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Catching up with Aaric Armstead

The recruiting saga of Aaric Armstead may not be over just yet.

Armstead, an athletic 6-foot-5 wing player from Fresno, Calif., said recently that he would still like to attend the University of Hawai’i for the upcoming 2012-13 season, “but there’s still minor things that we have to get done first.”

Armstead is a 2012 graduate from Bullard High School in Fresno, but apparently has yet to achieve some of the requirements to enroll at UH. He said Hawai’i became his top choice several weeks ago, and it is the only NCAA Division I program he is focused on at the moment.

“At this point, there aren’t any (other) schools right now, but Hawai’i is probably my number 1 choice,” he said. “But like I said earlier, still undecided because prep school is in the mix now.”

Several media outlets have reported that Armstead will play at La Jolla Prep School for the 2012-13 season. “It’s possible,” he said. “At this point, nothing’s true, nothing’s false, but everything’s possible.”

Even if Armstead ends up at La Jolla – or any other prep school – he said he would still like to try and enroll at UH for the following season (2013-14).

If Armstead is able to fulfill the necessary requirements to enroll at UH, he would be considered a late – and great – steal for the Warriors.

Armstead was one of the top seniors in all of California during the 2011-12 season. He averaged around 25 points per game and led Bullard to a No. 8 ranking in the state by ESPN. He was also named to several all-star teams, and was one of five players named to the first-team All-California Interscholastic Federation Team by ESPN.

Arkansas and New Mexico were among the other programs that were recruiting Armstead throughout the late signing period.

As an unsigned recruit, Armstead was allowed to participate in the Las Vegas Fab 48 tournament at the end of July at Las Vegas. He said he played for the CTB All-Stars in the tournament as a way to stay in basketball shape during the summer.

Armstead displayed an ability to slash to the basket and finish near the rim during the tournament. At times, he was also dynamic in the open court, and his length as a defender often caused problems for opponents.

“My game is up-tempo, fast-paced, aggressive, offensive- and defensive-minded,” he said.


  1. Sooner or Later,

    Welcome, Aaric!

    Keep UH, Hawai’i at the top of your list…

    Looks like we have a strong, healthy relationship with La Jolla Prep…
    Is it now a matter of who qualifies first? Armstead or Valdes ?
    Or Both?

  2. Eagle:

    Yes.! Gib is in on a couple. Some of these late, late qualifiers have to wait almost to enrollment In mid late August, definitely Gib going after that slashing SF! Whether Aaric, Aaron or a euro, whomever fits and qualfies..STILL HIGH INTEREST IN MBB! I love it!!

    Thank you Dayton and crew for excellent update!!

  3. Thanks, Dayton & Co. & Sponsors…
    (AS IF …. we were slowing down…)


    To echo, and echo …

    A Late Steal of a First Class point guard (skills, leadership and personality team fit)
    would probably do the most to elevate this team or drive team to more wins.

    Any doubt? Think before and after Miah’s arrival last year:
    2 – 4 before, against preseason schedule; 8 – 2 after, including DH Classic

    A Late Qualifier… A surprise AA degree… Prep School Qual… Another previously unrecognized qualifier (like ‘Roop)

    —— Better or Best…
    [You GOT to Have a Dream OR You Can’t Have a Dream Come True…]
    And The Genie left us with two wishes…

    So A Little Greedy, but I Think Hawai’i Fans would support:
    Best: BOTH
    another Elite point guard steal (like pulling AC off of sleeping on park benches)
    And a Future NBA small forward…

    That Kind of team sells out SSC and even the Non-Basketball “Fans” are watching and following…

    But like Al said, …tick, tick, tick…

  4. so was it valdes and armstead the 2 gib was waiting on?…i rather hold the scholarship

  5. any news on biggs?

  6. Hey fans, closely resembles Norm Chow’s wait for guys to qualify really really late, almost season starting..same with Gib, we don’t really know who, rather as Eagle alluded to, hey it is fun speculating on recruiting..get a little ambitious: AC type point guard AAU sleeper, AS degree. and Dillon type high flyer..whoa..Gib would blow us away..if he completes this class like that , 2 super late gets..all the negatives go bye, bye, ..now Gib gotta keep team on same page, TEAM first, throw out the egos, and JUST WIN BABY..

    Eagle my friend, you are right for us hard core MBB fans, we are perpetually interested in all things MBB, of course Laura Beeman, you get after it, do some damage in BWC too, if anything your girls will outwork and outthink the other teams. Why, you were an AA point guard, the general. you will have high interest too in first season.

    Go Wahine and Bows/Warriors!!

  7. Aloha, Dayton:

    1, a special trip for a personal interview.. things must be getting pretty optimistic! (won’t be long now?).

    2, interest in the sister TEAM is beginning to achieved momentum, how about consult coach Beeman for join-participation?


    this is only served to show how creditable to each member of the Warriors or Wahine, who deservingly making it or remaining here with “The TEAM”!!!

    you know what to do now, coaches??? (both MBB or WBB).

    your OHANA is ever excited as well as appreciative, supportive..

  8. hawaiifan09 —
    at one time, strong rumour of imminent 6-7 small forward,
    So likely another besides Aaric or Aaron
    but not directly from coaches who talked mostly about futures;

    recently Biggs had tweeted that eligibility was December at earliest due to completing academics….
    saving one for him?

    Anybody — Updates?


    Had a similar thought… Interviews of Prospective/ Interested Recruits…
    WI.com keeps kickin’ it up…raising the bar…
    What Next? Bi-Weekly Skype Updates?

    Sooner or later, we’ll see a story of how warriors or wahine connected or reeled one in for each other
    Good recruiters…Good networkers…

  9. Eagle: Exactly, that is what Laura and Gib do ..RECRUIT, constant, never ending , always trying to upgrade talent pool..Things looking up for MBB. and you can be assured, Gib and Laura are doing things WAY above board, very much along NCAA lines and very transparent!!

    Looks good…aaahhh the wait..!!

  10. Come on AA, get your paper work inorder, Warrior Nation awaiting your arrival, hope your hard work this summer pays off.

  11. Can’t get excited. Aaric is not here, until he’s here, period. All to often it is possible, maybe, if, etc. There is always something holding things up. All we can do is hope and be patient. Wishing Arnold and company good luck.

  12. While it would be great if Armstead is able to get qualified… as we’ve experienced in the past, I’m not going to get too excited just yet. It’s great though that the coaching staff continues to keep in contact with recruits.

    Earlier reports came out that another Australian was supposed to join UH as a walk-on. Did we ever find out who that player was?

  13. gobows and other great MBB fans, we all anxiously await…pretty soon word. Aug enrollment for fall almost here, and very soon Vander and Davis will be returning. We are cautious, and you know what, so is Gib,..remembers past, very, very careful what info on recruits he comments on. only that WE WAIT until official!! Great stuff..if it happens, we all go Hooray!!

  14. Would be Huge pick up, this kid is a star.

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