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World Wide Warriors: Bartlett, Tennessee

In addition to the seven international players on the roster for the Hawaii basketball team, there are players from six different states in America.

Senior guard/forward Hauns Brereton is the first player in UH basketball history to hail from Tennessee. Although he has Samoan ancestry on his mother’s side of the family and relatives in Hawaii, Brereton was raised in Bartlett, Tenn., near Memphis.

“When I was little, I grew up knowing Davy Crockett was from there,” he said. “I used to run around with a raccoon hat just like Dave Crockett.”

While football is popular in the Volunteer State, Brereton said basketball is the sport of choice in the Memphis area. He noted that former NBA all-star Anfernee Hardaway and current NBA player Thaddeus Young grew up in Memphis.

Memphis is also known for its tangy barbecue, and Brereton said it is worthy of accolades. “They got kalua pig here, we got nice pulled pork in Memphis. Similar. But gotta bring that Memphis barbecue,” he said.

NOTE: Apologies for some of the audio difficulties in the above video.

Joaquim has injured knee

Senior center Vander Joaquim will miss the opening weeks of practice due to a knee injury.

The injury to his right knee occurred during a team workout session on Wednesday. Joaquim was able to leave the court on his own, and it was later diagnosed as an injury to his MCL.

Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said Joaquim will have to sit out the next four to six weeks of workouts and practices.

The Warriors will begin official team practices on October 12, with the first game scheduled for November 9.


  1. Hauns is our bball “iceman” here in Hawaii. Can’t ever forget his double clutch three against nationally ranked Xavier and his baseline game winning jumper in the WAC tourney. Looking forward to a huge year from Hauns.

  2. Hauns — Have a Breakout ‘Money’ Senior Season!

    Vander – Get healthy and do Likewise…

  3. Dave ~ Dave Crockett, “King of the Wild Frontier!” he’s my hero, too.

    “iceman”, ‘Money’, national TV HiLite, “King of the Memphis Workouts II”,
    “King of the Beach 2011”, averaged over 40PPG in the Summer League..
    we’ll be satisfy for just 75% of that average PPG & 200% of HiLites for this D1 season!
    Best Overachiever for Coach Gib so far. Most deserving player for his PT.

    Hawaii is truly your 2nd-home – wished you got 2 more years of eligibility.
    How about Hauns Brereton for Graduate-Assistance?

  4. hey, Hauns:

    here is a ‘Point of Interest’ of Hawaii for you; “Fort Bartlett”.
    is around the Kapolei Area of West Oahu!

  5. hey, Afro Mum:

    quick, find the best “Shea Butter” and send it to your son, so he can use it twice a day everyday.. it’ll works wonder for Vander!

  6. too bad he came out so slow not finding his rhythm shooting the rock early last season….notice a lot of eyebrow raising everytime he talks 😉 lol

  7. I know I haven’t seen Hauns play but I have been very impressed with him from the WI video – he seems to have alot of tenacity and leadership style on the court.
    And of course he mentions his mum – perfect
    Go Hauns
    Go Warriors

  8. Aussie Mum,

    i agree with your assessments; good family man,
    we know his family AND Memphis/Bartlett are Proud….

    When we were fighting the recruiting battle, one of the biggest rivals for Hans was BYU — they were looking for a “scoring machine” to replace their (now – NBA) star Jimmer Fredette, The National Scoring Champion… Hauns had just led his JC (Junior College) Team through the JC National Championship Playoffs averaging more than 27 points per game… fortunately for us, he chose instead to come here … This Year, Hauns led the NCAA Summer League in scoring with numerous 40+ point games, even while fighting special team defenses, double-teams, traps, etc….
    I’m guessing with Hawai’i’s disciplined (so far) style, emphasis on defense, and teammates who can ALL shoot the ball, Hauns’ UH numbers are likely to once again revert to mere mortal range (12 to 18 ppg?)…

    BUT I’m Still Looking for a “Break-Out Senior Season”, similar to what several previous players experienced after ‘adjustment junior’ seasons ….

    i’d like to think Vander also still has a chance to rehab and score at a 55-70% shooting percentage — those numbers would be ‘outrageous’ for most other ball players but i see Vander as Potentially a Big, Focused, Dominating Terminator “Robot”, where his mechanics are all reproducible, Repeatable, over and over at High Success Rates ….

  9. Monsta dunk last game
    Watch out
    Break out yea Captain Hauns.
    Lead yoa fella mans
    No scaid geevum the captain powa.
    Drain your treys—open lanes.
    Make them go skiding from yoa slams.

  10. Dayton, thank you again! this is an awesome site!

    Thank you Hauns, for your high character, work ethic, leadership! Now more than ever be that captain and set by example, working hard every game for 24 or 44 minutes..the young guys will follow your lead!

    Hope you guys, bond, and have a great year!!

    Shout out to Memphis and Hauns family, and younger brother too.!! Hauns really represents, Hawaii and Tenn. well!!

  11. Mahalo Eagle!

    That was it! The Vaspar system! B. Curran really likes it. I believe UH staff, does browse this site as well. sooo, if Gib, Fish, Brandyn, Benjy , UH doctors and trainers see this..why not inquire about the Vaspar system…if okay, might help Vander recovery..

    .of course injuries of this nature, part of athletics..even the Hall of Fame NBA and NCAA BB players went through many an ailment..Vander is another one..Vander speedy recovery..Maybe as Aussie Mum says, and Dayton agrees, Tim Tams!! For whole team!!

    Hauns, stay healthy, and get you intake of Tim Tams…that might be the ticket, plus the Vaspar system for injuries?

    Once again, thank you Dayton and staff and sponsors, for letting the great fans of UH MBB to post..this is a fan and family friendly site…I feel safe here and quite appreciative!!

    Go Warriors..very soon fellow fans, Oct start practice, then HPU exhibition game Nov 2,,then, here we goooo! Nov 9 against Maryland Eastern Shore(athletic, high flying , 3 ball launching, rim rocking team, just guessing!)

  12. I second the motion for vasper system , do know if it will speed healing process of torn mencious, but it will help keep the young man in shape and excercise the knee as well on the bike. Cost could be handled by money we save by firing MRC Greenwood , then even the whole football team can do Vasper!

  13. Haunsy is adorable, any updates on his little brother who was battling cancer?

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