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Warriors packing momentum for road trip

Another week, another road trip. Such is life for the Hawai’i basketball team, which departs Honolulu on Tuesday afternoon for another two-game road trip in the Big West Conference.

The Warriors will play at UC Davis on Thursday, and at Pacific on Saturday. By the end of the trip, Hawai’i will have played six of its last eight games on the road.

The previous road trip – at UC Riverside and Cal State Fullerton – resulted in two victories, so the Warriors will follow a similar itinerary on this trip. It includes a 6 a.m. practice on Tuesday morning, followed by academic classes, and then an afternoon flight to California.

“We’re going to tinker it to death, ‘til we figure it out,” head coach Gib Arnold said.


Of all the items the Warriors are packing for the road, confidence may be the most important. Hawai’i is hottest team in the Big West with five consecutive victories, including home wins over first-place Long Beach State and UC Irvine last week. The Warriors are 15-9 overall and in second place in the conference at 9-4.

“We have to continue to play with great heart,” Arnold said. “Play together, play with unity, and give ourselves a chance. Just get it down to the wire and let us finish. We’ve been finishing games pretty well.”

Leading the way has been forward Christian Standhardinger. The 6-foot-8 junior was named Big West Conference Player of the Week for the second consecutive week on Monday. He averaged 20.0 points and 11.0 rebounds in the two wins last week, and is averaging 22.4 points and 11.2 rebounds per game during the five-game win streak.

“He’s been huge,” Arnold said. “He’s been a double-double guy every night and been playing with great energy and passion – just the way we want him to play. And he’s brought everybody else’s level up, too.”

Arnold noted that other teams are starting to take notice of Standhardinger’s recent streak, and that can help the other Warriors.

“For the first time ever, I saw they had a box-and-one on him in the Irvine game,” Arnold said. “I’ve never seen them do that on a power forward before. That shows him a lot of respect. And in doing that, it helps the other guys. It helps Vander (Joaquim) free up – you can’t double-down on him quite as much, and other guys are rising and raising their games as well.”

The Warriors will have added incentive for Thursday’s game, as UC Davis is the only Big West team to win a game in the Stan Sheriff Center this season. The Aggies beat the Warriors, 93-82, on January 19, behind a 40-point performance from Corey Hawkins.

UC Davis is 9-13 overall and tied for sixth place in the conference at 5-6.


  1. Go Warriors!
    Fine-Tune the Travel Process,
    Then Tune the UC-Davis Aggies and Re-Tune the Pacific Tigers

    KEEP UPPING Your Game
    Juniors and Seniors Project Your DOMINANCE
    Frosh Flash Your Skills and Build Your Consistency
    like Your slightly more Experienced Teammates

    Weʻll be watching from Big West (Worst?) TV
    and Listening in with Bobby C

    Coach Maybe we gotta get Mr. Lanai to Improve/Build an HD Gym (in six months?)
    THEN Playing a Game there (Or as Close as we can get)
    HE/Theyʻll fall in Love with this team just like everyone else…
    (I Can even hear the admiration in opposing coaches voices…)
    THEN with Mr. Lanai or AOLʻs help we Can CHARTER Flights and Tweak the Travel Process even Better…

    Give Your Very Best ʻBows!
    WIN ʻEm ALL!

    …we know this really is just The Beginning…

  2. It is crunch-time, need all the wins we can secured, no matter where or whom we’re playing.
    1. The Beach game ~
    1sth: 53p-20, won by 33p(13>44) ; 2ndh: 41p-53p loss by 12(3<44),
    Result: 94p-73p, won by 21p(94actual minus 88expected = positive 6).
    2. The Irvine game ~
    1sth: 31p-34p, loss by 3p(9p44),
    Result: 78p-72p, won by 6p(78actual minus 88expected = negative 10).
    3. Put two winning 1/2s together and play like a champ all the way!

    Here we go ~
    >> You have done: 53p(1sth) + 47p(2ndh) = 100p(pg).
    >> Our expectation: 44p(1st-min) + 44p(2nd-min) = 88p(pg-min).
    >> Acceptable scores: From 88p(pg-min) => 100p(pg-max), any variation or combination of positivity!

    We want you to be the best ~
    ** Respect “The supreme court Judges”; Be grateful to whom who gave you 3-st-road-wins, 5game-win-st and many better ones be on-the-way!
    ** Show your best but, not your TEMPER/missed dunk.
    ** Take your open-shot with a proper-release; We need high-efficiency; Go get foul.
    ** Maintain body balance & control; Run fast into the “open” only.
    ** “Fake”, “finesse”,”steal”.. are the soul of artistic basketball-techniques.
    ** promote team-work & sportsmanship..
    ** All-in, all-hustle, always (follow Christian good samples).

    Great stepping stones: 50w4G, 5w-st, cnt => 4-0.
    Royal Fans always cheer you on.
    May the best TEAM win!

