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Update on Caleb Dressler

The last sight of Caleb Dressler on this site was of him limping off the court in a playoff game of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League. The good news is, Dressler’s sprained ankle is almost fully recovered, and he should be able to join his teammates on the Hawai’i basketball team for pre-season workouts.

“Everything is pretty much back to normal, just having to do rehab every day to make sure it’s strong and healthy,” he said. “Still recovering. There’s little jolts of pain, but nothing compared to what it was.”

Dressler, a 6-foot-10 post player, is a true freshman – three months ago he was still a senior at Evergreen High School in Washington. He arrived in Honolulu six weeks ago to enroll in summer school courses and get a head start on his training for the upcoming season.

He said he did well in summer school, and is looking forward to the start of Fall classes on Monday.

Dressler and fellow freshman Isaac Fotu have been assigned to room together for this first semester.

“It’ll be good to get to know him, but also make sure that we both get to class on time, make sure we both get to workouts — kind of keep each other accountable, like a brother system,” he said.

The one thing Dressler has not done yet this summer is visit one of Hawai’i’s famous beaches. He said it is on his to-do list for this last weekend before classes start on Monday.


  1. like a brother sister lol…who’s the brother and who’s the sister

  2. Aloha Caleb!

    Great news to hear your rehab is going well. Really enjoyed your playing in summer league, both you and Isaac have great upside! Main thing, keep getting stronger, bond with team and coaches, and make sure keep grades up in school. Look forward to your whole team being together to start the 2012-13 school year and pre season workouts and open gym.

    Hope your folks and friends can follow you and MBB team on warriorinsider, it is a great site with families from Cali, Tenn., New Zealand, and Australia following their sons and relatives. already….Have a great year , and thank you for becoming a UH MBB Warrior!!

  3. Keep up the hard work Caleb! Rooming together with Isaac kinda kicks off the dynamic duo frontline saga….here’s to great life, college and basketball experiences, many victories, wins & successes…


    Congratulations to former UHMBB wallk-on Rykin Enos who just earned a football scholarship as a linebacker and special teams player! May be a matter of time and effort ’til brother Dyrbe earns a Scholie for basketball….and/or Michael Harper as well…thanks to the walk-ons for choosing their paths here….

  4. How is Manroop “Manny” Clair doing with his ankle? Is he about fully healed and ready to go full bore? He missed a lot of time and I think he played limited minutes in only 1 summer league game. In my opinion, Clair is the missing piece to a good season this year. Mark my words. With Monday being the start of fall classes it doesn’t seem Gib will get any more new recruits. Joaquin, Rozitis, and Shamburger should be on island by tomorrow. Too bad Stokes left. I think he would be much improved in his soph. year. Oh well. Can’t get everything.

  5. hey, Caleb:

    “you are a big loser!” I said to him. “I’m alright with that!”, he would smiled then, goes on to explain as to defend my friendly but true accusation, “on my sophomore year, my body ballooned out to 280 lbs., in just 3 months, I’m a loser of 40 lbs!”. found out he sings too, another things we had in common.. well? I would said is “it’s really unique vocally!”. he quickly points out that “was just to accommodate his friend’s experiment on uploading video technique”.

    soon after his Hawaiian visitation, then proclaims “Hawaii is my home away from home with a perfect weather!” and “..anybody charging-in for a layup, has to go thru me!”.. confirming me to believe that “this guy wants to win!”

    you’re a lucky young man, got Isaac to polish each other’s game for D1 career (duplicate his spinning moves around the hoop.. plus one full year to learn from my MBB hero, Hauns. worked extra hard for 2yrs.. by then when Evan comes in to compete with you to be my “new MBB idol” (promise me you guys!?).

    upon your LOI arrival, Coach Arnold happily advertised that “Caleb will be our Center of the future!”
    (the Ohana will cherish Caleb’s progressive developments always; Family & Friends are you here, too?).

  6. Well Men’s BB team, time to get ready for King of the Beach ,who will it be this year ? Maybe a new King ?! Maybe even a surprise visit by head Strength Coach Heffernan to really get your blood flowing in the morning , Coach Heff will be on you from the start ! Good luck bruddah’s , It’s Warrior time.

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