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Promoting basketball at a volleyball match

The Hawai’i basketball team would like to see more fans at its games this season, and the Warriors made it known last week.

Every player on the roster walked around the Stan Sheriff Center and passed out schedules to fans entering a UH women’s volleyball match last week. Many of the unsuspecting fans looked up in wonder at the tall Warriors and asked questions such as “Do we have a good team this year?” and “How’s Vander?”

A group of fans recognized junior forward Davis Rozitis because of his “Gangnam Style” dance during the ‘Ohana Hoopfest two weeks ago. “If you play basketball as well as you dance, we got ‘em,” one fan said to Rozitis.

Later that same night, the Warriors were introduced to the crowd inside the arena during a timeout of the volleyball match.

Head coach Gib Arnold walked on the court with a sign proclaiming “Shoji For President,” while other players held signs supporting the volleyball players.

The Warriors’ first appearance in the Stan Sheriff Center will be on November 2, when they host Hawai’i Pacific in an exhibition game. The first regular-season game is scheduled for November 9 against Maryland-Eastern Shore.

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The dreaded staph infection has struck the Warriors again. Junior forward Christian Standhardinger is the latest to be hit.

Standhardinger has the infection on his right arm, and will be held out of practices this week. His status for the team’s exhibition game on November 2 is doubtful.

Staph infections have hit the basketball team several times in recent years. Miah Ostrowski missed a game last year due to staph infection.

Senior center Vander Joaquim also remains sidelined with an injured right knee, and he is not expected to be ready for the exhibition game.


  1. Great! Don’t Wait ’til Game 3-
    – ESPN Televised Midnight Battle with Houston Baptist –
    – to get the Loud Crazy Students & Volleyball Fans supporting the Team…
    (it was disturbing to see the not-yet-knowing 7-8000 Volleyball Fans streaming Out of SCCtr Before the start of ‘Ohana Fest)

    Pump Up The Volume from Game 1…Keep Working on ALL Fronts, Team
    Creating a True Big-Time College Basketball Atmosphere is Part of the Process…

    Maybe Gets The Team on TV More…
    Might Eventually Get You a Bigger Time Recruit or Two…
    Might Pump Up the Team a Key Basket or Two —
    Enough to Beat a ‘Better’ Team

    Close Only Counts in Horseshoes, Shaving, Dancing and Hand Grenades

  2. i bet it was exciting and a little nerve wracking for some of the players to step onto the court with all the fans there….even though they weren’t suited up it’s the same atmosphere

  3. The guys did great, especially Davis. They also got to watch a great match.

  4. Davis seems very comfortable in engaging with people. Good job Davis!!
    Where is everyone? – do you all “hold your breadth” and wait anxiously for the first game???

  5. Aussie Mum:

    We are still here…I guess a lot of us are waiting for video updates of MBB practices and scrimmages from Warrior insider and Dayton, if he has permission and access..

    Thank you for you support of MBB and you son!

    We were kind of concerned for Vander’s injury to knee, should heal up in few weeks hopefully, Christian’s staph infection, which has to get well in a couple of weeks, as well as Aaron Valdes getting cleared to be part of team this year by NCAA Division 1 Clearinghous(they make sure, incoming students meet NCAA requirement to play for teams)..

    You are correct,..season, next week Friday Nov 2 2012, is the start of first exhibition game with Hawaii Pacific University…then we will get a glimpse of MBB in action finally!! After that, on Nov 9 2012, the official season begins with game against Maryland Eastern Shore…

    Mahalo for you comments and bright spirits! Aussie Mum and Michael Harper’s GREATEST FAN!!

  6. Uhfanzonly1 – thanks goodness you are back!!!

    Yes I understand the concern. But I get the feeling that with all the support that is behind these guys, both on the court and in the stands – all will be well and Dayton will keep us up to date.
    The difficulties are inherent in the sporting arena but as many fans have noted on this site – it hasn’t happened mid-season.
    I am looking forward to being part of it.

  7. TOO Quiet for Aussie Mum?

    A Few Thoughts….

