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Warriors looking to rebound at UC Santa Barbara

The Hawai’i basketball team is hoping the road to recovery begins in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Less than 48 hours after a disheartening 88-59 loss at Cal Poly, the Warriors will play at UC Santa Barbara in another Big West Conference road game on Saturday afternoon. The game is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. (Hawai’i time) and will be televised on Fox Sports Prime Ticket.

Hawai’i is 10-9 overall and in sixth place in the Big West at 4-4. The Gauchos are 7-11 overall and tied for seventh at 3-4.

The Warriors had their worst showing of the season in the 29-point loss at Cal Poly and will need to rebound against a UCSB team that is also coming off a disappointing defeat. Cal State Northridge scored its first Big West win of the season with a 75-69 triumph over the Gauchos on UCSB’s home court on Thursday.


UCSB was without its top player in sophomore forward Alan Williams, who sat out with a hamstring injury. He suffered the injury last week, and is listed as “out indefinitely.” The 6-foot-7, 240-pound Williams leads the Gauchos in both scoring (17.4) and rebounding (9.9), and also leads the Big West in rebounding and blocked shots (2.4 per game).

Without Williams, UCSB’s top scorer is Kyle Boswell, a 6-2 junior guard who usually is the first guard off the bench. He is averaging 13.1 points per game and ranks second in the Big West with 51 3-pointers.

Taran Brown, a 6-8 freshman forward, is averaging 12.6 points and 5.7 rebounds per game and is close behind Boswell with 46 3-pointers.

Just a week ago, the Gauchos defeated Cal Poly, 83-81 in double overtime.

UCSB is one of the few teams in the Big West that can match Hawai’i’s size, although the loss of Williams is a significant one for the Gauchos. In the loss to Northridge, UCSB started a frontline of 6-10 Sam Beeler, 6-8 Brown and 6-7 Lewis Thomas, although Northridge won the rebounding battle, 43-31.

The Warriors had their worst rebounding game of the season in loss at Cal Poly, getting out-rebounded by the Mustangs, 38-21. They will especially need center Vander Joaquim to return to form.

The 6-10 senior had just two points and one rebound, and was limited to 12 minutes due to foul problems, in the loss at Cal Poly. Joaquim currently ranks third in the Big West in rebounding with 8.3 per game, and is also averaging 13.8 points per contest.

Junior forward Christian Standhardinger leads the Warriors in scoring with 14.7 per game, and is also grabbing 7.3 boards per game.

The Warriors have been using a backcourt-by-committee throughout the season, and the first seven guards may again have to rotate against a UCSB team that ranks second in the Big West in 3-pointers (8.7 per game).

The Warriors are also looking to end a couple of unwanted streaks. They have lost two straight, and have not lost three in a row this season. They are also 0-4 on the road this season.

GAME INFORMATION: Hawai’i (10-9, 4-4 Big West) at UC Santa Barbara (7-11, 3-4 Big West)
Saturday, Jan. 26, 2:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: The Thunderdome (6,000) – Santa Barbara, Calif.
Television: Fox Sports Prime Ticket (Oceanic ch. 228 or 1228)
Streaming Video: None
Radio: ESPN 1420 AM will carry the game live. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at UCSBGauchos.com

UCSB video highlights and interviews from the loss to Cal State Northridge:


  1. Just Win, Baby!

  2. Come on Warriors. No Wusses Alliowed. Win at all cost. Thu ain’t high school.

  3. Get Your Legs Back…
    DO a FEW Drills that Build Leg Strength AND Restore Quickness…
    BUT Do NOT Over-DO It

    The BEST Coaches Recognize Fatigue — No Good Learning Happens then…
    AND Manage their Team’s Energy Levels and Attitude…
    DRILL Sargeants rarely make Great Coaches…

    For This Week…
    JUST WIN…”JUST” Find a Way to WIN!
    and Salvage the first half of the Four Game Swing

  4. UH Team. However you do it, take a lead, protect it, and finish game at final buzzer winning by at least 1 point.
    You guys do that, you will come home 1-1 on this road swing.

    Play hard and Smart, Rebound, D, turnovers less , more assists and shoot well, get the WIN guys!

  5. Again, the key will be defending the 3 point line and making shots.

  6. Derek:

    All the other 9 BWC teams, virtual clones of one another, guards quick, good 3 ball shooters, quick jumpers, out hustling UH. UH, has to out shoot, and out do UCSB in every aspect. Their Big gun is out with injury. Maybe UH’s Big 3 dominates, the boards and be top scorers, with perimeter shooting from Jawato, Ozi, Hauns, Spearman and Roop.

