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Warriors juggling studies and basketball this week

The Hawai’i basketball team will be playing a game on the Friendly Island this weekend, but the week leading up to it has been anything but friendly.

The Warriors will play neighbor school Chaminade on the island of Moloka’i on Saturday, but the combination of final examinations, term papers, a loss last weekend, and the preparation for this weekend’s game has made for a difficult week.

“Obviously the studies come first; these guys are here for an education,” head coach Gib Arnold said.

As such, the Warriors had one day off (Monday) this week, and some of the players are being allowed to show up late – or leave early – for practices if it conflicts with their schedule of final exams.

“We’re juggling right now,” senior Hauns Brereton said of the hectic week. “But that’s just part of being a college basketball player.”

It certainly didn’t help that the Warriors had their worst game of the season last weekend in a 63-56 home loss to Pepperdine. “It was a tough one for us,” Arnold said. “I didn’t think we played as well as we had been playing … took a little step back and occasionally that happens.”

Arnold said the Warriors spent Tuesday’s practice focusing on some of the mistakes from the Pepperdine game, and will spend the rest of the week preparing for Chaminade.

The Warriors are 4-3, and the Silverswords are 3-5. The Warriors are scheduled to depart Honolulu on Friday night; Chaminade plays a home game against Cedarville (Ohio) on Friday night, and will travel to Molokai on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, Dec. 15, 7:30 p.m. HT
Where: Moloka’i High School Gym/“The Barn” (2,000) – Ho’olehua, Moloka’i
Television: None.
Streaming Video: None.
Radio: ESPN 1420 AM will carry the game live. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com
Ticket Information: $8 (at the door); $5 (presale); $2 (students and sr. citizen). Call 567-6959 for more information.


  1. Hey guys, have to finish strong in school this semester, keep the GPA up, then you guys can relax brains, and concentrate for next 3 1/2 weeks on BBall, and chasing championships..the core fanbase here and globally, have faith in you guys..just have to get your legs, shooting touch, rebound and run, get out to good lead, and finish, the

    last game at 11 turnovers, that is what you want..in fact Jace with 3 pointers, that is an effective weapon. Hauns, just have to speed up your game, match the level of play..like you did towards end of last year..you will be okay. We need that 3 ball specialist, and rim attacker this year. will help whole team!

  2. Step by step. Finals and studies first. Then focus on Chaminade next.

  3. Do Great on Studies…

    Then Handle your Talented Next Door Neighbors (Chaminade) on The Friendly Isle…


    Just passing along a few of Coach Gib’s comments this morning on Bobby Curran’s radio show RE:

    1 – Brandon Spearman’s ‘lack of impact’ versus Pepperdine: “He’ll be fine, he’s a high intensity player you can trust; he’s such a good addition to this team; he’s been a little down for a couple weeks having suffered a loss in his family..”
    Brandon: Sorry for your loss; and that being so far away makes processing it all that much harder; take what solace you can from your good teammates, coaches, friends & support; look forward to your ‘return’…

    2. – For Ozi Mum (who already knows what a great son, basketball & chess? player she’s raised): Q: BC: Is Ozi as talented a player as i think? Some people aren’t ‘seeing’ that… Gib: If you see what we see everyday in practice, no doubt… potential versus production is a little scary word, but he will be, i’m sure, once he gets past the freshman jitters; this is all new to him; he’s used to playing in small roadside gyms with 20 to 40 friends & family; all of a sudden there’s a band and bright lights: we don’t want to rush him…no doubt he’ll get there and he can be as good as any player who’s ever played here…” [i’m assuming by here he means “U.H.”, not Kobe or Maravich, etc. but that would be great, too…]

    Can Hardly wait…

  4. Step it up this week Warriors, show the rest why the Warriors are the only D1 team in the state!

  5. Eagle: as always , appreciate your comments, and summary of Gib’s comments on BC show. Little too early in day, take care of mom..so really thank you for your concise reporting!!

    At beginning of year, some posts on this fourm, mentioned(including myself..)thought that Ozi(that euro maturity)and Spearman(what he did in Championship games in Chicago area HS playoffs, as well as being part of a top rated JC team in all the land)that those two, plus Isaac would be possible impact players.

    Thanks to Gib,..that is why so important, to listen to the source Gib…for accurate behind and up in close accounts of what is really happening with the team….sorry to hear about Brandon Spearman’s loss..loss of a close dear loved one, one of the hardest things to experience as a human being, however there is a wonderful support group here, team, coaches, fans, and friends via online media, wish Brandon the best, he is a warrior..

    Ozi, yes, Gib has confidence in him..quite different from those youtube videos playing in front of a few dozen, to now..in front of several thousands! Ozi, start to hit his 3 pt shots, get 1 then 2, then 3 and 4, score in double figures, handle ball, get a steal a block, contribute towards a DI win or BWC on the road win..Ozi will be there..he is young, though mature…he seems a lot older than 18 or 19..as with all of these special sixteen, they are good students, friends and talented athletes..

    Hope all 16 get good grades, do well, and keep fighting..still think team has not reached ceiling for this year..in a month or so, if they get on a roll of winning games, including a few on the road, with Oz and B contribuiting mightily along with the rest of BB Ohana,..we are looking hopefully for a good March run into Madness!!

  6. Aloha Spearman,
    our sincerest sympathy to the loss of your family member.
    under utmost emotional stress yet, you dedecatedly fought for your TEAM..
    examplified the finer quality of its members.
    we are proud of you!

