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Warriors begin summer workouts

Thanks to a new NCAA rule, the Hawai’i basketball team is taking summer training to another level.

The Warriors have added individual workouts – with coaching supervision allowed – to their summer schedule.

“The NCAA changed the rule. We used to not to be able to do anything but weightlifting and running in the summer,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “But for the first time, they’ve actually allowed us to work guys out a couple of hours a week.”

The coaches are allowed to work with only four players at a time, so the team is normally separated into groups of “bigs” and “guards.” During a recent workout, the “bigs” session featured Christian Standhardinger, Isaac Fotu, Caleb Dressler and Michael Harper. Not one of them was in Hawai’i last summer (Standhardinger joined the program in the fall of 2011, and had to redshirt the 2011-12 season as a transfer).

“They get to learn the system a little bit,” Arnold said. “We don’t really emphasize the system too much because you’re only going in small groups, but they just get a feel for how we coach and what we expect out of them … it helps us to get to know them and they get to know us.”

In addition to the individual workouts in the practice gym, the Warriors are also expected to spend time in the weightroom and on the track, not to mention summer school classes. All of the players on the island are also participating in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.

“I think it allows us to build relationships with our players and obviously get them better, and I think that’s what summer is all about,” Arnold said. “Summer is about getting better individually. Getting bigger, stronger and faster, and now we get a chance to work with them on the floor, too.”


  1. Thanks Dayton and crew! We knew you would provide some coverage of the new NCAA 8 week workouts with coaches and individual team..


  2. Is summer league tonight or thursday?

  3. Tunnelrat: This week, they’re going Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  4. I hope all of you really appreciate the job that Dayton does on the videos. He’s editing raw footage and presenting it in an informative, easy to consume product … much like how he wrote stories for the Advertiser. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look at the workouts.

  5. Warriors get to know the head of UH Strength and Conditioning Tommy Heffernan, he will make you stronger , quicker, and increase your verticals and lateral movement as well.

  6. Thanks Clyde

  7. Thanks, Dayton
    (i guess getting this video/article posted before 130 am is a ‘short’ night for you?)

    Good Highlights
    Spot Up, Catch and Shoot (without that dribble habit)
    Creating Separation
    Driving/Slashing to the Basket (ALL Players should have that either as an option in set offense or whenever the opportunity is presented)

    Just checking: As long as they’re enrolled they can participate? (Don’t recall seeing Dyrbe vs. others yet)
    So, ‘Roop, Jace, Harper, Dyrbe (maybe Spearman or Shamburger when he arrives) may work out in the point guard foursome? Harper who seems to have good hands, vision and quickness, noted he’s working to help contribute at the point position — (also allows more flexibility in running offenses). When get that chance, good to hear Gib’s update (whether “realistic” or “optimistic”) on the points…(we know he already says we’ll be fine, ?maybe ‘cos it came ‘so easy’ to him?)

    Also good to see the drills forcing guys to get better / build into parts of their game they’re not comfortable with yet;
    Looks like should eliminate/ minimize some fundamental deficiencies (I always thought it was a Coaching Deficiency that Nash1.0 graduated with out being able to purely catch and shoot. NBA coaches like LALakers Phil Handy regularly discuss working hard to handle fundamental weaknesses in their players and how much effort a Kobe puts into eliminating errors and deficiencies. Too bad they’re not planning camp here this year.)

  8. Good for UH guys to really get after it..wonderful new rule by NCAA..have to figure, all other MBB NCAA have same workouts too. UH MBB team, work hard, smart and together..you all will get it done and be successful..hard work=success!!

  9. THIS Admittedly May Be Overly Optimistic…

    But this rule change along with student-athletes leaving in good academic standing and progress, allowing recruits to workout/play ball with the prospective team, are some evidence that the previously identified No Clue At All.edu.organism may actually be making choices that ‘smartly’ support the Quality of their Product, Competitiveness And Their Student Athletes …

    – The Monthly Stipend needs to Support having a Modicum of Life
    (esp. If they continue to prohibit “jobs” available to other students;

    – Be Men or Presidents or Whatever and TAKE OVER the Former BCS Greed-Hogs,
    (Get Obama & Congress’ help if they need it)
    At Least The short-sighted Greed-iots so far only affect the Concussionists of football, Not basketball…
    (They might come to the inescapable conclusion that Virtually Everyone in the Sport is to some degree Brain Damaged, but that’s also ?True? Of Drinkers…)
    (“Wrong” Sport/Blog)

  10. So now that these summer workouts are taking place, does it essentially seal the deal on any additional recruits?

    Seems like such a waste that we have 2 available scholies (or is there more?) and we’re going to keep them in the back pocket until next year..

