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UPDATED: Warriors race past Silverswords on Moloka’i

In a game that was both memorable and forgettable, the Hawai’i basketball team defeated Chaminade, 104-93, on the island of Moloka’i on Saturday night.

A Friendly Island crowd of around 1,500 gathered at “The Barn” on the Moloka’i High School campus to watch a game that featured some not-so-friendly moments.

It was the most points scored by the Warriors since 1994, but they also allowed the Silverswords to cut a 20-point deficit down to five in the second half, and they received four technical fouls.

“It was up-tempo, it was exciting, you’re exchanging blows, and guys were playing with lots of intensity,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said.

The game was played at a fast and furious pace from start to finish, and six Hawai’i players scored in double figures. Junior forward Christian Standhardinger led the way with 20 points and 12 rebounds.

Isaac Fotu added 18 points on 8-of-9 shooting, and grabbed seven rebounds; Brandon Spearman had 18 points and went 4 of 7 from 3-point range; Hauns Brereton contributed 12 points and seven rebounds; Vander Joaquim had 11 points and five rebounds; Brandon Jawato scored 10 points on 4-of-6 shooting.

“We knew it was going to be tough coming in,” Fotu said. “We knew that they shot a lot of 3s.”

Chaminade stayed in the game by hitting 16 3-pointers – the most ever by a Hawai’i opponent.

The fast-paced game featured several verbal and physical altercations between the teams, and three Warriors were issued technical fouls. Senior captain Jace Tavita received two technicals, and was ejected with 3;39 remaining in the game after he left the bench during one of the skirmishes. No punches were thrown by either team, and Chaminade received one technical foul.

“I think you have to play this game with passion; you have to play this game with emotion or it’s not worth playing,” Arnold said. “It has a limit, though, and you don’t cross that. Jace Tavita made a couple of mistakes and as my leader and as my captain, that’s unacceptable.”

In any case, the Warriors snapped a two-game losing streak and improved to 5-3. Chaminade lost its fifth consecutive game to fall to 3-6. Although the Silverswords are a NCAA Division II program, the final result and statistics count for both teams.

Hawai’i opened the game by hitting 11 of its first 13 shot attempts to take a 25-13 lead. The Warriors eventually took a 63-49 lead at intermission while shooting 64.1 percent from the field in the first half.

The 63 points in the first half alone surpassed the Warriors’ total score of 56 for a game just a week earlier in a seven-point home loss to Pepperdine.

Hawai’i stayed in front throughout the second half, although the Silverswords made it interesting when they cut the Warriors’ lead down to five at 84-79 with under 6:09 remaining in the second half. But the Warriors responded with an 11-2 run to push the lead back up to 95-81.

The final basket of that surge came on a breakaway dunk by Joaquim over Chaminade’s De’Andre Haskins with 3:41 remaining. After completing the basket and drawing the foul, Joaquim and Haskins got into a verbal altercation, and Tavita left the Hawai’i bench to get involved. Joaquim and Tavita were both assessed technical fouls, and Tavita was ejected.

Arnold said he wanted to take two days to review the situation before deciding on any repercussions for Tavita and Joaquim.

Chaminade cut it to seven in the final minute at 100-93, but Spearman went 4 for 4 from the free throw line in the last 30 seconds for the final margin.

The Silverwords finished with 16 3-pointers, which was one more than the previous record set by Colorado State in 1997. Haskins and Bennie Murray scored 21 points each to lead Chaminade.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Charles Simmons)


  1. Well…first of all congratulations to Warriors for win..what a shoot out..Jace and Vander captains have to keep cool, can cost games.

    Otherwise, too bad not televised..look forward to, if any hilites…very exciting!!

