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Standhardinger, Spearman lead teams to Summer finals

The top two teams from the regular season of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League will meet for the championship, and the Hawai’i basketball team will be represented on both sides.

Top-seed Flipbooks Hawai’i defeated National Fire Protection Co., 84-77, and second-seed Solar Universe routed Central Medical Clinic, 119-83, in the semifinals on Thursday night at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

Junior forward Christian Standhardinger had 21 points and 13 rebounds to lead Flipbooks Hawai’i into the title game. He admittedly struggled with his offense, shooting 5 for 15 from the field. However, he went 10 of 13 from the free-throw line, and got a key steal in the final minute that essentially sealed the victory for Flipbooks.

“Some games, the shot is just not falling, like today for me,” Standhardinger said. “I try to find other ways to help the team. This time I focused on rebounds.”

National Fire Protection – led by freshman forward Isaac Fotu — had the lead for most of the game. The first lead in the second half for Flipbooks Hawai’i came with less than two minutes remaining when former Hawai’i Pacific point guard John Avilla drained a 3-pointer to put Flipbooks ahead, 78-77.

With Flipbooks ahead 80-77 and National Fire in possession of the ball, Standhardinger got a steal and was fouled. He hit both free throws to help secure the win.

“Every win counts – I never want to lose,” Standhardinger said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s summer league or Monopoly with the family, or a Division I basketball game. I always want to win, so it would mean a lot to win the championship.”

Fotu finished with 20 points on 9-of-12 shooting for National Fire, and also grabbed seven rebounds.

National Fire was boosted by the return of former Warrior forward Bill Amis, who was playing in the Summer League for the first time in more than one month. He teamed with Fotu to help control the post, but was ejected midway through the second half after knocking down former HPU forward Scott Kato. National Fire had a 62-58 lead when Amis was ejected.

The other semifinal was not nearly as dramatic, as Solar Universe turned it into a blowout from the start. Junior guard Brandon Spearman led Solar Universe with 25 points, including 5-of-10 shooting from 3-point range.

“Everybody just came out and played hard,” Spearman said. “I just wanted to give my all to the team and pretty much the team gave it their all on the floor, so it was pretty good.”

Freshman Dyrbe Enos contributed eight points, including 2-of-2 shooting from 3-point range, for Solar Universe.

The defensive effort of Solar Universe was key to the victory, especially in the scheme against Hauns Brereton. Former HPU guard Kawika Smith hounded Brereton all game, and other Solar Universe players were quick to double-team when Brereton had the ball in his hands.

“I told Hauns he wasn’t going to get his 40 or 30,” Spearman said. “I got too much pride for that … we tried to send everything we got at him, like double teams and traps, all types of stuff. He still walked away with like, 20 or 25, but we did a pretty good job.”

Brereton, a senior wing, still finished with a game-high 27 points, although he shot 8 of 29 from the field. He also grabbed 10 rebounds.

Fellow senior Jace Tavita added 18 points, shooting 6 of 14 from 3-point range, for Central Medical.

Solar Universe won despite playing without two starters – point guard Derrick Low and forward Bobby Nash. Low has already departed for Europe to prepare for his upcoming pro season, and Nash is on a family trip.

The championship game between Flipbooks Hawai’i and Solar Universe is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Saturday at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores/www.brandonfloresphotography.com. To view more photos from Thursday’s games, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/warriorinsider.


  1. What an awesome UH MBB summer…from the depths of spring to the epitome of seeing the returnees and new guys working hard, in class and on the court. This year’s crop, definite, definite upgrade in talent, just have to continue into fall camp , then into regular season. Warriors/Bows will be very good. Now we await Vander and Davis and maybe one or two more signees for 2012-13. Thank you Dayton and warriorinsider, you are the best in covering UH MBB over the past going on three years! Mahalo to the great sponsors too!!

