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No time to mourn for Warriors

After a day of hurting, the Hawai’i basketball team started the healing with an intense closed-door practice on Sunday afternoon.

It came less than 48 hours after a heartbreaking 78-77 overtime loss to Illinois on Friday night.

“We watched video and they showed us all our mistakes and we worked on it today,” junior forward Christian Standhardinger said. “I think we just have to forget about it, as hard as it is and look forward to the next game.”

Indeed, the Warriors don’t have time to dwell on the last-second loss. They will host North Dakota on Tuesday night at the Stan Sheriff Center.

“You try to learn all you can from that game watching film and try and not make those kind of mistakes the next games, so obviously should help us,” junior forward Davis Rozitis said. “We definitely got better (at practice) today.”

The Warriors are 3-1, and will not get any sympathy from a North Dakota team that had a rough weekend itself. UND is 1-2 and had to make the long flight to Honolulu after a 72-47 road loss at Northern Iowa on Saturday.

The Warriors have not started preparing specifically for UND, instead focusing on their own adjustments.

“At this point of the season, it’s about us, it doesn’t matter who comes against us,” Rozitis said.

The Warriors have four players averaging double-figure points: center Vander Joaquim (17.0 points, 8.0 rebounds), Standhardinger (16.8 points, 6.8 rebounds), forward Hauns Brereton (15.0 points, 6.8 rebounds) and guard Brandon Spearman (14.3 points).

Senior point guard Jace Tavita is averaging 8.5 assists per game, and freshman forward Isaac Fotu is contributing 6.0 points and 8.0 rebounds per game.

Aaron Anderson, a 5-foot-10 junior guard, leads North Dakota with 12.0 points per game. Troy Huff, a 6-4 junior wing, led the team in scoring last season with 13.1 points per game, but he has missed the last two games due to a head injury.

UND finished 17-15 last season and participated in the Collegeinsider.com Postseason Tournament. Four starters from that team are back as the program begins its first season in the Big Sky Conference (it was in the Great West Conference last season).

Interesting note: North Dakota does not have an official nickname for its athletic teams. It was formerly called the Fighting Sioux, but that was officially removed earlier this year due to sensitivity issues with Native Americans.

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012, 7 p.m. start
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) – Honolulu, HI
Television: Live statewide on OCSports – Channels 16 (SD) and 1016 (HD).
Streaming Video: Live video streaming is available on ocsports.tv.
Radio: ESPN 1420 AM will carry the game live. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com
Ticket Information: $26 (lower); $18 (upper-adult); $16 (upper-sr. citizen); $5 (upper-youth, ages 4-HS); UH Manoa students free with validated ID. Parking $6.
Promotions: The student theme is “Beach Night” and students are encouraged to dress in beach attire.


  1. Good thing, in few days have another game! UH MBB team, forget the Illinois game and loss, work on FT’s taking care of ball,, and right lineups, ..still we love the all out effort..you guys will win a bunch of games, not time to regress, keep getting better each game, and you can challenge for BWC titile..

    Look forward to good game from UH this Tues Nov 20 at 700pm at SSC!!

    Go Warriors..a chance at getting to 4-1 before UNLV road game!!

  2. True warriors all of them!!!


  3. Stoked that there’s another game so soon! I feel bad for UND since all of our Warriors frustration from the Illinois loss will be taken out on them! Keep moving on and working towards that first 20 win season, very possible! Fully expecting a 20+ pt blow-out tomorrow night, can’t wait! LET’S GO BOWS!!!

  4. I’m really interested in seeing today’s game between Illinois and USC. Good measuring stick for our Warriors. I ‘m still upset about Friday’s loss. We need a little tweaking, in the backcourt. Arnold needs to have some guts and be bold before the conference games start. Focus,free throw shooting, defense, making shots (3 pt shooting). Our strength seems to be interior scoring and rebounding.

  5. If a player has a career F/T shooting percentage of around 40% and 14.3% this year, 1 for 7 do you really think the player will shoot 70% the rest of the season. Not likely. There is a flaw in the shooting technique and it’s mental. There is one player on the team has been compared to Jimmer Fredette and Stephan Curry. Gee, I wonder who that might be?

