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Ask Coach Arnold: Preseason questions

There seems to be an excitement surrounding the Hawai’i basketball team entering this season, and head coach Gib Arnold is certainly feeling it.

“I will say this about this team, I’m as excited about this group of guys as any team I’ve ever had,” said Arnold, who started his collegiate coaching career in 1995. “I think a lot of it has to do with the youth of the team.”

Arnold made that statement during the latest session of “Ask Coach Arnold” – a feature where he answers questions submitted by fans on WarriorInsider.com. It was part of his answer to a question submitted by (; tut asking “What makes this team different from all other teams that you have coached?”

Other questions selected for Arnold this time came from …

Pocho: “With a bunch of talented freshmen, how are you going to keep them all happy with playing time?”

Part of Arnold’s response: “I’m not going to keep them all happy with playing time. That’s the reality of college basketball. There’s five guys that play and I’ve got 15 guys on the team.”

Eagle: “What are the specific developmental strategies for building a solid point guard corps?”

Part of Arnold’s response: “You’d like to have a mixture of all that and if you got that, then you have an NBA style point guard. So we’re going to have to do it by committee and really continue to work with these guys.”

DK: “Could you compare and contrast the dynamics of recruiting during your time in the Pac-12, during your junior college days, and now in Hawaii?”

Part of Arnold’s response: “There is a difference, but it all comes down to relationship … that doesn’t change whether you’re in Twin Falls, Idaho, or Los Angeles or in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at Hawaii.”

jjay: “Now that you have verbal commitments from three high school seniors, are you done recruiting for the class of 2013?”

Part of Arnold’s response: “I’m not allowed to really comment on recruiting of players who haven’t signed yet, but I will say you are always recruiting.”

Thanks to all of you who submitted questions, and we will try to have another session during the season when time permits.


  1. Much thanks for this segment. I didn’t expect such in-depth answers. It was great.

    Already getting excited for this group, as coach reiterates, with its team chemistry and high ceiling.

  2. THANKS, Coach,
    Thanks, Dayton,

    This Team should be among the Most Enjoyable to watch their individual and team development progress and Wins along the way…. Thanks for bringing in Great Young Men, with character, talent and focus that hopefully keeps them together through the good, the bad and the growth…

    This Chapter Begins….

  3. Thanks Dayton!

    and with that response from The Gibper I hope he does find a way to keep every single player in the game. We all would hate to see any player leaving the program.

  4. It Would be Gratifying and Big-Time Fun to see 5, 6, 7, Even 8 of The Freshmen
    make it through their Junior/Senior Years Together
    and as The Stats and Wins accumulate …
    Rise to Lifelong Friends who re-write the Record Books and put UH on the NCAA Tourney Map…

    Sorry, “NEW” Keyboard…
    Dayton — IF there’s a way for us to Edit/Correct/Revise our own Entries?
    PLease Delete the Editorially-Challenged Entries Above


    Please lock up Gib Arnold to a solid long term contract before a Pac 12 school lures him away!!! I know Gib got a raise and extension last year, but after the 2014-15 season, he’s not locked up yet. There’s only performance incentive related extensions (which is fine), but as of now, any school with money could come in and buyout Gib’s contract (only would cost about $1 Million total) and take him.

    UH really should lock Gib into a 5-7 year contract now, while its still cheap, before UH starts returning to NIT or NCAA tournaments (I think the Big Dance is a real possibility this year). Once the BB team starts bringing in extra revenue from the post-season, Gib’s future contract gets more expensive.

    If I had the power, I would suggest that there be a $2 Million buyout clause payable to UH Athletics should another school take Gib prior to the end of his contract if UH won’t commit to a long term contract. That way if another school takes Gib early, then UH will have plenty of ammunition to find a great coach and/or upgrade facilities.

    By comparison; Steve Fischer (SDSU) makes $800k base – just received new contract; Dave Rice (UNLV) makes $400k, but that will change soon; Stew Morrill (Utah St) makes $400k and is being courted by Pac 12 teams; Marvin Menzies (NMSU) makes $300k; Dan Monson (LB St) makes $289k (2nd highest in Big West other than Hawaii).

