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Warriors prepared for Riverside’s change of pace

The Hawai’i basketball team has already proved that it can win in the fast lane. Now the Warriors will be tested in the slow lane.

Hawai’i will host UC Riverside in a Big West Conference game on Saturday at the Stan Sheriff Center. Tipoff is scheduled for 7:05 p.m.

The Warriors are 8-5 overall and tied for first place in the Big West at 2-0. The Highlanders are 4-10 and 1-1.

Just two days after beating one of the top scoring teams in the country in Cal State Fullerton, the Warriors will face one of the lowest-scoring teams in the country in UC Riverside. The Highlanders rank last in the Big West (and in the bottom 20 of the nation) with 57.3 points per game.


“The thing about UC Riverside is they are very patient,” Hawai’i assistant coach Scott Fisher said. “They look to go inside. They’re not a very good outside shooting team, so they know where their strengths are. They look to pound, pound, pound the ball inside. They’re going to walk the ball up. They almost want to bore their opponents to death.”

It already worked once this week. The Highlanders are coming off a 65-64 upset victory at Cal State Northridge on Thursday.

“That’s the hard thing, trying to adjust to a completely different team every two days,” freshman forward Isaac Fotu said. “It’s pretty tough, but the coaches are doing a good job giving us the scout.”

Unlike the quick Fullerton team that lost to Hawaii on Thursday, the Highlanders have a little bit of size. In particular, 6-foot-10, 246-pound junior center Chris Patton leads the team in scoring with 10.8 rebounds per game, and is second in rebounding with 5.7 per game.

In Riverside’s two Big West games, Patton has recorded 31 points on 13-of-17 shooting, and grabbed 11 rebounds.

“Their big man in the middle is averaging almost 16 points a game at 77 percent, so he’s had two pretty good games to start the (conference) season,” Fisher said. “And then they just got all these other guys who are really scrappy and they work hard.”

Other Riverside players to watch include: Chris Harriel, a 6-4 junior forward who is averaging 10.7 points and 4.0 rebounds per game; Josh Fox, a 6-6 freshman forward who is averaging 9.4 points and a team-high 6.1 rebounds per game; Robert Smith, a 6-1 senior guard, is averaging 8.3 points per game and leads the team with 20 3-pointers.


The Warriors will still be the much bigger team, led by its frontline of 6-10 senior Vander Joaquim, 6-8 junior Christian Standhardinger and 6-8 freshman Isaac Fotu. They are now the three leading scorers and rebounders on the team: Joaquim is averaging 14.6 points and 8.6 rebounds per game, Standhardinger is at 15.6 points and 7.8 rebounds per game, and Fotu is contributing 11.4 points and 7.8 rebounds per game.

While the Warriors can be considered a young team, the Highlanders are even younger. Riverside has seven freshmen, two sophomores, three juniors and one senior on its active roster.

Riverside finished fifth in the Big West last season, but only three players returned, and the Highlanders were picked last (10th) in the preseason polls.

“We saw that they beat Northridge,” Fotu said. “I think every game is different and every team has different weaknesses and strengths. We have to be ready for every game because every game is going to be tough.”

GAME INFORMATION: Hawai’i vs. UC Riverside
Saturday, Jan. 5, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) – Honolulu, HI
Television: Live statewide on OCSports.
Streaming Video: Live video streaming is available on ocsports.tv.
Radio: ESPN 1420 AM will carry the game live. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com
Ticket Information: $26 (lower); $18 (upper-adult); $16 (upper-sr. citizen); $5 (upper-youth, ages 4-HS); UH Manoa students free with validated ID. Parking $6.
Promotions: Bud Light is the sponsor and will award great prizes throughout the game. The team will conduct an autograph session following the game on the arena concourse.


  1. NO MORE Cowtailing to Slow Pepperdine-type teams …

    Drive and Force Riverside to deal with the game ‘Our Way’
    Pressure and Push the Pace….

    Slow-Ball on our Home Court?
    Do Not Accept or Allow this ‘Bows!

    We’ll be there to cheer you on!

  2. playhoopsa

    I am Ozren Pavlovic’s Mum as Eagle wrote
    Ozi never had a sponsor or manager
    I struggle a bit with English if I try to help with the google translation it even worse

    Past game was so exciting that I had to watch to the end and that’s why I was late to work. I must say that never late to work this was my first time

    it does not matter whether the victory due to luck as someone said
    It is important to win because the team is constantly growing and there will be more convincing win in the future

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAMPIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joaquim, just play within yourself. You don’t need to prove yourself as you’ve already have. There’s no need to push the issue that you’re the better BIG than your opponent. When you draw that defensive pressure from the opposing team you know you’ve gotten the respect.

