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Warriors begin Waikiki Beach workouts

World-famous Waikiki Beach was a perfect playground for thousands over the Labor Day weekend. For the Hawai’i basketball team, it was a perfect training ground.

The Warriors started their annual beach workouts with an early-morning session at Waikiki Beach last Saturday.

“This is our ‘King of the Beach’ program,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “We just work out – we do a lot of defensive slides, a lot of sprints in the sand. It’s a great advantage we have to make our team a little bit quicker, a little bit faster, a little bit stronger, and there’s no better place in the world to work out than Waikiki Beach. It’s a lot of fun, but the kids work really hard.”

The Warriors will train at Waikiki Beach every Saturday morning for the month of September. It will culminate at the end of the month with the annual “King of the Beach” competition. The Warrior who accumulates the most points in the various drills on that day will earn the koa bowl trophy as the King of the Beach.

Bill Amis won the first competition in 2010, and Hauns Brereton won it last year.

“It takes dedication, you just have to have a competitive spirit,” Brereton said. “You never know what kind of hill you’re going to hit when you’re running on the sand. You just have to push through it.”

This year’s roster features nine new players who were working out on Waikiki Beach for the first time. Ozren Pavlovic, a freshman from Croatia, said: “It’s really hard. It’s much easier to run on the hard ground and on the court … it’s good for the legs to increase your vertical (jump) and defense.”

Brereton added: “That’s the special thing that we have here at this program. We get a chance to work out at the beach and work out the muscles that nobody else can do. It’s helping us with our movements and our quick feet and our hops.”

Saturday’s workout ended with a game of touch football on the sand. One team featured Arnold and the other coaches along with seniors Brereton, Vander Joaquim and Jace Tavita, and junior transfer Keith Shamburger. All the other players were on the opposing team.

Arnold was the quarterback for his team, and also the game referee. The game ended when Arnold ruled that his team scored the go-ahead safety.

Davis Rozitis was quick to point out the conflict: “They won. The way they did it? It’s up to them. As long as I know I’m going to sleep real good tonight because I played a fair game.”

The team of underclassmen had three Europeans (Rozitis, Pavlovic and Christian Standhardinger), and they are hoping for a rematch in the European version of futbol – otherwise known as soccer.

“Let’s play soccer,” Pavlovic said. “We don’t play this in Croatia.”


  1. Did past regimes do this? If it’s good enough for Rocky to finally beat Clubber Lang, it’s definitely good enough for our MBB team. Keep up the good work gents.

  2. Mahalo for the great video. Love the football game highlights. Lol @ Coach Gib for trying to lift Hauns at the end there.

  3. Coach’s arm isn’t that bad, but I’ll take Schroeder over coach on the field any day. I gotta go check then guys out on Saturdays.

  4. Mahalo Dayton for video!

    Yes. Guys are working hard. They really want to do well this season!

    Good job MBB team and Gib!!

  5. I enjoy the guys not only working hard, you ever do beach workouts, walk , run jump in sand? Hard, hard stuff. The guys are dedicated. Sure we have seen nice open gym Highlights, and other practice gym and summer league video spots. Team has potential. Now , guys up early on beautiful Waikiki Beach, very special place to get ready for Oct regular start of practices. All the guys going hard and having fun too!

    Once again, Aussie Mom, Tonganator, Zagreb crew, Memphis, Chicago HS pride, Cali families, and the rest of UH MBB ohana(family) your sons, relatives and friends are dong the best to have a good season. Hey, as we all are 100% in agreement, if team is coached well, conditioned , bond, united as TEAM, and upperclassmen , 3 seniors, 4 juniors, and I would include, because of One Year in system practice as RS freshman, Brandon Jawato, leading the way for other Freshmen, Team has a chance to have winning season, maybe get that BWC tourney crown..

    Bottom line: Put in the work on court, on their own, do well in class, and stay POSITIVE, the young guys are winners already..Gib and staff did a great job in recruiting and retaining excellent young men..Hope they have a fun and exciting season!!

    Mahalo Dayton for coverage, and letting us post, and to Gib and UH MBB team 1 through season for getting it done in workouts and in class(guys keep academics in order!!)Thanks again..Season , looking forward to!!