  7. Mark Vancil wrote a book about Michael Jordan, it is worth the time to read. When playing either offense or defense recommend playing without a conscious. As Michael Jordan noted if you’ve done quality work and practice, you’ve earned the right to execute in a game; as you’ve already done it many times before in practice. As a consequence there are no regrets or fear. Practice makes permanent and perfect practice makes perfect = it’s the foundation to motivation and confidence. Something to reflect upon.

  8. Someone asked me the other day about the BB team’s poor showing the last game against Pepperdine, “was it the coaching?” I had to think about that for awhile. Can’t say I know for sure, but you would have to say that the team was not focused on the defensive end and was not shooting the ball well on offense. Did the coaching staff make the proper adjustments and pulled the right strings to get the best combination of players and match ups? Could Jawato and/or Harper have helped somewhat since they didn’t play? Could Valdes contribute in this game? Are the coaches working the players too hard in practice and not getting enough rest and their legs. Why do the players seem to be tight when running their sets and shooting, instead of looking relaxed and just shooting without hesitation when they get open looks? Are they enough positive strokes or more negative things to say in the time outs? Is Arnold making the right strategy decisions in key situations down the stretch? Just asking.

    You have to evaluate the players, but you also have to evaluate the coaches too. We are a team!
    Let’s get going on Saturday. Play easy and free. No excuses. Miami Hurricanes on the horizen.

  9. Derek:

    No , I am not Gib’s long lost uncle..however, if team took some hard losses in past two years..Gib did say, the team, AND he as a coach and staff came up short. The big difference with these kids, unless you watch MBB practices, which I am not able to, or it is closed to Public, only Media…can’t say Gib working them too hard. Conditioning, with all the summer and fall camp, regimen, the first 5 or 6 games, UH was really in great shape, able to run and defend..except of course Vander..

    It is only 7 games into season, look at the teams UH lost to, Illinois , I think they might be top ten in nation now, and UNLV top 20, both those teams, upon latest reports still winning, at home and on the road, so those two losses were to quality teams..Pepperdine, has good coach, and the type of athletes to run his stuff. They were extremely hot, hitting over 40% or their 3 pointers..if UH holds that figure into low 30%..UH wins..UH was a stop , here, a non call on a charge there, FT’s, Gib can’t shoot for them, neither 3 ball shooting, that is why the emphasis on shooting at practices..Gib, a huge difference, he put together, along with his staff, transfers, JC, freshman, scholarship and walk ons…key: kids are a HIGH CHARACTER group..

    I know the team reads these posts so, I try to stay positive, sure, will Question why Gib did not shake up roster, or use Jawato, or Harper, etc…however, UH, with Gib at the helm, was about 50 minutes of solid D and O against 3 good teams from being 7-0…Gib is not going to berate team..I have no knowledge of that..Jawato, could be ill, or Harper and Jawato, maybe are not Defensive stoppers..when the game is on the line, I don’t know?

    That is why your friends would ask you: How come ? is it Gib or the players, or a combination of the two,..since it is a MBB Ohana, and we are super fans of UH hoops, ..must my opinion, probably a little of both..neither Gib or totally players..I think with what Brandon S. was going through, Vander’s injury and conditioning..and not being able to shoot well from field and FT line, also, looking very tired,..i.e. NOT rebounding and running to get transistion baksets or good look , (which they had a lot of) spot up threes and mid range..credit to Pepperdine, that team plays good defense..and dictated tempo with good guards..so , a matter or PERSONNEL too, I think , just my observation, Gib has to do some tweaking in first 8 players..and shooting, with guys coming up on winter break, they can concentrate on hoops..you will probably see a difference…this week on Molokai, and the first game against Miami..

    I try, as well as Aussie Mum, Ozi Mum , Tonganator, and the whole USA and global UH Hoops fanbase, optimistic and positive..yes, we all do the 20-20 hindsight thing after a loss, however, UH MBB team active roster, from 1 through 12, just give it your best, effort, repetition and practice, and stay together, play hard and smart, You guys will win..

    Gib did a good job putting together a nice group of young student athletes, no melodrama that I can see..they hurt with the losses, and they are working their tails off in school and on the court..the results will be good, come March, if team just continues to progress..Gib too, the staff, the water boys and girls, the secretary etc the fans..

    Go Rainbow Warriors..you all have 23 more games before BWC tourney, so go chase after and win hopefully 16 out of those 23 and go into BWC tourney at no worse, overall record , than 20-10, which would be awesome..

    Go Gib and team, you all can do it.. and fans stay positive, good bunch of guys on team, a lot from very far from home..we appreciate them so much…and thank them for being part of the most unique and diverse group of NCAA DI basketball players in the Pacific!!

  10. What?…on Molokai for the first time and no broadcast?…last years Maui broadcast was awesome!…would be nice to see The Barn rockin!

  11. Come on Oceanic, This is a big game between the Giant Killers and UH. Lots of in state interest. Still time to put in on OC 16,

  12. Yes. Shout out to Oceanic, use OC12 or OC 16 for HD broadcast..it is historic, the very first regular in season NCAA MBB game in THE BARN!!

    Hey Kanoa, Dave Vinton, give it a chance!!

    would be awesome, we have been supporting Oceanic subscription for about 40 years!!

    UH vs Chaminade from Molokai, the whole State would watch!!

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