  2. Thanks, Dayton & Warrior Insider Team…
    Best UHMBB Coverge — ALL Events, All Year!

    Spearman showing some of the Prime Time Player Leadership we were told about, like last year’s run in JC Championsip Tourney…

  3. Did Manroop play at all last night?

  4. Manroop Clair was not present for Thursday’s game, and is not expected to play on Saturday.

  5. …? But he ‘s dong o.k. with UH Team/Player work-outs and classes?

    (understand can be tough to mess with winning team chemistry which was never previously established, heading into playoffs)

  6. 1 or 2 more possible signees…i think gib should hold for next year when you have a whole season to recruit quality…who was best player that signed with us this late in the year? i remember flemings signed late but not sure how late

  7. Hi, did anyone know about Aaron Valdes (6-5 200 SF)? According to ESPN, he has committed to the Warriors.

  8. Some observations from last night:
    Hauns had a tough night, and that was by design. It’s obvious that Artie knows the key to beating Central Medical is to not allow Hauns to get on a roll as he’s a streaky shooter. A few weeks ago, Derrick Low hounded Hauns from endline to endline. Last night, it was Kawika Smith … with help from trapping teammates. Hauns started forcing shots, which I doubt you’ll see once the season starts. He’ll be fine.

    Spearman’s shot appears a bit flat, but he can create and I like his athleticism.

    Standhardinger’s comments are spot-on. It was indeed competitive, probably deserving of a championship game. And I know he took a lot from it having to play against Fotu and Amis. Christian’s competitiveness will rub off on teammates in a good way; just needs to play under control. He may not have Joston’s offensive game, but he’ll be an improvement in defense and rebounding, and won’t be taking plays off as Joston was prone to do.

    It was unfortunate that Amis was ejected as Flipbooks was finally being challenged. I don’t know if Amis deserved the flagrant/ejection foul, but it was extremely uncharacteristic and he apologized to his teammates as he walked off the floor.

    Fotu continues to impress. I’d like to see how he does in practice against Vander. He’s so quick to the basket, and has soft, huge hands. On one pick-and-roll, he gathered a tight pass with one hand and finished the play. Wow!

  9. Second All of Clyde’s Comments …
    One more game, then it’s watching whatever Dayton, Wes & Co. can glean from open gym and team workouts up ’til start of Fall Practice… Fotu, as Christian and Shepherd noted hasn’t even learned to play hard and all the time, yet, (but he wants to …. just a couple of nights ago, he outscored the opposition 9-2 in O.T. after helping work a second half 20 pt comeback to force O.T.)

    Tutt — on or about July 30, Valdes tweeted his “intent” to commit to UH, which triggered a few recruiting sites to list him as a UH commit; but subsequent checks imply that he still needs to “qualify” (get through UH admissions and past NCAA Clearinghouse, etc.)… still waiting for “Official” word from UH coaches …

    IF you step back and look at the Bigger Picture,
    While Valdes could eventually be a good recruit he’s in a similar class with Armstead, Blakes, Biggs, Stevens… who “may be” interested but “Not Enough” to get here YET…

    They gotta be good enough (BB-wise), they gotta want to come to UH, got to have remaining eligibility and got to be able to get (in) here …and be good students and persons to not drag down team chemistry… [that’s what you apparently “Can” say about the ones who ARE Here……]

    i think HF09 got it right (above) –
    – Any Signees Now Better Be Real Good …
    …Flemings, AC….;-p

  10. Eagle: True to your and hfan09 statements, and harmonize with Gib’s philosophy now..if any solid offer to player, they have to be academically qualified, High Character and a good fit athletically and TEAM player..the guys they got now, even without Vander and Davis, surprisingly would make up a good team NOW..with Vander and Davis, and a really, really, good late get or two, long athletic SF or Combo Guard, or JC 3 for 3 6’2″ guard USA or euro, they will offer, ..the NCAA and UH clearinghouse and admissions take long time for certain players..Gib has learned, don’t jump the gun, don’t just offer anyone, and he did not let late trippers come in..kudos to Gib, he is on the right track…Won’t offer for the sake of signing a body, has to be THE RIGHT FIT! I think UH MBB will be good this year..strong hunch!

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