  6. wonder how clair is doing…seen him dogging it in the back in that one running workout…i think for him playing time will be a factor of staying or going

  7. hawaiifan09:

    Yes. The workouts are hard. Manroop, could be a matter of, probably…strength. This 6 week period of pre season conditioning is so vital for him, being young and slender. If he gets stronger, probably will play a lot of minutes. I think he is a competitor. Let’s see how he does in 5 weeks. Still think Gib has him up there as top 3 at PG.

    Or else he can use Harper, Spearman, maybe Ozren, even Dyrbe at PG. Give Manroop a chance, …it is only the beginning..check out the next open gym video or Dayton’s insider interview(if you could Dayton?) with Manroop to see how he is progressing. He sure seems to go for it in open gym. As players mentioned, ..and you probably know, beach , on sand workouts, killer..give the young lad a chance..!!

    Gib has a lot of athletes to work with this year , 15 , which is amazing, he will let the guys rise to the occasion for PT and winning time for sure!!

  8. hey, Christian:

    in the last open court, Isaac was spectacular in a right-side 8′ away, off-balance in the air banger-in and, you did a left-side baseline side-way slashing-in by air, managed the hang then. lay the ‘rock’ in. that’s just as special !!

    seemed like the conditioning did you guys good.

    well, you knew what was coming; i knew what you want.
    “King of the Beach” for your Mom this time ?

  9. Manroop’s doing alright, he was trying hard running up from the shorebreaks. He’s young, maybe a bit homesick so I hope The Gibper and Staff is talking to him making sure all his questions are answered.

    Manroop, Ozren, Valdes and Enos looks like hs kids still.

  10. “Manroop, Ozren, Valdes and Enos looks like hs kids still.”

    Pocho, I guess they just out of prep school or secondary/high school, so have that youthful look. Michael Harper looks more mature. However, looks can be deceiving. They might look like young kids yet have Mature hoops game?We shall see when season starts!!

  11. I think utilizing ‘Famous Waikiki Beach’ (Legendary, Iconic Waikiki) is brilliant, ought to be Posted on the UH website– ADD To FACILITIES, We Got it, We Use it, We Ought to Take Credit (Cut Way Above the Competition!)…

    Get other Teams out there (besides MBB & “Sand” Volleyball) — Have Laura & Na Wahine join the men out there?

    Great & Super-Smart to Use the World-Class “Facility” & Top-Rated Waikiki Beach To Do REAL, Valuable Work …
    GOOD to Hear they Can Feel it in their Legs, Hops & Quickness…
    Hopefully strengthen feet, ankles, knees, supporting ligaments, tissues & minimize seasonal injuries…


    Some Guys might take a little longer to acclimate, adjust, hopefully accept and enjoy something new or different, especially first time; the footing may have felt real unsure; sometimes it’s ‘harder’ for someone used to ‘looking good’…
    I Think Coach has strategies to interact, distract, acclimate, and break down barriers, helping the guys to actually like this place, partly by getting to know this place …

    Other Half of Saturday Workout?
    Run/Climb the Hundreds of Stairs up to top of Diamond Head? & Send Home Post-cards…
    MCBH Saturday Boot Camp this year?
    Maybe Include in Agenda?:
    – Arizona Memorial,
    – Bishop Museum — Hawai’iana, Native Eco-Culture, World-Class Astronomy
    – Polynesian Cultural Center
    What’s it take to climb into a Canoe, Trust Ripples on Water & Sail Thousands of Miles to be First to ‘Find’ Hawai’i ?

    Thanks for the Great Effort Coach, Dayton, Sponsors…


    Echoing Mike Harper…
    guessing the Beach, The Warmth, looks pretty good ’bout now, Down South, Down Under in the Cool of Winter?
    Hope it helps y’all (our people own south) feel some of the warmth…

  12. Nothin’ like running and scrambling on the sand to build lower back and leg strength. Way back when, I remember football players were told to run on the beach as part of training to strengthen those legs.

