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Summer updates from Gib Arnold

Gib Arnold has stated that July is one of the busiest months of the year for coaches, and he wasn’t kidding.

The head coach of the Hawai’i basketball team has a hectic schedule this month that will follow “5-2-5-2” pattern – five days of traveling to see recruits, followed by two days back in Honolulu for individual workouts with the current Warriors, followed by five days of traveling to see more recruits, then back to Honolulu for more individual workouts, and so on.

“Pretty busy time – a lot of mileage,” Arnold said. “But getting a lot done. A lot of good players out there.”

Arnold provided several other updates, including:

• The 2012-13 schedule, which was released this week. “It’s going to be a real new year for us, entering the Big West,” he said.. “A lot of teams we’ve never played before and are not familiar with. That’s going to be a big change, obviously.” Arnold added that the Warriors’ inaugural season in the Big West Conference will provide much cheaper travel costs than the previous seasons in the Western Athletic Conference. “You can save as much as $15,000 to $20,000 per road trip … I’d rather be spending that money on recruiting than on travel, that’s for darn sure,” he said.

• A continued “holding pattern” for a potential additional player for the 2012-13 season (the program still has two open scholarships). “We’re holding those, I think we have an idea of what we want to do with those,” he said. “We’re waiting on some academic things that are pretty far down the road … just can’t comment on it at this time.”

• The expected return of big men Vander Joaquim and Davis Rozitis in mid-August. Joaquim is currently in Angola; Rozitis is in Latvia. “We’re looking forward to having those two guys back,” Arnold said.

• The status of redshirt freshman Brandon Jawato and true freshman Manroop Clair. Both are recovering from ankle injuries. Arnold said Jawato has been able to participate in individual workouts this week, but Clair is not yet cleared and may have to sit out for another week.


  1. As Always, MAHALO Nui, Dayton, staff & sponsors…


    Continuous Effort & Perseverance of Grinders
    Better Academics AND
    Better Players

    Work In Progress
    IF Not Now, “Soon”…

    However Small in Numbers,
    Next Class ought to be good in BB Talent…

  2. Yes Eagle, kind of suspected , Gib holding pattern, maybe one or two late gets..very good..we shall see. could use a PG and SF!! Thanks for updates Dayton!!

  3. TOO BAD ’bout ‘Roop…
    CAN he quiet the point guard concerns once he shows what he can do “live”…?

    Got to strengthen joints/ ankles… Maybe in-season would push it…but this time tried to come back too soon?
    Already re-sprained?…hopefully not a chronic weakness (like Amis?)

    Amis had made a comment ’bout Shoe Brands…
    (having just played two pro seasons without UH type problems…)

  4. one of um might be biggs?

  5. THAT would be good…

    As A Strategy…

    IF I WERE Gib, AND they all progress as well as originally expected,
    (that is, wouldn’t hurt the team by using a better recruit’s slot)
    I’d work butt-off to get in Biggs, Blake and Stevens
    AND make sure All Three Graduate to silence the “Academic” Boo Birds…
    and back up the “patience”, work long-term argument…

  6. Get Well Manroop, see your trainer everyday for therapy, and once that’s done, make sure you take advantage and see Mr Heffernan in your UH weightroom to get your ankles and rest of your body into D1 condition and strength. Heffernan is your UH Head Strength and Conditioning coach so take advantage of his expertise this offseason . He’s the Man.

  7. is forward Ako Kaluna a UH commit??

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