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WarriorInsider.com is looking for sponsors

With the 2012-13 season about to start, it’s time for WarriorInsider.com to make its annual plea for support.

We are in search of sponsors and/or donations to help fund this site during the upcoming season.

As many of you know, WarriorInsider.com is an independent site that is reliant on sponsors to stay in existence. Pacific Risk Solutions and Ameriprise Financial – Valerie Schmidt served as the primary sponsors for the past year, and the staff of WarriorInsider.com would like to extend a huge mahalo to them for their continued support.

Any new corporate sponsors will get their logo displayed on the main page of WarriorInsider.com, along with a link to the appropriate site.

Individual donations of any denomination are also welcome.

All funds raised will go toward the progress of WarriorInsider.com, whether it is in the form of travel funding, equipment upgrades or increased staffing.

Any businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring or donating can send an e-mail to dayton@warriorinsider.com for more details.

Thank you to all who frequent this site and have kept it going for the past two seasons.


  1. Thanks, Dayton

    E-mail forthcoming in the next few days…

  2. Agree with Eagle, Mahalo Dayton and your current sponsor/sponsors…somehow this site will keep up and running. really great , great coverage of UH MBB past 2 years going on 3…and hopefully more! For Corporate/Business this page has Hawaii and Mainland USA and Global exposure..!!

    Thanks once again(we will do what we can 😀 )!!

  3. I appreciate all your video and write-ups. Sent you email

  4. Really appreciate all of the dedication and hard work. Will definitely help out down the road. Hope this site continues to grow and thrive in years to come. Mahalo.

  5. Glad to help sustain this site, I appreciate all that you do and the support of the title sponsors. Every little bit helps, right? Email coming your way.

  6. In the purest sense, Warrior Insider does more to help UH Men’s basketball win, than anything other group or entity not officially affiliated with the University.

    Outside of the program’s coaching staff, WI is the single most important tool for recruiting players and accumulating talent.

    No other mid-major program gets the benefit of such in-depth coverage that WI provides. I dare say, hardly any other high-major programs gets this kind of treatment. Substantively, the content is first rate. Simply put, Dayton and his partners are pros, and the work that they do is pretty remarkable.

    WI provides a competitive advantage for this program, and negates Hawaii’s distance from other land masses.

    Hawaii coaches are now able to tell parents of players are able to watch their kids practice and play every week. That resonates with players and their families.

    Recruits are able to get a flavor for the program, State, fan base, and University.

    The site provides a HUGE benefit to this program, and helps where the rubber meets the road: i.e., in attracting top-tier talent.

    As the men’s basketball program continues to grow, it would appear that it is essential that this site also survive and continue to survive. As fans, we receive the great fortune of having Dayton and his partners doing the work they do.

    I would think that providing financial support to keep this site alive is one of the most efficient and strategic ways to help this program win games. I would call that smart money, and I will gladly support that effort.

    I would hope that others will do the same.

  7. Kia ora. I certainly echoed what been said by mid-range. We check out the progress of the team daily on WI and it makes Aotearoa New Zealand, the “land of the Long White Cloud” a lot closer to Hawaii. The MBB fan base here is increasing daily because of the site, and starting with Isaac’s Ohana and friends promoting the site.

    Will help in anyway…. Keep up the great work Dayton and sponsors. You are the Link for us all around the world.


  8. Dayton , any news on Aaron Valdes’ getting cleared by NCAA? Hope it is soon, one way or another!


  9. Strongly Agree with ALL The posts above …

    Good to Hear it from so many ….

    i think many more likely read without (regularly) posting
    In General, IF it’s already being said, i don’t Add unless i have a different spin;
    BUT i think it is important to keep this site Fiscally Strong…

    So IT Just Continues Getting Better …
    MORE In Depth, Consistent and Continuously Up to Date than Any UHMBB Site …
    And Improving it seems In Concert With the UH Men’s Basketball Team…

    AND That is Probably More than a Co-Incidence….

    ALL — Give, Maybe Not ’til it Hurts (there’s other Life & Death ‘Causes’)
    BUT Definitely Because It Helps … Your Support AND This Site…

    Mahalo No Dayton & Staff, Sponsors, Team, Contributors…

  10. Yes Eagle, this is truyl unique as mid range stated..online, posts, forum, update, videos, recruits, culture, academics , who are coaches, who are players..etc..

    Dayton way ahead of the curve, oh, oh, other NCAA MBB teams might do the same, however, warriorinsider is very special…center of the global MBB universe…any prospective recruits and families can check out, even share concerns, thoughts.. a win, win situation..some of us donors, can give some, some cannot, however, shout out to corporate sponsors, attorneys, businessman, now is the time to contribute to a site, that might help UH MBB make it to the next level, a sweet sixteen contender down the road..

    Dayton, great job!! Appreciate you and staff and the Schmidts for keeping it going for 2 years.. hopefully for years to come..UH MBB hard core fans here, across the mainland USA and the globe..love it!!

  11. I can’t even comprehend that there would be no Warrior Insider!

    I can fully appreciate and actually have experience of what mid-range game is talking about. The impact that this website has world wide is enormous and very much appreciated.

    When parents internationally can keep in touch with the progress, culture, activities, people, fans that are surrounding their sons day in and day out – it gives great comfort. Don’t forget that we are not as used to our teenagers moving away from home for their University years and this link is all important to all of us and therefore for attracting top quality players – committed to playing top basketball whilst getting a fantastic education in an idyllic location, surrounded by lovely people.

    I hope that this site continues and that every one who can afford to do so keeps this site alive (in whatever capacity that means)

  12. Thank you all for the kind words!

    I really appreciate all of you who have showed an interest in financial support for WarriorInsider.com.

    This will be an ongoing campaign throughout the season, so please feel free to forward any leads or connections to businesses or individuals who might be interested in becoming sponsors.

    Mahalo again.

  13. Aloha Dayton! Although I wouldn’t be a large donor or sponsor, I am compelled to give something for all the hard work, dedication & effort you put into this site. I’m sure many others feel the same. The warrior insider has been my main source of finding fresh & current information on the team and I truly appreciate all the videos and write ups you provide. Please email me the donation form and I will gladly contribute what I can. Mahalo!

  14. I am happy to say that WI is my family’s way of supporting the UH BBall family and I have enjoyed knowing that our support helps other familes (shout out here to Aussie Mom!)

    I turn to WI to get the “inside” scoop on the team. I am proud that many times the local sports newscast have used Dayton’s footage for their local stories when the team is traveling! That speaks volumes of the quality of coverage that Dayton delivers!

    Glad to see so many wonderful posts appreciating the work that Dayton and staff put forth on a consistent basis. WI is totally deserving of your support! Aloha!

  15. Dayton,
    Why don’t you sell your Warrior Insider T-shirts on here to help support this sit? I’m sure many of us would be happy to support the cause.

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