  2. Thanks Dayton for the heads up, so exciting to listen to, see that upcoming video of game..Mahalo!!

  3. Congratulations boys and thanks to Dayton and sponsors for keeping us up-to-date

  4. O.K. –WIN in the Books
    (Letʻs Transfer

  5. (Letʻs Transfer the Soft Molokaʻi Rims to Stan Sheriff Center)…

    Starters Re-Activating (NOT Yet Consistent, Hauns 0 for Second Half, etc.)
    Jawato Activated
    Roop and Ozi working their way into the flow of the game…

    HOW MUCH can This Team Improve in the Next Week Focused Primarily on Basketball (No Classes) ?


    Watch DHC Team Rankings come Monday …
    Arizona into Top 10 (with Illinois?), San Diego State and maybe Miami in Top 25 (with UNLV?)?…

  6. You Know Eagle, the DH Classic is going to be probably the premier Holiday MBB tournament in the nation, very, very good field..nice to know, and hopefully, during winter break, guys have time to just play hoops, they usually play to the level of competition, that Miami team has athletes and a HUGE guy in the middle. as you alluded to, this

    Molokai game, very testy, that offense, unheard of 104 pts..and 93 pts combined 197pts!! those BARN rims! import them to SSC.. I think and hope UH will have good account, have to get at least 2 wins, if not get really hot and maybe, just maybe take that classic crown, would be huge launch pad into BWC games 1,2 and 3 at home at SSC arena to start season DEC 29 2012..

    Now, UH Hoops is exciting again! Hey Aussie Mum, Michael, in practice on scout is helping team tremendously, he is a good ole mate! He will have his PT too, he is willing to do whatever it takes to help team win, very good son you have..give a shout at the SSC , the camera will be on you , make a sign, I AM AUSSIE MUM!! ESPN supporter and warrior fan No. 1…very good promo for UH hoops and Michael and warriors..anyways, have fun, at the SSC , one of the best college venues in the Pacific Rim!!

  7. Sounded like an exciting game to watch. Lots of balls going thru the hoops. A good win for the Warriors.

  8. The team did a great job in the paint and on drives to the basket in the video. I liked the team’s energy last night, but hopefully, they’ll play more under control as far as technical fouls and negative emotions. It’s also great to see guys like Jawato, Ozi, and Roop have some success under the lights.

    As for the DHC, it will surely be a superb field. Besides the teams previously mentioned, Ole Miss is 7-1; San Francisco is 5-3 (with a blowout win over St. John’s); and Indiana St. is 5-3. There will be only one team, Tennessee St., with a losing record in the field.

  9. Dayton thanks for the video snaps, hahahaha, the exciting confrontations between player too. I guess main thing it didn’t get real ugly physical being that you’ve kept it in your clip.

    My take is that Joaquim has to control his temper, that didn’t look like a flagrant foul by Haskins trying to reject a dunk and Tavita had no reason to come off the bench like that getting into Chaminade’s faces

    Sure there’s a lot of emotions but hasn’t Joaquim learned not to cross the line yet. He had that temper last year and a couple of games this year.

  10. Exciting game! Great to see the freshmen (Fotu, Jawato, Ozzie, & Roop) do well. Vander & Jace really need to control their emotions better – especially as co-captains of the team. Could be really costly in BW Conference games. Mahalo Dayton for the excellent video – as usual!

  11. Vander and Tavita, you are seniors. Where’s the leadership, the composure, the calming effect? Gotta keep cool. Arnold I’m sure is disappointed and there will be consequences. Vander has had some issues last year too in at least one game. And Tavita, maybe he’s frustrated. Men, let your play do the talking.

    And giving up 16 3-pointers? That’s not acceptable either. But, when the team shoots 60% that pretty impressive. Any win is a good win, minus the drama.

  12. I would hope Coach disciplines Joaquim/Tavita, it should be taught no one on the team is greater than anyone else on the squad.

    If you were to ask me, that’s how last year’s team lost confidence in The Gibper. You let one player get away with things and it grows like cancer on the team.

  13. you don’t need players testing the limits to see how far one can get away with things. As a Coach you set your rules fairly for everyone, no pets allowed. You’ll start the wheels of dissension and think Joaquim had his share of strikes with his attitude. Bench the player no matter how important he is to the team, no matter how much you want/need the win.

