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Update on Joaquim / Got a question for Coach?

Vander Joaquim appears to be on track to return to practices with the Hawai’i basketball team in about two weeks.

Joaquim, the team’s starting center each of the past two seasons, injured his right knee three weeks ago (September 26) and started rehabilitation exercises shortly after.

“My rehab is going good,” he said. “I’m just working hard, twice a day, since I got hurt. I’m looking forward to coming back in about two weeks.”

The rest of the Warriors started official team practices over the weekend, and Joaquim attended each session as a sideline observer.

“I’m still learning and still being next to my teammates,” he said. “I’m still focused. I’m still in shape. I’m still lifting every day.”

Joaquim said he also started jogging this week and his knee felt fine.

The 6-foot-10 senior led the Warriors in both scoring (14.3) and rebounding (9.5) last season, and was a first-team all-conference selection.

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With the 2012-13 season now less than a month away from starting, there are lots of questions about the Warriors. Who will the starters be? How are the freshmen doing? Who is the team to beat in the Big West Conference?

It seems like an appropriate time for “Ask Coach Arnold” to begin.

If you have a question you would like to ask Gib Arnold, please post it in the Comments section below.

We’ll pick five questions and have Coach Arnold answer them on video later this week. You can start posting questions now and we’ll close it on Thursday morning.

In the meantime, here is a video of Arnold providing some of his thoughts on the opening days of practice:


  1. Aloha, Coach Arnold:

    congrats for the fabulous recuiting class.

    the TEAM worked hard & got in excellent physical condition.
    with all the available talents on hand,
    to equalize players’ PT,
    how often may we see platooning utilized?


  2. It’s all about finding the right combination on the court this year. UH is so versatile this year. They can go big… (Vander, Standhardinger, Brereton, Orzen, Tavita) or athletic/defensive (Jefferson, Valdes, Spearman). UH has the personnel to play uptempo or slow it down.

    The weak spots I see this year will be inexperience and point guard. Tavita/Clair will need to establish themselves. UH still has not had a decent point guard since Mark Campbell (2001-2003).

    If the freshmen play as their tape shows, and team chemistry is good, then I think UHBB fans are in for a treat for the next few years.

  3. Hopefully Vander doesn’t rush the comeback. UH has a very soft Rainbow Classic to open the season, so Vander’s presence won’t be necessary until the home game vs Illinois (which has a new coach this year). So hopefully UH catches Illinois off guard in its transition.

    If Vander sits out (or reduced minutes) due to recovery, it will give the freshman more minutes to get their feet wet vs MD-ES, AK-PB, and Houston-Baptist.

  4. Aloha Coach Arnold,

    Having recruited a great bunch of talented Freshman on the squad: How are you going to keep all of them happy with playing time? do you plan to redshirt anyone? because having done a Great job in recruiting this group of newcomers it seems all of them could contribute with playing minutes. Having all the player defections in previous years having only Joaquim and Rozitis here from your 1st class of recruits, have you learned something about keeping the young athletes happy so they hang around to graduate from the University of Hawaii?

    Mahalo Coach and we all hope you, your Staff and team will have a Great year.

  5. What are specific developmental strategies (as a team and player-by-player) for building your own competent point guard corps?

    What are Team & Schematic Strategies to Cover pg responsibilities, boost effectiveness and reduce liabilities/weaknesses until Jace/Roop/Dyrbe/Michael/Garrett/Oz develop as a group?

    Thanks, Dayton;
    Thanks, Coach

  6. Great to see Vander rehabbing! Get well soon Vander!!

    Questions: Gib , with current athletes, will you ..

    1) try to run/fast break at every opportunity?

    2) Who is on schedule to graduate by Spring /Summer of 2013?

    3)How does your team natch up with BWC members?

    Mahalo Gib. and Dayton for opportunity to ask questions, ..your site really is awesome!!

  7. Great to see Vander rehabbing! Get well soon Vander!!

    Questions: Gib , with current athletes, will you ..

    1) try to run/fast break at every opportunity?

    2) Who is on schedule to graduate by Spring /Summer of 2013?

    3)How does your team match up with BWC members?

    Mahalo Gib. and Dayton for opportunity to ask questions, ..your site really is awesome!!


  8. I really feel bad for Aaron, now it is a waiting game..maybe that is why Gib recruits and keeps recruiting good fit athletes..Maybe UH MBB can ask for another 2 week waiver and another ..

