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Standhardinger scores 30 in latest Summer League action

Warriors forward Christian Standhardinger scored a team-high 30 points — including 19 in the second half — grabbed seven rebounds and blocked one shot Saturday night to help Flipbooks Hawai’i hold off Central Medical Clinic, 93-85, in Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League action at Manoa Valley District Park gym.

Flipbooks Hawai’i improved to a league-best 4-0 with the victory, a half-game ahead of Grantco Pacific (3-0).

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 junior who redshirted this past season after transferring from Nebraska, was 10-for-15 from the field — including 1-of-3 from 3-point range — and 9-for-12 from the free throw line.

As usual, he showed plenty of energy and ran the floor well, even leading the break on the dribble on one possession. Standhardinger is averaging 27.3 points per game in the Summer League, including three games of 30 points or more.

Former ‘Iolani School and Colorado School of Mines standout Kyle Pape scored 30 points to lead Central Medical, which had only five players available.

UH senior point guard Jace Tavita did not play for Central Medical due to a previously scheduled commitment.

In the second game of the doubleheader, former UH All-Western Athletic Conference forward Julian Sensley scored a game-high 41 points to help Grantco Pacific edge Solar Universe, 102-100.

Incoming Warrior freshman walk-on Dyrbe Enos scored nine points, including seven in the second half, off the bench for Solar Universe. Enos, a 5-9 two-time All-State guard from Kamehameha, finished 4-for-6 from the field after missing his first two 3-point goal attempts. He did not attempt a free throw.

True to his word, Solar coach Artie Wilson left Enos in the game during the tight final minutes, and Enos came through with two tough driving layups to keep Solar Universe close. Wilson said of Enos on Thursday, “I trust him. I don’t mind him being in a close game at the end.”

Enos is averaging 11.3 points per game in the Summer League.

Former Radford standout Nahshon George led Solar with 26 points.

Summer League action continues Thursday, with Solar Universe vs. Wealth Strategy Partners at 6 p.m., followed by Central Medical vs. National Fire Protection at 7:30.

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores. To view more photos, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WarriorInsider


  1. Thanks,again, Wes

  2. You are welcome, I enjoyed it. And great job again on video by Dayton and Brandon with photos!

  3. Keep working it, Christian.

  4. Mahalo to coach Artie for letting us enjoy Dyrbe’s game as advertised.
    he’s the one who confidently drilled a shoot that gave his team a 3pt advantage, after a deficit of 17pt!
    may be next will be the winning margin?

    good work. you sweat profusely and struggling for air are evidence of effort.
    maintain your balance, toughen your stance, tighten your defense are needed for regular season competitions so,
    #55, scoring of 55pt in every two games averagely is hopefully achievable!?

  5. I was impressed with George from Radford. Maybe Gib should be recruiting at the summer league.

  6. I think there might be limitations/ restrictions on how much time coaches can spend @ the league;

    …but you’re right, …the players should (will) let the coaches know who’s got game and eligibility…

    (the players gotta want to as well…)


    Echoing Wes’ more complete recognition — Great Job by Whole WI Team…

    We need to find and work an Internet model that Rewards All That Time & Effort…

  7. Couldn’t make it last night; great way to catch up. Notice Nash had the unenviable task of guarding the much larger Standhardinger. Nice job, Wes and Dayton. Perhaps the returning and incoming UH players will start suiting up Thursday.

  8. strongly 2nd TunnelRat’s comment.

    Nahshon & Kyle was smoothly effective all night long. they consistently urging me to dream that Ropi can be as efficient as they are!

    Nahshon just completed his Fr-C yr @Shoreline CC in the Northwest area.
    IF QUALIFIED-TRANSFED. eligible to be as So-SF or
    graduated CC next yr & qualified then willing to be FITTED-player. still has 2 good yrs.


    hey, clyde, you missed an enjoyable 2-game set.

    hope you can make it this coming Thur. better come early to get your seat, ’cause it’s going to be STANDING-ROOM only!

    BTW, Julian says “I scored 41pt on Bobby, yet still only won by only 2 (102-100)!

  9. Great job Wes and Dayton and crew: the most concise and up to date coverage of summer league!
    As to other new guys, I think majority will be here for 2nd summer session starting this week. Manroop, Fotu, Spearman, Garrett, Jawato, …only Dressler and Shamburger not here to late Aug., so they miss the summer league.

    Anxiously await, what those new guys will bring..and Christian and Dyrbe are stepping it up. Hope Jace is okay, he is a great student and team player..

    Thanks Dayton and Warrior Insider and fellow posters: very fan freindly,,that is the way it should be, very positive and real..since we are all fans of UH MBB!!

  10. Nice video… I really like Standhardinger’s non-stop motor, effort, and good all around game. One thing I’ve noticed is that he doesn’t always shoot the ball at the highest point, especially on his post moves… while he’s getting away with it in Summer League especially with players who are shorter than him… I’m curious to see if he can continue to score that way when players he’s matched up with and also on help side are both taller and have more shot blocking potential. Can’t wait for him to be matched up against Julian Sensley… that should be a better indicator on how he’ll match up against a taller, more athletic player. I’ve got that game (Sat, July 7) on the outlook calendar.