  14. Dayton, what happened to the video highlights? They were posted and now they’re gone.

  15. Pocho: That’s why they aren’t asking you.

    Relax. It happens. There is a lot of history between some of those guys.

    The game was chippy. Todd Apo was one of the refs. Gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with in terms of the refs ability to get the game under control early. Not suprising that things eventually spiraled out of control.

    Hell they even gave Fotu a technical, and that dude is as serene a teenager as they come.

    Got the win; now time to move on.

  16. mid-range game,

    It doesn’t matter who the player has a problem with or not. Just play game! Vander and his tantrums could be detrimental for the team.

    I know they never ask me? hahahahaha
    I bet you teach your kid(s) how to jaywalk. hahahahaha, no rules, free-for-all, heh? Who asked you? hahahaha

    think about it, there were rumors Vander may have not come back for this last year complaining about a certain team mate. The player is gone and so are the other 2 who sulked and sat on the bench. Treat the players fairly and maybe coach gets more respect. As it is right now, Vander ain’t comprehending the rules, he thinks its the WWF and gets away with it with Coach. Enough of this attitude shenanigans and not even a slap on the wrist come next game around this ain’t the NBA. All a player could ask for is level playing field for all.

  17. Even Jace fed fuel to the fire, probably learned it from Vander getting away throwing attitudes on the floor.

    Yes, we heard Coach Gib telling Tavita he’ll sit on it for a couple days to watch the film and decide any consequences. NADA on Vander! Coach is UNreal in this respect.

  18. Between Jace and Chaminade players something deeper going on? I don’t know..we don’t know all the facts..If BWC game, man, big , big trouble.., and Vander losing cool…Fotu, just got caught swinging elbow, don’t think flagrant, ..

    Pocho: Have a point, Jace and Vander, old time discipline, righting the ship, who is the captain, I hope Gib would sit those guys down for a couple of games..there are another 10 guys who really want to play, and have emotions in check..that thing, going after other players, even if legitimate gripe…uncalled for…with limited security and a lot of kids their with ohana on the Friendly Island, could have gotten really ugly…Hope not, though, Dyrbe, Aaron and Caleb are available if needed..

    If Vander is going to play any Pro ball next year..scouts, of Euro and other leauges, and their GM’s(they do Psychological testing too) take note..why is Joston not playing in D league, not even a tryout with NBA teams..I think ATTITUDE…Riley would not put up with this stuff, and I am sure Gib doesn’t want to too..UH MBB, team has to be one of the nicest , mellowest yet highly competitive teams in the nation..they are not physical thugs..

    Gib, as another poster stated: draw the line in the sand,..either UH MBB Warrior way, Respect all, and Fear no one, yet don’t get involved in stupid brawls..If I were, Gib, sit down Jace, or like Gib did to others in past two years, he goes to end of the bench for a long time..Vander, too..have him come in as 7th or 8th man..they are learning life lessons..to credit of Gib and coaching staff, Benjy, Brandyn and Coach Fish, they are not condoning, that type of play, which will cost them games, and reputation..

    Hey , Jace and Vander, and Hauns, settle guys down, and set good example..the team sure showed explosive Offensive game, yet you guys don’t want to be known as EXPLOSIVE EMOTIONALLY, and that starts with captains, Jace and Vander.

  19. Maybe Caleb , get ready…if need be…travels with team as practice player already.

  20. The two seniors need to just keep it cool ,show leadership and shut their mouths, Gib should have the both of them go to the football field and do barrel rolls for several lengths of the field and push ups , and suicides till they puke. This stupidy on their part almost cost us a game against a D2 school ! Kudos to Chaminade for showing some class. The Diamond Head Classic is coming up and the Warriors will need Vander to have his head in the game .