    Be aware of your opponents d and remember if you’re double/triple teamed you’ve got an open team mate to pass the ball to.

    Just play for the TEAM WIN!

  4. Joaquim, oh, your time will come again if not this game. Once opposing teams get a hold of some film on Fotu’s o they may not be able to double team you as much as they’d want and they’ve got to deal with Stanhardinger too so things may open up soon for you and your mates.

    Be patient, your time will come.

  5. Pocho — Wise Team Advice… The Whole Team Wins Together
    Ideally Pro Scouts & Coaches Recognize that Fewer Points Production is a “Sacrifice” for a more Effective Offense And More Wins
    (Sacrifice is giving something up for Something BETTER)

    Ozi Mum –Thank You for your Extra Effort —
    i would not do so well with my supposed second, third or fourth languages
    (Most Americans have barely started a second)
    Your Encouragement and Support of Ozren is Very Well-Versed and Poignant…
    I’m SURE i’m not the only one
    Who ALWAYS Enjoys Your Posts…

    …and we All look forward to Ozi’s emergence as a Key Contributor to Wins and eventually as a Rising Warrior Star
    he’s far ahead of so many (historic) first-year players (Coach Gib says, “We won’t rush him…”)
    and i’m sure our language and Gib’s version of basketball are starting to make more sense each day
    Coach calls Ozi the most skilled player on the team
    and his defense @ 6-8 at Both guard and forward is going to frustrate opposing coaches and players
    the way Davis and Isaac have already begun to…
    Thank You Both for choosing Hawai’i to share Ozi’s career and your thoughts

    [AS Aussie Mum pointed out …uhfanzonly would have already covered most of these comments…]

  6. thanks for the nice words Eagle

    I’ve already wished everyone a happy new year, but now I want to especially good luck health and happiness Dayton that all parents and fans provide tremendous joy

    also especially good health UHfanzonly1

  7. Bottom line is that every player needs to play with PASSION and use what’s between their ears; both your EYES and your BRAIN. Those are the drivers. Your passion is the horse power to FINISH your offensive and defensive moves. King James and Kobe are great models of players that breathe fire when they play. As Fotu pointed out, he wants to play exciting ball for the fans, high energy, smart play and execution is the ticket of entry into that market. Enjoying watching you guys play and seeing you all grow strong, go bows…

  8. Ozi Mum and Aussie Mum Tonganator, thankyou for information of yourselves. Sons are good players. Hope UH wins Big West Conference.

    I think team will improve each game. We are 4000 hard core young old fans at SSC. Team appreciate cheers.

  9. Mahalo to all the families of players that plays for Hawaii. We have Great moms posting in this blog and would like to thank you for letting UHbb and Hawaii fans borrow your sons for awhile.

  10. oh, dads too(sorry bout that Tonganator)

  11. Two close wins like that builds character. That’s the thing I said when they lost to Illinois in OT and against Pepperdine and Ole Miss, they have to learn to close out games. The confidence is way up now. Everybody is contributing to the cause. The mistakes are there but we have to remember this is still a very young team, and still growing. The coaches have to coach better, the players play better. Practice, practice, practice.

    Time to play a complete game tonight against UC-Riverside. I visualize it, I believe it, and hopefully, I will see it.

  12. 4000 DOES seem to be the rock bottom minimum, even with the Manoa Maniacs (Students) on semester break…

    SHOULD Rock even better when the team returns from their road battles if they can win half or more and stay near the top of the conference…maybe road Wins in small gyms is do-able like tonight’s UC-Riverside did this week to last week’s nemesis Northridge … Both Northridge AND Fullerton had 50-50 shots at road wins here…but for some good determined Warrior rallying… Repetitious but need closer to 40 minutes steady Hawai’i efforts to Win on the Road …Let’s Start Tonight!

