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Warriors looking for road success at Cal Poly

Three weeks ago, the Hawai’i basketball team was tied with Cal Poly for first place in the Big West Conference.

This Thursday, the Warriors and Mustangs will meet at Mott Gym in San Luis Obispo, Calif., with both teams needing a victory to stay in the upper half of the Big West standings.

The Warriors are 10-8 overall and tied for third place in the conference at 4-3. The Mustangs are 7-9 and 3-3, but they have two significant victories on their resume – a 70-68 upset of UCLA in Pauley Pavilion back in November, and a 79-73 home win over Long Beach State on Jan. 3.

The Mustangs are the only Big West team to own a win over Long Beach State this season.

Cal Poly is 5-1 at home this season. However, the Mustangs enter the game against Hawai’i on a three-game losing streak, with all three on the road.


Cal Poly’s top player is Chris Eversley, a 6-foot-7 junior forward who leads the team in both scoring (15.4) and rebounding (7.4). He has five 20-point games this season, and five double-double games.

Dylan Royer, a 6-1 senior guard, is averaging 10.4 points per game and is the team’s top shooter with 40 3-pointers and a .426 percentage from beyond the arc.

However, the Mustangs are most known for their team play, particularly their ability to protect the basketball. Cal Poly is averaging just 9.4 turnovers per game, which ranks second in the country for fewest turnovers (in contrast, the Warriors lead the Big West with 16.3 turnovers per game).

Hawai’i’s advantage should come on the boards. The Warriors lead the Big West in rebounding with 41.1 per game, while the Mustangs rank last with 30.6 per game.

Vander Joaquim, a 6-10 senior center, ranks second in the Big West with 8.7 rebounds per game and is second on the team in scoring with 14.5 points per game. He will likely be matched against Brian Bennett, a 6-9 freshman, who is averaging 9.6 points and 3.8 rebounds per game.

Christian Standhardinger, a 6-8 junior forward, leads the Warriors in scoring with 14.7 points per game, and is grabbing 7.5 rebounds per game. Freshman forward Isaac Fotu is adding 10.1 points and 7.1 rebounds per game, and leads the Big West in field goal percentage at .635.

The game will also feature the Big West’s two individual leaders for assists. Hawai’i senior Jace Tavita leads the conference with 5.1 per game, while Cal Poly junior Jamal Johnson is second at 4.7.

GAME INFORMATION: Hawai’i (10-8, 4-3 Big West) at Cal Poly (7-9, 3-3 Big West)
When: Thursday, Jan. 24, 5:00 p.m. (Hawaii time)
Where: Mott Gym (3,032) – San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Television: None
Streaming Video: Live video streaming is available on BigWest.tv.
Radio: ESPN 1420 AM will carry the game. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com


  1. Play Defense guys. Take care of the ball, shoot well from field and FT line, start strong and finish with a win, ONE game towards a BWC tourney crown.

    Play your best, MBB team

  2. Props to Christian. Not just the hardest-working player on game day, but after practice, too. That kind of dedication will pay off. Just don’t overextend yourself, physically and mentally.

  3. Gotta like Christian’s self-discipline and hard work to keep his shot on target. Keep up the good work. I hope others take after his lead.

  4. That’s what I like about Christian, is that bruddah may not have the prettiest shot, the best handles, the highest hops, or whatever but he is all heart and goes all in. He is the pure hustle player that I would pick first in a pickup game if I had first pick. Can always rely on that type of player to give you his all and never take a play or moment off in a game. I’m glad that he chose to play for Hawaii as he leads by example and is always trying his best to work and get better. His persistence and love for the game is what allows him to be successful on the court and lead the team in scoring but more so getting the continuous hustle plays every game.

  5. Yes. Christian man of his word. He stated from pre season, what to expect, he would always give 100% effort, and support for his team. You wish that the other members, the guards, and wings would put in a little extra time as well , The guards, ball handling, decision making, protecting ball, entry passes etc. FT’s, 3 pt shots, running the break.

    If the whole UH team can give 100% effort on O and D, every minute of every game for rest of season, UH will be successful.

    Now go out and get Cal Poly guys. The Wins will come.

  6. I love how he said to keep the turnovers down! ESPECIALLY TONIGHT!! We do that, we WIN. That, and play with heart. Feed it to the big men, crash the boards, and it’s a done deal. Go Bows!

  7. Come on Warriors, Mental Toughness , they want to slow the game down on you guys tonight, play smart and do not turn it over. Make your free throws, DEFENSE , you cant play sloppy ball and get away, it’s all Mental . Push the ball up the court when you get the chance. and Finish the Play!

  8. I want all the guys to be in top form physically and mentally able to achieve victory, and that is a day that is forever remembered because of 100% for the three shots, a lot of assists and few turnovers

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAMPIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This will be a tough game tonight. Cal Poly is tough at home and UH has been shaky on the road. Heck, UH has been shaky at home also (in terms of shooting).

    If UH takes care of the ball and has a decent shooting night, they can win. As with every game so far… PG play is the key to victory.

    Big West teams have adjusted their defenses to plug the paint and make it tough for Vander & Fotu at the post. UH must improve ball movement to loosen up the defense. UH did a very good job of ball movement vs Long Beach, but just couldn’t hit the open shots. If they execute like they did vs Long Beach, they’ll have a chance to win every game.