  21. …and Leave This Discipline WEAKNESS/Deficiency in Self-Control UN-Checked


    Savvy Teams WILL Exploit OUR Weaknesses…

    Fortunate that is isn’t on Video…

  22. Look, I am not one to enter the political arena here, but Eagle is right, the point of the matter is that ANY weakness will be exploited!!!!
    Even an attitude weakness will be exploited, just as a potential sore knee or poor defence or poor offence will be exploited by the opposition.
    It is important that the players use their talents as strengths and not be seen by the opposition as a weakness to be exploited. This is a very fine line to balance on for these young athletes – when does your strength ie playing hard and tough turn into a weakness (fouls etc ). It is a hallmark of a player’s and team’s maturity.
    The UHMBB team has many talents that will be harnessed and improved.


  23. And by the way Dayton – if technical difficulties have to occur – glad they are occurring now – with only 4 sleeps to go – I will be seeing all this great basketball “live” soon!!!!!!

    See you all soon (not sure how I will recognise you all – I am sure Uhfanzonly1 and pocho are not your real names!!!! lol)

  24. Aussie Mum well said!

    I was very buys this morning for several hours, so never got to see post of Dayton’ video highlights of game.
    Wonder, if Dayton took it down, Gib can look at video, or to be safe that no other teams, of USA or global fans see it. It was a great offensive show..wherever, and whomever the opponent. I am sure that Gib and staff will reach the right discipline for those involved in altercation and emotional carnage. Without question, the two seniors, are older guys, so should be the best example, I am sure they are hearing it from the coaches, however

    , Aussie Mum, it is a very fine line nowadays, how to deal with athletes..good thing Jace, and I suppose Vander apologized to team and coaches, supposedly they and Chaminade had a post game meal together, I don’t know, it would have been good, if Vander and Jace went to the Chaminade team and the players to publicly apologize as well as to the good fans of Molokai..somehow , I hope and feel they did, or Coach made them do it.

    This week, Saturday Dec 15 2012..good thing about this year’s team, whomever on the court, of the 12, will give theri best effort, from 1 to 12 or 1 to 10…

    Hope , they have a good week of practice, practice hard, yet don’t want to come close to blows in practice too. that too, could be lethal..Have to show Aloha, work, hard, smart and together..take agression out on the rims, with dunks and flushes, and rain of three pointers, not on opposing players. Keep your cool, that is maturity and a team with true heart..Remember Riley Wallace (former UH coach 300 game career winner)had several hot heads, that he had to sit down..sometimes, team played better without, until the guys came out of dog house.

    We love the UH hoops team, we want them to learn life lessons, be good students, players, and citizens..they have their whole lives to look forward to after, just A GAME of Basketball.

  25. Well a good thing, whatever is decided with team about composure, leadership, discipline, sanctions etc. in a day or two, team will gear up and prepare for a very, very good field of the Diamond Head
    Classic. Hopefully team will bring that high energy on O and D, with smart and controlled play. If they play like they

    did Saturday night, listening over radio, it almost sounded like an old ABA or NBA all star, or summer league game..Guys wanted to stop the 2 game slide, and they did, UH plays like that for the rest of season, high energy, going strong to basket, and confident on 3 ball, along with fierce rebounding and D, they will fare well for rest of season.. Saturday Dec 15 2012 cannot come too soon.

    And , kind of dropped the ball on this one Oceanic,that was the one game that should have been televised, however, maybe not..glad the guys are now 5-3..!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  26. I do not know of the rivalry between Jace and Haskins during the summer league. I do know, Jace and I felt the same in not getting the playing time in the summer league. Think Jace shunned the summer league some and practiced on his own, don’t think there’s any love loss between Jace and his summer league coach.

    that’s all I know. Something was askew as the Summer League was supposedly geared for UH players and Jace did not get most of the playing time. I would think so too as not many fans would go to the Manoa gym without UH players.

  27. One thing did not highlight, in Jace’s absence, Garrett Jefferson had a good game at PG.

    His line:

    20 minutes played. 0 turnovers. 2-4 from field . 2-3 from FT line. total 6 pts. 3 assists, 1 rebound.1 steal. 1 personal foul.

