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World Wide Warriors: Canada

Manroop Clair grew up in Canada, so you would think he has some experience in ice hockey or skiing or snowboarding or some other winter sport.


“The most popular sport is hockey, but I never played it because I can’t skate,” he said. “I never gave it a try … I’m not a fan of the winter.”

Of course, Clair was busy spending most of his time in gyms honing the basketball skills that earned him a place on this year’s Hawaii basketball team. The freshman guard is from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (although he spent last season attending a prep school in West Virginia).

Like most youth basketball players in Canada, Clair grew up idolizing Steve Nash – the Canadian who won two NBA Most Valuable Player Awards.

“He’s huge,” Clair said. “He’s the best point guard in the league. Hopefully he can win a NBA title this year.”

Clair is the fifth player from Canada to play for the Warriors, and the first from Western Canada. The previous four (Carl English, Phil Martin, Adam Jespersen and Paul Campbell) were all from Eastern Canada.


  1. Welcome, ‘Roop!

    You seem to have a good sense of humour…
    Probably seems ‘crazy’ that there’s ‘this much’ interest here, yeah?

    The way you can shoot,
    You might become a Rock Star here..

    Keep it All Real…
    Thanks for joining the Hawai’i Team
    Have a Great, Long Career…
    You shooting to become The Next Steve Nash could be a Big Win-Win…
    Fight for that PG PT… even to Start…

  2. Manroop,
    So glad that you decided to join the UH basketball Ohana. I hope you get fully healed and work your way into the rotation this year. With all of our size and skill in the front court you will get a lot of open looks from the perimeter on the kick outs. Light the nets on fire and enjoy your stay in Hawaii. Build the program so it gets back on the national scene.

  3. Roop, academics, practice , eat , sleep , when you go to the weight training area introduce yourself to coach Heffernan, head strength and conditioning trainer for UH , he’ll make you bigger, faster ,and stronger get you ready for the season. Good Luck

  4. Thankyou Dayton for videos!

    Manroop, aloha and mahalo for becoming a UH MBB warrior! I can appreciate your dedication and competitiveness as a point guard in open gym! Get well and look forward to this season , through your senior season!

    Great young guy! Gib did good job getting high character student athletes from around the globe!!

  5. Thanks so much Dayton with keeping us up to date – not only with the UHMBB team’s basketball skills but an opportunity to get to know all the guys on the team. They all present themselves very well – they speak well – talk about their families and look very happy.
    Great job Manroop, your mother should be very proud of you,
    Go Warriors!

  6. Welcome to Hawaii Manroop. I like hearing you’re dedicated to bb your sport of choice and we can’t wait to see you on the court.

    Enjoy your stay in Hawaii and soak up the sun, maybe Coach can take you surfing during the offseason, no pain and a lot of fun.

  7. I like the way Manroop plays. Scores from deep, scores from mid-range, scores from inside, great cross over, step back, handles the ball, passes well. He’s just a natural scorer. Confident too. He can work on his defense, but Steve Nash isn’t noted for his defense either. I have not met him, yet but he is my favorite player already. I’m sold. Just look at his highlight film and there is a lot of footage. Trust your eyes. He’s only 18. Can be better than Carl English in my opinion because of his ball handling and his unlimited range. Because of him, I want to buy some BB season’s tickets. I think Gib found a gem. A lot of programs were recruting him as a 2013 commit, but Gib found out Manroop can play this year. That’s doing his homework.

  8. good luck in hawaii manroop, Make bc proud.
    you number 1 fan!!

    Aj chahal

  9. good luck in hawaii manroop, Make bc proud.
    your number 1 fan!!

    Aj chahal

  10. Welcome to Hawaii, Manroop. Have fun and see you around.

  11. When Manroop starts to show his game, and believe me he has a lot of game the fans will start to chant his name. Let’s give him a nickname now, Manny. Fans will say Man—-ny, Man…..ny, Man—–ny! The crowd will go crazy. I can see it. We just have to start to believe it. There are a lot of players on this year’s team that have personalities. I think it’s a special blend, surely the most international team in college basketball. It will be interesting to see how everybody’s going to fit in and with so many players, playing time will be limited. Gib could platoon groups, substitute entire 5 or 3 or 4 at a time. In the early going, I think he will give everybody a chance to see what they can do in real games. The only guy that has locked up a spot is Vander. To me, the success of this team will be determined by the guard play, taking care of the ball, assist to turnover ratio and making shots from the outside. The strength of the team right now is the interior players. Arnold has to find the guards who can give Hawaii solid and steady play from the backcourt. He will find out in structured practices and intra-squad scrimmages beginning in early October.