  10. Standhardinger is a hard nose blue collar effort player. He’s the type of player Gonzaga built their program from. CS is not the best talent, shooter, or athlete, but he out hustles everybody else and is a very smart player. He’s an efficient player.

    Standhardinger reminds me of David Pendergraf from Gonzaga a handful of years back. Pendergraf was an undersized forward but was always in the right place for rebounds and loose balls and could knock down the mid-range jumpers. They are the same type of player, but Standhardinger is a better athlete.

  11. Gib has had great grip on the graduated from the mistake-propensity Warriors.
    Good that he gapes grandly to make wave, just liked what he does weekly in gorgeous Waikiki Beach, where he crowned the Warrior Prince Christian as “the King”. He now pushing him to conquer Long Beach to expand His Majesty’s dominations.

    In Gib’s mind >> He wants to be 2nd in tournament seeding: 1st, revenge the gravamen humiliation from UC Davis. 2nd, wash-out “the Beach”. 3rd, pacify the baby-Tiger; Or, follow the proper gradation process, graciously accept the #1 grandeur & find out how far we can go @ the “Garden” against greater teams!?

    Fans will be gratifying still!

  12. Not looking good so far….down by 12 at Halftime..wouldve been 15 if Jawato didnt hit a last second three…again a slow start..we are a second half team..hopefully we can rally

  13. This is the worse we’ve played all year…Cal Poly looking like Michigan out there…beating us down bad…dont know what it is but mediocre teams tend to step up and shoot lights out against us

  14. Down by 30 now 🙁

    So it doesn’t further “RUIN” the Game Report…

    WORST EFFORT This Season…
    Uglier than Ugly…
    ADD That to UC-DAVIS …
    and that Makes Three out of Four Halves BADLY Outplayed…

    Obvious, But…
    UH NOT A Good or Even Decent ROAD Team
    Tonight Not Even a good Effort
    FIRST Three Road Games Hawai’i showed some ability to at least “Stay Close”
    Now, EVEN “Marginal” @ Home…
    (That is, Fortunate/Lucky even for the ones they scratch or Luck Out @ Home…)
    NOT (YET) Improving Fast Enough
    NOW Also showing signs of slippage versus the competition
    Even the “Advantages” NOT Reliable or Enough to ‘Make the Difference’
    Size, Height, Rebounding NOT Appearing to be Enough to Keep the team Ahead
    Deficiencies NOT Yet improving Fast Enough to Equalize or Neutralize

    THREE More Opportunities for a Decent Road Swing!
    Things National Radio Sports Smart Guy, Colin Cowher said on National Radio Today that i think Most of Us can agree with: RE: ROAD GAMES

    For College Basketball
    When evaluating Teams:
    LOOK for Good Home & Neutral Court WINS
    NO College Teams are Good Enough to WIN
    or Consistently Play Well on The Road
    College Athletes are TOO Easily distracted/upset with Travel, Raucus Home Crowds and Poor Refs
    College REFS Are REALLY BAD
    Too many Games, Too Few Decent Refs
    JUST Throw Away College Road Games
    Don’t Bother Evaluating how good a Team is Based on their Road Play…

    ACTUALLY, For Me, The Team matters More…
    BUT I’m More Pissed with HOW BAD The Big West REFS Are…
    They’re NOT “College “Kids”
    The ARE PROS, Getting PAID
    At Least TRY To Do A Decent Job…

  16. Out shot, out rebounded almost two to one, got killed on the 3 for 21 points right there. Out hustled. Was there any defense? Vander a non factor, 3 early fouls. Throw away the film on this game. Our worst game of the year. Not a good sign.

  17. This team is in reverse osmosis, unacceptable performance. What the heck is going on ? Out rebounded , (shameful) , turnovers , poor shooting . Just not looking like a team that is supposed to slowly improve as the season progresses, very troubling . I am very concerned.

  18. We have a good coach. Coach Beeman’s Wahine beat Cal Poly so turnabout is fair play. They are now 5-2 in conference and in second place. Their defense is good and ball movement. Beeman is a good recruiter too. Things are looking up. For the men, I put the onus on the coaches. Their methods are not working.

  19. Agree with eagle, jjay, Derek,GMan, UH, even with injuries to Hauns and Jawato, should have been more competitive. A key game,, is this Sat against Santa Barbara, if UH loses that game, Man, it looks like team will be playing just to barely make the 8 team BWC tourney.

    Dayton will post another update on this Cal Poly game, then we might here from Tribe V, or Kimo K. if they were at the game.

    Gib , it might be the athletes, sad to say, the BWC teams, all the other 9 are playing better than UH now. The are quicker, shoot better, and worse of all are competitive on the glass and tonite, just kille UH on the boards.

    Only 10 more regular season games, hope they can get 6 more wins, going to be hard.
    Team, seems like they are step slow, not in sync, not BWC caliber.

    Well, let’s see what happens against UC Santa Barbara, if UH gets the win, then split 1-1, would salvage this road trip. I tell you for a lot of UH MBB fans, it was so painful to watch online fee, we just turned away, and went out, ..Man hope the guys can get it together, am sure they are trying.

  20. u gotta think if gib can’t even get 16 wins this season……HE HAS TO GO!!!!!…….most of us believed at LEAST 18 wins

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