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World Wide Warriors: Latvia

Anybody want to visit Latvia? There’s a 7-foot tour guide willing to show you around his home country.

Davis Rozitis, junior forward for the Hawaii basketball team, has become a fan – and media — favorite in part because of his outgoing personality.

“A place where you definitely have to go,” Rozitis said in describing Latvia. “If people from Hawaii would just notify me that they are coming out, I would show them some hospitality. Just like you guys are showing me some here.”

Of course, the weather in Eastern Europe can be quite different from Hawaii. The winters are especially cold, and Rozitis said even the summers can be cloudy and rainy.

Not surprisingly, he said ice hockey is the most popular sport in Latvia, although basketball and soccer are also popular. Rozitis, again perhaps not surprisingly, did not partake in youth hockey in his home country.

“I don’t know actually how to skate,” he said. “I’ve skated one time in my life … while holding on the sides, I made it one lap and didn’t like it. Since then never stepped on ice anymore.”


  1. DR 13 for life!

  2. Davis The Beast Behind (and in Front of) the Camera…

    AND This Year Also on The Court…

    Lookin’ for a Vander-type Break-out junior Season…
    All the Way Through a Super-Senior Money Year….

    Davis Continuing that Team Trend of Really Talented Basketball Players
    AND just Really Good Guys…

    Mahalo, Davis, Dayton & Coaches…

  3. Another great video clip! Thanks Dayton!

  4. Mahalo Dayton and sponsors for videos!

    Davis, congratulations first and foremost on your academic success! Very good student athlete!
    Keep getting stronger, and provide leadership, on and off the court. I think you will be KEY to having a great season for MBB as a 3 year athlete in program!

    Mahalo, and hope to see your family or friends at SSC one day!!

  5. what impresses me most about this young man is his intelligence. that, and his command of the english language as well as speech.

    i see davis becoming more than a casual substitute this year and he will be one of the leaders.

  6. Agreed with the above post. Davis certainly is a great young man with a great attitude.

    I also think that he will only get better and better on the basketball court.You rarely see 7 footers with his mobility, outside shot, and the ability to finish with both hands. Looking forward to a great year.

  7. Welcome back Davis. Nice to see you in Great shape and a little more confident and aggressive.

    expect more from you this year

  8. Dayton thank you again for interviews and keeping the interest, and the fans and families of players looking forward to season!

    2)Isaac-New Zealand

    6 and 7 , I guess Michael Harper and Ozren Pavlovic! or Ozren and Michael, either way!!

    This year’s team we have gotten to know them well. Mahalo for your hard work Dayton and staff!
    As one poster, said, even if there is no Midnite Ohana fest, or a meet and greet players before first day of practice, or scrimmage(don’t want any to get hurt!), we pretty much know the players by now..

    Look forward, to your reports on continued workouts, and open gym, King of the Beach, and the first day of practice and ensuing scimmages..

    In Retrospect, even though having 15 athletes available for this season, and possible(maybe)RS a couple, if young guys do have(hopefully not!!) a medical/injury setback between now and November, Gib has luxury of waiting until right before the season to declare(with athlete and families input)who if any will RS , I assume. Just My Opinion fans..

    I kind of think Gib will keep active as many as he can, that can contribute to a winning season, For What Its Worth and Just My Opinion!

  9. Kia Ora, Dayton:

    wit WI, u made a name for yourself World Wide and, & deservingly so, State Wide as well!
    aft Harper, Pavlovic then, State Wide Warriors: (alphabetically by last name. all nine of ’em).
    these extraordinary young men too, had been dedicated the entire Summer, developing themselves mentally as well physically preparing to be all-fit, all-in TEAM players – the UH MBB Renaissance Warriors! certainly, we won’t let’em feel left-out or neglected – we been so excited about & admiring the talents of numbers of new comers’, are fortunate to be in this special time, yet, in the bottom of our heart, not even for the slightest moment that a guy who has been DOING IT from two years ago.. shown us the result of IT every game in the Summer League in a extremely cool & humble manner!! he is “the King of Memphis Workout II” , the reigning “King of the Beach”. the one & only Hauns Brereton! (hopefully, TEAM will name #21 Captain/co-Captain).

  10. Davis sounds like a nice, intelligent young man. His mom must be proud of him.

  11. Palolo Warrior – you took the words right out of my mouth.
    Great video Davis and thankyou again Dayton (this must be your full time job!!)
    I love hearing all the guys mention their mum’s home cooking – with big smiles on their faces!

    Go Davis
    Go Warriors

  12. WORD Filtering in on 2013 Recruiting Visit This Weekend …

    Michael Thomas, 6-foot-5 senior from El Camino Real High in L.A., CA

    Interesting to hear feedback from the team and coaches after they get to workout together…

    DAYTON — Can Recruits get onto Open Gym Video ?
    (Suspect NOT…)

  13. NEED NCAA Clearinghouse to Clear Aaron Valdes;
    IF he’s qualified as Coach thinks, NCAA Shouldn’t be holding up his work/progress;
    NCAA makes most of its income from D-1 Basketball…
    C’mon NCAA , Better, More Timely Service!
    (But don’t be getting any more mad @ Hawai’i).

    Any Visitor Sightings?
    Wonder who’s playing Host?

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