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“Stand and Fight”

Garrett Jefferson is always going to remember his first basket as a member of the Hawai’i basketball team. He is reminded of it every day he walks into the locker room.

An oversized poster of Jefferson’s game-winning basket in a victory over Pacific last season was recently put up near the entry to the team’s locker room. Jefferson scored on a putback with 3.1 seconds remaining in that game, and his fist-pumping reaction is captured in the photo, beneath the words “STAND AND FIGHT.”

“We won at the buzzer, so it was a good ‘stand and fight’ moment,” Jefferson said. “Coach put it up there, just to help us keep fighting.”

Jefferson said the coaches told him several months ago that a poster would be going up on the previously blank wall entering the locker room. Still, he was surprised when he walked in and saw himself in near full size.

“Coach told me a while ago … but that was months ago and I didn’t think it was going to happen,” Jefferson said. “He always comes through and he came through.”


  1. Congratulations also to WarriorInsider photographer Brandon Flores, who captured the photo of Jefferson that was used for the poster.

  2. Way to GO, Way to “Start” Garrett…

    That Picture is also a reminder of Why Basketball is called The Ultimate Team Sport;
    That Brandon’s photo captures ‘a moment’ when Garrett showed one player Affected the Total Team Outcome in Three or ten seconds, whatever wisdom, non-stop motor, personal discipline, energy, intensity and focus propelled himself no matter how tired or unsure, so that Garrett got himself in position one more time to Box Out, Challenge for one key rebound and putback, maybe cause a four point turnaround and Win…

    TheTruth about every one, two, three (or ten) point game is that “Every Player” knows they ‘could’ do more, make one or two more free throws (Nice Improvement Garrett, maybe that’s why YOU’re in the picture versus a ‘departed’ player who could have still been here), one more Block Out, one more Rebound or Steal, One More (Higher Percentage) Cut to the Basket or Finishing Shot, Earn my Way Off The Bench by making plays…and THAT was One Win in a 16-16 Season….

  3. Just keep on plugging away at it Mr. Jefferson, keep up the good work.

    Can’t wait to see what you all bring to the floor this season

  4. Garret,

    Great job and look forward to this your junior year. You are another of 16 UH MBB team members who have worked hard this summer and fall. Your defense and improved offense will help team to win this year! You are another upperclassman leader!!

    Go get em Gee!! Stand and Fight! As individuals and as a TEAM!! Wish the best for UH Warriors this year!

  5. hey, Jeff:

    a win is a win, doesn’t matter how urgly that game was as a whole.. for we fans are over-enthusiastic as ever – thinking you be a 15+pt winner over the Tigers.. instead they out-played you big time.. counted toward a disappointing year
    but, you did prevented the bad team from a losing one!
    after a year, everyone knew how good a defender you are, but some not-so-true-fan said: “he can never be a good shooter!”

    “Coach always comes through” you said; “Coach has an eye for athletic talent” i say. he introduced you as “the most athletic player”.

    at the next annual banquet, he’ll introduce as “the most improved all-around player”!

    now, “Stand and Fight”.. for PT, for TEAM wins!

  6. Aloha! Ca’b, Oz, Man:

    “Center of the future”, “Point forward/Multi-positional”, “Enjoy coaching Manroop”.
    the “Visionary” Coach of yours has happily & proudly expressed.

    at the conclusion of the “King of the Beach” contest, you 3-bunched together admiringly looking on. what i saw are the 3 good-looking starters of the Frosh TEAM!

    the time is NOW >> “Show ’em what you got & who you are!”
    (need to quiet the boo-birds for goodness sake!).

  7. n2o4joy…

    WAS Hoping for many “Good-Looking” (HAWAI’I) Wins….
    over a number of mediocre or even bad-looking teams,
    even a Great Win or Two over an otherwise decent to good-looking team…

    The Next Phase in This Journey Kicks Up a Notch Tomorrow!


    i think Garrett’s Stepping Up is a Pattern and Metaphor for The Whole Team…


  8. I do feel bad for Valdes. Still no news if he’s been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse to play with the team as of it. “sigh”

  9. Aloha, Pocho:

    tried to find something to comfort myself for AV’s situation, FYI..
    ( just in case you might want to check things out yourself!?).

    ~ did a Google search >> what is basketball eligibility clearinghouse?
    ~ click whichever result(s) you prefer..
    ~ i need fast “answer” so i did clicked FAQ – ucirvine…
    ~ “NCAA clearinghouse is an organization outside of the NCAA which perform academic record evaluation”…….
    ~ .. gave me an headache (’nuff)!

  10. For those interested … based on video plays, the players with the most “views” from the World Wide Warriors series:

    1, Manroop Clair

    2, Isaac Fotu

    3, Ozren Pavlovic

  11. Hoping for best for Aaron Valdes, he seems like such a nice young man student and athlete. Sure is patient. NCAA clearinghouse, would really come through if Aaron gets cleared tomorrow in time for MBB ohanafest!

    Main thing Aaron gets cleared to play first game of season. I think we really need all the able bodies to play this year to have good season.

    Kudos to you Aaron, hang in there!! Hopefully very soon!!

  12. congrats mr(s) 1,2,3 – 16, inclusive:

    you’ve made a name for yourselves World Wide. know whom to thank?

    ~ your parents, dear ones.
    ~ Coach Gib & Staff.
    ~ Mr. video himself Dayton Morinaga & Sponsors.
    ~ each & all sixteen of you.
    ~ royal & admiring fans World Wide.

    tomorrow will be a big day. let’s gather in SSC & find out how wonderful it can be!

  13. Interesting Dayton, Manroop, Isaac and Ozren..they just might be the IMPACT freshman for this year…we don’t know yet, could be all 8 freshman contribuitng in some way..!! Caleb, Dyrbe, Aaron, Michael, Brandon Jawato all hard workers and good athletes!!

    It is going to be an interesting season, might take awhile to get rolling, however I think they will get it done by March!

    Go Warriors!

  14. Fair Enough!

    ‘Roop. Isaac and Oz help make this a special class…

  15. Dayton is it possible to have one video show us the locker room and the coaches offices. Some of us have never seen it or been in there before and it could also potential recruits that stumble across this site what UH basketball has to offer. Mahalo.

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