    However, they have the other athletes that will step up. UCSB, and all the other schools UH goes to on the road, crowd non factor, couple thousand, I think UH has the highest attendance per home game in league.

    Wish Gib will stick with the best playing 5, who , as you said can guard the 3 line. If UCSB not hitting, and UH scooping up rebounds and turnovers then converting into points, UH has chance to win.

    Has to be, the effort, cannot get embarassed again, we WANT UH to WIN, hope the guys do it!

  7. Team is divided. Hopefully they can get it together

  8. Maybe Confused and in Dis-Array…
    Definitely NOT Playing like ONE Team, One Organism
    Pass the Ball, Pass NOT Received (At Least Not by Our Team)
    REALLY (Not Just Words) NEED To Play Together, For Each Other, Help Each Other
    Help on Defense, Help on Offense, Get Proper Spacing to Make Passing Easier,

    Play Hard AND Smart…
    USE Your Ample Skills and Instincts
    That Worked Against the Illini, Second Half against UNLV,
    Most of the Time against Now-Ranked Miami & Ole Miss
    That SHOULDA Beat The Beach Two Short Weeks Ago…

    Then GET BACK On Track
    YOU Got MORE Depth than just about anyone
    MORE Height than just about anyone
    Talent, Young, “Inexperienced” Talent…
    BUT 20 Games In NO ROOM for EXCUSES

    “EARN” Our Respect Again
    Re-Gain Your Self-Respect
    PLAY TOUGHER Than Them…
    IF You’re Gonna Get Fouled MAKE The Basket Anyway
    IF You’re Gonna Get Called Make That Count, Too
    BIG Men, Even Guards, TAKE IT HARD To the Rim AND FINISH

    YOU ALL Have Had SO MUCH Success
    DO IT NOW…

    WIN ‘BOWS!

  9. “The Warriors knock off second-ranked..” This morning headline caught my eye.
    Well, it referred to the volley-ballers. Looking at their celebrant smiles, has brighten my outlook! Let this significant win inspires the basket-ballers, Amen!

    Seeding 7th might not be bad >> knock off 2nd seed, knock off 1st seed then should be easy on the final!?

  10. The team has their backs against the wall. Let’s see how they respond after two worst performances of the year.

    UCSB is without arguably the best player in the entire Big West, Big Al. Hawaii is fortunate to be going against a short-handed Gaucho team. They will be starting two freshmen in the paint. Hawaii must utilize it’s size and strength in the post to have a chance at pulling out a win on the road.

  11. n2o4joy,

    The Big West reseeds it’s matchups in subsequent rounds in their tourney. For instance, if Hawaii is hypothetically a 7th seed and knocks off a 2nd seeded Pacific, they still will have a matchup with #1 Long Beach in the second round. Therefore, it is imperative that the team finishes in the top three. If not, it will be an extremely tough road to the NCAAs.

  12. There is no satisfaction in losing. Crunch Time Boys

  13. Beware of the wounded prey. Just because the main man (Williams) is out makes the Gauchos more dangerous. I’m not that confident we can win this game. For UH, it’s more a mental thing now and their put psyche. They have to do it themselves, for themselves, together. We have been out coached and out played recently.

  14. Go hard warriors, get the W. We will be tuning in again from down under, full house again to cheer you on!!


    Loose Balls – YOU be the one to dive on the floor for it. Don’t assume your teammate will get it
    Rebounds – (O or D) YOU be the one the one to box out and/or pull it down
    Perception – YOU be the one to keep your eyes on the court and see options and outlets – Know where the ball is at ALL TIMES
    Energy – YOU be the one to get and keep the team morale going
    Efforts – YOU be PRO-active – not REactive
    Assume – Don’t assume your teammate will do all of the above becasue you know what they say about assuming; makes an ASS out of U and ME!

    Bottom Line – THIS team has what it takes to make it happen. They just have to want it more than their opponent.

    Even without a kid on the floor this year, our hearts, thoughts and support are with the team. We want to see them strive and arrive to their fullest potential.

    Go out tonight and let all of Santa Barbara know that the Warriors have been there!

  16. I’m expecting a good effort tonight to make up for Thursday’s debacle. UCSB is without their top player, and I think the oddsmakers haven’t compensated enough. UCSB wan’t a good team with their best player, so I expect UH to win outright.

