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Senior Warriors lead the way in Summer League playoffs

Hauns Brereton scored 43 points, but it was his one assist that provided the crucial difference as Central Medical Clinic defeated Grantco Pacific, 105-104, in a thrilling playoff game of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

The Hawai’i basketball team was once again well represented, with seniors Brereton and Jace Tavita leading Central Medical Clinic into the semifinals.

“This was a huge game,” Brereton said. “It came down to the wire. It feels good to come out and compete and we played to the very last tenth of a second today … Jace called those last two plays and we ended up getting it in the last two seconds.”

Grantco Pacific took a 104-102 lead with 2.5 seconds remaining on two free throws by former Warrior Geremy Robinson. After a long pass got the ball to half-court, Central Medical Clinic called a timeout. On the ensuing inbounds play, Brereton lobbed a perfect pass near the rim to former ‘Iolani and Santa Clara forward Cord Anderson, who then dropped it into the basket to tie the score. He got fouled in the process, and made the game-winning free throw with 0.5 seconds remaining.

Brereton was quick to credit Tavita for the design of the play – and a screen that allowed Anderson to get free near the basket.

“Luckily, Jace set a huge screen, (Anderson) was wide open for a lob and finished it,” Brereton said. “It worked out just as planned and Jace called it.”

Grantco Pacific had the lead throughout the first half, but Brereton scored 27 in the second half to bring Central Medical back. His 43 points came on 13-of-24 shooting, including 6-for-9 from 3-point range. It was his fourth game with 40 or more points during this Summer League. He also grabbed eight rebounds.

Tavita also drained six 3-pointers and finished with 18 points. He also passed for six assists and grabbed five rebounds.

Caleb Dressler, a 6-foot-10 freshman, scored 19 points on 9-of-13 shooting for Grantco Pacific. Dressler appeared to be on the way to a big game, as Central Medical did not have any players taller than 6-5 to defend him, but he landed awkwardly on his right ankle early in the second half and sat out the final 17 minutes. He said after that game that he felt OK and didn’t think the injury was serious.

Fellow freshman Michael Harper added 14 points for Grantco Pacific.

In the second game, freshman forward Isaac Fotu helped lead National Fire Protection Co. to a 100-89 overtime victory over Wealth Strategy Partners and Brandon Jawato.

The semifinal games are scheduled for Thursday at Manoa Valley. Central Medical Clinic will play Solar Universe at 6 p.m., followed by National Fire against top seed Flipbooks Hawaii at 7:30 p.m.

Game photos by Brandon Flores/www.brandonfloresphotography.com. To view more photos, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/warriorinsider.


  1. nice display of unguarded offensive talents.
    i wish the league as a whole played more in your face defense to similate more of the d1 game.

    although the numbers are impressive it is almost like a shoot around.

    lets hope that the intensity of the competition during the season does not come as a shock to the team.

    i suppose the gaudy numbers are good to see rather than a poor showing.

    we could definitely be a lot better this year. lots like we have more team players and the new recruits hav potential. we definitely have more bench this year.

    here’s hoping that a pg emerges from the get go. it is possibly the biggest “if” factor if not it is.

  2. sorry for the typos…
    lots = looks
    hav = have

  3. Although many are new (freshmen or transfers); all display bb skills (unguarded, as you noted);
    And several able to respond when challenged by their teammates or needed for the game…

    The “conversion rate” from summer to D-1 is probably Lower than JC, But I believe higher than HS if only for the talent level (as some of the freshmen already noted)… In three or four years as the talent pool builds, I’d expect intensity level and value to increase as I think it’s better than four years ago…

    As some players noted, running with purpose gets them closer to game shape (than just pick-up games) and although none of us would call it “defense”, there is a natural higher intensity level when someone is keeping and (wi.com, court sense) someone’s even reporting results…

    I wasn’t overly impressed with NBA Summer League and I think even the normal developmental league doesn’t encourage team skills as much as this league where players are actually trying to build skills (rather than just draw attention)…

    I think that “D-1 Shock” you noted should be lesser hereon, just because of that depth you noted. IF 10-13 players have D-1 skills and eventually intensity, practices could/should become more of a challenge than some games …
    FOR NOW up ’til the start of the season, it’s the coaches and returning players’ task to introduce/ simulate that D-1 intensity…[= Vander, Christian, Hauns, Davis, Jace, Spearman, Shamburger…] …seven D-1 experienced “Leaders” is about as good as most years in this program…

    …and maybe the first few teams level of intensity should serve as a more moderate intro….