  12. Kia Ora, ‘Man’:

    ur the Man among boys in college MBB;
    when a native warrior called u “u da man”, he means “ur the best!”.
    A Brown “Man” in Vancouver >>> Manroop Clair is the Truth (find & read all, u’all).
    ~ crowd calling him “Jimmy Fredette”.
    ‘Man’ is poised to blow up basketball world this year. (how about it?).

    i thought your taste is CURRY, was wondering why not NASH, then? (PG style only?).

    when Swaroop.. come to watch u play in SSC, pls introduce him to us. since he calls u “Roopi”;
    shall we cheer u: Roopi! Roopi! Roopi! / Man! Man! Man! ??

    u really got under the skin of Rasheed Sulaimon in Vagas.
    time to ask Coach Gib to invite Duke over the next 3yrs for 3 rematches (full-house will love to cu repeat the feat LIVE !?
    and i’ll try to compare you guys statistics time to time (can u do it in collage) ?

    sorry, hurt prevented u from major contribution in the Summer League and, that Christian didn’t won u the cup! “a thousand jumpers did not keep the hurt away” (the bad had ran its full course).

    IF, ‘the Beast’ has promised to get his Degree from here, let everyone follow the leader.
    with 15 equal-talents ‘Brothers’ helping. coaches smiling, sunny weather is truly warming..
    let’s be strong, happy.. Mansu Mansu ! (we’ll take however the ‘Rock’ bounces’ >>>).

  13. Glad there still is Roop fever here! Just ease your yourself into the game Manroop, there’s no need to carry the team on your shoulders. And as you see in open gym you have a lot of talented players on your team. After a whille you’ll get that Div. 1 games under your belt and feel at ease in what you’re doing.

    Go Get Em Roop!

  14. Awesome to hear you acknowledging your brother’s contribution to your BB progress, and you are doing your ohana proud Manroop.

    Derek and n2o4joy

    I like as well the chant “The Roop! The Roop! The Roop! Is On Fire!” when he start bombing 3s in the SSC…

  15. Yes. This year, a lot of pre season interest in MBB. Good young guys with potential!. Manroop, nice player, really working at PG and a PG who can shoot out to DEEP 3!

    However, Jace and Manroop, and the Bigs can pass to Jawato, Spearman, Ozren Pavlovic, Michael Harper, Hauns, there are a bunch of mid range to 3 ball threats now. Imagine, just one year ago, the only sure 3 ball shooter, was Zane, if Zane was not on…long night..if he was hot, look out! Now, a lot of options.

    If the interviews with the guys are any indication of what type of TEAM they will be, UH MBB will be super competitive and win games! It is like having a whole TEAM of AC Carters, hard working, guys, high motor, with potential ability!

    Aaah..we can’t wait for first practice, Midnite Ohana ?, and first EXHIBITION game with HPU on Nov 2 2012.
    So Oct mid, start of official practices and game with HPU, very close..look out, here it comes, down that track..UH MBB Warriors(Rainbows: in honor of past great teams!)..Good job, young guys and Gib! And Benjy, Brandyn, and Scott, you all have done a great job assembling a TEAM!..Look forward to rocking the SSC!!

  16. Here’s one: Every time Clair hits a deep 3, the crowd responds: “Roop! There it is!” OK, OK, kinda stretching it.

    Intriguing player; only caught a brief glimpse of Manroop in the summer league. He already appears to have put on a few pounds since. Just hope the ankle issues are chronic. Best of luck to him.

  17. Manroop, if you can play anywhere near the way Carl English could, you will be exciting to watch. Just do not make the same mistake Carl made, and leave early. Stay the full 4 years, it would be worth your while. Hopefully, you then have a shot at the next level. I am sure you are aiming for that to happen.

  18. Uhfanzonly1
    I hear you about midnight ohana. Kinda seems that it will only be just to confirm what we already know because o seeing them so much in the summer league and Dayton. Seems like I know these guys personally already. Of course nothing like see them in person. I will be there like always.


