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UPDATED: Waves slow down Warriors, 63-56

There would be no “Revenge of the Nerds” on this Saturday night.

Pepperdine shot a blistering 42 percent (10 of 24) from 3-point range and limited Hawai’i to 33 percent shooting from the field as the Waves hung on for a 63-56 non-conference road victory.

A “Nerd Night” crowd of 5,931 at the Stan Sheriff Center — including dozens of Manoa Maniac students dressed in classic Urkel attire — watched the Warriors fall to 4-3. The Waves improved to 6-3.

UH had lost to Pepperdine, 73-67, in Malibu, Calif., last season and was looking forward to some payback at home this time, but the Waves executed their patient offensive game plan to a T and were aided by the Warriors’ poor shooting from the field and free throw line on the other end.

“Darn it, this was a tough game for us,” Hawai’i coach Gib Arnold said. “It’s unfortunate, because I thought we had a good week of practice and had a little pep in our step, but it didn’t show tonight.”

Christian Standhardinger led the Warriors with 14 points and 10 rebounds, Isaac Fotu added 12 points and nine boards and Vander Joaquim finished with 10 points and eight rebounds. Jordan Baker led Pepperdine with 15 points and seven rebounds, and Lorne Jackson and Caleb Willis each added 11 points and four rebounds.

The Waves finished the first half with an 8-0 run, bookended by 3-pointers from reserve forward Malte Kramer, in the final three minutes to take a 31-23 lead into the locker room. UH clawed back and tied it at 38-38 on Fotu’s free throw with 12:59 remaining, but Pepperdine answered with Baker’s 3-pointer 23 seconds later and maintained the lead the rest of the way.

The Waves built it to 55-46 after Moriba De Freitas sank the front end of a 1-and-1 with 3:41 remaining, though the Warriors cut it to 60-55 on Joaquim’s short turnaround jumper from the right baseline with 1:02 left. Hawai’i regained possession three times shortly thereafter, but could not convert.

On the second possession — after a steal by Hauns Brereton — Standhardinger’s layup got stuck between the rim and backboard.

“I never had that happen in my whole career,” said Standhardinger, a junior forward. “I tried my hardest, we were trying hard, but the ball just did not go in.”

The Warriors kept the ball via the possession arrow, but Joaquim missed a short jumper and Jackson then sank two free throws with 42 seconds remaining to make it 62-55 and added another foul shot 14 seconds later to push it to 63-55. UH could only manage a free throw by Joaquim with 7.7 ticks on the clock.

The Warriors’ struggles from the field started in the first half, when they made just 8 of 28 field goals (27 percent). Pepperdine, meanwhile, drained 7 of 14 shots from 3-point range — often after milking the 35-second shot clock down to the final ticks.

“We fell behind, and against a team like that which runs their sets and takes their time — not shooting until late in the clock — you can’t do that,” said Hawai’i point guard Jace Tavita, who finished with nine points and four assists. “They executed their game plan, and we just couldn’t get it going. We didn’t execute.”

Arnold said the Waves effectively established a comfortable pace early on and maintained it until the end.

“They wanted to keep the score in the 60s, and they got 63 and we got 56,” Arnold said. “Their guards were able to dictate the tempo, and that’s the game right there. Give Pepperdine credit, they played their style.”

Offensively, the Warriors could not find any kind of rhythm and had few fast break opportunities.

“Our offense is good when we run, but we weren’t able to run tonight,” Arnold said. “In a halfcourt set, our wings need to hit shots because teams are going to sag on our bigs. We need to be better balanced.”

The 56 points was Hawai’i’s lowest output of this season, and ended a streak of 32 consecutive games with at least 60 points.

UH also was plagued by poor free throw shooting, finishing a dismal 13 of 26 (50 percent) from the line.

In the end, the dressed-up nerds in the festive crowd were left scratching their heads.

“It’s fun seeing the students get behind our team, and we feel like we let them down,” Arnold said. “The guys are upset, but this is a team that is still in progress, it’s a team that still has a lot of growth left.”

After taking the next two days off to study for final exams, the Warriors will begin preparation for Saturday’s game against Chaminade on Moloka’i.

(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores)




  1. Yes, agree with Derek, don’t understand why Jawato and Harper don’t get PT.
    You never know they could be the spark this team needs.
    They also should be given a chance to get experience and build their confidence.
    It is a bit perplexing.

  2. marley: and others, in regard to Jawato and Harper PT, could it be in practice, not Defending or running O sets, don’t know( I don’t know)..One thing Gib and Benjy and Brandyn and Fisher know..If Jawato and Michael can contribute they will be in that first 8 to 9 player rotation..