    That was a very good game for Garrett, he stepped up!

  28. Just got back from Moloka’i…Awesome hospitality and aloha from the locals. I understand this was the first time UH basketball team played a game in the Island so I felt humbled to be part of this history making event. The kids and I had a good look around the island and even get to enjoy the Moloka’i bread.
    Really enjoyed the game and the crowd were amazing. Really looking forward to the DHC.

  29. Tonganator,

    nice to hear you all had a great time on Molokai, experiencing the game, people and food there. Your son had a good game too so it made that trip even better I guess. Born and raised in Hawaii myself and never been to Molokai, how does it compare from where you’re from?

  30. Tonganator,

    Glad you and Emma and Jacob had a great time. Molokai is the friendly island. Very laid back, relaxing. Quite different, from Honolulu, the pace and lifestyle. Very happy that you witnessed Isaac have a good game. The Warriors went to battle and got the W. Enjoy the DH Classic, should be very high level, energy MBB!

    Mahalo, thankyou, to your wife, Isaac’s grandparents and local relatives here that made your trip possible and the wonderful surprise for your son Isaac…that moment, was one of the best of the year..to see Isaac’s reaction to your walking into the office!

    Hope, you say hello to Aussie Mum who will be here for DH Classic. You two will enjoy a very good experience, and get to see your son’s experience as Warrior Basketball players.

    Always enjoy your posts and comments!!

  31. Dayton , Mahalo for putting up the video again. Thanks so much to warriorinsider staff, and sponsors, no other coverage, I don’t think other TV outlets were there with video, or even UH site…so thank you very much for , still the best UH Warrior MBB coverage in the Pacific, and the entire planet!!

  32. With the video, you get a sense of some of the context.

    on the replay, you noticed a few minutes before Vander loses it, he hit in the face with both of Haskin’s arms – Haskins faceguarding on a blockout.

    Then, on the play leading to Vander’s dunk/foul/beef, you noticed that Vander got literally tackled from behind on the rebound prior. The dude was falling down and literally grabs Vander and pulls him down as well with him, to the ground.

    In the scramble to get up, and run down the court, Hawaii steals the ball, throws it to Vander for a run-out dunk, and he takes one more hard foul.

    He just probably had about enough of taking those hits. A culmination of taking some chicken-shi! cheap-shots and he probably had about enough of it.

    Still shouldn’t have gone after the guy, but the video gives you a bit more context of what type of a game it became. Very chippy.

  33. Pocho:
    I grew up in Tonga and the simple life style in Moloka’i reminds me of my childhood time. The laidback, relaxing and friendly environment really remind me of the Friendly Isles of Tonga (The name Captain Cook gave). Exactly what Uhfanzonly1 stated about Moloka’i.

    Just a Minor corrections; Isaac’s sister is ELLA (short for Gabriella) not Emma as mentioned, must be the Kiwi accent…lol

    I hope we can meet you guys face to face (together with Aussie Mum) at the SSC. Aussie mum I had a chat to Michael at Moloka’i, and rest of the boys.

  34. Tonganator:

    Apologies to Ella…Gabriella!!. You have very nice family! Great Dad and Mum for Isaac and his siblings. You being originally from the Friendly Islands, so you all are very friendly! Best I can do is post, and for past couple of decades watch games, PPV, or free TV, on online stream. Last time had season tickets to UH MBB, Frank Arnold, Gib’s dad was coach. Now, I take care of family member who is older than I, since we are both home bound.

    Our, bodies are older , not as strong, however our hearts are with the UH MBB Warriors, and have been for a long time..Thank you for sharing. Sorry, we(and perhaps many others on this site, because of health, jobs or other obligations) cannot meet in person, however, there will be a lot of fans who will love to see you, Ella, Jacob and Aussie Mum. I will be looking for you and your family waving a sign to ESPN cameras!! Games will be on the ESPN networks!!