  11. Dayton,

    how is Manroop’s ankle? is he taking part in practices the past 3-4 days? You think he plays tonite @ the Manoa summer league bb games?

    sorry for all these questions

  12. lono,

    You know that last video update with Gib after Orel’s scholie opened up, Gib still left open possibility of recruiting one more and two at the most..first, don’t know who it is, they awaiting academics and summer school, pau which is coming up quickly..secondly, Gib and staff going to AAU tourneys , across the mainland , throughout the globe for future athletes and he did not leave out possibility of a right fit..late get..if not they would hold scholarships..I personally feel, Gib has to get that explosive, defender, rebounding fool, 3 ball, play above the rim athletic SF 6’6″ to 6’8″ ..that would pretty much seal the recruiting year for me..You know Gib careful, just offering anyone now..has to be qualified, and now fit in with coaches and team..July huge recruiting month for next year’s class and late gets for this year 2012-13..hope Gib gets one more..probably Dayton , one of the first to let us know who Gib offers as last one or two scholies!! JUST MY OPINION..the more athletes, good students and citizens on team the better..!!

  13. Rumour Has It….
    That Plus $1.50 Now buys you a….

    Lono, Gib has stated/hinted that…and

    Second Hand for me, but posting elsewhere (by a guy with, I think, a “good” insider batting average) says to expect (I’m assuming by end-of-August, maybe sooner, classes, clearance…) a legit 2-3, maybe 6-6, 6-7+/- HS forward…

    Should fill that gap around Fotu, Hauns & departed Wiseman & Joston with good to great size, shooting and athleticism …
    (to me, to be good, got to be All Three, two of three would be a walk-on or less-than-even “trade” with TW/Joston and his system knowledge…)

    (At one time Gib was talking ’bout another possible Aussie or International, but nothing lately…)


    …IF ALL our recruiters “wasted” two Scholies with a Gaping Hole on the floor, I’d call that a sub-par recruiting year not even addressing All Needs (under the JC Primary system we used to leave holes all over the place). So far Fotu looks more like a four than a serviceable three… maybe won’t need to be his primary or even secondary major responsibility.

  14. hi, Everyone,
    good stuff.. keep on plugging.
    we’ll need every oz of your energy & skill throughout the season.


  15. hi, Everyone,
    good stuff.. keep on plugging.
    we’ll need every oz of your energy & skill throughout the season.


  16. Thanks again for all the support!

    Unfortunately, WarriorInsider will not be able to cover tonight’s Summer League games, so again, those of you who attend and want to share your thoughts and observations here, please do so (and we will keep all comments in this section).

    As of yesterday afternoon, Manroop Clair and Brandon Jawato were not cleared to participate in the individual workouts, so I don’t know if they’ll play in Summer League games this week. Just have to wait and see, I guess.

    Recruits can be added to the roster any time before the Fall semester starts in late-August. Gib Arnold, Benjy Taylor, Scott Fisher and Brandyn Akana are all taking numerous recruiting trips this month. Mostly, they are looking to the future, but you never know what they might find. Don’t forget also that numerous players these days leave a program early in the season and thus can transfer to another program in December/January. An open scholarship could come in handy in such a situation.

  17. Eagle and Lono, the aforementioned insider poster, his track record pretty good with scoops, I haven’t been on message boards for very long..if he knows something , or with social media, could be a contact, favorites, follower, twitter, facebook, email, etc. Maybe he knows more than we do..Still we gotta wait and see, I agree Eagle, with two free scholies hanging around, and this being a HUGE year 3 to stabilize program and Win, I gotta believe Fish, and Benjy, and Brandyn as well as the ace: Gib..are still awaiting a late get..just a feeling..unless Gib feels this current group with walkons can do it in the BWC..kind of exciting stuff yeah! Surprise us Gib, reel in that monster SF!!

  18. Thanks Dayton for your hard work, sorry you cannot make it to the game..on this forum, great updates and reviews, personal in person analysis of games..regarding possible late get recruits…Gib I believe leaving it open ,,if they fit, go git em..if in doub, leave em out until possible mid season transfer..or a decommitt from another school before this fall, all kine scenarios..kind of makes you go whooee!!: we will never know until Aug fall semester starts, hopefully sooner!!

  19. Eagle,
    What do you mean by this statement? The strength of Nash was and is his ability to curl, catch and shoot. Why are we talking about him any way, he graduated almost 5 years ago.

    “Also good to see the drills forcing guys to get better / build into parts of their game they’re not comfortable with yet;
    Looks like should eliminate/ minimize some fundamental deficiencies (I always thought it was a Coaching Deficiency that Nash1.0 graduated with out being able to purely catch and shoot. NBA coaches like LALakers Phil Handy regularly discuss working hard to handle fundamental weaknesses in their players and how much effort a Kobe puts into eliminating errors and deficiencies. Too bad they’re not planning camp here this year.)”

  20. Dayton,

    Mahalo for the update on Manroop and Jawato. Actually for all the articles, inside scoops and responses!

  21. OK, Dayton, you asked for it. Here it is. Warning: it’s kinda long.

    Here’s a recap, with unofficial stats and focusing on current UH players, of tonight’s summer league doubleheader:

    Christian Standhardinger, who is expected to start at power forward for the Rainbow Warriors this season, and former Kaiser High standout Kaunaoa McGee each scored 30 points as Flipbooks Hawaii routed Grantco Pacific, 111-83, at Manoa Recreation Center gym.