    4000 is a lot better than the 1500 or 500 of recent or distant past…

    i’m thinking the “high-flyer” fans might only show up next year when Aaron Valdes, Michael Thomas, Isaac and the passing of Keith Shamburger transforms the team to Warrior Phi Slamma Jamma

    Tako’s on the mark — Passers can’t continue to give the ball away;
    Shooters CAN’T be Losing Focus at The Free Throw Line — TOO COSTLY ;
    WE can’t be expecting the other team to help us out by matching our own futility (THAT luck Will Run Out)…
    Make ‘Em … Turn Up the Heat and Watch THEM Wilt…
    Continue to Own the Boards (Do Even Better) and Start Winning the Turnover Battles
    With Hard-Nosed Defense and Alert Effective Offensive Execution
    Start doing this tonight…Continue on the Road
    and GET Into the Heads of Big West Opposition
    Kinda Like they Expect to Lose to Long Beach
    …Moreso, Hawai’i

  13. Aloha Ozi and Aussie mum. Always please to read your post and your encouragement for the team. No worries Pocho, Isaac’s mum do read these posts and does make comments. Exciting time again for to-night’s game, will be watching it on line.


  14. If I was Hauns Brereton if my outside shot not falling I would be looking to drive the lane every chance I got. You gotta make them foul you because for you to shoot free throws that should be a big part of your game. You need to do what you do best. Gib how about some pick and roll plays for Hauns? He does have a nice touch around the basket too and many Big West bigs not much taller than he is. Bottom line: if open let it fly; if not look for opening to drive.

  15. Ok guys, let’s play with lots of energy tonite. Play smart and TAKE CARE OF THE BALL.


  16. Hi Ozi Mum,

    I wouldn’t have noticed that you struggled with English if you hadn’t have told us. Isn’t google a wonderful thing!!

    I watched some of the training yesterday and the boys are a very cohesive and committed group – Ozren looks very happy.

  17. Ozi Mum,

    Thank you for well wishes to Uhfanzonly1, I am his “secretary” , the Better Half writing for him.

    He will be better, carpal tunnel syndrome, too much type on PC keyboard, and eyes not as well, he will post

    maybe in March and April. . Although he says this site is really for UH Basketball team and fans.not to draw attention to Uhfanzonly1.

    We thank Dayton and sponsors!

    Do not worry about your English, Warrior Insider site followers, understand you very well.

    You have a very good son, who is good student, citizen and Basketball player, he cheers his fellow team

    members on and will probably be an important part of UH warrior Basketball team’s run towards a BWC

    tournament championship.

    Much Love and Aloha to the friends and to you Ozi Mum and your family in Croatia.

    Aloha. Uhfanzonly1, message typed by his “secretary”

    Go Warriors!!

  18. Aloha Aussie Mum:

    This is Uhfanzonly1 “secretary” his Better Half writing for Uhfanzonly1.

    Uhf says thanks for comments and well wishes. He has carpal tunnel syndrome mild form. Eyes not as good. Doctor recommend not to be on PC so much. He stays up too late at times.
    Main point of WI site, for support of warrior basketball team and coaches and fans. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself. However, to support Dayton’s outstanding site, and to thank the sponsors, he would post comments, sometimes too much. Instead of 20 or 30 words, maybe 100 or more. He loves UH Basketball and all UH sports.

    Aussie Mum, Uhfanzonly1 is not too old, though home bound, will recover from ailment to eyes and ligaments, hopefully he will post in March/April.

    He sends his love and aloha, great apology for not being able to meet Aussie Mum and Dad in person. Physically , the mind is willing , the flesh or body weak. He apprecaites the support from the Ohana for the Thunder from Down Under, Michael Harper, a nice young man and student athlete.

    Aussie Mum, don’t be downhearted, support the warriors and this site. Eagle, clyde, n2joy,and a growing number of contributors to this forum will keep your spirits up. Thank you on behalf of Uhfanzonly1 for WI and Dayton once again.

    Hope, Michael and warrior team have awesome BWC season and on to March Madness!

    Aussie Mum and Dad have a safe trip back to Australia.
    In behalf of Uhfanzonly1, courtesy his “secretary”.
    Go Warriors!!

  19. Thanks secretary, we will keep the posts going – as everyone has said, Uhfanzonly1 – get your health better – do what the doctors tell you to do and we will soon be hearing from you again.

    Take care and good luck tonight Warriors!

  20. Time to pack the house Tonight ,come on students, you’re all back from vacation ,school starts monday so come on down to the arena, it’s going to be loud , loud is what we need from the Maniacs! Pound that ball inside to Fotu and Vander ,wear their butts out. Show your dominance tonight Warriors , no mercy, every game is a war , get out there and make mush out of Riverside. This is OUR HOUSE !

