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DaBeast Films: A Day On Campus

We’re taking a break from the “World Wide Warriors” series to bring you the first episode of DaBeast Films for the 2012-13 season.

Davis Rozitis and his home country of Latvia were just featured on World Wide Warriors, so the timing is appropriate to bring you his latest behind-the-scenes videos with the Hawai’i basketball team.

Rozitis, a 7-foot junior forward, introduced DaBeast Films last season, and it proved to be a hit with the fans. He promised during the summer that he would provide more video clips this season and he has delivered.

In this episode, he takes a walk around the UH-Manoa campus and runs into the team’s “lei girl” Maria Ignacio. Rozitis conducts an interview with her, and finds out why she doesn’t hug any of the opposing players.

Later in the video, Rozitis walks through the UH basketball offices and has a chat with assistant coach Brandyn Akana about the island of Moloka’i.

Rozitis has agreed to provide more video clips throughout this season and is open to suggestions about people or places he can visit as subjects. If any of you have ideas for DaBeast Films, please post them in the Comments below and we’ll pass them along.


  1. ONLY IF ALLOWED BY NCAA and i don’t think it is…

    Video Clips of Visiting Recruits …


    JUST IDEAS for Consideration…..

    Videos of Opposing Team Players’ Impressions of the Team, of Hawai’i and Don’t they wish they had come here…

    The Players and Their Best Friends / Girlfriends / Support Structure / Family, etc.



    The Cheerleader / Rainbow Dancer Series ? and their Mums of course…

    Wahine Beach/Sand Volleyball and their Mums, too …

    LATER … The Fans and WHO/WHY are their Favorite Players …

  2. Thanks Davis and Dayton. I remember back in the days there was nil—information on UH MBB. And living on Maui back then it was even worse as the local paper rarely wrote any articles. Thank God for television coverage. Remember Les Keiter? Gabby Pahinui song commercial? Classics. In those days I drooled for anything MBB. Thankfully my father enjoyed the games too so I had a partner to talk basketball. Those where the days. Maybe with WI coverage it will become classic in its own right. Interesting how internet brings people of common interests together who share a passion—UH MBB. Haha my co-workers are sick of my basketball subjects. Thanks again guys.

  3. Mahalo Dayton and Davis for DaBeast Films:

    Davis, great interview with Maria. That is a tough job,,,man kissing sweaty athletes! Though those “aunties” at UH Wahine VB games kiss and give a lei after games to both visiting and home team! Wow!

    Hope Maria does well in the 2013 pre Miss Hawaii pageants! Nice young lady and student!

    Aloha to the Lei Greeter !

  4. Davis great work, you could have future career in multimedia, TV, internet, film?

    Does your camera have a steady lens feature. When you walk , the camera really bounces up and down, and pans , get dizzying, ..think you have to smooth out, otherwise, it is like a merry go round, or space mountain ride..

    However, you are quite entertaining , and very amusing and friendly student athlete. great interview for Dayton and representative of UH MBB on court and off!!

    Thanks for being part of UH MBB team and future success!!

    Go up strong Davis ,and flush that ball!! Have a great season, and wish the best to your whole team and your coaching staff!!

  5. Go into the dorm rooms.

  6. Davis is everywhere. He has his own segment on the Manoa Underground also.

  7. Dayton & Co…

    Time for 2012-2013 Schedule & 15/16 Roster?

    Of Course, Great Job, As Always


    Thomas visit Feedback?

  8. schedule and roster is up @ UH Athletics website

  9. Yeah, even if needed to ADD Drop Down (to retain 2011 while adding 2012) just seems about time…

    Even UH site already updated…

    BUT Would Also Rather have HIGH Value Material like Open Gym videos…

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