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A recent open gym session

The Hawai’i basketball team continues to take advantage of the long days of summer.

In between summer school classes, individual workouts, and Summer League games, there is still time for informal scrimmages – also known as “open gym.” On days when there are no Summer League games scheduled, the Warriors often get together for five-on-five open gym sessions.

“Just working together — mainly it’s getting chemistry together,” senior Hauns Brereton said. “We all just got here so we’re seeing what people can do; just out here having fun and getting work done.”

There are currently 10 players enrolled in summer school courses, including four true freshmen (Manroop Clair, Caleb Dressler, Isaac Fotu, Michael Harper) and one junior college transfer (Brandon Spearman).

Brereton said the open gym sessions “definitely helps us to know what everybody can do and what they do.”

Because there are no coaches present during the sessions, the players separate the teams themselves and call their own fouls. Seniors Brereton and Jace Tavita are the voices of reason during disputes.

“This is our senior year, so this season reflects us so we take a lot of responsibility on our shoulders,” Brereton said. “We want it to be great, so that’s why we’re out here trying to keep it right.”

Clair and redshirt freshman Brandon Jawato have missed several of the recent workouts and open gym sessions due to injury, so graduate assistant Nick Milan often fills in.

Several friendly one-on-one rivalries are developing during the open gym sessions, such as freshmen Dressler and Fotu matching up in the post. Also of note, Brereton and Christian Standhardinger appear to be the top scoring threats as of now, and they like to go against each other.

“I love what it’s shaping up to be,” Brereton said. “I love the attitude we got. We’re in the weight room, we’re dedicated, we come out here and work hard. I like what it’s becoming, but it is the beginning so we still got a long ways.”


  1. I hope Hauns is selected as one of the team captains. He’s mature, level-headed, obviously a tireless worker and always focused on team goals. You can tell in the summer league games that he’s trying to hone his perimeter shooting. He struggled a bit on Saturday; expect him to get back on track this week. I see Jawato in the video; any update on Manroop? Noticed, too, that Jefferson playing at the point in the summer league. Need some competition at that position.Thanks for video, Dayton.

  2. Thanks, Dayton

    Conjecturing out loud…

    Ditto on ‘Roop …
    Are freshmen & Spearman acclimating to classes and life in Hawai’i alright?

    Sometimes, like missing home, or court time with an injury (like ‘Roop) can drag some people down… ?serious ankle injury? — i can see it’s smart not to make it worse, get a bad start or longer injury by working it too soon.


    Wonder if Bill Amis’ injury was season threatening; he’s had long recoveries before … his announced retirement (in today’s HSA) to real estate is similar to a freshman after first year (Amis playing pros in Estonia, or places he might not necessarily enjoy compared to Hawai’i) deciding ” i ain’t goin’ back to that…”

  3. Hey Hauns and Jace and team: You guys have the right stuff..great attitude, you as the leaders, can help young guys, and everyone on board..with hard work and team unity on and off the court, you guys will do well, bring a little swag, no matter what da people say..You guys are winners all the way!!

    Dayton and staff, wonderful video, and you guys are the “A” team in regards to coverage of Insider UH MBB.
    !!! Mahalo Warriorinsider and sponsors!!

  4. Bill Amis one of the all time great people and players for UH..must be injury, and Eagle you might be right, perhaps consult with agent, and physician, time to move on..stay healthy and enjoy life..in HAWAII..nice if he invited to talk to current UH team, would not count that out..a self made player, overcame adversity, graduated from UH….2nd team all WAC, fierce competitor and great guy!! Really am sure, UH team will have a lot ov aloha and respect for Bill, a great get for UH MBB no matter who was the coach..he did good..wish the best in whatever you aspire to do Bill, I don’t have the money, however can refer ones to your company!!

  5. as is already 8 deep!
    everything clicking; everyone hustling.
    Hauns’ hammer right on the head of the nail!

    this is the earliest start, the biggest group working hard together ever (love that comradely)!
    it simply exceeded my expectation.

    Jace, you too, got to assume your senior responsibilities!

    Isaac, your spinning moves are outstanding!

    proud of you WARRIORS!

  6. if hauns hits like this and clair and jawato are good 3 point shooters as advertised we should do pretty good..still got spearman and occasional 3s by tavita, jefferson and possibly christian

  7. I could see that happening…

    First challenge would be ‘how consistently’ they can hit as a group;

    Second, how well they hold opposition when they aren’t;

    How well they execute other options, getting the ball inside, who can penetrate, so not one-dimensional jump shooters,.

  8. good points..plus how they spread the ball so everyone will be happy with getting their own looks

  9. This group appears to have the tools to put the ball in the hoop. Now we need a point to distribute the ball and control the flow of the game. Defense is always a question mark. Can’t tell until matched up with quality teams. Most players appear to be game ready as far as weight and conditioning. Hauns should be a great leader and will play a big role to the success of this team. He has a good head on his shoulders and work ethic, and knows how to dig down deep when the pain comes. Hope they follow him and look up to him. If they do and cut the grumbling, watch out.

  10. My prediction on the starting lineup to begin the season:
    PG: 6-4 Jace Tavita (Backup: 6-1 Manroop Clair)
    SG: 6-2 Brandon Spearman (Backup: 6-3 Garrett Jefferson)
    SF: 6-6 Hauns Brereton (Backups: 6-4 Brandon Jawato, 6-3 Michael Harper)
    PF: 6-8 Christian Standhardinger (Backup: 6-9 Isaac Fotu)
    C: 6-10 Vander Joaquim (Backups: 7-0 Davis Rozitis, 6-10 Caleb Dressler)

    Jawato looks to be in a lot better physical shape than last summer (leaner and quicker). His form and lift on his jumper looks good. I like how he’s mixing it up shooting from 3, and taking it to the basket. I think he has a chance to push for time at the 2 and 3 spots.

    Spearman is 6-2 (not 6-4 as originally advertised), and appears to be a good all-around basketball player who is good at everything but not great at one specific skill.

    Fotu looks very polished for a true frosh. Needs better conditioning and to get into game shape. Due to his skill level in the post, I could see him backing up the 4 or 5 spots this season.

    Dressler has definite upside potential but would like to see him redshirt unless we get hit with injuries. We have depth with Vander, Standhardinger, Rozitis, and Fotu presumably in the rotation ahead of him.

  11. Good Two-Deep, gobows…(mine similar since ‘Roop signed w/2/3’s interchangeable unless we get more height).

    Servante — had written up something supportive of your good points on Leadership, + Vision and comparing this team favorably with some of the better teams of the past (that i just saw again on K5) ; maybe insightful or inciteful, so when the system lost it, took the hint…

    Coach wants the program to be or get to where good recruits not ready to fully contribute can redshirt; it probably helped Jawato and Tavita and there IS good frontline depth…

    I just wonder how much a skilled Dressler would improve that fourth or fifth year, then have to go to NCAA if he ever needs to take/ reclaim a medical/ injury redshirt year… Versus starting the challenge and feedback of those five to ten minutes per game of live fire every week…I think Spearman is better (for us) having played as a freshman…
    The Good News is to have the situation where either way should work since Vander is expected back… The physical improvements, foot and defensive quickness, building quick-twitches and lateral, upper body power/strength can happen pretty fast under Heffernan & Co.– three more months ’til formal UHMBB Practice, …

    …. 90+/- days should go real fast…

    This Year seems easier than most…
    – NCAA Summer League
    – Olympics
    – Televised NBA Summer League
    – WI.com …Thanks!

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