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Freshmen vs. Upper Classmen at ‘Ohana Hoopfest

Gib Arnold has stated that all of his incoming freshmen will be given a chance to play right away with the Hawaii basketball team, and he wasn’t kidding.

Arnold said this week’s Ohana Hoopfest will include an intrasquad scrimmage: Upper Classmen vs. Freshmen.

“Change it up a little bit … this year we’re going to have the Freshmen Challenge,” Arnold said. “There’s just so many new faces and so many new guys that a lot of people just want to see them and see them play, so we’re going to roll the ball out and let them get up and down the court a little bit and have some fun with that.”

The official roster currently features 15 players – eight upper classmen and seven freshmen. However, senior center Vander Joaquim is still recovering from knee injury and will not be available. A wildcard entry could be freshman forward Aaron Valdes, who is still awaiting clearance from the NCAA to join the Warriors.

Arnold said he presented the idea to the team last week, and the freshmen were up for the challenge.

“The freshmen came out and challenged us,” senior Hauns Brereton said. “They think they can take us, so we gotta do what we gotta do. I think it’s going to be nice and competitive, but I’m excited to see how it comes out.”

The upper classmen are Brereton, Jace Tavita, Keith Shamburger, Garrett Jefferson, Brandon Spearman, Christian Standhardinger and Davis Rozitis.

“It makes a huge difference,” Brereton said of Joaquim’s absence. “But Vander will be there cheering for us, so we still got him there.”

The freshmen are Manroop Clair, Michael Harper, Dyrbe Enos, Brandon Jawato, Ozren Pavlovic, Caleb Dressler and Isaac Fotu.

[singlepic id=158 w=400 h=320 float=right]

“I think we have a lot of young guards that can get up and down the court, but then we also have Isaac and I as the big guys down low anchoring it,” Dressler said. “I think we’ll be able to surprise people – surprise the upper classmen and get out and get the W.”

There could be an outside factor for the scrimmage in the form of black-and-white uniforms. Arnold said he is trying to secure local celebrities to serve as guest referees – and coaches – to keep with the entertainment theme of the evening.

In the previous two years of the ‘Ohana Hoopfest, there was also a “dance-off” between the coaches and the players, but there will be no such contest this year. Arnold said he injured his toe during a recent bodysurfing session, so will not be able to perform at full strength. “I’m going to rehab hard and I may be back next year,” he said with a laugh.

He said the players have the option of performing their own routine. Brereton said the players will try something, but “that’s a surprise – you have to come out and see it.”

Friday, October 12, 9:15 p.m. (approximate start time)
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
What: Introduction of UH men’s and women’s basketball teams
Festivities: Intrasquad scrimmage, slam-dunk contest, autograph session, UH student half-court shot contest for free textbooks, entertainment, and more.
Admission: Free*
Parking: $6

* A women’s volleyball match is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. The ‘Ohana Hoopfest will follow, approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the volleyball match. Fans who pay for admission to the volleyball match will be allowed to stay for the Hoopfest. Fans who want to attend just the Hoopfest will be allowed to enter the arena at the conclusion of the volleyball match.


  1. Thanks, Dayton!
    More Great News!

    WHEW ! That’s MORE Like it!
    Way to Go, Coach Gib!
    Great to see evidence that Someone @ UH is Listening!

    This also helps fulfill that “More Open Gym” Video Request…
    Although i would say more so, somebody (smart OC16) ought to kick this off earlier and also televise, live or delayed…

    More Excited Now for Friday’s Start of “Practices!”

    Thanks All Around to Everyone involved in the Switch it Up Decision!

  2. Aw rite! This should be a Great Event as always at the Stan. I wonder if they’ll still have the dunk contest although this upper classmen vs. under classmen game suits me fine getting to see what The Gibper got this year.

    Dayton much Mahalo keeping bb alive during the off season. Can’t wait for the season to begin

  3. As Eagle and Pocho said, this is great news! It should be a great way to kick-off the season!

    It should be interesting to see the freshman group, that will be here for 4 years together, play together as a unit against our talented upper classmen. It should be exciting!

