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UC Davis shoots down Warriors, 93-82


Corey Hawkins scored a career-high 40 points — including 8 of 9 shooting from 3-point range — and UC Davis drained a stunning 16 of 26 attempts from beyond the arc tonight as the visiting Aggies shot down Hawai’i, 93-82, in Big West Conference men’s basketball action.

A crowd of about 5,500 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors fall to 10-8 overall, 4-3 in the Big West. UC Davis improved to 7-10, 3-3.

The Aggies put on a fantastic 3-point shooting exhibition in the first half, draining 14 of 21 shots (67 percent) from beyond the arc, led by Hawkins (7 for 8, 21 points).

UC Davis hit 7 of its first 10 from 3-point land, with Tyler Les’ three-ball giving the Aggies a 28-14 lead with 10:48 remaining in the half. UH was then able to convert a series of UC Davis turnovers into points and eventually cut it to 30-28 after Brandon Jawato’s 3-pointer from the right wing capped a 12-0 run with 7:11 left.

But Hawkins answered with his own 3 some 25 seconds later, and he hit five more treys over the final five minutes of the half to help give the Aggies a commanding 54-37 lead at intermission.

UC Davis maintained much of that lead throughout the second half, although the Warriors were able to close it to 81-74 after Christian Standhardinger’s layup with 1:55 remaining. But Hawkins sank 10 straight free throws down the stretch to finish a perfect 12-of-12 from the line for the night.

Standhardinger led Hawai’i with 20 points and to go with eight rebounds, Vander Joaquim added 16 points and 11 boards, and Isaac Fotu and Brandon Spearman each finished with 10 points.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Where was the perimeter defense

  2. That was utterly embarassing to let a mediocre team like davis score 100 on you! Off the gib train he needs to go!

  3. Well that guy Hawkins, good shooter. Should have came out of zone. Box and one defense. Also, the beginning, as much as we love Ozren, Ozi is a 2 or SF, good shooter. Someone else has to handle ball to start offense. The 11 guys that did play, played their hearts out. That pressure created turnovers, UH couldn’t convert on those. Otherwise they might have tied or took lead. Hawkins one of the best FT shooters in the nation.

    Only good thing, Big West is still wide open. Gib has to still find the starting five, aside from Vander , Christian, and Fotu.

    Really big disappointing watching at the SSC. Maybe the best thing for UH fans, the Team will not be back at SSC for about 3 weeks. Maybe UH will get some good wins on the road.

    Guys, loved the effort though, kept on hustling to the end. Manroop, maybe more playing time, if strong and not timid with the ball. At least, now ALL 12 guys have had time in PT.

  4. The good news…..less turnovers and the UH student section was awesome! Jamie did a great job coordinating the student section on the “roller coaster” cheer. Although only two missed free throws during their roller coaster cheer, the unity of the students can’t be ignored! Thanks Manoa Maniacs!

  5. I wanna see more inside ball, all I see is passing around the perimeter, no penetration or anything. Pg play looks weak, let’s go guys practice hard and play better next time.

  6. Valerie Schmidt: Agreed , watching game at SCC, the Manoa Maniacs and student support in general is really good this year. And they are enjoying it.

    Only FIVE more home games, so come out. Hopefully no other guy will score 40 points, incredible shooting exhibition, from 3 and FT line.

    UH had to D up more and shadow Hawkins, perhaps, box and one. Maybe up in Cali at UC Davis

  7. UHfanatic….obviously a UH fan, but you also obviously don’t know much about basketball…were you at the game??? We saw a team shoot lights out from the 3 point line 61.5% and then a player (Hawkins, with pedigree) come close to the Stan Sheriff record for points in a game. If you are really a UHfanatic, you have to chalk this one up to a “game of your life” shooting performance and move onto the next game. Thanks for being a fair weather fan. You probably are also asking for Coach Chow’s head based on the football season. We will bounce back and win some games on the road. Take a look at the positive from this game, which was only 13 Turnovers. If we can play more games like this, we will do well come Big West Tournament time, which at the end of the day is the only way any team from the Big West will get to the NCAA Tournament, but wait, you are probably also one of those guys that are happy getting into the collegeinsider.com tournament…….

  8. Manoa Baller: You know, this Big West Conference is really competitive, parity, and yes it is guard oriented. UH get some wins on the road this next few weeks, we can’t count them out. Yes, Hawkins, was hot like Jawato was, a week or so ago.

    UH, has to learn, stay together , and be playing well going to tourney. Hawaii at 4-3, is still only 2 games out of first!and Riverside is playing well, Northridge not, at this time, UH still has a lot of ball to play.