  6. Hope there were a lot of free throw drills during practices. Way back when I played HS BBall, every practice, my coach made us shoot 1&1’s all the way through the roster x2. 2 sets of lines if we missed the front end. 1 set of lines if missed on the 2nd. Our team had some atrocious FT shooters and God damn it, we ran A LOT!!!

    On occasion, we’d gather around the key and everybody would taunt and make noise while the free throw shooter while he shot. If the shooter makes, then everybody run lines. If the shooter misses, he’d have to do sprints.

  7. I’m grateful for this year’s team. We haven’t been a winning program for years. Haven’t seen the big dance since about 2001-02 season. I’m just grateful we have a unit that can compete. That after all these years we actually have a shot at something big.

    There’s been a lot of discussion about Tavita. It’s very premature. Tavita has played 2 games with early foul trouble. Signs that he is still getting his game legs under him. He hasn’t played steady game ball for almost 2 years. When he is out of the game, the team is completely dysfunctional. When he is in, things happen. As he gets things to click back there’s potential for nightly double-doubles. He’s a top 5 in the nation with assists and his turnovers will go down dramatically while his FT% will go up. He was a top 5 point guard in the country his Junior year in high school when Gib first met him. Gib knows what he is capable of.

    Roop is a nice guy. He can develop and eating all that good Hawaiian food might put on some size this year on that small frame. But when its crunch time against real teams he will buckle. He won’t know what to do. If Roop played the entire last game we would’ve lost to Illinois by 20. You think those guards had Tavita they would’ve had lamb chops for dinner with Roop in. So relax on the Tavita talk and stop thinking he’s the reason we lost on Friday. I think Derek mentioned something about Rasheed Sulaimon and an AAU game where Roop went off on him. LOL That is funny. I’ve seen Tavita on the same court as James Harden, Brandon Jennings, O.J. Mayo, and Nolan Smith, you heard of them? He had big time games against each. But that’s AAU, and that’s all nice, but it doesn’t count.

    This season is for real and it is still young, you can choose to be a true fan or you can continue to be critic. Either way when the team reaps the reward at the end of the season winning the Big West and getting their first trip to the dance in years if you’ve been a critic you won’t enjoy it as much. Tavita as a captain, who has played in BIG time games, can get real dangerous when it begins to click, be careful what you say now, like I said this season is just getting started.

    Go warriors.

  8. It’s a good thing that the coaches and players are aware and concerned about their short-comings. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements in tomorrow’s game. As mentioned in the article, UND does return a lot of players from last year’s winning season. They also beat a good Montana team early last season. However, they are not particularly strong on the road. We should be a solid favorite.

    As for free-throw shooting, I recall Coach Gib making every single player make ten straight free-throws before they can leave the practice gym last season. I’m sure he’s upping that number this year.

  9. Right on Kimo, Jace is very good at distributing the ball to our bigs, which is the strength of the team. He also has three or four inches on most of the other point guards, so some posting up may be good. Back court screens by our inbounder, can help him bring the ball up, and no shame in that.
    Get the ball to others to be fouled at the end of the game. Try to utilize each players strength, and avoid their weakness.

    I would like to see more first half time for Davis, Roop, and Oz, as they have talent and will get better with playing time. It is better to let them get their time early in the game rather than later untill they develope confidence at Div I level.

    This discussion group is supposed to be for UH Fans, so comments, should be in a positive light, and not to disparage any team member or other fan.