    I like Ozi Mum’s assessment, the guys are playing like FEAR FACTOR, afraid to take shot, drive to rim and finish, my personal feeling observation for what it is worth, I think the guys are trying, they might be experiencing early burnout..intense summer program conditioning, then pre season fall practice/ conditioning, playing against what is turning out to be , 3 , and I include Pepperdine thus far, very good teams..two Illininois and UNLV top 25

    , 20 or better teams..Gib said, team would struggle on perimeter, i.e. guards, PG and SG and wings, strength Bigs, now Vander, you know he is trying , Van is not one hundred per cent, if he didn’t get hurt, he would be bringing maybe 17 , 18 pt avg, 11 , 12 reb, 2 blocks and a lot of intimidation, and running the floor, and flushing the ball at the rim, not shooting from outside, though he is one of the BETTER 3 ball shooters at this stage,..as

    EAGLE alluded to, this is a TEAM thing, not sure what Gib and staff can do, he is not yelling at them or chiding them on sidelines,..TEAM has to get shooting legs under them…I think, as I mentioned at outset, the guys looked gassed, burned out..finals(hope they all do well , keep that GPA up and no academic casualties, otherwise, Dyrbe, Caleb and Aaron be ready)…Christian doesn’t have the hops, though if he would have isolated and drove to rim, like against UNLV, maybe he would have scored 27, he missed too many FT’s too, sign of fatigue..

    Yes agree Ozi Mum and Eagle, guys have to relax, only 3 losses, to teams that are playing very, very well at this point, no time to panic, if UH MBB team loses to Chaminade(can happen)on Molokai, then…PANIC TIME!!..no just half joking, Gib has to earn his pay now, use sports psychologist again, I wonder where they are?If out there, I think they , or one of them is part of this fan forum..maybe would help..

    Heck we all love UH MBB,they have Chaminade, a tough DH classic, and 3 games at SSC to open BWC play so, 7 more games in Hawaii before hitting the road for BWC away games..

    Gib might have to change personnel..what do you all think about this, at least for Chaminade, have Vander, Hauns, Spearman coming off of the bench, start, Jace, Ozi(has to relax , he had several wide open looks, he has to settle down and just shoot, don’t think, right Ozi Mum?), Garrett Jefferson, Fotu, Christian, ..Jace to run the O, Jefferson to spearhead D, Ozi, give him chance at SF to shoot from wings, Fotu is Fotu, he is going to be very, very good in BWC, and Christian, I will be back…Standhardinger, the eternal hustler..Michael Harper and Jawato, as well as Clair, and Davis..have to show in practice I guess.

    Hey gang, UH is 4-3 , with two losses to top 25 teams..and Pepperdine who is red hot , and well coached, and out hustled, and out executed,and are one of the best NCAA defensive teams in MBB at present..

    If only UH had their shooting touch, remember summer time, ? it looked like whole team could shoot, now the whole team from perimeter and FREE throw line, cannot..ONE game does not make a season, however, a couple of wins in a row, can make for momentum and a possible very very good season..

    Hey guys, we know you read thes posts, and Gib and staff as well, don’t hang your heads,..get back to gym, finish school year strong, and go get a W against Chaminade, remember, one W at a time..get hot in March for BWC , then chance to dance!!

    Warriors, don’t give up, and we know you all won’t !! Believe!!

  3. Hey! A positive, maybe someone else mentioned…a season, I think , turnover low…11, which is excellent, just could not shoot well, and other team shoot and execute and defend lights out..

    I think finals for UH fall semester is finished this week, so guys can get rest, brain wise, get their legs and conditioning back, usually if you have tired legs or getting fatigued, your shooting touch goes, though, what happened to Hauns? Hauns, we need you bro! Have to have your 14 to 15 pts, and 3 ball shot, as well as driving to rim and one,…otherwise, Gib has to go down bench,? Harper, Jawato, don’t know if he is sick, or just way behind BB understanding wise, ..these young guys , are tight, and friends, am sure, the 3 captains have to have team meeting and settle guys down…still a ton of basketball to play..

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and thank you Ozi Mum, you must have played or coached hoops in Croatia, you know your stuff, and of course, Tonganator, Ozi Mum, Memphis, Jace and Spearman crews..mahalo to the whole global UH MBB team fanbase. the best in the Pacific!!

  4. And thank you to Aussie Mum, from down under!!, almost forgot, for viewing posts and our observations, I am not there at practices , so I don’t know what Gib and staff see,..still think, Michael, Jawato, Davis, Clair etc, will have impact down the road to win some big games in BWC, still think BWC is a league , that UH can compete in successfully,..guys from perimeter have to hit 3 ball, and mid range, when other teams have a lead, and milk clock, slow down game, very hard to catch up, if wings and guards are not hitting outside shots, as Gib alluded to..if guards and wings are hitting 6 or 7 3pointers , like the way they were in first 5 games, probably UH wins against Pepperdine by good margin..now time to move on..

