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World Wide Warriors: Los Angeles, California

Keith Shamburger is all about basketball.

When asked what the most popular sport is in his home area of Southern California, he responded basketball. When asked what the state of California is most famous for, he replied basketball.

Shamburger is from Los Angeles, where he grew up playing with and against some of the best players in the country. The 6-foot junior is in his first season with the Hawaii basketball team after playing his first two years of college at San Jose State. In accordance with NCAA transfer rules, he will have to redshirt this season.

Although he will not suit up for games during the 2012-13 season, he will be allowed to practice with the team, and will undoubtedly be the leader of the scout team.

Shamburger likes to talk about California basketball, but not so much when it comes to Southern California beaches. Although he has been in Hawaii for less than two months, he has already developed an appreciation for the island beaches.

“The water out here is real clear; the water back home is real dirty,” he said. “I don’t even like to go to the beach and get in the water back home because the water is so dirty,but I love to go to the beach here.”

— — —

There was recent discussion on this site about Tim Tams from Australia, and thanks to Aussie Mum, we now have a better idea.

Michael Harper – I guess we can call him “Aussie Son” in this case – received a bag of authentic Tim Tams from Australia recently, and shared with teammates Christian Standhardinger and Davis Rozitis.

Perhaps the best way to describe it is a chocolate-covered cookie, although that probably does not do it justice.

“The King of the Beach approves this chocolate,” Standhardinger said.

Here is the video:


  1. Keith,
    Thanks for Transferring in and for sitting out the year — we ALL wish you could play this year…
    Keep pressurin’ and challengin’ this year’s point guards, so

  2. …they don’t have to learn the hard way — in the game…


    Michael Harper — Smart to get BIG Time Endorsements — Christian King of the Beach and 7-0 TheBeast (of The Court?)…
    Aussie Tim Tams Rule! Care of Aussie Mum ! Oi! Oi! Oi! She must be proud !

  3. It’s good to have Keith redshirting for next year and challenging our guards in practice. He’ll be the scout team leader this season and will be a crucial part of future UH teams.

    Lol. Comical second video with Michael, Christian, and DaBeast.

  4. Aloha Mr. Shamburger, we sure wish you’d be suiting up this year but we’re just gonna have to wait another year. Hope you can play the mentor this year and in the future to our young pg’s.

    Mr. Harper them TimTam’s looks really good. It was nice of you sharing some with your team mates, they are now your best friends forever.

  5. hey, Keith:

    congrats to you made the Roster of UH MBB Warriors 2012-2013.
    your intensive physical training at home, at UH, transformed you into a lean & mean powerhouse. sorry we all got to wait a full year for action – you up there with Hauns, in-condition wise! we salute to your concentrations!

    it’s 1st for me to see that scoop-pass. clue us in on your PG performance aft practice agains the TEAM? fellow PGs’?

    you smiling coolly, confidence is evident.. keep all of them up for the next three years please!


  6. I wondered about that too, for this year 2012-13 season, Shaq transfers out, and Miah’s pau with basketball, so no seasoned PG other than Jace Tavita. ..why did Gib not go after JC with 3 to play PG top 200 world type or top 300 HS PG with skill…or Euro top 200 PG..( I just make up my own skill top players rankings..I think out of thousands, hundred of thousands of quality basketball players globally, PG’s are out there and top 200 would be pretty good ..JMO.!)

    .Gib must really have faith in Jace(maturity and strength, just runs sets, takes care of ball, in bound ball securely, makes FT’s, tough defender , team player) and Manroop PG/SG combo..we don’t know what is going on in individual workouts..

    however, we thank Keith for coming over..He is another COACH on scout team and will help Dyrbe, Michael and Manroop with PG tips …He being one of the top assist PG’s in WAC last year..

    Maybe with Keith and coaches help Jace and Manroop, Michael, Dyrbe, Garrett, Brandon will more than hold their own..KEY, we all agree, if guards are steady, don’t have to be spectacular…with Bigs as strength and good wings, UH can Potentially be really good..!!

    Welcome aboard Keith! Mahalo for being a Warrior!

  7. Aloha, Positive Fans/Ohana:

    no news is bad news as far as i am concern, ’cause the suspense it creates for that period. even bad news is o.k. for we can’t do anything about it anyway.. then, atleast got it over with?

    if by the 11th we don’t have that clearance from NCAA for Aaron.. (7,11 are supposeto be the good luck #’s, maybe?).
    otherwise, what will be the future for Valdes at UH acdemically & athletically??
    (please fill me in, Mr(s). Guru, Expert, Researcher.. – it’s hurting me!).

    anotherthing that i dread is that NCAA nails UH again for commercializing!
    can’t never be over-carefull, you don’t know what power they have over us.
    (i surely appreciate the kindnese, genuiosity, enjoyment.. ).

    i’m loving it!

  8. n2o4joy,

    For Sake of Discussion:
    (esp. because talking out possibilities and options “can” help relieve stress)

    1) MOST LIKELY Outcome IS that NCAA Clearinghouse gets to it and Aaron Clears ‘unscathed’. This is because UH DID hire a relatively ‘experienced’ NCAA Administrator (Amanda Paterson who was able to argue for and have the NCAA reconsider/re-evaluate and approve “immediate eligibility” waiver for 2012 football Transfer Jordan Pu`u-Robinson.