  4. I agree with you two Eagle and Pocho,

    someone on this site, I think , said they would like to see Freshman vs Upperclassmen. I thought, hmmm, would be really interesting..didn’t think Gib would do it…And Gib thought about it, told the team and then media, and Wowwee..here we gooo! MBB Basketball glimpse into a regular game situation with pride on the line, is going to be here in 3 days, Fri Oct 12 2012.!!

    Mahalo Gib, you do read the blogs and boards..thankyou, you have a vastly growing fanbase! It should be fun!!

    Waiting for Aussie Mum and Tonganator, Utah, Memphis, to comment very soon, they can see family in post video hilites very soon(the festivities and slam dunk and scrimmage( a real one)..very soon..

    Dayton, great,great, great work , you make a large army of UH MBB fans happy!!


  5. On Scrimmage Upperclassmen vs Freshman: It appears the Frosh can give the upper classmen a run for their money…a good game, if not get a win…!!

    Brandon Spearman 6’3″ Keith Shamburger 5’11”
    Garrett Jefferson 6’3″
    Jace Tavita 6’4″

    Hauns Brereton 6’6″
    Christian Standhardinger 6’9″
    Davis Rozitis 7’0″

    Brandon Jawato 6’4″
    Manroop Clair 6’2″
    Dyrbe Enos 5’9″
    Michael Harper 6’4″

    The Freshman can get up and down the court, have shooters, and their true freshman bigs Isaac and Caleb..I have been watching them on video all summer to fall, they are physical and finesse,,should stay with
    Davis, Christian, (wildcard: hope, hope,. hope Aaron Valdes gets cleared…should be crazy good!!)

    Ozren Pavlovic 6’8″

    Isaac Fotu 6’8″
    Caleb Dressler 6’10”

  6. This is a smart move by Gib. Get the youngsters playing in front of the crowd. UH fans will get a good glimpse of the future of the program. Should be exciting!!!

    This year may be a little inconsistent because there’s so many new faces, but the backbone of the team runs through Vander and Hans. UH looks to be very solid for years to come. Gib is doing a great job, and he is still growing as a head coach. Last year, I noticed he’s improving as an in-game coach. Gib has always been a great recruiter and now he’s built a foundation of success for UH and that momentum will lead to wins.

    With the size and depth at the forward/center posotions, I think UH will be the favorites to win the Big West. There isn’t a single Big West team that can match UH’s frontline. If the new recruits play well, it will be a very nice year for UH and a possible trip to the Big Dance. The only question mark will be the point guard play.

  7. Well written Former UH athlete. Very interesting to get insights from a former player. Please continue to post throughout the season.

    Our strength should be in our post play. Big West teams are significantly thin in the frontline in terms of depth and talent in the forward/center positions.

    The team certainly has a lot of new faces. Hopefully, they get their act together by conference play and make a run in March.

  8. I thought the Lower/Upperclassmen game was a Great Idea the first time it was brought up here…

    The players FR/UC, smartly recruited cover “all” the positions, except the proven pg as we’ve all lamented — even he coach came around to it —

    So watching Manroop Clair, Michael Harper, and Dyrbe Enos present their best efforts against Keith Shamburger, Jace Tavita, Garrett Jefferson and Brandon Spearman, — you KNOW the Upper Classmen To Win, WILL Push ANY Advantage they’ve discovered over the past three months — especially IF they can pick a turnover or steal when it matters with the game on the line…
    (And the freshmen WILL surprise any way they can….
    Ditto — Hope Aaron can join the Game/Festivities…
    Way Cool that Caleb, Isaac and Orel were ‘recruited’ at this event…)

    I’m thinking maybe: 1) The Freshmen may have been looking pretty good in practice or open gym because Gib would want a relatively competitive game (versus a usual draft); and/or 2) maybe he’d like to see this freshmen class bond, come together (and STICK Together through their careers) and we can All Track their potential “Record Book Re-Writing” Careers …

    [we had a College basketball league team called “The Sophs” for the reason that we struggled against more experienced teams as freshmen, but by our sophomore year we were one of the dominant teams in the league and no one could get “recruited” away by other teams.]