  3. Good luck to the basketball bows this week. Big week to secure the #2 spot in conference and possibly be in a position to challenge for #1 should LBSU fall. The #2 seed is crucial in getting a first round bye in the tourney and also would ensure Gib gets an automatic 1 year extension. Both things needed to bring stability and credibility to the program.

  4. Pupukahi I Holomua
    To Unite and Move Forward as One

    It sounds good to me, let this one be Standhardinger

    I wish you a safe journey guys

  5. Play lights out, guys!
    Go Warriors!

  6. Guys, play with energy, right attituce, and effort, no fear, however keep on improving. Give everything you have for 40 minutes and stay close and close out games, You guys can get 2 wins, at minimum split, however, go out and play Big Boy Basketball!

  7. Guys, play with energy, right attitude(sorry, spell check Attitude not attituce!), and effort, no fear, however keep on improving. Give everything you have for 40 minutes and stay close and close out games, You guys can get 2 wins, at minimum split, however, go out and play Big Boy Basketball!

    Good job Gib and staff, keep boys motivated, and improving, scout well, and go get Davis and Pacific!

  8. The team has great momentum going into this week. I’m very anxious to see how we defend Hawkins and Mancasola this time around. I hope the guys keep up their defensive intensity and focus. Good luck guys!

  9. PONO, there’s no bye in the BWC Tourney. #1 vs. #8, #2 vs.#7, and so on. Then they reseed after each round. FYI.

  10. Mahalo imho889600:
    You cleared my confusions!
    Now, if the TEAM has run the table seeded #1 & capture the Tournament for the Dance then, How BWC determined who goes to NIT?
    Appreciate for your further info!

  11. **Other than the One Year Bye-Bye for UC-Riverside who’s Not Eligible for Post-season due to Low Performance versus Academic Progress Report (APR) and whoever ends up At #9 in BW Standings..; which UH CAN Mathematically eliminate for itself with a Win or Two …

    i kinda like the Re-Seeding … Hope i still like it after the Tourney

    [NOTE: The Women DO Give #1 & #2 DOUBLE-BYES into the Semi-Finals…
    and #3, #4 Single Byes into Quarter-Finals….Wahine currently tied for Second after 2-1 Road Trip
    (Didn’t Show Up Ready to Play against LAST-Place Team…BETTER TO LEARN THAT Lesson NOW…)]

    NEXT WIN Meets or Exceeds Gib’s and the Program’s “Worst” for Last SIX Seasons…

    WIN ‘BOWS!

  12. ONLY Regular Season Champs who DO NOT ALSO Win the Post-Season Tourney (IF they have one, Mountain West doesn’t) “EARN” An AUTOMATIC BID to the NIT (Now Owned and Mandated by the NCAA)…

    All Other NIT Bids are by Invitation: Priorities? Power Ratings? Money? (Ability to Draw TV Ratings or Crowds?)
    Conference affiliation? “FRIEND-Ships”? Quid Pro Quo? Conspiracies? (maybe more PC: Teamwork)

    GREAT That this discussion HAS Late-Season Relevance to UH Fans…

  13. Experience has demonstrated that players do NOT relish playing against high energy and physical players. They just cause too many distractions and draw lots of attention. Take heed and follow the lead of Christian…blue collared efforts coupled with talent draws success. -Go Bows, take home these two wins…

  14. Road Warriors that’s who we are , we will not lose again to UC DAVIS , Hawkins will be contained, crucial games thursday and friday! Losing is not an option for the Warriors !

  15. Can’t get over confident after winning 5 straight. This is a possible trap game. Can’t take anybody lightly. UC Davis took us to the woodshed the first game. They feel they can do it again at their house. We have revenge on our minds. Something’s got to give. Cannot look ahead. Focus should be on this game only. Must have the energy and do the basics well. Good luck Warriors.

  16. its hard to see it as a trap game, when it’s clearly a big game considering how, as of yet, they are the only team to beat us at home, and their man dropped 40 on us. that HAS to be a sore spot with our players.if anything is a trap game, i’d think its UCSB at home or Northridge on the road to close the season out.

  17. Our TEAM synergy improving progressively, bringing successes as TEAM deserved.
    Everyone enjoying that happy feeling!

    We had come to a juncture now, that requiring our TEAM to validates our success is for real. To accommodating this goal demands extra effort, therefore the need for help of two outstanding Warriors in the names of #21, Hauns Brereton & #42, Isaac Fotu.
    Gentlemen: Here are 2 tasks assigned to you both (need to finished only 1 per game). Because you are the most capable pair to complete them & the timing just could not be any better (no, Christian is already busied ~ “BOOMING”).

    The tasks for each game (Thu @ Davis; Sat @ Pacific) in terms of pts & rbs:
    1. Regular Double-Double or,
    2. Elite 30+ pts & 15+ rbs.

    Accolade(s) may come accordingly!

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