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World Wide Warriors: Lakewood, California

The transition to the Big West Conference for the Hawai’i basketball team is a welcome one for Garrett Jefferson.

The junior guard is from Lakewood, California, which is within close driving distance to at least three of the Big West schools (Long Beach State, UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton). Jefferson said his family will be coming to watch him play when the Warriors make road trips to those opponents.

As a product of the youth and AAU leagues in the Los Angeles area, Jefferson is aware that the basketball talent in Southern California runs deep.

When asked who the most famous player from California is, he reeled off several names: “James Harden, Derrick Williams, Josh Childress went to my high school … we got a bunch of players that came out of that area.” Even after the interview was over, he realized some of the players he forgot to mention, including Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas and Russell Westbrook.

Jefferson is one of four Warriors from the Southern California area. The others are Brandon Jawato, Keith Shamburger and Aaron Valdes.

Perhaps not surprisingly, they all said the beaches in Hawai’i are much better than the beaches in Southern California.

“I don’t go to the beach in SoCal,” Jefferson said. “The beaches in SoCal, that’s not where it’s at, man. Definitely, Hawaii (is better).”


  1. Garrettt!
    GLAD YOU’re still here…Candidate for Most Improved ‘Bow Warrior!
    Keep Up the Shut Down Defense…. AND
    Shoot Lights Out!
    OWN and Stay Out on the Floor…

  2. Garrett is poised to have a big year. His superb athleticism and defense are something that we’ve been missing for a long time. I see him giving Keala King and DJ Seeley much problems this season in the Big West.

  3. Aloha Mr. Jefferson. Great to see you’re still in fine bb shape and working hard with the team. Hope you can instill the D of yours to your team mates.

  4. Aloha, Jeff:

    Summer plays showcased your seriousness on developing your Gib noted athleticism. it couldn’t have come in a better time, stepping it up a bit even, ’cause
    suddenly you are a Jr., challenges will be stiffer: athleticism, defense, free%, 3’s.. including that impressive Hawaiian smile!

    tons of luck, PT & Ohana applauses @SSC & Cali-Ohana @BW’s!

  5. Garrett fly high brother! Keep on working on FT and mid range to 3 line shot, you really improved…keep up the good work and have a great year!!

  6. DK,
    With Garrett, we’ll always recognize defensive ability and tenacity however good he gets at breaking to the Rim or hitting jumpers;

    He, Spearman, Tavita and hopefully Valdes, Harper, Jawato & Clair will have their defensive hands full with:

    Fullerton’s All Big West Backcourt of 6-4 D.J. Seely (17.6 ppg), 6-3 Kwame Vaughn (15.6 ppg);

    and LBState’s 6-0 pg Mike Caffey and 6-5 Keala King (who started ‘out-of-position’ at pg for Arizona State 13.7 ppg; Potential POY Fwd 6-7 James Ennis will probably have to deal with our front-line, Standhardinger, Brereton, Fotu, OZ,).

    Would be Great to see a Few Warriors on The All Big-West Team
    and a Few More on The Newcomers’ team…

    Intra-Team Competition begins in Earnest Next Week …

    Opposition Competition to Follow ….(Whew! Hoorah!)

    Dayton & Co. (esp. Sponsors & Contributors) –
    – Thanks for Carrying Us to this point ….

  7. Eagle,

    Agreed. Given all the talented guards around the BW, I think Garrett Jefferson will play a major role this upcoming season for us. The Big West is surely loaded with backcourt talent. We’re going to have to be stout with our defensive schemes and matchups to stop multiple scoring threats from outside. Jace and Spearman will have to bring that defensive intensity that they were known for in their previous stops.

    Fullerton is definitely very talented in their backcourt with Seeley and Vaughn, and they also have SG/SF Yeager (TCU transfer/starter) and another talented SF from UTEP. LBSU’s Keala King is very good, as he was a former five-star recruit. Even teams like Irvine have two returning all-conference guards that might give us trouble.

  8. Good Looking Ahead, DK

    i suspect 1 thru 10 in Conference can Challenge us in the backcourt on any given night, especially on the road…

    UNLESS Two or Three UH Guards Really Can Step Up to push us to a 60-40 or 70-30 Advantage…. IFFY ….

    Fortunately maybe only two or three teams “may” be able to hang with Our Front Line on Any Given Night…

    GUARDS UP and we may be Challenging Near the Top….

    – Worst Case…Next Year,
    – Better…50-50 Any Given Night, OR
    – Better Yet: Get Up to Speed by March 2013…

  9. Right Eagle. Our frontcourt should be our primary advantage. From what I’ve researched, LBSU is the only team that has enough size/talent in their frontcourt to matchup with Vander/Christian/Fotu. I think if we can defend well and take care of the ball, we should do well in conference play, as we can pound the ball down-low for efficient scores. The middle and bottom of the BW conference are more along the lines of a Fresno or a SJSU in terms of having talented guards, but deficiencies in the post.

    Interestingly, yahoo sports has us 3rd in their BWC previews, while Athlon has us 5th. I guess we’re anywhere near the 3-6th range (with Irvine, Pacific, and UCSB) preseason-wise. But I do think we will contend for the title if our guards step it up and we make improvements by the start of conference play.

  10. Long Beach and Northridge (now sophomores) are Teams that are now at or clawing to the top, after scratching their way there with strong freshmen classes …

    Here’s hopin’ our Juniors and Seniors allow our talented freshmen to Experience the Top Sooner…

    I think, Some or Most Publications, NOT Really knowing some of our Foreign Talent are likely to Estimate the Team Low … #3 through #5 is a pretty good starting point, validates the talent they know about, gives you an opportunity to aim higher (No Reason for Over-Confidence) …

    RE: Guards — Hopin’ Mightily (Might be Wishful Thinkin’ but makes sense…) That going up DAILY against Shamburger ought to be Helpin’ The Tuning Up of Tavita and The Development of Clair and Harper …

    I’m Guessing Garrett Jefferson, who should get floor time with his Defense, may be good for Five or Six points, better than Last Year (A Drive & Finish, A Free-Throw and a Jumper)… You Look Real Happy, Garrett!

  11. Key observation for all MBB active roster 1-15..practice free throws…so important…whether in first minute or last..have to be conditioned, proper technique and focused…that ball going through the net ..guaranteed!!

    Garrett, you and all the guys from Bigs to slashers are going to get fouled this year..have to be strong to finish and one..the traditional and one for 3 pts. sometimes harder than from the 3 line…

    Make sure, you put up a couple hundred FT’s before and after practices…as well as jumpers..take your time, square your body,,,this summer and open gym, your shot looks nice, we know you got hops and quicks and can get off any shot you want, just have the mechanics to hit 50% or better from field and 70% or better from the FT line..along with 1 or 2 steals and 1 block per 12 min a game would be great..

    Hey with you improved ball handle, maybe Gib will give you a shot a running offense, a secondary PG,,if he does,,run those sets like the Junior athletic, super young athlete that you are..you guys have a bunch, Bigs to SF’s to SG’s and PG’s who are pretty good passers! Take care of the ball …limit turnovers to 12 or less per game..hold other teams to 39% or less from the FG line, and get about 7 or 8 steals and out rebound the other team by 8 or 9 boards….hey I sound like Gib or Benjy , Brandyn or Scott now!!

    Garrett, you are a nice young guy with skills, look forward to you, Brandon Spearman, Manroop Clair, having a lot of leak outs for layins , spot up 3’s and flushes…have a great year!!

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