  13. Watching the team training on the famous Waikiki Beach I can hear the theme tune from Hawaiian 5 O in the background!! shows my age here… 🙂

    Agree with Eagle, we would love to see some more famous land marks from Hawaii.
    Team looks like they are enjoying the fun game on the beach. Thanks Dayton for running through the football rules, as we are only familiar with Rugby here down under, where we don’t wear any protective gear, just bodies smashing into each others… Things you have to do to keep warm..haha

    Keep up the good work Dayton and sponsors.

  14. Tonganator,
    Now “hearing” / liking Hawai’i Five-O doesn’t link any age any more;
    Unless you think Kono is a guy…Zulu gave way to Grace Park as “Kono Kalakaua”…
    Since 5-0 rated No. 1 in its time slot these past two seasons, “The Kids” know about it again!

    Rugby Star Scott Harding played well this week against National #1 USC…

  15. So who won the king of the beach? Hauns again?

  16. I really like the look of this team. I think Gib got it right this time as the team chemistry looks good. Players look eager to work for their spot and no one feels entitled to any playing time without first earning it on the court and in the weight room. I’m really concerned about the PG position still but there are a lot of good candidates. Sure hope one of them steps up and seizes the position.

  17. King of The Beach is Awarded on 5th Week/End-of-the-Month Competition –
    – Up to 20 Events?

  18. I think the Aussie Harper will give Standhardinger and Brereton a run for the money. Aussies are tough!

  19. I agree with Tonganator – we have Aussie rules football down here – no protective gear – just big bodies clashing!!!
    The UHMBB team look very committed to me and having fun in a beautiful location – all at the same time!!
    Every body looks happy, healthy and enthusiastic


  20. The “Protective Gear”‘, is somewhat of a euphemism… players hit full force with//through the pads and helmet…
    So the “Protective Gear” has long been the Weapon, although they’re now trying to tone it down to cut down on injuries, especially Head Injuries (concussions are proving to have more frequent permanent effects than thought even a year ago).

  21. Aussie Mum and Tonganator:

    Super appreciate Michael and Isaac for being part of something very special with UH BBall team! Isaac and Michael are working very, very hard with fellow mates!!

    Apoloize, my memory not too good, however, Aussie Mum, does Michael have younger brother(s) who play MBB and are interested in coming to Hawaii?

    And Tonganator, I think you mentioned that Isaac has younger BB playing brother. How tall is he? Would he consider UH Warrior BBall team.

    Wow, if could start a recruiting pipeline from New Zealand, Tonga, Austrailia, Hawaii will truly be not only USA’s NCAA MBB global team, but, truly the Eastern and Western Pacific’s MBB team, with POTENTIAL to be great winners down the road!!

    Mahalo, and Thank you so much for sharing the talents of your sons!! Aloha!!
    Hope to see you all at a game or two this 2012-13 season, am sure, the TV or ESPN commentators, will mention any parents of UH MBB team who traveled from Angola, Croatia, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Latvia, if you are in the stands watching your boys!! Great future ahead!!

  22. Sadly no brothers – a bigger sister in London who is a teacher only and not a basketballer!!
    We will be at the Diamond Head Classic – can’t wait to soak up all that atmosphere that you guys keep talking about and what I see on the videos – maybe our sightseeing of Hawaii will take a back seat!!!

  23. Thank you Aussie Mum. Well you have wto fine children!. And Michael and his sister have a great Mum too!
    Checked on my Desktop Weather Widget , Temperature in Honolulu , Hawaii at this time approximately 3:36p.m. September 5, 2012 is about 85 degrees F. or 29.4 degrees Celsius. Very nice weather, with trade winds.

    . Love Australia from all friends and relatives who have gone to visit, nothing but good reports!!, very pleasant down under, when summer here in Hawaii, it is winter or fall in Melbourne, about 50 degrees F. and 10 degrees Celsius. For a lot of Hawaii people, the cool weather is nice too! People of Australia very nice !! In Hawaii , they call that the Aloha Spirit, just people friendly, a laid back attitude!!!

    Any how, hope you can make it over, later this year…Michael has been a pleasant surprise for coaching staff, and fans. A great young man. One of the fastest players on squad with a great left handed shooting stroke. He will be a big part of team. All the guys are working hard, and we appreciate once again, the work that Michael did in searching out a D1 school, and Hawaii responded! Mahalo and much thanks again Aussie Mum!

    Go Warriors!!

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