    Sooner than October 12th better, but NLT November 9th to not miss a game ….
    JOB-1 – Just Get It RIGHT and have Aaron Eligible…SOONEST

    2) Worst Case: NCAA actually Finds errors, inconsistencies or instances that classes, scores or records Do Not Meet Minimum Eligibility Requirements (Not Previously identified and resolved) and until resolved, if ever, Aaron would be a mere mortal Generic U.H. Student (non-scholarship, non-team athlete) — However unlikely this would seem — then he would be personally responsible, with coaches’ or administrators’ help to find/fund his continuing education, much like a walk-on, but not on the team ’til he someday clears.


    JMO — I LIKE Aaron’s Chances of being on the UH Team by November 9th …

    MUCH Better Than President MRC Greenwood or Chancellor Green Sour Apple…

  9. Keith, I hope Michael has shared some Tim Tams with you.

  10. Aloha, Eagle:

    thanks for your fast, thorough friendly discussion on AV’s situation.

    i’m merely a enjoyable, good BB fan. otherwise limited knowledge on anything else. so whatever comes out of me, is just what readily available; guessing, estimation, assuming.. tempo but, open for correction, improvement, etc.

    ~ transfer is differ from initial eligibility qualifying?
    ~ is NCAA done with football (transfers.. ) yet?
    ~ are they on BB now/when starts?
    ~ how long/when will the pau on BB (are they dependent on case loads)?
    ~ if error/fault found is UH liable? will AV be demitted?
    ~ if AV got clearance unscathed; his scholie be retroactive to his 1st class day?
    ~ if clearance dragged out to December. how does it effects his overall eligibilities?
    ~ case referred to Amanda Paterson yet? if not when may that be?

    thanks for hang-in there AV, doing your best.. and your family, friends as well.
    all your new fans feel for you! good luck all the way!

  11. n2 and Eagle:

    The last word in reagrd to Aaron’s status, Gib stated NCAA clearinghouse working on Football athletes before going on to Basketball guys. He knew , at that time of no “Red Flags” in Aaron’s case. And Eagle you are correct, MBB and some other sports, sometimes right up to start of season, or even in season , some UH athletes finally cleared to play

    . One thing good, Aaron academically admitted to UH, so he met those requirements..I think, JMO, Aaron, is still awaiting word up till final hour…I give Aaron and his family(who is footing bill) credit for hanging in there.

    I don’t think Aaron would have flown over to enroll and start classes, and have that several week waiver to work out individually with coaches, unless thought good chance to play or be part of team this year 2012-13..

    As BM state in a Court Sense blog, he would keep us posted,..he must have a hotline to MBB and Gib..Good News , even though Aaron couldn’t participate in Beach workouts , he was there to support team at King of the Beach, which speaks well, and is a positive…

    Gib did say, would take time , because Aaron was a last , last minute scholarship agreement athlete signed with UH…Hopefully Aaron will be cleared before first game of season…Gib and staff, and those who have oversight of NCAA rules and regulations…very, very , careful everything is above board..another positive, Aaron is an athlete, and another HIGH CHARACTER good young man…

    Gib sure kept word in that regard to recruiting this incoming class to complement 4 returnees and Red Shirts..the athletes would get along, be united and have aloha among themselves..so far this is the nicest , and complimented by BBall skills, that I can recall, no prima donnas!

    Aaron, we hoping for the best..JMO, I think it just might, his clearance be right around the corner!!!(thinking positive)..Eagle, you should be UH president, Manoa Chancellor and AD all rolled into one, or maybe a one man BOR for UH..you have great insight, you know a lot, and are objective, positive, call it as it is, yet …you are first and foremost a FAN of UH sports and UH MBB in particular!! Good job, and spot on!!

  12. Thanks, High Praise…Far Beyond….
    Although there are some outstanding people who “could” do well in one or several of those positions, Don’t think there are any who are likely to do well in two of those positions simultaneously (even Freitas or Ault @ Reno who “knows” two of ’em).

    I’m SURE everyone of the people in those positions had expectations of success and that they would do a good job…
    i think it’s Testament that Processes, Culture and/or Needed Support may not be in place (or those that are were not followed or understood) for FOUR Levels of Management to struggle or even Fail So Mightily….

    i think the pay was/is pretty good; contrary to Overall Popular Opinion, i suspect at least McMackin/Chow and Donovan are probably “Underpaid” AND Under-Supported (versus “Successful” Division 1 Schools) for the Level of Success and Expectation that Hawai’i Fans, Administrators and Legislators Expect….

    AND i doubt that there are many in Hawai’i that can Actually Match their Levels of Knowledge and Effort….

    It’s Probably been awhile that i’ve worked “That Hard”…
    (though the wife is concerned that i’ll go another round of trying….(in one of my fields)
    lol and still worrying…)


    Dayton, Speaking of Aaron Valdes, Thanks for letting us know (by the Posted Roster)
    that at least for now, AV has Number 31 jersey…

  13. I want some tim tams:)

  14. Eagle,

    That is interesting, on warriorinsider roster AV has #13 tentative awaiting NCAA clearance! Still hope…JMO, I think he gets in before season starts…

    Maybe Dayton’s last World Wide Warriors interview, Aaron Valdes, welcome to MBB ohana official..either way, hope he is on board going into fall or spring semester..I think , NCAA really took care of a lot of football guys first, Basketball not in season yet, so just getting around to..

    Let’s hope Aaron gets word soon!!

  15. Michael & Aussie Mum…..time to introduce Vegemite! 🙂

  16. Eagle, apologies , correction AV warriorinsider roster #31 not 13…hope he gets cleared and gets his jersey number would be awesome!!

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