    Yes, good, the turnover situation , 13, and FT shooting, and scoring in paint, would have won most games, UC Davis was hot, and quick with that point guard. Gib and team will adjust next time, see Hawkins and Davis.

    Still, guys, UH team stay together, get wins, and you got a shot to NCAA tourney, don’t give up guys. All in. The 1 through the 12, All you guys stay together and play on O and D as one, you guys will be alright, don’t ever give up!!

  9. When a team scores 82 points you would think that you have a chance to win. Tonight, the better team won. Credit UC Davis. Mr. Hawkins was in a zone, the best performance that I have seen this year. Like I said, it’s not the turnovers that determines the game. It’s all about making shots and making stops. Davis made shots that looked easy, 3 pointer after 3 pointer. Or our defense was horrible, probably both. Davis shot the better FG percentage and they killed us from down town. We shot the ball well from the charity line, but it was not enough. Simply, we were outplayed and the 17 point halftime deficit was too much to overcome.

  10. Tired of bad coaching its my opinion you dont like it kiss my you know what.

  11. Gib being heralded as a good recruiter , but boy he sure can’t get good guards or a decent point guard.

  12. AAAAArgh!
    Like a few others… i think you gotta “Track” the Hot Player ʻeverywhereʻ — DENY Him The Ball —
    Put Gee and Spearman on him ʻtil he gives up…

    FIRST HALF — The WHOLE Team was shooting lights out —
    NOT Much anyone can do there….
    ONE of The Truths ʻbout basketball — eventually youʻre gonna run across a Hot Team on a Hot Night …
    NICE First Half Comeback … GOOD Second Half Scramble — MAYBE ʻCouldʻ play better Defense ?
    Give Up 90+ Points in Regulation? Donʻt Plan on Winning Many of those Nights…

    KEEP/Resume Playing “League-Leading” Defense, Execute O, KEEP Improving on Turnover Margin — Also WON the Points Off of Turnovers Two Straight Games — KEEP IMPROVING:

    Win Four = 4.0
    Win Three = 3.0 B+
    Win TWO – 2.0 C, Probably Keep UH In Upper Half of BW
    WIN Only One or None — Plan on a BW Tourney “Comeback”

    GIB Sounded Really Depressed on Post-Game Show — TOUGH Job…

    One of These Days … UH WILL Have a Whole Team Lights Out Shooting Night (like UCD Tonight) — i Hope itʻs against One of the Top Conference Teams — Might Win one Back, especially IF it happens on the road …
    THEN it should start happening more often … i can foresee (expect) that eventually UH will become a good (better) shooting team;

    pressure defense should continue to improve like last two games (DEPTH Allows everyone to play ʻAll Outʻ); free throw shooting continuing to improve,,, Much like Na Wahine, Hard Work AND INSISTENCE On Reducing Turnovers will kick in and improve (RE: Young Team started with Many First-Year players)…

    BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT for This Season …

    1) START Winning on the Road OR/AND
    2) Have to WIN THREE in Tourney

    ASIDE: HOW BAD ARE The Refs in This League?
    In the Televised Cal-Poly UC Santa Barbara Double-OT game BOTH Coaches were Screaming at the refs Simultaneously…
    (Got to Win Anyway…)

  13. Don’t know if Vander 100%, the explosive jump, and guarding the rim, not like last two years. Helps a lot if he can block 3 or 4 shots a game and alter a few more.

    I know this is a stretch: Watching the team scratch and really try best to come back as a team, since starters were getting tired,

    Starting lineup: Davis, Chrisitan, Jefferson, Spearman, Jawato. A pure hustle team, pedal to the metal defensive team. Then have Vander, Hauns if injury healed, and Fotu ,Jace, Roop come off the bench, at least would have firepower coming off the bench. however, if the pressure defense can create quick offense, runouts and spot up 3 balls.

    That group would be defense first. Just to shake things up. However, Gib has been fair this year, the guys work so hard, and are still united as freinds and as a team, they support each other, they just want to win. I hope they win at least 2 or the next 4. Who knows, they get away from Hawaii, and different enviroment, maybe, and this has happened to past UH teams, they start to get on a roll. Big West, any team, has a shot, UH instead of going Big, maybe go Small, with that Spearman, Jefferson, Jawato, Christian, Davis lineup. Then Jace, Hauns, Vander, Fotu and Roop , and Ozi as a 1 through 4, very versatile, just has to get more experience.

    Just a thought. Hey Gib, go into practice, and see if you can go small, might be worth a shot, 3 guards and 2 bigs who are active on Defense.

    Hope UH BB stays together, I am sure they will. You guys still have a shot at winning BWC tourney. And Ozren, killer deep 3 ball, when team was trying to catch up, that is your strength , you are good shooter!