  11. The only 2 players that I’m really interested in seeing is Spearmon and Clair. I’ve already seen Shamburger the lastg 2 years for SJSU and he’s good. Fotu seems interesting as well as Dressler.
    I’m hoping Manroop is the real deal and I mean the real, real deal. He might be the starting point guard this coming season, maybe a smaller version of Russell Westbrook, a shooting point guard.
    Nontheless, Clair has ungodly range as a shooter.

  12. Still high interest in MBB , unreal! Yes , this is the week we have been waiting for, save for Dressler, who is coming late summer, we can see Christian, Dyrbe, Jace, Brandon, Hauns, Garrett, Spearman, Fotu, and the acclaimed Manroop Clair. Hope those of you who can, fill up that gym and cheer on the old and new guys!! Warriorinsider has great coverage and some on Youtube. I cannot go, so if you all can make it in person, enjoy and let us know what you think of Spearman, Fotu and Clair!!

  13. to me looks to be a more offensive wiseman

  14. Dayton: Just a sidebar..any word on how Zane Johnson is doing? NBA workouts, pro summer league participation?
    Just wondering..? thanks.

  15. Standhardinger has a nice jumper inside the line and drives nice going left. Hope he’s got other plays like posting and then turn to face up to shoot or drive. Also can he spin to the right? Otherwise teams will pick up his tendencies and know how to defend him. Nice free throws and great hustle. Hoping he averages about 12 points per game.

    Sensley brought his A game. Took over the game. Wonder why he was not able to do it during his years at UH. Awesome

  16. Especially for the guys playing Pro Ball, it’s good to see them improving/upgrading, adding to their games … now that (as some of them noted) it’s “full-time” basketball — don’t need to put in days and nights in (if they’re taking “real”) classes and study…


    Thanks to Bryan Barr and Pat Tanibe — saw “Saturday’s Scores/Scorers” in Today’s (Monday) H-Star-Advertiser — A day later — but have a chance to improve (like earlier posting plus scheduled/upcoming games) …although the ‘real gift’ is organizing and running the league — still our best opportunity to see ‘the recruits’ (and returnees) against college/pro competition…

    Coverage?… Still, No One even close to The Gold Standard provided by WarriorInsider.com…

  17. Eagle: Thank you for your “PRO” active work. Contacted right source, and bingo,scores available..I agree, this site, exclusively all things Warrior Basketball/Bow BBall,,past, current, and with new recruits..man it is exciting..present..

    Mahalo to you and Dayton and staff/sponsors..

  18. Great video as always. I loved how Sensley was dominating bobby nash.

    Sad to hear about Orel, hopefully all our other guys qualify. tough break, but if arnold can’t put together a 20 win season this year it might be time to look elsewhere for a new coach.

  19. The improved play of Radford’s 6’7″ Neshon George from last summer to now has been eye opening. If he continues to work hard I would be stoked if Gib offered this underrated athlete a chance to play at home. But Neshon is very happy playing on the mainland and hopes for an offer from one of the Washington schools. It would better his chances if he redshirts this year at Shoreline CC and has three to play three and is able to add 10-12 pounds to his 208 frame. Talked to his mom and dad Saturday nite and they would be excited if he had the opportunity to play at home. Dad is around 6’7″- 6’8″ himself so there’s a chance this young leaper can even add an inch or two before he finishes college. The thing that stands out about Neshon to me is he just runs so well for a big man and has very good feet. Just needs to develop his ball handling and shooting skills which he’s presently doing.

  20. No More Nash
    Based on you post you seem to be a Nash hater both father and son. For your information Julian and Bobby have a running battle going, last season Bobby scored 40 points against Julian, this time around Julian got the best of Bobby. They are very close friends until they get on the court. I can’t wait for their next game against each, should be a good one.

    Just my personal feeling but I don’t think you are a real fan of the program. I think you want who ever can satisfy your wants. You want a 20 win season or get rid of the coach, make up you mind. You wanted someone to replace Nash, done. You a coach now that promise he was going to build the program, recruit top level players, have academic success, embrace the community, play an uptempo style of basketball, play a tough schedule and pact the house. You got the coach you wanted, now live with him.
    At some point you have to stop blaming it on Nash, because he is No More The Coach.

  21. Jim,

    I absolutely agree with you on all points. Whomever coach, if that is who we have, if we are true UH MBB supporters we support the current staff and hope they do well for UH and the State of Hawaii. What is that saying: you can please some of the people some the time, can’t please all of the people all of the time, someone will always be unhappy…!You are correct, in regards to Bobby Nash and Julian Sensley. Both of those athletes are great friends and competitors. Since High School days, nice young guys, they were raised by good people. Now, they are grown adults,and very helpful with younger players as well now that they have experienced playing for pay. Too much hate and negativity in world, ..we don’t need it at summer league games or in Hawaii..more aloha the better.!

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