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World Wide Warriors: Honolulu, Hawai’i

Dyrbe Enos realizes he is lucky to live Hawaii. It is why he decided to stay home and play for the hometown University of Hawaii basketball team.

Enos, a 5-foot-9 guard, is in his first year with the Warriors after a standout career at Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama. His spot on the 2012-13 roster continues a longstanding tradition – at least one homegrown Hawaii player has been on the UH men’s basketball roster every year since the 1987-88 season.

One of the other players on that list is Dyrbe’s older brother, Rykin, who was on the 2009-10 basketball team. Interestingly enough, Rykin is now a senior linebacker with the UH football team (have there ever been siblings on the rosters of the UH football and basketball teams at the same time?).

“He just got on scholarship, so he’s real happy about that and my family is real happy about that,” Dyrbe said of his brother. “He’s been working hard.”

Having a local player on the team not only helps bring in attendance for games, it can also help with recruiting. Enos can already talk up the weather in his home state: “It’s like the best weather probably in this world … it’s not too hot and not too cold. Perfect.”

Having a player like Enos can also help in the locker room, especially when other Warriors are unfamiliar with local customs and commonly-used Hawaiian words. “Aloha, that means hello,” he said. “There’s mahalo, which means thank you or goodbye. There’s laulima – to work together or cooperate.”


  1. Dyrbe,

    IMUA, Kamehameha E,

    Thanks for Workin so hard yourself that you’re Not Just a Token Player…Real Skills, Really Good, Quick Shooting Skills (Instant Offense) and Hard Working moves to the basket…Can’t wait for the game(s) where you ‘dagger’ that other team and they’re left wondering what hit them….

    Keep Workin’ on more quickness and using the system to your advantage…
    AND Have a Great, Long Career!

  2. Aloha, Dyrbe:

    talk about giving it you all, you’re the most.
    we are absolutely proud of you, will pray & crave for more of your PT every game!

    “LAULIMA!” TEAM, surprise us liked you wanted to every game!?

    Mahalo, Dayton & sponsers, Ohana!

  3. Aloha Mr. Enos,

    that was a great interview and it looks like you’ve been in the weight room some. Keep up the good work in both your sport of choice and in the classroom.

    Can’t wait for to see you on the court as a team

  4. Aloha Drybe. Great to have someone in the locker room getting the team accustomed to local traditions.

    Drybe already has a solid outside shot and will greatly improve by his senior year. I’m sure Hawaii fans will cheer with extra enthusiasm when he steps on the court his season.

  5. Dyrbe,

    Great youn man and student athlete! Fantastic work ethic! Hope you have a great career with UH MBB team!.
    UH fans certainly appreciate the local Hawaii talent!

    Mahalo for becoming a Warrior!!

    You might be the next, Kalia McGee, Jarin Akana, David Hallums, Alika Smith, helping team to win a bunch of games!!

  6. hows about some open gyms…..all these same questionings are getting old

  7. hey, Dyrbe:

    first, State Basketball Championship.
    second, current Summer League Championship.

    as young as you are, already got two championships under your belt.

    you, the charm of the TEAM, helping to achieve a memorable 2012-2013 season

  8. Dyrbe,

    Wishing you well all the way from Australia – hope you have a great year

    Go Dyrbe
    Go Warriors

  9. Aussie Mum,
    Thanks for Caring from so far away…
    I’m certain Dyrbe and the Coaches are great hosts and doing everything in their power to help Michael and his teammates feel comfortable with Hawai’i as their second Home…

    Dayton & Co. & Sponsors, GREAT Series, Thanks for the Jump Start on getting to know OUR TEAM !

    Right Around the Corner … PLAY BALL !!

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