    RE: Down The Road a little with The Big West:

    I’d also like to think we can/will Challenge Near the Top of The League…
    yet i’ve got to respect those players and teams that have ‘proven’ they can consistently play “every” night and in everybody’s back yard/home court …
    so the Two Teams with proven, returning Stars — Long Beach and Fullerton would be deserving of the “Pre-Season” Favorites Role, but maybe U.H. will earn everybody’s Respect by Winning (NO Moral Victories here) into the Post-Season — that would be one of my goals for the team …
    “Dark Horse” for Starters … Earn the Reputation of “Great Finishers” ….
    (although i find Fast-Starts more relaxing…)

  9. I believe I suggested the idea of the upper classmen vs the frosh several months ago. You can go back and check the prior blogs. At the least, it will be interesting. Too bad Vander won’t be participating, but I hope he will be healed by the start of the season. I also hope that Valdes will be cleared by Friday. If he can play, I give the edge to the freshman. Isaac will be a force. I hope Dressler can be the second coming of at least Shimonovich. Pavlovic can shoot it like Savovic,just bigger. Clair reminds me in some ways of Trevor Ruffin, fearless when shooting the ball. Valdes reminds of that All-WAC defensive player who’s name escapes me but with better athleticism and better hops and shooting. Looking forward to it. It’s a lot more exciting than the football team right now. Sorry, but that’s the sad truth.

  10. I little amnesia, but it came back to me. The guy I was thinking about is Vincent Smalls

  11. FTR, Great Posts All, solid suggestion, Derek,
    As Usual, good background understanding/knowledge of the program and the team; significantly better than some of the “contributing articles” i’ve seen on some of Pre-Season Magazines over the years…

    DO Post Often FUHA, …seen your postings on other sites, consistently insightful, well thought out and well-received…

    ideally (Hopefully? i think eventually, assuredly, given sufficient time, might be three years) the football team will elevate to the level of UHBB and stay there — BIG Team sport hard to consistently elevate or change “overnight”, and the coach ‘worth’ Millions of Dollars (JJ) ‘spoiled’ us…

  12. Sounds like it’s going to be a FAN-tastic, action PAC HOOPFEST night!!! We will be cheering with Aussie Mum, for the FRESHMAN team!!! Wish it is streaming online so we can see the game. No doubt Dayton will post it up as soon as, and thanks once again Dayton and the team for great job. I see one of FB fans in other forum suggesting to have site specifically for the FB team, like this site. Your great work Dayton is been recognised locally and globally….

    BRING IT ON!!!!

  13. Have to also keep an eye out for recruits during the Hoopfest. Possibly D.J. Fenner, a high major caliber recruit, out of Washington.

    Manroop drew comparisons to Jimmer and Stephen Curry by ESPN the magazine, but Trevor Ruffin isn’t a bad one either. I like the blend of upperclassmen and promising freshmen. This year’s team has a chance to be very good by conference play.

  14. I understand that this is very exciting but I just want you all to know that I am crying into my cornflakes this morning!!!
    But in my absence please make sure that you pack the stadium and cheer loudly – it should be so exciting for you all.
    Obviously I will be supporting the Freshmen!!!

    Go Warrior Freshmen (?)

  15. The Tonganator, hopefully hawaiiathletics.com has a video from hoopsfest as well. But, Dayton always has a pretty good coverage on it.

    Many of us are excited to see Isaac Fotu (also Michael Harper) this season. It’s been a while since we had a freshman that could play the post as well as he does.

  16. Aussie Mum,

    We are very sad that you could not be here! I am sure Michael feels the same! He has an outstanding Mum who cares about him. Michael will be a very good player for UH MBB team. As a student athlete he has really impressed the coaching staff. The Thunder from Down Under, MH!

