hauns, and Jawato, need to hit 3 point shots, throughout the game, maybe between them they go 8 for 12 . That helps a lot with the Bigs, and UH’s overall offense, which sometimes, is very, very slow to develop.

    Anyways, Hauns, and Jawato, key to shoot well , and defend the 3 point shooters, plus the switching , which they try to do on D, Gib , prepare well, and help team to figure a way to get win in round one, then go from there. And team, just have to defend better and shoot better. More guys have to play then 7 or 8, might have to use 9 or 10 in tournament.

    Well , let’s see what happens, tune in to Bigwest.tv on Thursday March 14 2013!

  12. The problem with the defense is that Spearman is out. because spearman is out, we have a number of matchup problems, namely, Hauns having to guard a smaller and quicker two, standhardinger having to guard much quicker threes, and fotu having to close out on corner threes, none of which are good match ups, and ones we never really had to use until spearman went out. this applies to both zone and man defenses.

    basically, everyone is playing up a position on Defense, and our D is suffering mightily for it, because jawato isnt anywhere near the scorer or defender that spearman is, so we cant use him to replace Spearman’s role.

    you can coach them all you want, but the fact is, hauns will not be able to guard any 2 guard in this league, and that isnt his fault he has to do it, or the coach’s (unless you’re mad that he didnt recruit more guards) but just necessity, and it sucks.

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