    One of the things that Happens to “Perfectly Good Teams” are Injuries and Obstacles …
    Sometimes, the Obstacles “Win” and Overcome the Team …
    (Recent Example: UH Football Last Year, Picked to Win The Conference by Coaches And Media, Loses Key Players to Injury including “Player of the Year”, Quarterback Bryant Moniz, Lose Winnable Games including from ahead by Three Touchdowns, Coach Inappropriately(?) Fired “by UH President &/or Director of Board of Regents the Season After a Conference Winning Team…

    Other times, Teams Fight Through and Succeed …

    I’ve seen Perfectly Good, maybe even Great Coaches, recognixze or Accede to The Obstacles as Part of The Progression, and follow-up with Great Yrars…
    Someimes it just looks like Luck ….
    I’ve Seen Several Championships where the Head Coach recognizes The Team Did Not Have Depth, but they managed to scrape through anyway and the coach felt Lucky or Fortunate that they pulled through, avoided or fought through injuries…
    The Very Best has been where it would seem Everything Was Stacked Against the Team and they doggedly, determinedly just Pulled on Through Anyway …
    AND You CAN See That Fire in their Eyes …
    Some Call it “The Eye of The Tiger”
    It often seems Transferable, Learnable … That Good Seniors or Good Coaches can Teach or Instill or Pull That out of their Best Players and later the Younger Players are also able to Display those traits … and in those Cases, Long Streaks of Program Excellence, High Performance, even Championships become the Expectation, sometimes out of programs that were perrennial “Losers” before…..
    Examples: Dave Shoji in Wahine Volleyball (Four National Championships); St. Louis HS in Football during Cal Lee’s Years, Duke Blue Devils under Mike Krzyzewski, many others….


    Vision of the Tiger? … Might Only Contribute by Importing and Teaching her Teammates what Focus, Intensity and the Eye of The Tiger IS, By Example, By Experiencing It, By Feeling It… Might even Win an additional Game or Two…

    New Wahine Basketball Coach Laura Beeman recently convinced former Softball Star Stephanie Ricketts to play her “Fifth Year” with the Women’s Basketball Team, after exhausting her eligibility in Softball (Aussie Kaia Parnaby is Now the No. 1 Ace) as a First-Team College All-American…in her junior and Senior years of High School as a Two-Sport Star she helped Lead her teams to California State Basketball Campionships … For Foreign REF: California is Such a HUGE State that even in Junior College (JC) Basketball, the JC Calif. State Champion is Considered equvalent to the National Champion: (Compare to Croatia, Latvia, Canada. etc.)

    Stephanie’s understanding of her potential impact is very reasonable: (From B.McInnis:) “”No one ever said i had swag (before),” Rickets said. “I guess I’m used to it. I’m used to winning, and I’m also used to being in a position where I had a lot of control whether we won or not. But I’ve [also] been on teams where I wasn’t the central player and we still won. So I think it’s just drawing on that and going out there and not expecting anything less.”

    Coach Laura Beeman: “She’s not afraid of putting her elbow into somebody or using her size to get position….Immediately I said, Wow, this young lady is somebody we can definitely work with…”

    Good Similarities”
    Don’t they both sound a lot like a few people in the men’s program ?

  8. Thanks Eagle – I can now sleep well knowing that the Warriror fans are alive and well and on top of all things UH basketball.
    Go Warriors

  9. Without “Jynxing” Anything….

    IT Would Appear that they (UHMBB) either are having a run of Good Fortune
    OR Just Making it,
    OR Both…

    One Smart Definition of Luck….
    “When Good, Smart Hard Work Meets Opportunity…”

    So Far ALL Working Hard…
    Much Intelligence & Skill All Around…
    “Injuries & Disabilities” so far should be workable or even gone by or Before second week of Season
    Players Out Do Provide Opportunities for Others to Develop & Step Up…
    and are (often) part of Greater Depth and Strength Later in the Season…

    G’Day and G’Night!
    SWEET Dreams…

  10. I’m SURE we’re just minutes away from a DAYTON Higher Quality Report maybe even a Practice Video or two….

    BUT BIG WEST MEDIA Pre-Season Polled:

    1 – Long Beach State picked to repeat as BWC Champs;
    2 – Cal State Fullerton
    3- UC Irvine
    4- HAWAI’I
    5- UC Santa Barbara,
    6- Pacific,
    7 – Cal Poly,
    8- Cal State Northridge,
    9 – UC Davis and
    10 – UC Riverside

    They have More Current Information and This Poll is Better than the Average of Pre-Season Magazines…


  11. Media Poll Results

    1. Long Beach State (13) 194
    2. Cal State Fullerton (6) 164
    3. UC Irvine (1) 153
    4. Hawai’i 132
    5. UC Santa Barbara 129
    6. Pacific (1) 113
    7. Cal Poly 100
    8. Cal State Northridge 83
    9. UC Davis 44
    10. UC Riverside 43

    ( ) First-place votes

    Preseason Media All-Conference Team

    Name School Position Year Hometown
    James Ennis Long Beach State Guard/Fwd Sr Ventura, Calif.
    Stephan Hicks CSt Northridge Guard/Fwd Soph Thousand Oaks, Calif.
    Vander Joaquim Hawai’i Center Senior Luanda, Angola
    D. J. Seeley Cal State Fullerton Guard Senior Stockton, Calif.
    Kwame Vaughn Cal State Fullerton Guard Senior Oakland, Calif.
    Michael Wilder UC Irvine Forward/Guard Senior Long Beach, Calif.

  12. Eagle:

    As always, enjoy comments, philosopy, very poetic!
    And Aussie Mum, for fellow posters and fans of WI, she anxiously awaits our comments, from the land down under..feel free to comment if you wish..Season is very, very close..and as Eagle stated, hope they have a run of good things to happen , healing up, buying into team concept, back to the wall fighters..

    You are right , Eagle, some of the MBB teams of past, when they where really against it, i.e. short handed player wise, guys stepped up and came up with incredible, almost unbelievable wins..more of the same this year..Possibly!

    Aussie Mum, Tonganator, Memphis,..Jace Ohana…,etc. Zagreb Crew…speaking of, Ozi’s views,a lot or visitors.., so huge fan base and family base following from Croatia and locally…I would assume..

    Haven’t heard anything from Gib , except guys, seniors, juniors and the super freshman, are working extremely hard,…from fan and family standpoint, what else could you ask for? They will be successful, with that hard effort and especially doing well in classroom..

    Yes Ausse Mum and Eagle…MBB season very soon in progress…!!

  13. Eagle:

    I think UH MBB team and players will take that..Coaches and Media pick at 4..then team can work towards finishing in top 3 by BWC tourney time..good goal and motivation for them..

    The all conference BWC picks..I guess, and Gib and staff know too, notice that only Vander, a Big, at Center was a pre season 1st team pick…all the other players, either guard or guard/forward(wing players)…so Gib and team working that Zone, defense and offense..teams, will try to pack it in on Bigs for UH, and UH will try to shut down BWC teams with Zone, Bigs guarding the rim, last line of defense…maybe hybrid, a matchup zone, which was a good defense for the AC , Alika, Micah Kroeger teams..they got a lot of steals, playing passing lanes..they didn’t have Bigs like this year, yet they played pretty decent defense as did all of Riley Wallace’s teams..

    Good Observations Eagle…

    Now we got posts/comments going!!
    You are right, soon Dayton , who must be working 24/7(?)..wow…have video of scrimmage/practices, when the edit them, I am sure..hey Eagle and fans, just about a week from now, first game, and exhibition with HPU Nov 2 2012..that is very close.. and Laura B. and team have an exhibition game, with S. Ricketts(she is a winner)coming up in few days…get ready fans,,…BBall is around the corner!!

  14. Staph infections… hate ’em… I spray all wounds and scrapes with colloidal silver now… no infections, quicker healing time and no staph!…

  15. made — thanks for Colloidal Silver recommendation:

    Definitely agree it helps All Bacterial issues for me;
    (just “don’t personally, for myself, know” ‘cos haven’t had “confirmed” MRSA strain infection(s);
    but it definitely knocks out / prevents soar throats which sometimes could be staphylococcus aureus….

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