    Aussie Mum, pretty sure, as other posters commented above, Dayton will have a good video piece on UH OhanaHoopfest, with slam dunk contest, and Freshman vs Upperclassmen scrimmage..He should have it soon after Friday Oct 12 2012..Dayton is the Warrior Insider, he will provide coverage for Tonganator and Aussie Mum..from far away physcially, however your HEARTS are with your boys that are part of MBB team, and the State of Hawaii.

    Gib I am sure says Aloha to parents and family from around the Globe!!

    Hope you make it soon Aussie Mum and Tonganator to see Michael and Isaac Play!!

    Going to be rocking the Stan Sheriff Center!!

  17. Tonganator and Aussie Mum,

    Would be good to go to UH athletics site. For upcoming MBB season, see what is available online from Oceanic Time Warner for selected Men’s Basketball games. You will see a link there, UH Home Telecasts Worlwide…
    maybe in Australia and New Zealand you can log on(I am just guessing, good to see when games are scheduled if your online providers link to Oceanic Time Warner)..Maybe other fans out there know? Are UH games available worldwide via online stream?

    Also: Check UH MBB schedule. check Details. It usually lists if PPV or ESPN or ESPN3 or ESPNU coverage..would have to check with your Cable TV and online providers too..

    Maybe that helps…you might be able to see, if you can receive ESPN(USA) networks online or on cable, Diamond Head Classic games, or Early ESPN game on Nov 12 2012 1100pm HST, part of ESPN’s 24 hr coverage of MBB hoops:

    Time: 11:00 p.m.
    Live Stats
    TV: ESPN
    Radio: ESPN 1420 AM Listen
    University of Hawaii vs Houston Baptist

    If any other fan or poster knows more of how Aussie Mum and Tonganator can watch games globally, please post..Mahalo..these two are great, great ohana and fans of their guys on MBB team!! Aloha and Mahalo.!!


  18. Thanks Uhfanzonly1, I always look forward to your posts and your words today make me feel better.
    Although I couln’t finish my cornflakes but had toast and vegemite instead!!!

    I hope Michael plays well and brings all the UHMBB fans alot of enjoyment and fun.

    Go Michael
    Go Warriors (Freshmen)

  19. I saw that clip where Manroop told the interviewer that he takes, or was it makes 1000 shots a day. Dang, that’s a lot of shooting every day. After awhile it just comes automatic, the release, the rotation, the distance, the floor, etc. Are Gibs getting new unis for the team? I think it’s time for the team to get some good stuff. Wouldn’t mind having shorts in having aloha print as long as they are loose and knee length. Those old aloha short and tight shorts were horrid worn by guys like Artie Wilson, Dwight Holiday, etc. Good Bless, my man, Dwight Holiday. He’s a good friend and worked together at our former bank. One of the nicest guys I have ever met.

  20. Thanks Uhfanzonly1 and DK for the info. Great phrase Uhfanzonly1 “The Thunder from Down Under” Michael will live up to that.
    I hear Jace and Isaac are the POLY-EXPRESS!!


  21. Tonganator …

    RE: Poly-Express

    Hauns Brereton (Part-Samoan) and Dyrbe Enos (Part-Hawai’ian) could also Qualify for the Polynesian Express…

    Great Freshman Class …

    Two Years Before, Gib’s Recruiting Class was Rated in The Top 20 …
    This Class is Probably Better….

  22. Aloha, Freshmen:

    Caleb is impressive in representing you in challenging the Upperclassmen for the match.
    Hauns does expressed respect for your forte but he appeared tough & readied!

    dream do come true in less than 2 months —
    Black challenged White;
    Frosh versus Upper.
    althought the best coach for you has declined (will ask for new), my applause still will goes to you..
    provided that “Man”‘s ankle rehab is totally successful. ’cause he’s the x-factor in this encounter; (opportunity #2 for him to fulfilled his promise made at the Ace & “King-Christian”‘s last birthday party
    at the Gib-mansion); otherwise “Airon”, the wild-card, really needs to be cleared in-time to replace him for us to maintain that winning edge.

    hey, Coach Beeman:

    need your help, please! >> quick, join the celebraty group & go coach the Frosh TEAM, for you’re the perfect “Frosh Coach” now ~
    for the Upperclassmen TEAM, they’ll have the service of the “Money-Coach” Tony Salito!

    after you lead the Frosh to victory, go pick 2 of your Wahine players, who are the best for free-throw & 3’s to compete with Dyrbe & Michael as another interesting contest! on & on & on..

