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Warriors achieve academic success


The Hawai’i basketball team is not only making progress on the court this season, it is also doing so in the classroom.

The grades from last semester have been recorded, and the Warriors now have a cumulative team grade point average of 2.92, which is the highest it has been in more than a dozen years (academic records do not go past the year 2000).

Here is the official release from the UH Media Relations office:

HONOLULU –The University of Hawai’i men’s basketball has created a buzz with its best league start in more than a decade. But the highlights aren’t limited to the court as the team has also achieved major milestones in the classroom.

The team’s current cumulative GPA of 2.92 is the highest cumulative GPA on record going back more than a dozen years. That number includes a strong fall 2012 semester in which the team finished with a 2.89 grade point average, the second highest semester GPA on record. The only higher semester GPA came in spring 2002, when the team finished with a 3.06.

“I am so proud of our guys for taking care of business in the classroom,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “To have the highest cumulative GPA on record is outstanding and it shows the dedication of these young men who carry so many responsibilities during the season both on and off the court. I am grateful for all the hard work of our entire academic support staff, particularly Kari Ambrozich, Jim Gillespie and Jenny Matsuda, for their guidance in helping all members of our team become true student-athletes.”

The upward trend in the classroom was also noted in the latest Academic Performance Rate (APR) released last summer. The NCAA cited UH men’s basketball with a Public Recognition Award for posting multiyear scores in the top 10 percent in all of college basketball.


  1. WINNING Where It Matters!


  2. Good job guys. Keep up the focus and hard work on the hardwood and in the classrooms!

  3. Great job in the classroom boys!!!

    Here’s my advise, it’s about 10 years old, but it still may be of use if the professors are still teaching.

    If anyone on the BB team is majoring in business/finance… avoid prof. Tanaka, if he’s still teaching there. He’s tough. I learned a lot from him and he’s a good teacher, but he’s not forgiving at all with missing classes due to road trips.

    Make sure to take Samoan as your foreign language. For the 2 years of foreign language, Samoan will give you 16 credits of A’s (4 credits per semester; 2 years). My dumbass took Japanese and struggled to get Bs and Cs, as the professor was very tough on athletes.

    For the freshmen… Anthro 151. It used to be the easiest A ever (approx 10 years ago). I think I attended 4 classes all semester, showed up for the mid-term and final and got my A. Just be sure to attend the test review before the exam dates.

    The basic Biology class (can’t remember the #) can be handled by groups. Just have one person on your team/group attend each class and exchange notes&PP slides at the end of the week. Also, make sure to attend exam review classes as the professors give out the test questions and/or answers.

    I’m sure the student-athlete culture hasn’t change much in lower campus and all the athletes are still share who are the easy professors.

  4. To add to my last comment….

    If your major’s prerequisites allow, try wait to take Anthro 151 or Psych 101 until your Jr/Sr years. Those easy A’s will help pad your GPA when you start getting into the tougher, 300-400 level classes.

  5. Hey TEAM,

    Just been elated for some of your athletic achievements..
    Now, this Public Recognition Award for outstanding academic successes..

    This New Year really gotten into an amazing start (I’m thrilled!).
    All along, we knew that you’re a bunch of smart, intelligent kids. Capable of over-achieving in all areas with excellency.

    University of Hawaii, State of Hawaii, your admiring fans.. are proud of you!


  6. To go to Manoa, UH, as regular student hard enough. The Men Basketball team,taking care of community, school, academics and just being good guys. Congratulations. And Gib and staff, yeah, the Right Stuff student athletes. Make a Difference. To see guys get degrees in 4 or 5 years very good. GPA and recognition better yet. Good job.

  7. And Seven of the Student Athletes, English is a Second Language. Good job Gib and team and student advisors, counselors.

  8. Sorry, not Seven, Manroop and Isaac and MIchael Harper speak English first, though Manroop knows Hindi. So Vander, Davis, Ozren, and Christian, English second language. They all speak the language of aloha. Good job guys.

  9. Well done team. I am big in acadermic achievements (Isaac knows that) and so really please to see the guys taking care of business in the class room. Awesome!!

    Now do the business on court once again…

    Go The Warriors..

  10. Awesome! Warriors , now go out and stomp the Anteaters tomorrow night in Irvine! And take care of your academics on the road, missing several days of class so hit the books brothers. !

  11. Congrats, guys. And don’t feel obligated to take some of the advice provided earlier. You’re in school to learn and achieve, not necessarily to pull high GPAs. I’m sure you know that already, given the number of parents on this blog. Keep up the good work.

  12. Kudos to Coach Gib, his coaching and academic support staff and to the players.
    Go Warriors!

  13. Congrats to the TEAM for once again achieving another accomplishment as a TEAM!!!

    Many young kids, my son included, look up to all of you as role models and this achievement proves why they look up to you on and off the court! Proud of all of you!

  14. Winners in the Classroom AND on the Court!…Great Job an Good Luck Road Warriors!..

  15. Aloha Valerie Schmidt,

    “Mahalo” once more to your Ohana for making it possible for us to enjoy what WI provides; Matter of factly, each time we do post, an invisible ones always attached.

    The “Warrior’s #1 Fan” (as bestowed by King of the Beach, Christian to Hunter), who’s captivating smile, embedded with his fondness for the game, proved that the title is certainly appropriate!

    I can’t imagine Hunter will turned-down Coach Arnold’s recruitment to become a Warrior himself! How old is he now? How long before we may get to enjoy his unforgettable performance as well (can’t hardly wait!)?

    BTW, has he seen the 12-yr-old Jordan McCabe’s Youtube video yet? Hunter might find it to be interesting. Inspiring as well!?

    May your family businesses proper liked what the Warriors enjoying!

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