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Brereton survives tough defense, scores 28 in Summer League

Warriors wing Hauns Brereton scored 28 points Thursday night despite a physical defense designed to stop him as short-handed Central Medical Clinic fell to Flipbooks Hawai’i, 128-93, in Hawai’i College Summer League action at Manoa Valley District Park gym.

Brereton, a 6-foot-5 senior, was blanketed for much of the game by Flipbooks’ 6-7 Jason Hopkins, who played tight defense with the clear intention of “putting a body” on Brereton, who has had several 40-point outings this Summer League season.

“It was definitely a good challenge,” said Brereton, who was 10 of 30 from the field, including just 2 of 11 from 3-point range. “They played tough defense, but I’m glad they did — I still have a lot to learn when the defense is focused to stop me. It’s a good thing my teammates helped me, and during the (UH) season I’ll have Vander (Joaquim) and Christian (Standhardinger) to pass to.”

Brereton, who added six rebounds, had to shoulder much of the scoring load especially after Central Medical teammate Kyle Pape — a former State Player of the Year at ‘Iolani and standout at Colorado School of Mines — was sidelined for the entire second half due to a back injury. Central Medical suited up only six players, without a true low-post presence.

Standhardinger, a 6-9 forward, led Flipbooks with 32 points and six rebounds. Freshman guard Manroop Clair (6-1) made his Summer League debut and scored three points on 1-for-6 shooting, including 1-for-5 from 3-point range.

In the first game of the doubleheader, Warriors guard Garrett Jefferson scored 26 points and grabbed six rebounds to help Wealth Strategy Partners squeak past Grantco Pacific, 108-107. Jefferson was 12-of-22 from the field, including 1-for-6 on 3-point attempts.

UH freshman post Caleb Dressler scored 25 points and grabbed 11 rebounds for Grantco, which lost its lead in the final 10 seconds after a timeout was called despite their being out of TO’s. Dressler made 9 of 16 field goals and was 9-of-16 from the free throw line; he is 14 of 28 from the line in his past three games. Dressler also was stripped of the ball three times in the low post.

Warriors guard Brandon Jawato scored 19 points for Wealth Strategy; he was 6-of-15 from the field, including 3-of-9 from 3-point range and 4-of-4 from the free throw line. UH walk-on guard Michael Harper scored 13 points for Grantco but struggled again from the field, making just 4 of 17 field goals, including 1 for 7 from beyond the arc. He did sink all four of his free throws.

Former Warriors guard Geremy Robinson led all scorers with 44 points for Grantco.

Summer League action continues Saturday with Flipbooks Hawai’i vs. National Fire Protection at 6 p.m., followed by Wealth Strategy Partners vs. Central Medical Clinis at 7:30.


  1. Thanks, again, Wes [& WI Team]

    pointing out weaknesses or areas needing improvement is great (needed to improve); in case coach or player doesn’t know (many players don’t track their own stats over a period of time); plus a lot of people keep doing what they’re already good at instead of working on the embarrassing or weak areas…

    Maybe the football players would make better choices IF they realized:

    Someone is Always Watching…

  2. brereton now 6’5..wow..and stanhardinger more like 6’7

  3. True “Warriors” working hard for Hawaii. Keep up the good work. It is good to see all the effort going into the process to be champions. Thanks “Warriors”. Also Thanks to the Insider Crew.

  4. Aloha again for coming to Hawaii, Roopi:

    appreciate your presence for the #1 team in the Summer League.

    of course, injuries (ankle, knee, fingers) hindered your performance from your normal best.
    just be thankful for that it was not a blanked-out in a blown-out winning situation.
    slow progression is better than slow regression!


  5. Did Jace Tavita play?

  6. Some observations: Flipbooks has been the dominant team throughout the summer. It has the swagger of a squad that knows it has all the pieces to go unbeaten the rest of the way. They’re the bullies of the playground — physical and skilled — and have developed chemistry through success. While other teams show up with 5-7 players, Flipbooks always are 10 strong and enjoy playing with one another.

    Despite being overmatched last night, Central Medical was up to the task early Kyle Pape had a strong first half (and so did the guy named Kamanu?) but once Pape sat with the back injury, leaving Central with just five players, the outcome was never in doubt. Gotta love Hauns, who tried everything in his repertoire to get off a shot, but Hopkins was up to the task, and when Hopkins sat for good, Stanhardinger picked up the defensive assignment. Hauns won’t see that kind of undivided attention during the collegiate season because UH will have other offensive options, as Hauns pointed out in his comments to Wes.

    Stanhardinger is such a competitor. With his team ahead by 35 points, he flopped hard to try and get an offensive foul call on Hauns on the game’s final play!

    It will be hard for Manroop Clair to get much playing time in the next week or so. The ankle injury set him back, and the playing rotation for Flipbooks has long been established. It might be wrong to say he didn’t bring the swagger that Shaq Stokes did to last year’s summer games, but Clair did loosen up during garbage time and showed flashes of potential. He won’t shy away from taking the open 3, but he did look to pass first and showed bursts of speed. He’ll be fun to watch as he matures — could use another 15 ponds of muscle.

    Dressler has improved since his first summer league game a few weeks ago, particularly his conditioning. He’s worked to improve his post play, but his double-double last night was mostly compiled while being guarded by UH teammate Brandon Jawato, a 6-3 guard.

    I liked what I saw in Jawato, who appeared to be over his ankle injury. He is in so much better shape than he was last summer, Last night, he was asked to play the post on defense and that probably hurt his game on offense. But he hit a couple really tough 3-pointers, and also displayed flashes of speed and quickness.

