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Introducing “DaBeast Froductions”

The first road trip of the season may not have resulted in a victory for the Hawaii basketball team, but a new video series was unveiled for WarriorInsider.com.

Junior forward Davis Rozitis was the road host for his self-titled “DaBeast Films” video episodes last season. This season, he has merged with freshmen forward Isaac Fotu to form “DaBeast Froductions.”

“Over Thanksgiving break, DaBeast Films made a huge merger with another production company,” is how Rozitis described it.

The debut episode for DaBeast Froductions was created in Las Vegas last week, when the Warriors traveled for a road game at UNLV.

Most of the clips in this episode feature Fotu and fellow freshman Michael Harper. They made their way to the famous Las Vegas Strip one evening, and did their best to fit in. Highlights include Harper dancing in the street, and putting his French to the test at the Paris Hotel.

Fotu is from New Zealand and Harper is from Australia, and it was the first visit to Las Vegas for both of them.

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Special thanks also to Estevan Bonifacio, who created the introductory clip for WarrioInsider.com. Estevan is a student in the UH system, and a self-described “huge UH basketball fan.”


  1. Funny stuff. We sometimes forget that these, after all, are 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds. Nice to see their personalities emerging, and the genuine camaraderie among the players. Thanks Dayton, Davis and Isaac.

  2. Nice to see them fulfilling their dietary needs at Sonic. Hope they had their cream-slush. It’s excellent.

  3. Awesome to see the guys enjoying the experience off the court and polishing up on their media skills. Thanks Davis, Isaac and The Beast Froduction for the video. I am sure Aussie and Ozi mum will be really please to hear and see their sons on video.
    Looking forward for the game on Saturday.


  4. Michael, the correct terminology is “Fotu and I” not “Me and Fotu”!!!!

  5. Maybe Gib Arnold should start experimenting with a more athletic team. Number #1 guard the perimeter. Two, a more uptempo offense. It might not work, but it’s worth a try. We have some depth so why not use it. A lot of teams play 3 guards, 1 forward, and a center. I am watching Florida-Florida St. now. The Gators play such line up. I think UNLV used 3 guards too.

  6. Aussie Mum,
    Isn’t it amazing the things you can do on the internet?

    eg .Long distance grammar check.

    I’ll bet Michael feels as if he never left home.

  7. Derek, I that’s doable especially in Big West games, since UH will have a size advantage down low. Tavita, Spearman, and Jefferson/Clair (depending on matchups) at the guards and Vander & Standhardinger at the forwards. It can work. I double Gib will rely on that but I see him going 3 guards at times. Especially as Oz gets better.

    Jefferson will be needed vs hot shooting opponents. The Big West is a perimeter shooting league and athletic guards are the best way to defend them. The main way to defend 3 point shooters is to get them to dribble and move off their spots.

    At the college level, 95% of good 3pt shooters are catch-n-shoot guys. You really don’t see too many guys shoot well off the dribble in college. Athletic defenders like Jefferson are quick enough to do a hard close out to force the shooter to move and stay on balance to defend them on the dribble.

    The other way to disrupt good shooters is having a tall defender on them. As Oz gets better, Gib will play him at the 2 or 3 position and he’s got the length to bother a shooter, or at least make him think about having his shot blocked.

  8. Garrett will absolutely play a huge role in the guard oriented Big West. Especially against athletic teams like Fullerton and Long Beach.

    However, more importantly, Hawaii will have to play great team defense. We won’t be facing too many run-and-gun/pro-styled offensive minded teams in the BW. I think team defense and being assignment-sound at all positions will play a more important factor.

    Most Big West coaches — Bob Thomason (Pacific), Bob Williams (UCSB), Joe Callero (Cal Poly), Russell Turner (Irvine), and Dan Monson (LBSU) — will run a moderately-paced motion offense. Motion offense teams typically will send all five players in motion at any given time.

    Conversely, on the offensive side of the ball, we probably will see a lot more zone and doubles in the post against Vander and Fotu. Big West teams are severely undersized in the post and will scheme to stop our bigs. We probably will need Hauns to regain his 3 point shot and maybe rush Manroop into the lineup a little quicker for his outside shot.

  9. Aussie Mum, you put a smile on OUR faces!! Taking care of Michael’s proper speech from down under! You have to be, you and Ozi Mum and Tonganator, true Warrior fans to the max..love it!!

    Hope all of you can make a game or two at the Stan Sheriff Center(which is a cool college MBB venue)..

    Isaac, Ozi, Michael, Dyrbe, Aaron, Manroop have very, very cool and loving parents and Ohana(family)!!

    You all keep this site rocking!!

    And so much gratitude to Dayton for your and Wes and staff and sponsors to allow access to UH MBB, that other media outlets and periodicals in Hawaii don’t do…Mahalo, and Thank you.

    Hope UH MBB has a great final 8 game run in Hawaii , before heading to USA mainland for start of BWC road games in early January 2013..

    I am pretty sure, no other NCAA MBB program has a site like this, unless someone else knows..truly fun stuff, a site, that technological wise wasn’t possible 30 or 35 years ago..

    Thank you again…and Da Beast Production, hilarious!! And clean fun,..the team and guys are friends and competitors, the UH MBB program with Gib at the helm is headed into Uncharted terriotory for Hawaii fans, even people who are not initially fans of program are becoming fans of the coach and coaches, the flower lei girl, the UH MBB secretary, Staff, Nick and the ball boys and girls, ..UH MBB Warriorinsider, the best UH MBB site for fans and family and friends in the Pacific if not the WORLD!!!

    Rock on!

  10. First of all, Aussie Mum-you crack me up! Love the grammer check! Secondly, assume dance moves by Micheal and the new merger of DaBeast Froductions! Great energy of the team having fun together!

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