    In 2013 and beyond, San Diego St comes to the Big West and I think it will be a 3 team arms race with Long Beach, SDSU, and UH for years to come. Steve Fischer has built SDSU into a power and Dan Monson is turning LB St into a 2nd Gonzaga story (Monson build up Gonzaga and took them to the Elite 8 prior to Mark Few taking over).

    Ultimately, if Gib continues to improve as a coach, at some point UH won’t be able to afford to keep him… Somebody will take him away eventually. All UH can do is protect the program and make it expensive for him to leave early.

  6. Dayton and Gib thankyou!

    Interesting side point/observation Dayton…I believe, many of the core posters here, felt the same way as Gib, in regards to current group of guys, PG situation, recruiting dynamic, PT,etc.

    One question from a poster was about “learning from the past 2 years” managing /dealing with players and retaining, etc..

    I think Gib did answer that question when he change the focal point of recruiting this year: HIGH CHARACTER student athletes, who fit..not the scramble and gamble recruiting he had to do in 10 days when hired late and starting his first year..that is why only Davis and Vander are here..yet they have turned out to be the HIGH CHARACTER now GOOD ATHLETE/STUDENT that he want and needs to have stable/fun/ hard working and winning program..

    Gib : If you read this post…I give you a lot of credit for doing a very good job in recruiting either scholarship or inviting preferred walkons to program…you have made it very interesting for UH hard core and faithful fans as well as a lot of potential new fans..

    I am sure the guys will work hard, remember , I am sure you always tell them in regards to PT, whether the guys are in there for 4 min or 40 min, play hard , smart and together, on Offense and Defense..

    Gib, look forward to good year..at least by March…go get em…and have fun coaching a great bunch of student /athletes..

  7. former uh athlete are u crazy? what has gib achieved that was so great that deserves a raise and long term contract?…i feel gib wants to be here long-term no matter what and wouldn’t jump ship that fast anyway but he’ll have to win the BW a couple years before the pac-12 offers

  8. I watched video again, focus on what Gib states…once again, ALL of the replies, reflect the philosophy /vision he has in regards to PT, recruiting, HIGH CHARACTER, work hard on and off court, POTENTIAL has to be developed, has 15 guys, to be successful and happy, all buy into TEAM first, whether first 5 or 15th guy..win or lose..represent Hawaii, UH..want to be here…unique situation of recruiting from middle of Pacific.., PG by committee..HIGH CEILING..of players(freshman), have to coach, preach teach..

    Gib is pretty much, Gib. ..He loves Hawaii and the MBB team guys who love being here and will work and develop..constant recruiter…

    He likes this team, he liked the Hiram, Bill Amis team..that was a great bunch(from his first year end comments)

    If you talk to Gib in person, or read about him, or see video online or TV, his comments are consistent..

    So all freshman and transfers on team..: Gib has outlined, what he expects from players/students/citizens…they know the deal..if not: well Gib constantly recruiting..now for 2014 ..which is good.

    Yes, Gib got it..STABILIZE program with right FIT guys, and work toward success as a TEAM..Big challenge, hope coach and staff get it done,, I think they can, and guys stay injury free, if possible and academically qualified..!!

    I hope they win at least 20 games, somehow..that would be first year: 19 wins, second: 16, and big Third Year 20 games,,,that is improvment!!

  9. Former UH Athlete:

    I see where you are coming from…not just whether Gib is going to go out and win 26 games this year and sweet sixteen, actually PROTECTING UH, thinking DOWN THE ROAD…be prepared to sign him while still WITHIN reach financially,,…Not so much so that Gib has had a three year run in NCAA’s, ..Foresight, getting it done sooner than later….Makes sense..

    However, we shall see, …wonder if new AD will have a say? Don’t know about that….I think BOR , is under a spotlight, so maybe NOW they are going to get things going in right direction! I mean, the Board, we know they by name and face, some are our neighbors, fellow businessmen, alumni…I think BOR, has to take care a couple things first..i.e. You Know…then ..address the others..pretty soon, new hire of AD…!!