  4. Summer league: chance to work on shooting, offense, cardio, not a team defensive concept. Summer league coaches would have to have a lot of practices with teams. I don’t think the teams even practice during summer. Agree with the above posts, surprising to me, as well as a lot of UH MBB fans, after last year’s exodus of players, there is definitely DI talent, guys that can shoot some, dribble, pass, have BBIQ, ..and KEY , there are a lot more bodies with athletic ability than last year..so yes UPGRADE..in talent and numbers..don’t worry, Benjy Taylor and Gib will make sure, DEFENSE is the theme for this years team..guys buy into it..will create some instant , quick strike offense, runouts, spot up 3’s on the break etc. and then, Jace and co. can lock down, half court sets, which you have to have to WIN championships..Team has a lot of potential…Fun stuff fellow fans…and when is the last time we said that about UH MBB..maybe Gib’s first year..look for good things This Year!!

  5. Run first – Then if it is not there use the half court set. That is what the winning D1 programs are doing.
    Gib and Company know the drill. We will leave it to them. Great showing on working the best that UH players can during the summer.

  6. You can’t put a lot of stock on summer league games. There isn’t much defense, not at least division I type defense. And the intensity and the energy is not the same as in a regular division I game. You can work on some individual skills, passing, shooting,staying in shape, etc. but working in a team concept and in a structured way at a high level is not the same compared to the real thing.
    No way Hauns will be scoring 40+ points in the regular season, not even 30. But, I do believe that there is some potential on this new UH team. There is lots of height and scoring potential from the front court. Standhardinger, Dressler, and Fotu will all contribute points and rebounding, plus we’ve got Joaquim. Davis should be improved over last year too. The concern is the backcourt and wing players. Pencil Hauns in as one of the starters at SF, Joaquim at C, and probably Christian at PF, SG and PG are still open. I worry about the ball handling and making a lot of turnovers. Gotta take care of the ball. I don’t see a lot of quickness and speed, and good 3 pt. shooting unless Clair can start to perform up to his considerable hype. If anything, it should be very interesting to see how the team develops. Man, I wish we had Shamburger already. If he could play right now, I would feel a lot better sleeping at nights. Unforturnately, we have to wait a year so somebody has to fill the void of being a solid and stable leader at guard this year. To me, it’s wide open right now.

  7. Derek: yes an AC Carter type late get, who knows maybe Gib is after one now..along with a SF slasher..however, Aug 2012 and we still talking UH MBB hoops, gotta love it! Team should be good if guys, are in shape, take coaching well, buy into DEFENSE, and work for the TEAM, they will be okay..lot of POTENTIAL as you said, ,I would say more than last year. If team does not stumble out of the block, and finishes strong in BWC , they will have solid season..as you alluded to..a lot, lot more athletes to work with!!

  8. you all are right about the no defense in the summer league, but like al pointed out, it’s better that they are scoring than not. There are guys who do struggle in this league and with so many new faces it looks like several of the freshmen will be able to contribute.

    Hopefully arnold has some tricks up his sleeve. I haven’t been impressed with his offensive sets and calls so far. he’s definitely a better recruiter and motivator than x’s and o’s.

  9. i think that gibber has not had the talent that he needs to run a patterned offense.

    these past two years we always had something missing in the arsenal to be that kind of team. last year we suffered from the lack of outside shooting and overall ballhandling. to a degree we didn’t have that slasher or two needed to run and/or create.

    teams played zane tough which virtually took away our outside game. miah to his credit did what he could and so did shaq. but the lack of confidence by both to put the ball up really hurt us.

    i am surprised that gibber who once played a lot of pg has not made it his mission to find two-three pgs. hopefully our pg by committee jace, roop, and possible combo guy spearman will be able to give us some quality moment on top. if not, it’ll be like playing without the missing link.

    help is on the way, next year if shamburger arrives wearing the UH logo.

  10. to his credit gibber does demand that we play tough defense like his mentality in the game with instensity.

    if you are not a prolific scoring team then you have to win by not letting them score than you.

  11. The point that gets the nod will come down to who can do a respectable job distributing the ball and playing solid defense. We don’t need a scorer, although if left wide open he’s able to knock it down. We got better overall shooters this year so critical to get them the ball and to where they can shoot in rhythm. If we can have a decent steady point and not have too many turnovers we should be ok. I think Jace could be that guy. Don’t need to do anything flashy—just be steady and stay with the basics.

  12. servante: Yes, a Mark Campbell type, heady ball player, smart, however he was very quick for 6’4″ tall, reluctant shooter, good FT shooter, could distribute on break and in half court sets. one of the more underrated PG’s that played for Riley Wallace, I believe he was a PG with Mike Kuebler and Carl English? I am not sure, however, that type of point guard, distribute, don’t turn ball over, run sets, good entry passes, hit an occasional 3 , or take it to the rack, UH MBB team can win with that type of guard..I think Gib is going combo, just check out the NBA and a lot of the top , elite MBB teams in NCAA, a lot are combo guards, handles, defenders, good shooters,..and they win with those types of guards, maybe that is the wave of the future for MBB in the 21st century .. athletic, combo guards..JMO>

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