    Jefferson continues his steady play. If neither Tavita nor Clair takes control of the point guard spot, I can see Jefferson and Spearman both starting and sharing the ball-handling duties. Jefferson’s free-throw shooting is much better than it was last season. That might not be saying much, but his stroke looks smooth and his confidence at the line is up.

    Back to Flipbooks. It’ll be interesting to see what Fotu can do against them on Saturday. Fotu has rarely been challenged, and with Hopkins, Standhardinger and Kato, he certainly will be on Saturday. Maybe Fotu should place a call to Bill Amis. He and Fotu would certainly make it tougher on Flipbooks, but perhaps Amis is too busy as he begins his new career. Best of luck to him.

  7. Jace Tavita was a no-show, along with five other Central Medical regulars. (Brad Anderson hurt his knee on Saturday).

  8. You know what? I guess they do try to play D in summer league! Great for UH guys, get used to it, in regular season much more intense..Good for Hauns, he has to get tougher too, if he wants to be a captain, Christian, emotions in check, is a real Warrior, will not back down..Having Vander, Christian, and Hauns, tough, and not letting physical D and double teams get to them, will be a load for BW teams to handle..Dressler, will learn, do not bring ball down to waist level, am sure coach Fish, will inculcate in him this summer and into fall camp.

    Good job, Jawato and Jefferson. Keep your head up Michael Harper..Look forward to seeing Manroop, Isaac Fotu, and Dyrbe Enos this weekend..You guys keep on improving..keep working hard this summer it will pay off big time during season!!

  9. Clyde: thanks for info.

    Kind of shaking my head…what is up with Jace? PT or ailment, or , I don’t know, young guy has to settle in his mind what he wants to do. Wish Jace the best, hope he is okay or family is alright, you never know nowadays!

  10. Clyde , come to think of it, they might have to take players out of the stands, gym rats, sign a waiver, and go in to supplement bench, kind of dangerous with only 5 or 6 guys, they can get hurt or sick..During playoffs they will balance out the teams, every team should have at least 10 I think..wonder if league director is addressing this concern..? Well hope the best for UH guys and all the players, NO ONE GET HURT!!

  11. We ought to expect an injury or two … maybe with Heffernan & Co. can keep any future injuries/re-injuries to low-end or minor ….

    But Now have better depth, and talent at most positions, soon also experience and coach up (schedule might allow spreading playing time if they can build/hold decent leads)…

    Get a shooting forward (or two) or top-notch point guard (why waste a scholarship with Shamburger already in the wings?) and this team should be solid…
    at least upper third of Big West…



    Wazzup? Injuries ? Fatigue from UH Workouts and Classes ?
    Fill Us in if you will…

    BUT i think Back-up your fellow senior Hauns …
    Would your passing allow him clearer shots?
    and Hone Your practice on angles and passing as a Primary option at point guard?
    There’s (probably) a reason you’re paired on this team …
    maybe got to play out of position if only have five or seven … so what if problems with Coach or some other players (like when season started) or whatever…
    Win or Lose, Tough or What ?
    Other UH players are making most of their games …
    Kick In ! Only Two Games left unless you win some…
    Point is A Leadership Position…
    So is Being a Senior …


  12. Hey, UHMBB Fans…

    Gary & Chris, the Sports Animals are interviewing Mel Proctor who’s new E-Book is available at his website …


    The Excerpt is Excellent…focused on his time @ U.H…..

  13. Apparently Jace and others on the Central Medical team have issues with the coach , and his coaching or lack of coaching style. Hopefully any negative attitude here doesnt carry on to the UH team once real practice starts.

  14. jjay: Thank you for update on Jace. It seems like this problem started from game one. If they can barely field a team , and more than just Jace feels that way, something not right. If it is an attitude with Jace, oh, oh, hopefully not..otherwise, Gib and staff have to address it now,, same with Christian…we want all the guys to be happy and play well.and most importantly GRADUATE…

    Come on Jace, do your best, or let Gib and coaches know what is happening with leauge or might have to bite the bullet and endure. Pretty soon playoffs, traditonally, they mix in best players from all teams to have competitive playoffs..we will see if that holds true this year..

    Once again, thanks jjay!!

  15. jjjay: just curious. are you speculating, or do you know for sure about the team’s issues with coach Silva? I know at least two players — anderson and pape — are injured. not sure why jace wasn’t present on thursday. not sure if it’s an issue with playing time since he’s logged quite a few minutes since that first game. guess we’ll see who shows up tonight for central medical.

  16. Maybe one of the hardest working MBB staff in Hawaii could do a short video interview with Jace, Hauns, Christian,Jawato, Manroop, Caleb, Isaac, Garrett, Brandon Spearman , Michael Harper and Dyrbe Enos to see how what they enjoy about summer league games and what they are specifically working on to improve..Then, we have it from the source, the Players themselves, maybe Jace is taking care of health or family or studies?

  17. In regard to above post: I meant the “hardest working UH MBB coverage staff” in all Hawaii..warriorinsider..the Best !!

  18. Maybe one of the hardest working UH MBB coverage staff, Warriorinsider.. in Hawaii could do a short video interview with Jace, Hauns, Christian,Jawato, Manroop, Caleb, Isaac, Garrett, Brandon Spearman , Michael Harper and Dyrbe Enos to see how what they enjoy about summer league games and what they are specifically working on to improve..Then, we have it from the source, the Players themselves, maybe Jace is taking care of health or family or studies?

  19. I think everyone is reading into players not showing up for the summer league a little to seriously… The best competition they are going to get on the island is playing against each other not some out of shape old men… As long as the UH MBB team understands one another and motivates each other than the team should fall into place….

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