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Open gym providing extra summer conditioning

Ten has been a perfect number for the Hawai’i basketball team this summer.

Ten players are currently enrolled in summer school courses at UH, and that means every Warrior gets to participate in the five-on-five “open gym” sessions. Several times a week, the Warriors get together on their own for the informal scrimmages.

“We only have 10 players here on campus right now, so we just go five on five,” senior guard Jace Tavita said. “We usually don’t get breaks in between. We usually just keep playing to get in shape.”

It wasn’t always that way. Incoming freshman Manroop Clair has been battling a nagging ankle injury, and redshirt freshman Brandon Jawato recently recovered from an ankle injury. Both of those players were not able to participate in drills for much of July.

This week, however, both were available for an open gym session, allowing the Warriors to go five on five for about an hour.

Tavita and fellow senior Hauns Brereton have been serving as the leaders of the sessions. “Usually me and Hauns will pick the teams,” Tavita said. “Just match up guys by position, try to make it even.”

As might be expected, the sessions can get heated and the play is often halted to “discuss” fouls or out-of-bounds calls.

“There’s some heated arguments and it gets physical,” Tavita said. “I think people would be surprised how hard we go in the summer time. It gets really competitive.”

The 10 players participating are Tavita, Brereton, Clair, Jawato, Caleb Dressler, Isaac Fotu, Michael Harper, Garrett Jefferson, Brandon Spearman and Christian Standhardinger.

Big men Vander Joaquim (Angola) and Davis Rozitis (Latvia) are still in their respective home countries and are expected to return to the team in mid-August.

Kamehameha Schools graduate Dyrbe Enos is expected to join the team in August. He is not currently enrolled in UH summer courses.


  1. When is Shamburger showing up?

  2. hey, guys:

    right on brah, that the way!
    brotherly competitiveness serves to improve everyone’s skill!

    haven’t seen a group this intelligent & worked together so diligently, yet all are ‘fit’ winners!!!

    as is already going ten deep.
    you shall be called “The Perfect Ten”.

    two complete competitive teams.
    good to go ‘platooning’?

    Mahalo, Hauns & Jace for stepping-up & formed the leadership [co-captains?].

    we salute you.

  3. It is nice to see what is going on from so far away. It is greatly appreciated. Thank You Warrior Insider. The Warriors are looking good!

  4. Shamburger, Joaquim, Rozitis as been reported should be here ~ August 17th or thereabouts

  5. Memphis — Good to see Dayton & Company’s work helping friends & family keep tabs!
    …considering how far flung the homes of this team are, more valuable than ever…

    Hauns & ‘Roopi, their scoring and shooting having both drawn comparisons, welcome to have “Jimmer” type seasons/careers…Light It Up! Set Opponents’ Heads Spinning…(Calling It, Maybe…)

  6. manroop looks like a little kid out there besides the mustache and beard…i see him struggling getting off shots if not in the open…looks like we really need an athletic SF that can run and jump..waiting for you BIGGS!!!…still not impressed by spearman and thought he would be more explosive..jefferson where are u?

  7. wonder if manroop’s ankle keeps bothering him they’ll redshirt him?…good time to grow

  8. From one to ten, all guys bring some offense, even if open gym games, they pass well, run well, are working really hard. I think this team, even with only 10 of these guys, buying into system and DEFENSE this fall will be good. Last year’s team, one or two, go to offensive guys out to 3, now maybe 4 , 5 or 6, and we still await Vander and Davis, plus maybe a late get or two..things looking good..Keep working hard guys, we know you read these posts..so UH MBB fans got your backs..we support your effort, and love for UH and Hawaii..You are doing a good job..finish summer school strong and stay together..!!

    Great report Dayton and company!!

  9. Great stuff. Thanks for the video, Dayton.

  10. Dayton – Thank you sooo much for all the video that you provide. I love seeing my son and his team mates playing and training. It makes me feel that I am not so far away. With the video and the commentary I feel like I am already a part of the UH basketball family. Thanks very much,
    Go Warriors!

  11. Sorry, did not mean to overlook Keith Shamburger. He is also scheduled to arrive in mid-August. Of course, he will have to redshirt the 2012-13 season and will be a practice player for his first year at UH.

  12. Aussie Mum,

    Thank you for checking in with your support. I just talked with Michael yesterday and he is doing well.

  13. Kia ora from Kiwi Land Dayton. Awesome work Dayton and the team. Agree with what Aussie mum saying, we feel closer to Hawaii than the 8 hour flight. All our family here, Kingdom of Tonga and around the world will be following Isaac’s progress, good to see all the photos, articles and vids. Can’t wait for the season to start. Keep up the good work.

  14. So cool that this blog is read throughout the world. This site is a blessing in disguise for many people that live so far away as well as people right next door. It’s nothing like supporting your own kin or THE TEAM for life—UH MBB and having an outlet as WI to bring the players up close and personal. I am just waiting for the day when the arena will be rocking to the likes of the Fabulous 5. I’d like to see it one more time before I kick over. Hope this is the year. I know sportsanimal likes to play the doubting Thomas game—says he’s read the comments but it’s too early to tell how the team will do. So he won’t believe anything until he sees it. But I like to roll the dice and play my cards. And if I flop I flop. Who cares. As long as we are having fun and not calling people names that’s what this blog is all about. If everyone waits until the season starts before commenting on the players and team—what we goin do fo summa? Eh sportsanimal, chance em. You might be right.

  15. To the Harpers and Fotus, welcome to warriorinsider.com Many of us have had the pleasure of watching your sons play in the summer league. They are not only skilled players, but appear to be very fine gentlemen. Seeing them after the games hanging out with their teammates, they appear to be adjusting well to college in a place so far from home. I know UH fans will enjoy watching their development, on and off the court, over the next four years.

  16. Ditto On Clyde, Dayton and the Outstanding WarriorInsider.com Team…

    And MAHALO (Thanks) to Memphis, Aussie/Harper and Fotus of Aotearoa…
    and All Families and Friends for letting us know you’re out there …

    From Elvis’ Home in Memphis to The Really Big Island of Australia to our Brothers in NZ, Welcome to This Little Island smack dab in The Middle of the Pacific where your sons may be Making Some Waves as a team in this corner of the Basketball World…

    Thanks for sending/Trusting your sons to Coach Gib, Our Neighborhood/Family (Ohana) and Our Care … Hope you all get to join us On the Road or better at The Stan Sheriff Center as your young men (surely) capture the hearts and admiration of Hawai’i’s Best BB Fans ….

    Looking for and Expecting Something Good All Around

    Bless All

  17. See Oahuan and like minded ones, Gib as coach, is doing best he can with staff to bring in high character students
    and athletes like Isaac Fotu, Michael Harper, Hauns Brereton, Manroop Clair, Christian Standhardinger, Brandon Spearman, Dyrbe Enos, Garrett Jefferson, Jace Tavita, Brandon Jawato, Davis Rozitis , Vander Joaquim and maybe two more athletes to be named.

    Welcome and Aloha from all UH MBB fans to all the families of these fine young men! Yes , they have worked hard, and we can look forward to success for this season, and seasons to come. Gib is now on the right track. He and staff are working well developing solid relationships with parents and families of awesome young men!

    Kudos Gib, Benjy, Fish, Brandyn, and staff and whole team..

    Great job Dayton: you are going viral!!

  18. Hi, did anyone know about Aaron Valdes (6-5 200 SF)? According to ESPN, he has committed to the Warriors.

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