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DaBeast Films presents a short clip from summer trip

After a successful debut season in 2011-12, “DaBeast Films” will return to WarriorInsider.com for another series of behind-the-scenes video clips with the Hawai’i basketball team.

Junior forward Davis Rozitis – the man behind the camera – has once again agreed to go into DaBeast mode for the 2012-13 season. In fact, he already started.

He had a video camera in hand this summer, when he returned to his home country of Latvia. He took a short trip to Estonia to visit former Warrior teammate Bill Amis and recorded several video clips.

Unfortunately, some of the clips got deleted in the download process, and other clips were simply not suitable for this site. As Amis put it: “It was the weekend after my season ended … so I was pretty much intoxicated in most of those videos, so hopefully he deleted them for my sake.”

In any case, Rozitis said he will have his camera ready to roll again this season. Most of his work will come on road trips, but he said he also has some ideas he wants to showcase while in Hawai’i.


  1. Have to hand it to Davis. At least he has a sense of humor. Maybe career in communications/media. Helps keep the coaches, staff and team loose!

  2. Can’t wait !
    How about in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. A cameo in every film. I think it was a lower profile and just a tad spookier. Who’s working the camera?

  3. Thanks for Recovering ALL the Appropriate Lost Recordings…

    Warriors Checking in on One Another Half Way Round the World…

    Good Teammates can become Lifelong Friends & Support…

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