  19. Kia Ora, Tonganator:

    how had u been 4 that longest while?!
    thought u went 2 Down Under 2 p’ty with Aussie MUM 2 celeb 4 your adorable son’s smiling big @ “the Land of Pavlowiz” AKA “the melting-pot of the Pacific”!?
    4 its people are enjoying, proud of them as well as u all r, thanks 2 Dayton+co!

    haven’t hear so many buzzzzzings, since i start suffering 4 non-enjoyable MBB..
    ~ now, u know what, many r seriously chirping buying multi season tickets just 4 seeing Cl{ean}air, how refreshing is that beside “Spearmint”? (how’s that Brandon?). (u c as few as 16 good sons can do to a whole state ?! u parents know better, why they r smiling >>> they r making history, a name 4 themselves and a DEGREE comes along with it.***** (sure i wished my grandson can be liked them).

    chantings r expressions of encouraging, urging, enjoying.. (esp collegiate).
    the preferred team/player word(s)/song tend to be more effective! there4,
    particularly individual player.
    so, 1 ~ coming from “the player.
    2 ~ coming from “their parent”
    3 ~ coming from “their fam/friend”
    4 ~ coming from “the cheerleaders”
    ok, Tonganator, Aussie MUM the rest of your privilege ones..
    \\\\ IF “the Beast” == “______ ______ ..”
    \\\\ MP ”the Roadrunner” == “______ ______..”
    pls submit/inform ASAP, to allow 4 cheerleaders’ prep time. (Mahalo!).

    thus far only u 2 are the committed ones. how about Swaroop, Memphis2, Standhardingers, Spearmans and the rest of the star-families.

    make your plane tickets reservations yet?
    imagine ~~ when ur introduced in the SSC.. the whole house stand-upped, applauding till their palms became red & sored then, chanting “______ ______ .. ” as loud as they can.. then closing with “AAA-LLLL-OOOOO-HHHH-AAA”

    Tonganator: don’t forget the kids – yours & Webster’s.
    bet they’ll be fascinated by the Paddling Dance, the Robber-man’s Dancing, the Rainbow-balloon Headed Man, bamboo-dance(maybe).. the might want to stay here with Isaac right away! (that’s the magic of the Aloha Spirit).

    ~~~~~~ Enjoying It.. Loving It.. ~~~~~~

  20. Glad to see such a group of high quality players and people on our team this year.

    Welcome to paradise Manroop! (also Isaac, as I wasn’t able to post for a while). Looking forward to the Stan Sheriff Center being rained with 3s over the next four years!

  21. I hope Gib will new threads for the team. After all I really think it a new era with all the new players and international flavor. We needs a lot of that tapa design to sell the Hawaii program. Lots of merchandising possibilities. Look good, feel good, and play good. A winning formula.

  22. shorts should have small pics of each players country of origin.

    White background with a World Globe on it.

  23. Great Thinking…

    Hawai’ian Islands one side (shorts or jersey) Country/State of Origin or ‘Home’ on the Other…

    Pass it like Pasha (Bains), Shoot it like ‘Roopi…

    May be Impressive “Competition” —

    The ‘Roop -N-Oz Show…

    OR Is it Oz N’ Roop?

  24. hey, Pocho:

    wow, what a “Glorifying idea”. it is beautiful as well as artistic!
    if u place’em 1 in the front & 1 in the back, u honoring @ country coming/going fully expanding our Aloha spirit in action. very original merchandising new vanture. u must be a graphic artist. draw your design quick, have it patterned. contract with UH/jersey supplier with profit sharing as donation to support MBB.

    it’s goning to be a “hit” ~ news, ESPN.. will show the world, fighting for your appearance.. fans, people, kids, student.. buying shorts instead of t-shirt and, then shoe, baseball-cap, handbag co’s jump on board.. (give me a job maybe?).

    this is a surreal situation. how one good thing leads to another, on & on.

    congrats ur a big WINNER!

  25. n204joy, I like the mansu mansu reference!

    Here’s to Manroop hitting it from deeeeepppp! Also I wouldn’t mind hearing some trash talking from ‘Roop the way he did Sulaiman in the Vegas tournament. “Areyou really going to Duke?!” after lighting up sulaiman’s a$@ like a Christmas tree.

    Mansu mansu ‘Roop!

  26. Kia Ora GLofSector808,

    Mahalo 4 looking my posts. i enjoyed looking you guys 1 2. (u make’em fun).
    n 2 4 taught me da words – glad 2 hear that u approved of da usage.

    Manroop is such a warm & kind, fun loving kid. good as he is but still so humble & diligent, distinctively differed from those eccentric, lazy, instant-gratification seekers. i still can’t believe that there r 15 more of’em, just like Manroop ~ yes, Mansu Mansu! thanks, Coach Gib, ur quite a bagger!

    i like 2 “get’em” 2 promise us that don’t leave until they got their earned DEGREE!

    BTW, how u say “get’em” in filipino?