    Tonganator, you are very gracious and a true Warrior fan. Mahalo , thank you and Aloha.
    On behalf of the dozens of fans that post comments at warriorinsider.. Thank you to the Fotus
    for letting Isaac be a part of a building quality NCAA MBB program, we are honored to watch
    Isaac play and develop for years to come!!

  35. mid-range game:

    Kudos to you, and so much thanks to video from Dayton, without it, unless we were there in Molokai, we wouldn’t have true sense of game. Sure was a pedal to the metal game, the type that fans love..

    What you observed with Vander, boy, you have keen sight..explains some things with Vander. However, you are correct, ever since Vander was first here, if he gets pushed or shoved, or non calls, he does get upset, he should turn away, or complain to coach, Gib will tell refs..Vander going after guys, or taunting..it can make things worse, I fully expect Gib to go to this phase of coaching, instilling, by discipline, the protocol, and behavior for Warrior BB

    players..play, hard , with passion, effort, intensity, yet don’t cross the line of losing it emotionally and wanting to engage another player. It will be best for Jace and Vander to experience some emotion management and correction from coach, and then apply it.. it will only help them as adults for real life after basketball, and future success in BWC and even DH classic..

    mid range thanks for your insight!!

  36. Kudos and props to Brandon Jawato, Roop Clair, Ozi, for coming off the bench and providing 4 timely 3 pointers in a very frenetic , high energy, unreal scoring game..very good, as Gib alluded to, the freshman are contributing to win, when called upon, those 4 brought some 3 ball offense, great help, and Brandon Jawato, did not know he was injured, that is why we didn’t see him in awhile…then, with the rotation more set, he got lost in the shuffle…had

    great practices, now he is the awesome RS, who worked extremely hard last year and this summer to be in great shape, with athleticism, going to rim and 3 ball arsenal..and good thing about Jawato, his game is not herky jerky, he is a smooth and controlled player..goes to his spots, works with the O sets, and gets up and down..Brandon J. welcome back! And to Isaac, Ozi, Roop, and Michael, be ready, this DH Classic will be awesome, and Gib will use

    you guys..so Max effort, controlled agression on O and D, and get a couple of wins, or better yet , a DH Classic Championship trophy on national TV..do the best you can..we appreciate the 8 quality freshman in the UH MBB program, really unheard of in the past 40 years of UH MBB!! Great job young guys!!

  37. maybe won’t be playing chaminade for couple years now…can’t have players getting suspended or injured playing d2 competition

  38. Christian Standhardinger was the top scorer and rebounder… Where was he?? How come I didn’t see him??

  39. Thanks Dayton. Another great job of editing video and comments, and blending both to create a polished product.

    UHbball808: Yes, Christian once again had another nice game. I just watched the video and saw him score three baskets … if that’s what you were referring to.

  40. Tonganator,

    Mahalo for the reply. It is my wish and I would think many others would like to have that lifestyle, easy, laidback, friendly and hopefully not many worries to dwell on as time goes on and you reach that time in life to let the younger generation pave their own way. It’s was great seeing you/family surprising Issac and getting to see your family. You are very well spoken IMO and it’s nice seeing your words with your faces in that video.

    Hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip here in Hawaii. Have a Great Day!

  41. hahahaha, the new reposted clip that has supposedly replaced the technical problem one seems to less than what the original was. Less the video shots of Vander getting in Haskins face and Coach shoving Tavita really hard back to the UH bench.

    Nice leak on the original, hahahahahaha

  42. Official Reports:

    Four Technical Fouls; Two on One Player = Automatic Ejection

    Coach Evaluating:
    IF Player Was Ejected (such as for throwing a punch —
    NOT This Case — Would Also be Suspended for Next Game)

    GJ, Manroop & Spearman (even Michael, but we’re Not Just Playin’ Up to Aussie Mum)
    Better be “Ready For 40+”


    Lost is Lost….

    Just Smart
    Technical Problems

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