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World Wide Warriors: Salt Lake City, Utah

Jace Tavita opted to stay in Hawai’i this summer instead of returning to his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

He’s hoping the extra work he put in – athletically and academically – will pay off with a trip for the entire Hawai’i basketball team to Salt Lake City in March.

“Hopefully the next time I get to come home is for the NCAA Tournament,” the senior guard said. “I know there’s a round in Utah, so you never know, maybe we can make it back.”

Salt Lake City is home to the NBA’s Utah Jazz, and there is no NFL franchise in Utah. Still, Tavita said football is the most popular sport in the state. He played football through his sophomore year of high school before concentrating solely on basketball his junior and senior years.

“I played varsity my freshman and sophomore year, and then I decided to stick with basketball,” he said. “My freshman year I played receiver, and then my sophomore year I played quarterback.”

His concentration on basketball paid off with a spot on the hometown University of Utah team in 2008. He eventually transferred to Hawaii in December 2010, and will finally make his playing debut as a Warrior this season.


  1. Jace… Take Charge @ point; Teach ‘Roop And Mike Harper to be Effective Point Guards so that you and Keith Shamburger can “ensure” effective point guard Continuity and Transfer….

  2. Jace might have been a great grid-iron player with his straight-away speed and strength.

    But, he definitely is needed this year for our bball team. I thought Jace showed some nice potential in last year’s scrimmages where he led the scout team. Hoping for a breakout year from him.

  3. Mahalo Jace for the sacrifice by you and especially for your ohana in being a MBB Warrior!
    Yes, your maturity, physically and athletically will help the team to win!

    I think of you, and the hard work and time spent, off season and getting it done in practices to help last year’s team as well as staying here during summer to get in together academically to be on track to graduate, akin to Hiram Thompson. Hiram had a lot of courage and leadership. You will provide the same!

    I can imagine you as being a power point guard, taking care of the ball, so strong that nobody would steal if from you…that is the type of guard UH MBB team needs , to ensure that every offensive possession from running sets, to guiding the fast break to inbounding the ball, is a given.

    With your hard work and support of a great Ohana here and in Utah, you will be a great addition to the 2012-13 team…and you know what Jace, that dream of reaching Utah, for an NCAA game this year, could come true!

    Mahalo and Aloha Jace Tavita!!

  4. Aloha Jace,

    we all looking for your leadership running the team. Your senior year so bring all you can to the court and can’t wait to see what you got!

  5. Can’t wait for BB season!!! Loaded with youngsters, so expect some ups and downs. With Gib’s outstanding recruiting efforts, UH is in a great position moving forward.

    I have high expectations this year because of the size and depth of the bigs. There isn’t a single Big West opponent that can match UH’s size and depth.

    With Jefferson and Valdes, Gib has two very athletic defenders at his disposal to shut down quality scorers.

  6. Kia Ora, Jace:

    you the man of patience; you wait for it, you got it, Mansu Mansu!

    opportunities couldn’t be any better ~ time to geevum your all..

    secured your handle, stiffen your legs ~ goto that no-man’s land, make that perfect pass. scores no team can keep up; SSC as well as Utah..

    the Ohana can’t be happier!!!

  7. With the struggles of the football team, can’t wait for basketball season, Ohana Night! First practice in front of the fans! OK Gib and Company show us Gangnam Style on Ohana night ,check out your new dance on You Tube or ask your daughter’s to teach you! they probably know it by heart!!
    Go Gib Go, Gangnam Style !!!!

  8. The PG spot is Tavita’s to lose to begin the season. He’s got the experience and the D-1 frame… it remains to be seen if he can consistently hit the outside shot and defend quick guards but there’s only one way to find out. I’m rooting for him though as he’s probably the best player at finding both Vander and Hauns in their spots.

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