    Former UH Athlete, ..you sure love the UH and the program…great insight..and you are correct, if we were the POWER that be, and had a couple of billion dollars at our disposal, we would get it done right…hopefully BOR does..whomever the high profile successful UH coaches are…

    Let’s see how UH MBB finishes the , I think 11 game pre conference schedule..hopefully , they can be 8 and 3 before going into 18 game BWC season, and can go at least 12 and 6, and get the ESPN bracket buster game(at home SSC) , then Gib and team would finish regular season at 21 and 9, which is pretty good, ..then, who knows, if they can get hot in BWC tourney…well there you go….Gib has his BIG year 3…

    Exciting stuff, pretty soon exhibition with HPU Nov 2 2012, we see how guys progressing ,…then Maryland Eastern Shore(with their athletes)…on Nov 9 2012…which is very close..

    Hope everything pans out for Gib the team and we fans!!

    Thank you for you comments, Former UH athlete..always appreciate..all posters, Aussie Mum, DK, jjay, Pocho, Eagle, Tonagator, Clyde, hawaiifan, …thanks to Gib for still recruiting to get 9 new guys and one redshirt Jr transfer..makes for a lot of excitement!!

    Go Warriors!!

  10. GIB was already Nationally Recognized while in JC and at USC….
    FUHA’s point (i think visionary and well-taken) is NOT to Repeat Herman’s Error of Waiting Too Long with JJones…
    Today, Even @ $3 Million, i doubt we could get him back without Huge Votes of Confidence & Highest Level Support….
    (Although i would Welcome Current FB Staff’s Improvement to Visible/Measurable Success, .500 would Look !Great! from here…)

    By Contrast, the 16 & 19 Wins with Other Staffs’ Players supplemented by ‘Crisis’, then (less-than-successful) one-year “step-up” recruiting but followed by a Strong (likely, but Must Evaluate with Current Available Data, so 2 and 3- star Recruits, where rated, up to Potentially Stellar) Two-Year Class IS PLENTY of Evidence for UH Insiders…As the Wins pile up, it will become obvious even to the Competition/Outsiders…

    Unfortunately, Even IF the UHADept AND Upper Campus (UC) in their current tumultuous state started to work this “Today”, it is doubtful they would accomplish anything significant before the obvious results roll in (it would be easy to Veto/Shut-Off if calamity occurred instead)…

    UC/UHAD ‘should’ do this for All Successful UH Coaches and Initiate Prioritized Actions to Support and RETAIN All of Them… As Fans we’ve Kibitzed the loss of Declining Performance/Under-Achieving Student-Athletes…Watch the Fast & Further Decline IF we continue Losing Above-Average Performing Coaches…

    UHAD needs to keep pursuing (NOW) All Necessary Actions…
    THAT is The Key Message of the Letter signed by 43/44 UHAD Coaches
    (that Chancellor Apple is about to be grilled for mis-using/mis-interpreting…)

    IN The Mean Time, we are fortunate to enjoy UHMBB…
    Lock Down that Formula for Success….

  11. I really like Coach Gib’s themes of relationships, team work, comittment both on and off the court and investment/continuous improvement.

    I still don’t know if he has had a Tim Tam but I guess that is just a marker of the fact that we are at the serious part of the season!!!!

    Go Warriors!!!

  12. Aussie Mum,

    You keep things light and refreshing. True when NCAA MBB season starts, things get more intense, serious, they want to put together a good team and have success, as does your son Michael!

    In regards to Tim Tams, I did Google it..the nearest thing to that, I could think of was the Twix candy bar in the USA..if you Google “Twix” candy..it sort of is like Tim Tams, however I think Tim Tams has more chocolate content , probably more of the good sweet stuff.

    We always enjoy your comments, …the fellow warriorinsider posters..

    Mahalo and Aloha to the Mum from Down Under!!

  13. Really enjoy your content and site Dayton! Check this website everyday awaiting your next post. Any way you could get Manroop to talk about his game against Rasheed Sulaimon and what was actually said between the two?

  14. uhwarrior1:

    You are correct about that, uhw1, this is the site for ALL things UH MBB, most year round.. and thanks to Dayton his staff and super sponsors! Good job Dayton!

  15. when you have a team where the players genuinely get along with each other, everything else comes easier, and the Gibster’s hair may not get any grayer this year!

  16. you know you got talent, Coach agree with that, your parents want you to make it count.

    you made it here, you know what you like, you got a taste of what it is and you really in it (thank goodness)!

    Coach is optimistic; parents felt fantastic:
    one step at a time, slow but for sure.

    “Let’s make it enjoyable all the way”!

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