    I’m hammering UH money-line… Depending on your place, it’s +135 to +145.

  17. Flew in for today’s game. Have been very frustrated with rotations and playing schemes. Some good changes will be happening today, get back to some basics.

    3 captains will play big today, maturity, senior leadership. I’ve failed my road game predictions but I can’t control coaching decisions. Still a fan of the Gibber and company.

    The original starting group should shine today. I’ve spoken with some of the guys and there’s been frustrations with the continuity and unexpected moves in game. Return to the first group that started this year and work in hot hands. Given the early responsibilities to the freshman is the outcome of the Cal Poly game. Almost into the 2nd round of conference need to go with guys who have been there before. Coach will do it today and hopefully it will all work out.

    Hauns is coming back, no matter how much he scores, he does alot of the intangibles- setting screens, running offense. etc.
    Joaquim ready to get back to 18 to 20 pt games. Need to minimize the double post game, go more 4 out and let Vander have an open box to work in.
    Tavita playing real steady 14 assist/4 turnovers in last 4 games. Best distributor on the team, having sat out 1 year is getting offensive attack better (easily passed defenders recently, his 3pt% better than Roop. Roop shooting 29% and Tavita shooting 38%.)

    These 3 will bring a much needed steady hand today.

    Starting Christian and Spearman brings great penetration.

    Rotate in Jawato, Jefferson, Clair, Pav for the 1,2,3 positions.
    Rotate in Fotu for the 4 and 5
    Rotate in Rozitis at the 5

    DEFENSE still wins games. Defensively need to be stronger down low. Our bigs been getting beat up real badly. Need to minimize other teams put backs and block shots.

    Today we win 1st road win with original starting group. Give captains and hot hand off bench most min. Continue going forward with faith, no fears, and start making our run.

    Go warriors! See you boys at the game!

  18. DK,
    Thanks for your responds.
    Amazing how much interest & support the TEAM’s having;
    A deservingly, timely moral boost. Could used anything that is good for a turnaround!
    Had they learned? Had they improved?
    If brutal practices hadn’t taken their legs away then, it’s a show of skills.
    May the best team wins!

  19. Have to agree with Kimo: Jace, Spearman, Hauns, Christian and Vander with Fotu first off the bench at 4 or 5, where it appears he’s most comfortable..Jace has experience at PG. Manroop and Oz moving from the 2 and 3. It’s a lot to ask for a pair of true freshmen. I’d imagine it’s a huge learning curve; one that perhaps best be attempted in the offseason rather than during conference play.

    I applaud Gib for trying to develop depth and spreading the minutes, but it appears to have hurt consistency and on-court cohesiveness. I also applaud the players for sticking together; attitude has been good; they genuinely seem to like one another and are solid students and citizens.

    As Dayton’s headline says, it’s time to rebound.

  20. Tribe V. love your support for current team, agree with your and really ALL posters assessments of team, what they have to do PERSONALLY and collectively.

    Kimo K., you are in a great position, a real core UH MBB fan, to be their on Road trip games, very insightful, love your and Tribe V.’s real time observations.

    And, finally, Gib , learning curve too, YEAR 3, that first starting 5 at beginning of year, were really competitive and cohesive, agreed, fans, LET THE SENIORS and UPPERCLASSMEN, and contributing Freshman who make a difference in rotation play major minutes. It is ALL ABOUT WINNING NOW.

    Team, cannot give up on this year, with 10 more conference games after today and 1 bracket buster before BWC tourney, there is still a lot to play for. Yes Gib, let the seniors the tri captains lead and help team win, the freshman and top reserves supplement, THEN TEAM WILL WIN.

    Now UH MBB team , go get a very important win against UCSB.

    One thing, fans posting on this forum, very passionate for UH MBB team, we want them to succeed!

  21. Calling Manroop, calling Manroop. Can you play like Rasheed Sulaimon today? You can do it.
    Wishing you a great game. No fear. Just let it fly.

  22. Apologies, after tonite’s game with UCSB, 9 more BWC conference games and 1 Bracket Buster game at SSC.
    So, a total of 10 more regular season games before BWC tourney in March.
    Nice if UH can go 7-3 after tonite.

    However, ONE WIN AT a Time, UH have to get W against UCSB first!

  23. Finally , yes ,a win, the guys stuck it out, pound the ball inside, thats the way we need to do it. Just stick with this lineup already, Gibster. Seniors either lead us to victory or die trying.

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