    Go warriors!!

  5. Hi Uhfanzonly1 et al,

    My assessment is that the Warriors played how Pepperdine wanted them to play ie Pepperdine lead the way and we just couldn’t turn that around. I think that the boys and coaches will consider and evaluate their performances – they are all surrounded by the proper support systems and I am sure they will use these to the max to work out how to change their game plan. This is a very talented team and will come back with the support of the coaches, fellow team mates, strenghth and conditioning trainers etc.


  6. Well said Aussi Mum and Ozi Mum! You have a great sense of the basketball game! I really enjoy your insights! Aloha!

  7. I can’t believe that Pepperdine came all this way and had more energy than UH. You gotta wonder if there is not enough rest recovery time before the game. Fact—you need to practice hard. But make sure you have enough rest. Like in preparing for the marathon or any grueling event: you need 3 solid days of rest prior to the start in order to have maximum strength and energy. Two days sometimes is not enough. It will get you to the finish line but you won’t get a personal record. People who ran the marathon today and did not feel at full strength is because they did not give their bodies enough rest. Next time try resting 3 days instead of 2 or 1 day and you won’t believe the difference it makes. Games can be won or lost by how much rest you give your body. It’s got to be that. Hawaii is too good to lose a game like this.

  8. Aussie and Ozi Mums: You both know your hoops…great comments…I am sure Gib and staff, now they have 7 games of film on guys strengths and weaknesses..they will get it done, very young team, by BWC tourney time, they should be at peak. Make a run for NCAA tourney..we all love the warriors..!!

    Go Warriors!!

  9. We should have beaten that team, but Warriors were flatter than a board last night, very poor showing , too much time off , next years schedule has to be such that this long a layoff preseason should not be repeated. Shooting atrocious , lack of rebounding .

  10. shame shame shame

  11. Here’s advise. Play to win. Play with PASSION and FIRE. Play hard. Play your very best and challenge your best self each game. As a product of individual effort, synergistic energy will raise the team to the next level and enable the team to sustain excellence over the season. Go Bows

  12. I would change the lineup. C-Fotu (freshman), F-Standhardinger (junior), SF-Pavlovic (freshman), SG-Jawato (Rfreshman), PG-Clair (freshman. Their mission. Push the ball. Take a shot w/in 15 seconds of the shot clock, miss, rebound, shot made, press. Get tired. Bring in the subs. Fresh bodies.

  13. Derek:

    Well…If I were Gib, I would try it…why not, even Rocha, O’Neil, Little, F. Arnold, Riley, Nash…have done it..start a completely different lineup…RS and true freshman, that would shake up the upperclassmen to step up..

    This fatigue thing, I think it is real…guys have to do really well in class and finals, keep that GPA up and no one academic casualty…then when winter break for about 3 1/2 weeks, concentrate on BB..

    Gib: Have a contest, you always do it..who can defend, run O, and shoot well from field and FT line, day of game..earlier run through or practice, let em start…then, you have 7 others ready to step in..

    without question Gib wants to win, and team as well, heck, if Dyrbe, Caleb and Aaron were available(but they are RS at this moment) if they could run O, D up and shoot well, take care of ball, I would play em..gotta try something..I think with Chaminade game…I don’t know..Gib has to win that one…Chaminade game is a big game for us UH MBB fans, can’t lose that one..on Molokai with the Akana Ohana there , I like UH MBB warriors chances..

    Derek, agree with you, Gib gotta shake up that starting lineup and first 8 or 9 players..let Jawato, Harper, Clair play, I don’t think it is panic time yet…however, team has to shoot the ball well, and play 35 seconds of D , not only 30 seconds..

    Go Warriors..Just my opinion..!

  14. Personally, i donʻt mind shaking up a line-up, especially when the bench has talent and now “All Systems Are In” (At Least Introduced, Not that thereʻs enough evidence of Execution; Gib often says itʻs Not Significant Who Starts, More Whoʻs Effective when theyʻre in, And Who plays in Prime Time with the Game on The Line (Free-Throw Line, as well)…

    A Lot of Students Are Physically & Brain-Dead during and after Finals…
    ADD Two to Three Hours of Gib-Physical Grind (Bill Amis says Game Days are Way Easier than Practice Days…)

    It Happens but i still have trouble imagining Hard Players like Hauns & Spearman being shut down…
    BUT THAT is where the “Littler Guys” Battle — 1, 2, 3…
    Need to “Cure” That Symptom Before the Big West and Better, Before Diamond Head…
    SO Developing Two-Deepness, in part by shaking up the minutes and starting line-up,
    also puts the newbies on notice: The Honeymoon is Over…Get Crackinʻ!