    Mahalo, Coach Gib, for making these possible.. Mr. Bobby Curren for the plugs on your show, Dayton & Sponsors for WI participations plus..

    Wow, isn’t it too much fun for one night..? Oops, it’s morning alreadied but, the house in still FULL!

  23. Yes Eagle. Ofcourse Hauns and Dyrbe are quilified for the Polynesian Express… there is always room for one…..

    Lets get it done!!!

  24. Thank you again Dayton for wonderful site and your hard work supporting and providing information on UH MBB!
    Now, we have had regular posters from about April 2012?…when things were in limbo..Now, it is Oct 2012, nearly 7 months later,..I think , several of the core fanbase and now a growing legion of fans from the state of Hawaii and globally are joining this wave of excitement, ..key: Gib and staff did a great job recruiting HIGH CHARACTER, and we will learn soon, athlectically and of course academically skilled young men..!

    It is , as another fellow fan stated.. “a win, win” or ” feel good” situation..I think , aside from what was/is happening with Football team, the coaches and fans and especially team have worked really hard to keep the spirit of UH MBB alive …Now season nears, and the FUN begins..!!


    And a great shout out and Mahalo to fans , spanning the globe! One UH MBB family!!

  25. DK,

    DJ Fenner committed to Nevada. He was supposed to setup visits to Hawaii, Nevada and UC Irvine, but committed to Nevada last week according to some very reliable sources.

    Maybe we’re getting visits from Aaric Armstead and Ako Kaluna, those two would be my guess.

  26. Kendall,

    You’re right. Just saw it on ESPN recruiting. He would have been a good one for us.

  27. we have better than 50/50 chance of landing ako kaluna.
    that would be something if we could get all five polys on the court at one time. it would be an ncaa first.

    too bad, hauns is graduating.

  28. we still need to land a freshman pg in the next class.

  29. still elated that shamburger turned around and headed back to hawaii.

    funny how things worked out. he was our top pg prospect two years ago or was that three years ago. i believe he wanted to be a warrior but because of the urging by his family that he stayed in california. when he turned down our offer the gibber went after bobby miles.

    so a disgruntled miles leaves and in his place arrives a happy shamburger. talk about a turnaround, literally. shamburger’s game will fit in real well next year.

  30. i thought i heard a birdie say that we were looking real hard at more down under boys both australian and new zealander. for both football and basketball.

  31. our roster is a true indication of how hard the gibber works at recruiting.
    we come from all over the world and all over the united states.
    it seems like we got some real high character student/athletes this time.

    some of our freshmen seem really young physically so we need to be patient with the core of the frosh. however, i really like their upside.

  32. Freshmen against the upper classmen……I think this could turn out to be an interesting match-up. This year’s freshmen class looks like a up and coming group.

  33. Al, how’s this: Kaluna going geev em the kahuna, and after that he going kick da okole!!!!

  34. Ako does it only as a true Hawaiian Warrior can.
    tons of pride for the Hawaiians, brah!
    Hele Mai!

  35. Seems like the New Zealanders are bent on carving out their own paths?

    Uber Athletic Isaac Fotu to Hawai’i…

    Seven Footer Steven Adams to Pittsburgh and Jamie Dixon
    TOP 100 Recruit?

    Tai Webster Visiting Nebraska — Verbally Committed?
    OR Will Isaac, DAD & UH Heritage Kick In?

    Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Ahoy? The Return of The Pineaus?

    ANY Word on WHO’s Really Interested ?
    WHO Can Michael Harper Recruit ?
    Tim Tam City….

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