  14. AT THIS Point in his short D-1 Head Coach Career, Eight Games over .500, GIB IS A Winner —
    They were Actually IN every game this year (so far) even against tonightʻs Hot- Shooting Team…

    At this point heʻs ahead of… ʻModernʻ History UH Coaches…
    Al Saake
    Ah Chew Goo
    Red Rocha
    NOT Bruce OʻNeil (Many including NCAA Considered UH Was Cheating)
    Rick Pitino
    Larry Little
    Frank Arnold
    Riley Wallace
    Bob Nash

    NO ONE is Claiming heʻs already a Great Game Coach —
    although i like some of his “Innovations”, even the overly football type late-game substitution patterns …

    THEREʻs VERY GOOD (Best Ever?) Team Depth
    Probably Among the Best Overall Talent
    Deficiencies, YES (pg, ALL Agree BUT MANY Teams Had such deficiencies, usually at Multiple positions)
    BUT (even Despite a Deficiency or Three — pg, athleticism, etc.)
    On Balance Got to Be Considered “Good” Recruiter
    Frustrating Night, Many Such, but Not unusual for “Young Teams”

    UH HAS LOW Near-Zero Budget
    PAYS Mediocre (Versus Big-Time Programs)
    IS PLANTED In the Middle of the Pacific
    With Almost-Zero Neighborhood D-1 Talent

    WHAT DO YOU Expect?

  15. eagle agree with you:

    Gib is doing all he can as a coach, trying everything. He does not have All Americans on team, however they give great effort, and could have won at least 3 or 4 more games this year. Yes, he is above .500, he hasn’t had a losing season yet. His team, with the unfortunate injuries to Vander and now Hauns, has been healthy , and everyone from Vander to Harper have had a chance to play. Michael was in there when it counted for 3 ball catch up time.

    Gib on post game radio show, reminded me of when Riley would lose a game, he and especially team, wanted to win, got into a hole, ran into a buzzsaw offensive output by opposing team. Every major NCAA DI coach has had that experience, ask Terry Holland of Virginia when they played Chaminade 30 years ago.

    Gib is a product of local HS basketball, a Gatorade player of the year, so , great local Hawaii connection, he wants nothing better than to produce a winning, fun BB product for fans , UH and Hawaii. Too bad on PG situation. Some how, as you mentioned eagle, Gib is being so innovative, trying everything , Zone, traps, Zone Point with Davis, 4 guards, one Big, a 6’8″ SF at PG, to WIN. , for that, he is giving his all as a coach. This year’s team, there is not quit in them, even when trailing by 11 with 11 seconds to go, they still were trying to get steal. Credit to the kids.

    This fire Gib train, majority of in the know BB fans, since we kind of live through the success of UH sports teams, we feel their pain too, however this group is resilient, they will be back. They get that first road game win, on road, next week, who knows, they might start another 3 game win streak.

    And to those that say fire Gib, not good recruiter, etc, buyout, who would UH and Ben Jay hire ? Gib is a good fit for UH. This year will be a good finish, hope they get shot at NIT or NCAA with a big final kick down to the end. And look forward to next year. But, hey, eagle, there are still 12 and possibly 15 more games before post season March madness, still a lot to play for.

    Sad part, only 5 more home games at SSC . so fellow fans come out, maybe next time, Jawato,,Fotu, Ozi, or Roop, or Vander, Spearman goes off for 35 pts, or two UH guys go off for 30 and 30. would be awesome. And to Coach Gib, you are doing a good job. The UH coaching job, is one of the toughest ones in NCAA DI, and Coach Arnold is doing a fine job, the parents and kids and families like him. That is what matters, plus the kids are doing well in school , which is the most important thing.

    Gib is on right track. UH will have to steal some wins on the road, and they can, they should have had the wins at Irvine and LBSU, now, they go out and win games in Cali, a good respite from Hawaii, go away , and just play hoops! Have fun, and have success guys!!

  16. Win, credit goes to the players.
    Loss, discredit directs toward the coach.
    Game glory, always belong to the better team (no tie allowed).
    1st 1/2 Les won by 17 (54-37); 2nd 1/2 Arnold won by 6 (45-39).
    Oregon beat UCLA @ LA [Oregon’s coach makes $3,400,000 a yr., about $100,000 a game!].
    Oh, yes today is the day for QBking!
    As for us dreammers, “Like to see UC Davis play Illinoi now!”.

  17. As I said – they will split these 2 games at home and now maybe split on road these next four games! True colors are starting to come to light and please stop taking NCAA – UH will NOT go to tourney unless they win BW tourney. Better start wishing for CI.com tournament. Mahalo.

  18. Hauns???

  19. Dear hulahoney,
    Hauns is out due to injury. Hopefully he can recover for the road games.

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