  27. On the Global Uniforms ….

    maybe they should use the “Expanded Earth” split open like a flattened basketball …
    to Flag Multiple Countries
    OR Just show two three or more countries, where needed…

    Like Christian might want to show Both Germany and Philippines
    Manroop might want to show Both India & BC Canada
    Dyrbe: Hawai’i, Portugal + +

  28. Agree with Steve

    Carl English was as good and pure a shooter as you will ever find one. The stage was set for an all-american senior year. But you know what happened. Better to listen to coaches. That’s what they are there for—to learn and get better. Good luck Manroop and have a tremendous career at UH.

  29. Dayton,

    thanks for the personal interviews, guess you still got some ways to go with 16 players though but could you sneak in the open gym hilites once in awhile?


  30. Thanks, Dayton
    GREAT One-on-One Video Interviews… Feels like we already know them better than previous teams…
    Terrific Job, Dayton
    Where do we nominate for the Blog/ Team Coverage AWARDS?

    Second the Request for Continuing Open Gym Highlights, As Well

    UHMBB Fans, BRAND “Y” as in Radio Broadcast “Color” Commentator and in-house Attorney Jeff Portnoy and his Hoops Talk Radio Show kick-off the start of their season tonight AM1420 ESPN @ 7 pm HST (Wednesdays) With Reportedly Coach Gib as a Guest and former Top Recruiting Coach Jackson Wheeler again co-hosting…

  31. Shoulda mentioned for our Longer-Distanced Ohana that AM 1420 ESPN Honolulu is available on Internet ESPN HNL As Well As iPhone/ Android? APP… Honolulu, also available on OCEANIC 884/885…

  32. is that today Eagle? What time is that being broadcasted?

  33. Hoopstalk:

    Should be interesting if Gib is guest with Wheeler’s comments and insight..

  34. geez, i got to read better. thanks eagle

  35. You Read and Think Fine !

    It’s like some of Our Memories, Perfect, But Short ….

    Jackson much more Balanced last year versus first year (i think taking more time to check with ‘current’ recruiters)… Originally Hoped he would be retained … He even appeared in the Classic Basketball Movie “HOOP DREAMS” as a ‘Real Life Recruiter’… Current Staff doing Good, getting Younger (Four/Five versus Two/Three Years) & probably More Skilled Athletes; probably ‘stronger’ overall academics since Most are Qualifiers Right out of high/prep school… also “Picking/Choosing/Filtering Them” versus taking anyone who’s willing to come — seems more choices, more of Our Choice….

  36. RE: “Hoops Talk” (See Above)
    Coach Gib rescheduled to Next Week reportedly because he had a Real Life issue; just arriving back in town from recruiting, “today” he needed to attend a Parent Teacher Conference…. To Be Consistent, Hey, ALL The Kids Matter !

    Next Week’s Scheduled Guests: Coach Gib
    & Perennial Top 10 Pittsburgh Coach and former UH Assistant Jaime Dixon …

    AM 1420 ESPN Wednesdays 7 pm…
    (or On-Line Internet OR HNL Oceanic Time-Warner Cable 884….)

    SHOULD Be Interesting … Sounds like Coach Jackson was impressed with Isaac Fotu over the Summer League, but they may NOT have bought into anyone else (yet) … i Actually think ALL the Recruits are pretty good — more a matter of WHO WILL Pan Out and How Fast …

  37. Thanks Eagle, will be tuning in next week.

  38. Kia Ora, Tonganator !

    The Show’s Host, Attorney & Radio “Color” Man Jeff Portnoy, several times needed to pull former UH Asst. Coach & Top Recruiter Jackson Wheeler (who i consider a Great Person and Friend, thus a Really GOOD Recruiter) back into the Conversation…

    – “Jackson, Let me Remind You for the Third Time, Right Now we’re talking about Vander (not Isaac)…”

    -“… in all the years (decades) i’ve known you, for the first time ever, i think i need to accuse you of having a Man Crush on Isaac …”

    It will probably be a taped interview (since 7 pm HST is ~ 1 am in Pitt), but scheduled ‘guest’ Jaime Dixon, former UH Asst. Coach and Now Head Coach @ Perennial National Top Ten University of Pittsburgh, who has been recruiting Taj Webster and Isaac, told Jackson that “… Isaac Fotu IS The Real Deal…”

    Dixon, well ahead of his youth, has proven to a national audience (that originally guffawed at his hiring as Pitt’s Head Coach) that he is one of the Nation’s Best Recruiters as well as one of the Nation’s Best Game Coaches …

    Should be a Good Show for Isaac and UHMBB Fans …

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