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World Wide Warriors: El Segundo, California

Brandon Jawato spent some of his early childhood in Indonesia, but there is no doubt that he is a Southern California guy. When asked what California is most famous for, he responded: “I’m going to say the Los Angeles Lakers, baby.”

Jawato, a 6-foot-4 redshirt freshman, came to the Hawaii basketball team a year ago from El Segundo, which is part of Los Angeles County. Unlike the other seven freshmen on the 2012-13 roster, he has a year of practice experience with the Warriors behind him.

Jawato did not appear in any games last season as a redshirt, but he was allowed to practice with the team, and played a key role with the scout team.

While the redshirt year allowed him to adjust to the Hawaii lifestyle, he said he still misses his family and friends in Southern California … and Mexican food.

Jawato said baseball was probably the most popular sport in El Segundo, but he stayed with basketball and it paid off with several all-star honors when he was at El Segundo High School.

He grew up near beaches in Southern California, but said there is no comparison to the pristine beaches of Hawaii.

“The sand is beautiful and the water is perfect and clear,” he said in picking Hawaii beaches over Southern California beaches.


  1. he definitely got lean and mean from last year.

  2. Brandon Should be battling for PT…Consistency in Shooting and Passing and Ability to hold his own on Defense would allow Brandon extended Court Time….reportedly much improved through his redshirt year efforts…Better Speed and Shooting….

    BJ can be The Model, Prototypical Redshirt Walkon that banks that Frst Year and Cashes in on Years 2-5…
    Keep Improving and you’ll be as valuable as any ‘recruit’….Instant Offense and Intensity off the Bench? Future Starter? Target that Scholarship Prize, ….Imagine one day extending into an updated (former UH star and current Kobe Bryant coach) Phil Handy role with your Lakers…

    Bali High!

  3. hey, Jaw:

    “Practice makes perfect”; the regular TEAMmates wouldn’t know what to expect from your opponents without your help.
    you gained valuable experience by actually playing; you sharpen the PG big.

    your dedications to total improvement produced impressive results..
    completely transformed you into a sculptured-figure.

    you will gain much PT deservingly; fans expecting Laker styled show-time!
    would you be taking up some modeling PT (part-time)?

    I have the fortune to learned an Indonesian folk-song, which I loved –
    >> cher REre cher re cher BUMB bumb, alala shala gall-do fung.. <<
    sound any familiar to you?

  4. Brandon did work hard this off-season. He appears to have added some quickness to take his defender off the dribble. The coaching staff have been raving about his redshirt year improvements in practice, so it should be interesting to watch his progression this year.

    I also think we should add some Mexican cuisine to training table for our SoCal players every now and then. But, they’ll probably get in some good Mexican grub on the road now that we’re in the Big West.

  5. Can’t wait to see you play in your 1st UH Rainbow Warrior basketball game!

  6. Much thanks Dayton(pretty soon open gym video or testin of vertical again?) anything you post is great! Mahalo plenty..

    To a truly dedcated young Cali athlete, Brandon Jawato, you really used your redshirt year and this past summer to get ripped abs and cardio cranking, great, 3 ball mid range and some attack rim shot..Yes, with D and focus on FT line shots to mid to 3 line extended, you could be one of several to challenge Zane’s 3 pt shot record..

    Keep that great attitude, help young and older guys in check, competitive, and bodn as TEAM…it seems, and we hope so, the team from 1 through sixteen, are FREINDS, no guys striking a pose after making a dunk,..All of you are D first, then run offense, and look for open man, help each other out…you guys will challenge for BWC tourney no questin!!..Brandon, having Indonesian background, I guess you like spicy foor,,,you will bring the SPICE to UH MBB team!

    Lead brother Brandon, hi motor with the entire team on D, work on your handles, limit turnovers..and rebound as SG
    and SF..with Vander out for awhile, you SG, SF, Wings will be counted on to get rebounds offensively and Defesivley..I mean the whole team can shoot, however desire, are the guys who can rebound,and no question Gib will instill in whole team, on O and D every ball off the glass is UH’s, same with loose ball on floor..You guys do that, and make sure in bound the ball safely and have a couple of playes to get harper or you releasing and getting the touch donw pass for the lay in or pass..,

    Brandon Jawato, you too will have a great year

    Dayton,,,I am in a cold sweat…knees shaking..can’t wait for start of MB practice first exhibition game with HPU then rock and rool with Maryland Easten Shore Nov. 9th,,,coming quickly!!

  7. isn’t brandon jawato on scholarship?

  8. i think He was placed on scholarship when one was vacated….
    (Never Knew if it was temporary – just one year while vacated – or continuing)
    Not aware of any distinguishing between own-pay/walk-on and scholarship designations….however…. in no particular order ….

    1 – Standhardinger
    2 – Fotu
    3 – Joaquim
    4 – Rozitis
    5 – Dressler
    6 – Brereton
    7 – Pavlovic
    (8 – Valdes)
    9 – Spearman
    10 – Clair
    11 – Shamburger
    12 – Jefferson
    13 – Jawato
    14 – Tavita
    15 – Harper
    16 – Enos
    (17 – M. Thomas)

    he probably is …
    (although don’t think he originally was…)
    IF Tavita Starts, maybe he should be, if not already

  9. Scholarships will align and work out with the most deserving…
    Thanks Again to the Great Student-Athletes and their Families who have enough Faith and Belief in Themselves, the Coach and Program that we have 16/17 PLAYERS — Talented Teammates who look like they can play and sooner or later Contribute to Winning Basketball as well as Lifelong Friendships…


    LET’S ALL GET on the Phone with The Coaches to have an Intra-Squad Game like “Dayton’s Open Gym”….
    Let the Celebrities PlayTheGurlz…

  10. Jawato looks to be in a lot better condition than last season. I wonder where he stands on the depth chart (2nd or 3rd string?).

  11. pretty sure that jawato was on scholie from day one.

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