  21. Aussie Mum enjoy the game and the rest of your time in Hawaii. We’ll keep an eye on Mike in Cali for you in the coming weeks. We do plan on attending most if not all the games in So. Cal. Hopefully we won’t be the only UH fans at the games. We’ll be in Hawaii next year again for sure to watch Aaron and Mike too. Take Care

  22. TribeVx4,(Airon family?)

    Yes, to the Valdes’ family, Aaron. Should be exciting with Michael Thomas coming in next year and Michael Harper, Tonganator progeny Isaac Frotu, and Caleb Mr Big, Keith Shamburger and a seasoned sophomore class.

    We maniacs like this year team, wish they go far. Think next year team can be something special too.

    Thank you to Cali families.

  23. Yes, a final post from UHF per “secretary” Better Half.
    He had to mention Tonganator son Isaac and Cali families and acknowledge Maniacs.

    Secretary for UHF sign off till March or April. Aloha.

  24. Turnovers become far more important when its a slow paced game. When the tempo is slow, that means that there are fewer possessions in the game and you can’t waste them.

    I think UH should be able to handle Riverside because UH has way more talent up and down the roster, but if Roop and Tavita play like they did Thursday, it could get interesting.

  25. Hi TribeVx4,

    I cleaned the boys dorm room up – Aaron thought Michael had (what a joke!!!)

    Good to know that you will be at the games and keeping an eye over them when they are playing next week.

    I will be cheering loudly tonight at the Stan Sherriff

    Former UH Athlete – I hope not too many turnovers – they really frustrate me!!!!!

    Secretary to Uhfanzonly1 – many thanks for looking after him

  26. Uhfanzonly,

    Yes this is Airon’s Family. Thank you for all the kind words. We read all your posts and understand the situation You are in our prayers for a quick recovery. Our family is very excited about the team this year and enjoy seeing them play both in person and on TV/Online. No disrespect to this years group but next years group of recruits are also great kids. Hawaii will be proud of these young men and their families. UH will only get better in the years to come. We have become true green UH fans following all the sports and watching the different teams whenever we get a chance. Keep up the support, the guys love it and like I said earlier the recruits love to see that the fans are passionate and respectful. We will certainly do whatever we can here to support UH here on the mainland.

    Greetings to all the parents.

  27. LOL…. I just looked at Riverside’s team profile and listen to this….

    Riverside played Fresno St earlier this year and they held Fresno to 39 points….. AND LOST BY NINE!!!!

    They played USC and lost 70-26….

    It’s up to Clair and Tavita to take care of the ball tonight. If they don’t give up turnovers, UH will kill Riverside.

  28. Before the Big West started play, Northridge was 9-3, and I said they were no where near as good as their record… One week later and they’ve lost at UH, Riverside at home, and are now losing by 10 at home to Fullerton.

    Long Beach took care of business at Santa Barbara tonight.

    Cal Poly is looking like the surprise team that’s off to a hot start in the Big West so far. They beat Long Bech by 8 at home and are up 11 vs Irvine at half.

  29. stated attendance was 5,198 vs Fullerton on Thursday…. When looking around, it wasn’t close to half full unless there were constantly 1,000 people getting garlic fries or going shi-shi.

    What’s it going to take for people to start showing up to games??

    It’s not like there’s a lot going on in town. Quite frankly, the attendance has been pathetic this year considering how much excitement around the program and the young talent on the team. The Illinois game was pretty well attended but even 7,500+ was pretty light considering both teams were undefeated at the time and Illinois is an Elite 8 caliber team.

    It’s really sad to see the student section so sparsely populated when they have free tickets.

  30. Well the students are back and rather than being bored on a night like this they got to check out the Stan Sheriff Arena ,get in , get ready for a wild ride. Enjoy the BB game in the Maniac section rather than sit in your dorm room doing nothing. Weather is great for indoor sports. !!

  31. FUHA —

    AS You probably know, Hawaiʻi Fans are Notoriously SLOW to catch on…
    i think it took ʻtil Colt Brennanʻs Last Three Games before they had a Sell-Out
    What Did HE DO?
    ONLY The ALL-Time (i estimated 10,000 QBs: 100 Teams Times 100 Years) #1 Record Setting Career Performance of ALL-TIME…AND A 12-0 Season Following an 11 Win Season — Fans Only like to See WINS?
    Almost Impossible to Beat That…


    BUT Thatʻs O.K. …WE Are Enjoying the Amazing Talent Levels, Camaraderie & Cohesiveness That IS This Team
    AND I Can Tell the Team Appreciates the Fans & Supporters that Are Here & Now …
    When the Famous Fair Weather Fans make it in The Doors And Have The SSC Rockinʻ So Much The Better!

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