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McMillian promoted to Director of Operations

Chris McMillian knows a little bit about training and putting in extra work. He’s been doing it for nearly a decade, including the last two years as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Hawai’i basketball team.

It paid off for him last week, when he was promoted to the position of Director of Basketball Operations for the Warriors.

“I think anybody that gets in this business, they’re ultimate goal is to become a full-time assistant, if not be a head coach,” said McMillian, 32. “I feel really good about it. It was a long hard journey of paying dues, but I can definitely start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at this point.”

McMillian was officially announced as the new Director of Operations last week by head coach Gib Arnold. He served as the team’s strength and conditioning coordinator for the past two seasons, and also filled a role as video coordinator last season.

“When I was hired, (Arnold) knew that I wanted to eventually work my way up and leave the strengh/conditioning piece behind and become a full-time assistant,” McMillian said.

As the Director of Operations, McMillian will be tasked with several administrative duties to help the program. As he put it: “The title essentially means I try to do my best to take every amount of pressure off Coach Arnold that is not basketball related.”

Per NCAA rules, a Director of Operations cannot be involved directly with recruiting or on-court coaching. McMillian said he will assist with travel logistics and academics, as well as “an array of duties, none of which include basketball.”

McMillian has a strong resume as a college basketball player. He was a four-year starter at point guard for the University of Wyoming from 1999-2003, and still ranks fourth in the school’s record book for career assists. He helped lead the Cowboys to Mountain West Conference championships during his junior and senior seasons.

“Having that experience was unbelievable for me and I look forward to hopefully sharing my wisdom and what I’ve been through with the guys who are coming up now,” he said. “I actually can’t do any (coaching) on the court, but if a player comes in and says ‘what do you think about this or what do you think about that?’ of course I can answer.”

McMillian said he was still in high school when he first met Gib Arnold – who was then an assistant coach at Pepperdine. “Coach Arnold actually recruited me when I was in high school,” McMillian said. “My recruitment ended a little bit early — I committed on my first visit to the University of Wyoming. He still gives me a hard time about it today.”

In addition to graduating from Wyoming, McMillian can also claim a University of Hawai’i degree. In between his duties as strength and conditioning coordinator, he also found the time to take enough classes to earn a master’s degree in Educational Administration.

The previous two Director of Operations under Arnold are now full-time assistant coaches — Scott Fisher at UH, and Kerry Rupp at Montana.

A replacement for the strength and conditioning coordinator position has yet to be named, but who ever it is will have a tough act to follow. McMillian, who worked as a personal trainer for five years after college, often led the Warriors by example – out-lifting and out-sprinting the players.

“I was without a doubt the fastest,” he said with a smile. “You can check it out on YouTube.”

And here it is:


  1. Props to you Dayton, burning the midnight oil! Wow, I should speak, I post and view your site into wee hours, love what you do for UH MBB. And would you have thought 2 years ago, warriorinsider is attracting attention of Parents and families/friends of UH potential recruits and current roster players? Good job Dayton and staff, and as always to the Schmidt Ohana and sponsors!!

    Great report on a well deserved promotion for Chris!

    Thank you again Warriorinsider! And for the posters to keep it civil, upbeat and fun!!

  2. Chris seems like a great guy with clearly defined life goals. With humility and hard work, he’s someone destined to fulfill those goals. Great addition to the staff. Thanks for sustaining the interest in the program, Dayton.

  3. Director Chris:

    again congrats. finally officially is a part of “the TEAM”.

    good luck; smooth sailing all the way!!!!


    Parents, Family, & Friends the Warriors or Recruits:
    Chris is one of the reasons why a player wants to be one of the Warriors.

  4. Congratulations Chris, it sounds like a big job but also one that you are excited about – good luck.
    Thanks again Dayton, perhaps I will be able to recognise/know everyone by the time I come over for a visit at Christmas time!!!

  5. Likewise Chris, a big congretz for your new appointment and with that big shoulders of yours you can carry anything that comes your way. Will be looking out for the “big sprint comp” this year against the new guys on board… but my money on you to deliver once again..
    All the best.


