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Rules of the road

Some of the freshmen on the Hawai’i basketball team have already been tasked with specialty duties on the court. In particular, Isaac Fotu, Manroop Clair and Ozren Pavlovic have seen key game action as true freshmen for the Warriors.

But freshmen are still freshmen when it comes to road trips, and the Warrior freshmen will find out what specialty duties await them this weekend off the court. Head coach Gib Arnold said the youngest players on the team always have to carry the extra bags, among other things.

“That’s tradition,” Arnold said. “Everybody carries their own bags … but as far as the medical stuff and additional bags and the film gear, that’s always the freshmen. It’s their job to do it and when they become sophomores they can tell the other freshmen to do it.”

What’s more, the upper classmen get priority seating among the players on each flight. Arnold said the “big men” actually get first choice of seats since they need the most leg room.

“Vander (Joaquim) would be the first guy (to choose a seat), if that were to happen,” Arnold said. “Followed by Davis (Rozitis), and then probably Christian (Standhardinger) and Fotu.”

Joaquim said: “Now that I’m a senior, it feels good. … if I get a middle seat, I’ll definitely take one of the freshman’s seats.”

Freshmen Fotu and Pavlovic said they are prepared for such rookie treatment, although they are also glad that there are several other freshmen on the team.

“That’s how it goes,” Pavlovic said. “But between us freshmen, bigger gets better (seats).”

Fotu chimed in: “Manroop (Clair) gets no rights. He’s on the bottom of the food chain.”

The Warriors are scheduled to depart Honolulu on Thursday night. Arnold said the team managers will pack extra gear – socks and shoes, especially – because freshmen are notorious for forgetting.

“You’d be surprised how many times freshmen show up with just a pair of slippers,” Arnold said. “We always bring a couple of extra jerseys and a couple of extra pairs of shoes because you never know.”

When asked what is an important item to pack for the trip, Fotu and Pavlovic responded like true freshmen: “The Xbox!”

Saturday, Dec. 1, 2 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: Thomas & Mack Center (18,500) – Las Vegas, NV
Television: Live on TWC Sports – Channels 218 (SD) and 1218 (HD).
Streaming Video: None
Radio: 1500 AM The Buzz will carry the game live.
Audio Webcast: Available on ESPNHawaii.com.
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com


  1. hahahahaha, I like that quote of Fotu as to Manroops rights! LOL

  2. Load them up boys!!! LOL

  3. When you’re 17, you can’t vote. On this team, Manroop has no decision-making power……..unless, he lights it up in Las Vegas. In past AAU competition in Las Vegas he did very well. So I think he feels comfortable playing there and will be relaxed. If I’m right, then he’ll have voting privileges . Let’s see what happens. He will have some opportunities.

  4. Manroop also was the 7th rated player out of Canada, while Anthony Bennett (UNLV’s leading scorer) was the #1 rated player from Canada. They both know that Canada fans will be tuned in. It’s a good time to perform as any.

  5. Although i think UNLV is ‘capable’ of playing decent to good D, And Shoot Well…
    they’re prone to inconsistency & Loss of Focus….

    SO i hope this turns out to be a Good Opportunity for ‘Roop, Ozi, Michael, Brandons, Hauns, and ALL to Light ‘Em Up

    AND Shut Them Down….

    All Night !


    Next Year, Two or Three “Freshmen” taking orders (Not Abuse) from 5 – 8 Sophomores …
    (i’m guessing Redshirt Freshmen “Earn” Two Freshman Years
    BUT Caleb and Stefan @ 6-10+/- still get early picks…)

  6. I think UH MBB warriors have to battle , get physical with UNLV…sort of like the old Vincent Smalls, Terry Houston and Reggie Cross days..those Riley W. teams, not the quickest or greatest athletes, however, they would bang with the best..fierce defenders and rebounders..they ran into trouble against superior athletic teams,..

    so , Just my opinion, play smart, hard and together, and show UNLV, you guys are real warriors..wish the best guys..either way Win or Lose, stay competitive, and play with max effort to final horn!!

    Real proud of team, and guys keep on working, and thank you Dayton for inside information and updates from Gib the staff and access to UH MBB team..Great, great work.

    Of course the worldwide, global, family and ohana are watching their sons and relatives and friends in action via your site and videos, via Warriorinsider..Thank you Dayton, Wes, and all the sponsors and donors…this site ROCKS!!

    A lot of Freshman, Isaac, Ozi, Manroop,

  7. Also, Michael Harper and Brando Jawato( acutally I view him as RS freshman, though soph in experience in practice with team from last year..)

    Great group of guys..upper classmen, take care of the young guys..together, you all can make a run at BWC , and hopefully a huge win, or close game aganist UNLV..looking forward to it..

    I am sure, there will be thousands watching game in Hawaii, and around the globe, and at the Thomas and Mack(the Hawaii ex residents, yet Rainbow Warrior fans!!)

  8. Playing in a hostile environment (on the road) is always tough, especially in basketball because of the confining noise, heckling, maybe altitude, atmosphere, rims, etc. But, the best chances of winning on the road is basically 3 things.
    1) Shooting a good percentage from the field and do well on the line.
    2) Take care of the ball, limiting turnovers.
    3) Rebound the basketball

    Do only 1 and you are probably losing. Win 2 of of 3 might be a little dicey. Win all 3 categories, we probably win. You never know, it might come down of one little thing. A free throw, a steal, a key rebound, a deflection, a lucky shot, whatever.

  9. Thanks Dayton and support crew for updating us on the team. Lets get it done boys, first game on the road, tour of duty!!!


  10. I like the fact that The Roop is taking his shots in the back ground, still working on things! And it’s great to see Coach having the Staff to assists players shagging balls and watnots!

    Mahalo to the Assistants!

  11. Good luck guys and don’t forget you are representing the State of Hawaii. When the clock hits 0 there is no more time left in the game (barring overtime) so make every second count!

  12. hey TEAM,

    all the workouts, jelling, talking..
    comes to this “pivotal moment of you basketball life”!
    means you can cut it now, later or never!?

    next ranking ==> Illinois 19; Warrior 21; Rebels also received vote.
    ~~ a TEAM’s present to Hawaii and your loved ones for Christmas!

    attn: Man, the Rebels also recruited you. Here, you send the Duke Dude
    to CC; Now, make them felt that “you are the good one who got away”.

    Mele Kalikimaka Everyone!

  13. Breaking news: Sad to report that former Warrior Shaquille Stokes among four Hofstra basketball players arrested for allegedly burglarizing dorm rooms.What a shame.

  14. This is a comment section regarding the above article. I think news such as that should be on a message board.

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