    In past, some UH MBB players, didn’t get cleared until the start of season, or beginning or mid season…

    Gib said NCAA has everything, matter of clearing up things on schooling? Wonder if it is online courses again? Or what is acceptable…

    Either way, good to let Gib and especially AV and family know..poor guy!! I see , on this NCAA 2 week waiver AV is still working hard in practice video! Good for you AV, hope it turns out well!!

  9. I would think the NCAA giving Valdes a 2 week waiver was a sign that they are currently reviewing his paperwork and his status should be known soon.

  10. Yes, i took the waiver as a “Good Sign” that NCAA generally agrees, No Obvious Errors (or Red Flags as coach previously noted) and that the delay is primarily in their house (The Clearinghouse)…

    i would’ve “expected” that they would (esp. if it was my office issuing/approving a waiver that my people) at a minimum, do a quick or superficial review of the submittal/documentation to ensure no obvious errors, or gross omissions (wrong school, wrong classes, insufficient credits, scores, etc.) then give the package a priority placement for detailed /background extensive research & review, if needed…

    sounds more like they said very little (No Target or Estimated Completion Date?)

  11. Questions for Coach Gib,

    1. Have you ever visited Australia?;
    2. If so, what did you think?; and
    3. Have you ever had a Tim Tam?

    I know that they are not pressing questions for the fans to know when the season starts so soon but if he answers question 3 then I will know to make sure to bring him a packet of Tim Tams when I come over as well!!!

  12. Congratulations on recruiting a cohesive group of young men that get along with each other. Some players abilities are better than others. As a coach, teacher and friend how do you mentor players who will not see as much playing time to be active team players. Good luck this season. Go Warriors!

  13. Good to see Vander still positive and working.

    Coach Gib Question:
    Could you compare and contrast the dynamics of recruiting during your time in the Pac-12, during your JC days, and right now in Hawaii.

  14. Aloha Coach Gib-

    Do you anticipate any APR penalties next year or after with the departure of some of the student athletes this past year?

    Now that you have verbals committments from three high school seniors, are you done recruiting for class of 2013?

  15. How’s Vander’s knee? Is it progressing fast enough for him to be at full strength for the first game of the season?

  16. 1) Is Jace Tavita on scholarship?

    2) How many scholarships do you have for the 2013-14 school year at this time?

    3) Any chance we see Hawaii in the Maui Invitational?

    4) Any chance you try to get into the preseason NIT?

  17. Question for the coach:
    1: Your predecessor Nash waved a towel around to get the fans to make some noise at certain parts of the game, do you have a certain signal to us fans in the stands to get a little louder? The sixth man is very important so please remember to use us.

    2: Do you have any control over what referees the Big West sends to officiate our games, or do you have any control or input for certain referees not to be used!

    3: Do you have a set of plays for when referees are letting a lot of contact go uncalled, in that the plays are a little more aggressive or east coast like?

    Thank you for what you have done for this program and I hope that you will stay until your kids have graduated from high school.

  18. Kendall To answer your question Jace is a walkon he is not on scholarship when he attended univ. of utah he had a scholarship everything was pay for it was a blessing. I am getting tired of people asking if Jace on scholarship so hope you all know now that his ohana pays everything however we are not making any issue about it .

  19. Questions for Coach Arnold:

    1) What type of drills have you currently implemented in practice?

    2) What are you looking forward to most for the upcoming season?

    3) What is the characteristic you like most about this team?

    4) What makes this team different than all other teams that you have coached?

    5) What do you think the fans will enjoy most about how we play?

    6) In your opinion, do you think we will be a more offensive or defensively minded team?


  20. Jace Ohana:

    Yes. That is why Jace and his whole Ohana, a great shout out and kudos too. Jace very good person, student and team player. Great sacrifice! UH MBB and team and staff, certainly appreciate Jace..I do!

    Jace even made sacrifice with Ohana help to go summer school keep up with academics be on track to secure a degree..outstanding!!! And Jace is a good PG, mature, smart and tough.. a leader and winner!!

    Mahalo again Jace Ohana!

    Jace, I believe will have a great season and lead Warriors to much success..Thank you again for support of Jace!!

  21. …and the WIN-WIN Gift of All the Players & Families….
    Mahalo to Tavita, Harper, Enos Families
    as well as Supporters of ALL Players
    Some might “Give” more than others …

    This Year it appears fair to say,
    ALL are Working Hard… and as such…
    ALL Should have the Opportunity to Benefit,
    Enjoy and Reap some very Special Rewards

    and More than a few Wins…

  22. Questions are now closed. We’ll post Coach Arnold’s answers by tomorrow morning.

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