    Go Bows

  10. University of Honolulu (CHAMINADE) Versus University of Texas Longhorns…

    FINAL Score @ Maui classic: Chaminade __ Texas __
    (Txas relyin

    Always Bring Your A-Game, ‘Bows

    Especially to Moloka’i on December 15…

  11. [SORRY, Dayton, Please DELETE Previous Draft…]

    University of Honolulu (CHAMINADE) Versus University of Texas Longhorns…

    FINAL Score @ Maui Classic: Chaminade 86 Texas 73
    (Primary Cause: Texas RELYing on Freshmen who DO NOT Understand that Basketball IS a TEAM Game…

    Always Bring Your A-Game, ‘Bows

    Especially to Moloka’i VS Chaminade on December 15…

    Illinois Vs. USC (Where Gib coached before Accepting the Hawai’i Head Coaching job…)

    Perfect Example of WHY Basketball is the Ultimate Team Sport

  12. Wow. That’s a very good win for Chaminade. They still have some of that magic.

    The Illinois vs. USC game should be interesting as well.

  13. Illinois leading USC 49-19 w/ about 2 minutes in the 1st half. Illini is for real. Head Coach Groce is no slouch. 3 outstanding guards. UH looking better by the minute. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  14. Half-Time Score

    USC 26
    + 31

    Looks like we warmed them up pretty good?

    SO Illinois likely to Play Chaminade Tomorrow Night ?

  15. When I did my pre-game research on Illinois, I knew they were no joke. That roster is loaded with elite talent. Plus, their new coach, Groce, and his up-tempo style of play suits them a lot better with all of the athletes that they have. They might be very good this year in the Big 10. Assuming they hold on to their large lead, they’ll get Chaminade in the second round.

  16. As part of the GAME INFO

    In addition to all of the other sources, it should be noted that Inside the Sran Sherif Arena, fans can
    listen to Bobby Kurren and Jeff Portnoy throiugh a simucst of 1420 anniyncenent simultanteously rebroadccst with the concrete dome of the Stan Sheriff Center. It’s a good service for those who like stats, commentary and other panter from Bobby and jeff

    Evan R, Shirley\

  17. Jeff Portnoy, where did he play basketball at? He’s gotta go!

    As far as the Warriors go. I think we are all finding out tonight (the Illini’s dismantling of USC) that the Warriors will be just fine. USC coming into the game was 2-0 with a 62-44 victory over Long Beach State. It will be interesting to see how Chaminade fairs tomorrow, in preparation for the Molokai game.

    Guys keep your heads up and keep rolling on Tuesday night!

  18. Bobby Curran Played D

  19. Bobby Curren knows what he’s talking about. Sorry for not confirming that. Bobby is the man! I don’t know how much Portnoy pays to 1420 to be on the air, but I’m interested in matching it just to get him off the air……

  20. Eagle…Chaminade will not fare well at all! 80+ points for Illinois 30 to 40 points for Chaminade!

  21. Sorry –Please Delete Previous Again…

    Bobby Curran played D-1Basketball @ William & Mary AND Usually has a relatively informed and accurate perspective …

    Jeff Portnoy is ONLY accurate IF he can ‘repeat’ an informed quote Verbatim, without modification or Corruption, Lacks Any Personal Athletic Perspective and is one of the most poorly knowledged “Color” sportscasters i’ve heard anywhere — he also repeatedly rejects and corrupts any lessons his partner (Bobby) tries to pass on to him so is a Remarkably and Intentionally Poor Learner … He IS a Big UH Fan and some have said a competent attorney (but do not have enough info to evaluate)

    ESPN AM 1420 KKEA re-broadcasts in the Stan Sheriff Center Arena on FM 106.5…


    Most Likely ILLINOIS (defeated USC 94-64) will manage to out-defend and out-perform Chaminade tomorrow night (OR an even Bigger Chaminade Upset will strike again) …that would put Illinois in the title game, highly likely against #9 North Carolina…. which in 2004 and 2008 after winning the Maui Invitational used the focused Lessons Learned to further advance all the way to Two National Championships… Good Company we’re suddenly keeping… (esp. for a ‘weak schedule’)

  22. Eagle – Well said!

  23. Man oh man…30 pt win over USC by Illinois…I guess that game vs UH was the real deal..hope Illinois can win that Maui Classic, or come in second..wow!

    And Chaminade taking down Texas! Whew!!

    That will be good game on Molokai ..UH vs Silverswords!! Need all of Molokai to fill The Barn..UH keep improving guys…should be interesting season!!

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