    Flipbooks’ victory avenged a tough 105-104 loss to Grantco on Saturday, and moved Flipbooks (5-1) into a half-game lead over Grantco (4-1) for first place in the 36th Annual College Summer League.

    Standhardinger, a 6-foot-9 junior who redshirted last season after transferring from Nebraska, hit 13 of 21 shots from the field, including his last five. He hit 2 of 3 from 3-point range and sank both of his free-throw attempts to complete three-point plays. He also had 14 rebounds.

    After a first half that saw the score tied at 42, 45, 47 and 49, Flipbooks scored five in a row to lead 54-49 at intermission. Flipbooks led 56-51 when former UH standout Julian Sensley hurt his right knee, and took a seat on the bench at the 19:20 mark.

    Flipbooks took advantage of the absence of the 6-foot-9 Sensley, surging to a 64-52 lead on Standhardinger’s reverse layup with 11:51 to play. After a Grantco timeout, Sensley returned to the court but by then Flipbooks had clearly established momentum behind Standhardinger, McGee and former Kalaheo and HPU standout Scott Kato.

    Geremy Robinson, a former Rainbow, scored 21 points for a previously unbeaten Grantco squad that included incoming UH players Caleb Dressler and Michael Harper.

    Dressler, a 6-10 freshman from Washington, scored 15 points on 7-of-13 shooting that included a 3-pointer and added five rebounds. Harper, a 6-3 freshman walk-on from Australia, contributed 11 points on 4-of-9 shooting and five rebounds. He hit 2 of 3 from 3-point range, but was 1-for-6 from the free-throw line.

    In the night’s first game, returning UH guard Garrett Jefferson scored 17 points on 5-of-11 shooting as Wealth Strategy Partners won its first game of the season with a 108-102 victory over Solar Universe.

    Sean Caddell led Wealth (1-6) with 28 points, and Chandler Pierson of Chaminade hit a difficult 3-pointer that put Wealth ahead to stay 103-100 with 1:57 remaining.

    Former Iolani and UH standout Bobby Nash led Solar (2-3) with 32 points.

    Jefferson, a 6-3 junior off-guard, played the point most of the game and finished with four assists. His improved free-throw shooting stroke was evident in a 5-for-6 performance from the line. Wealth teammate Nick Milan, the ‘Bows’ team manager, added three points and two rebounds.

    Incoming UH guard Brandon Spearman, a 6-3 junior college transfer from Chicago, had 10 points (4 of 13 from the field), five assists and three rebounds for Solar. Dyrbe Enos, the All-State guard from Kamehameha who will walk-on at UH, hit his only 3-point attempt (he was 0-2 on tough drives to the hoop) to add three points.

    I opted to exclude any opinions, or personal observations (who’s an expert, anyway) – aside from Jefferson’s improved free-throw shooting stroke — and let the facts speak for themselves.

  22. It was referring to a specific example supporting the general statement, that even among our most successful graduates there were basic fundamentals that could have been corrected, such as with the drills Cach Gib was running in the video …could have used other examples like our guys developing jump shots, that woud have helped Tom Henderson, but that one (developing a reliable, consistent jump shot with range) usually takes a lot more effort esp. for athletic players who can get to the rim, like MJ..

    I was referring to Our most eminent R.Nash 1.0 (Senior) and his Need or Tendency to Dribble at least once before going up for his jump shot — he later eliminated that in the NBA, probably with the help of someone like Phil Handy (and obviously ensured that weakness was never passed to his son) although it could have been eliminated with drills like what Gib was using …

    Sorry if too old of a reference; was actually trying not to trigger any recent emotional issues…


    You kept All those stats yourself ?

    I never asked the “Official Scorers”;
    Do you know if they keep anything beyond shots made/attempts and fouls?

    Smart to keep it to the facts…
    Dedicated to “Get Them” yourself!

    Re: Your ‘Opinion’/Observation; I think that’s decent FT shooting three games now…

  24. Thanks again for burning the midnight oil! Updates and videos! Mahalo bro.

    Dayton: would you know status of Dillon Biggs, did he finish prep school this past year, and is UH interested in him for this year or perhaps next? I guess same with Gerry Blakes, though Gerry has to get AA in JC college..I think..

    Thankyou Dayton and great staff and sponsors!!!

  25. what a wonderful job clyde,
    truly ‘the fact speak for itself’!

    I wish you can do that for Summer & Winter.

  26. clyde,

    You’re hired!

    Needless to say, you went above and beyond the norm with your report, and such work is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  27. clyde…please fill out your w-2 forms at the personnel office.

    …nuff said

  28. Dayton: No problem; happy to lend a hand and help sustain this web site.

    Eagle: A friend counted assists and rebounds while I noted any critical junctures in the game and charted shots — from the field and free-throw line. It’s easy when you don’t have to account for all the stats for every player!

    al: Funny; thanks.

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