  15. Some observations:
    1) I don’t see anybody who can dribble and penetrate in the middle to either put up a floater to the rim, a lob to a teammate for a dunk, or a kick out pass for an open 3.
    2) When Vander gets the ball down low, he holds on to the ball too long. Two things he must do.
    One, decide to make a quick move and shoot, or just shoot right away when he gets the ball. Two, if he’s double teamed or boxed in, pass it out quickly . He can always get the ball back. If not, 4 bad things happen. 1) he travels, 2) a 5 second call, or 3) an offensive foul 4) calls a timeout, needlessly.
    3) Basketball is confidence and rhythm. Warriors lacking in both right now. Too much thinking, instead of just relaxing, reacting, and playing easy and free. Is Arnold making the players tight? I don’t know, but something’s wrong. In BB, good players w/ confidence seems to have a chip on their shoulders, like I know I’m good and I can take you (your opponent) or make a tough shot.
    I don’t see that.
    4) Free throw shooting – are players hoping to make the free throw or are they sure they are going to make it. Every good free throw shooter would say that when they miss they are shocked. To me an excellent F/T shooter is at least 80% or better. A good F/T is 70-70%. A fair F/T is 65%.
    Not even acceptable is less than 60%.

  16. Derek:

    Agree on all points. Vander, still that black hole syndrome, he is going to shoot no matter what, he has to change, react quicker, shoot, pass, …if he is thinking of going to any level of Pro after graduation…I think he has a lot in his arsenal, the MCL injury and conditioning is affecting his play, however, by now, and no question , I feel Scott Fisher the Bigs coach is probably yelling at him, SHOOT, or PASS to shooters or cutters, in the game and at practice..Vander at not 100%, he is not as effective…

    If he does heal close to 95% and conditions well by BWC play, he will probably be BWC first team type player..young guy wants to lead and win so bad, you can tell, …he is trying, just has to get his BB IQ really high and hopefully physically he comes around.

    Perimeter, guards would be a concern for Gib this year and he admitted it from day one..too bad, if only he had recruited at least one JC with 3 to play or euro transfer, who could drive and kick, or finish and one..doesn’t have to be All American type, average 8 to 9 pts. , 6 assists, 2 turnovers or less, shoot 80%(you are correct, the good

    ones shoot that and higher)..that penetrating guard or wing, who can drive, at this point, I don’t see anyone , except Jefferson, if he is under control, still he has to hit his FT’s, which , I think he is at about 67% still if you take it to the hole, you will get fouled so Jefferson, has to relax and concentrate get to 80%..and Spearman, who was gassed, was not in flow on D or O..

    I don’t think Gib is riding them this year , as in past 2 years, I believe he really likes all 16 of the young guys..they just have to get this win against Chaminade, and show well in DH classic, and get 3 wins to start BWC play at home before hitting road,..he has to pull a rabbit out of the hat, whatever, however, whomever, just win, he doesn’t have that AC type , or Troy Bowe, or even Mark Campbell type of guard..

    Let’s see if they can pull of this win against Chaminade and if possibly even beat Miami in first game of DH classic…then, team will be back on track..they can rebound, play fair D, and like to run, however, the penetrating guard thing, I think they lack..in my opinion, ..Hauns, should drive more, however, Hauns is just disappearing at

    this point, Spearman, don’t know if he was sick or injured. agree with EAGLE, those, two, should not have been shutdown against Pepperdine yet they were..Team has to step up, and I think Gib will open up starting and first off the bench to whomever can get job done..Just my opinion..Heck we all just want UH MBB to win, and have good season, starting this Sat on Molokai against Chaminade!!

    Still think TEAM is totally burned out..finals, and all those early games, and 3 losses to what turns out to be, 3 very good teams..including Pepperdine, which is a very good Defensive team..

  17. Well, there’s not enough minutes for Jefferson/Clair but of what little time they had in the ballgame, both tried to create and not just passing the ball around the horn.

    Tavita now hitting the 3’s could share time with Spearman @ the 2 spot.

  18. Tavita is NOT a shooting guard, leave him at point ,Spearman can do both ,I would try him at the point and see how that goes maybe the offense can flow better and not see guys standing around. Jawato at the two ,let’s see if that might work, try it , Hauns to sit on the pine till he gets his stroke back, limited minutes, more time in the gym shooting practice shots.

  19. Totally not related, but for those who still remember … Gerry Blakes averaging 20.5 points a game in JC, fourth-best average in California. He’s listed as a freshman … hmmm … could he find his way back here someday?

  20. clyde:

    I guess with Gib, you never know…would be nice, Thomas, Valdes, Blakes, etc. ?

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