  6. Dayton:

    For we MBB fans awaiting that “SURPRISE” late get recruit..now is down to the wire…tomorrow is Thursday Aug 16 2012. UH Manoa , I believe, starts on Monday Aug 20 2012, when all athletes for MBB for this year should be enrolled. Unless you know of anything, it looks like, the last two scholarships might be held for next year if there is no announcement by this week I guess? Well, if Brandon Spearman, Caleb Dressler, Isaac Fotu, Manroop Clair, and special walkons: Michael Harper and Dyrbe Enos, and a certain transfer( I was hoping he wasn’t “the Surprise”, but welcome him aboard anyway, the transfer)..along with Vander, Davis, Hauns, Jace, Christian , Brandon Jawato, and Garrett Jefferson, I sincerely believe Hawaii will be really improved from players 1 to 12.!!

    P.S. We would be completely blown away if Gib announces very soon of a SF late get for 2012-13, or it might be for Jan, spring semester 2013..late get…and you would probablly be one of the first to break stoey…either way, hope UH MBB team will do well, I am sure they will, there has been a resurgence just in interest this summer, “off season”, and much,much mahalo to you Dayton, warriorinsider and Tony Schmidt Ohana and all the MBB posters..It is fun, Mahalo plenty!!

  7. what’s the latest news on recruits we already know….seems like they all under the radar

  8. hawaiianfan09:

    I think they were Aaric Armstead, Aaron Valdes(kind of jumped the gun on possibly commit to Hawaii), and possibly a euro late get. All had to await academic clearance. I know with Norm Chow’s players, some still awaiting academic clearance. Unless any other fans know of actual names being mentioned at this late date, feel free to chime in. As for Dayton, I know he will not comment, unless it is a lock, official and confirmed, that is reponsible jounalism. We fans can speculate!! hawaiianfan09, I am pretty sure , soon we will here one way or another if Gib has that surprise or two aside from the SJSU transfer, or whether he holds two scholies, for late mid term transfer, or offers to current player. We shall see!!

  9. i think every thing you folks are posting is on the mark…

    IF anything is happening for this semester (and first half of the season) it begins to close next week, depending on professors, maybe up to a week later (late registration, if profs agree to let them in, say up to ~ 8/28)…

    otherwise it’s December/January for this season similar to Orel at mid-point last year ….

    SO… our impatience “can’t be tried and stretched” too much longer … ;-}

    BUT as long as this year’s team can win more than its share of games, watching the recruiting Haul (October/November) for Next Season ought to hint at another step up ….


    Can’t state Too Many Times how great it is to have friends and family posting here … That’s FIRST CLASS … the people that make the most impact on this team — Coaches, Friends and Family, The Players and Teammates themselves all well represented ….

    Thanks, Dayton, Staff & Sponsors, Friends, Family & Fans …ALL…

  10. Eagle: Can’t state Too Many Times how great it is to have friends and family posting here … That’s FIRST CLASS … the people that make the most impact on this team — Coaches, Friends and Family, The Players and Teammates themselves all well represented ….

    Very well said. Dayton has a site, with help of the Schmidts and great staff and associate sponsors, a truly fan AND family/relative/friends site. We know the players read our posts, now their families! We wish all of them the best! And thanks to all for joining this forum..Dayton quite exciting stuff! Don’t know of any of the other forums having families log in and post!! Way to Go.

    And Eagle, yes, it is wait and see, Gib did state that the clearance HS guys, would take awhile, see for sure if they got in..we see within a week or so, I guess..anyway, I think UH MBB , total upgrade, in talent and attitude, the guys worked really hard to make 2012-13 a great year for MBB!!

    Always enjoy your posts..!!and Welcome once again, to the Fotus, Harpers, Fitzners and all families that follow UH MBB sports!!

  11. I am glad to see that this site is now being monitored so as to block undesirable and offensive comments. It should be a fun and enjoyable site for all members of the family to participate in and we should be free to express our thoughts in a friendly and considerate way. Certainly we might not always agree with every ones opinion but as long as we write with ohana in mind everyone should feel free to contribute. It is a great pleasure to read all the contributors and talk UH MBB and hope that this is a sign of great things to come.

  12. servante said “..this is a sign of good things to come”.

    naturally, the pillars are set; the foundation is laid & firmed – just a matter of time.

    good job, you courageous people!

  13. n2o4joy,

    Dayton has a nice forum here…great , fan friendly and family accessible! Wish the best for Gib and team! I think they can have a good season…and in years to come, “good” or maybe “great” things..UH MBB and UH WBB moving on up!!

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