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A quiet summer night

On the eve of the playoffs and in the middle of a busy schedule of workouts, weight training and schoolwork, only three Warriors saw action Saturday in the Hawai’i College Summer League at Manoa Valley District Park gym.

Junior forward Christian Standhardinger scored 28 points and grabbed nine rebounds to help Flipbooks Hawai’i defeat National Fire Protection, 97-80. He was 11 of 25 from the field, making only one of five 3-point attempts, and sank six of seven free throws. Standhardinger missed on all four of his first-half 3-point shots.

Freshman forward Isaac Fotu scored 24 points and grabbed nine rebounds for National Fire Protection. He was 9-of-14 from the field and 6-of-7 from the line. At times, Fotu and Standhardinger guarded each other, though defensive specialist Jason Hopkins was on Fotu for much of the first half.

In the second game of the doubleheader, junior guard Garrett Jefferson had 14 points, four rebounds, three steals and three assists as Wealth Strategy Partners edged Central Medical Clinic, 87-86. He was 5-for-10 from the field, including 2-of-4 from beyond the arc, and 2-of-6 from the free throw line.

Senior wing Hauns Brereton and senior guard Jace Tavita were absent for Central Medical Clinic, and freshman guard Brandon Jawato did not suit up for Wealth Strategy Partners.

Jefferson told WarriorInsider this is a busy weekend in summer school for several UH players, with exams to study for and papers to write.

Saturday marked the end of the summer league regular season. Flipbooks Hawai’i (9-1) and Solar Universe (6-4) finished in the top two and earned first-round byes; the other four teams start the playoffs on Tuesday at 6 p.m. and 7:30.

Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores/www.brandonfloresphotography.com. To view more photos from Saturday’s games, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/warriorinsider.


  1. Tough Week: Unlike many Summer League participants, current UH players have class responsibilities, exams, projects — IF you remember summer sessions, they pack 15 weeks of material into six, so two tough classes is full-time…and got to build up GPA…

    Plus challenging workouts and practices
    Take Care of Business, Priorities & Health…

    Thanks, wi.com….

  2. Great coverage Warriorinsider, and once again addressed the thoughts of a lot of MBB fans, why UH guys were not at games. Workouts, Schoolwork, THE most important part of the summer, complete the course with a good grade. Don’t fail. Without question academic advisers and coaches remind the athletes, TAKE care of business in SCHOOL FIRST, and the Basketball is added benefit of summer.

    Thanks to Warriorinsider, for the INSIDE information. Now , we understand why no shows, injuries and workouts and SCHOOL…however CMC, not all the guys go to UH, so, ahhh , we let it go,,the leauge almost PAU!!

  3. My 2 cents: Standhardinger shot 1-of-6 from 3-point range; not his game but I understand why he wants to extend his range. Imagine if he could play a 3, allowing Vander and Fotu to play a high-low post? Still, I doubt Gib will encourage Standhardinger to venture that far out once the season starts. Standhardinger continues to bring energy; so active, so competitive.

    Fotu was finally challenged — by Kato, Standhardinger and Hopkins — and responded quite well. He still seems to pick his spots when to expend energy — as opposed to Standhardinger, who brings it all game long — but it’s what you’d expect in summer league for a freshman. I think he can be as good as he wants to be. As one Jamie Dixon is reported to have said, “he’s legit.”

    Jefferson was only 2-of-6 on his free throws, but he steps to the line with much more confidence than he did late last season when he cast a couple airballs and rim-breakers. He’s obviously worked on it.

    Not sure what’s happened to Central Medical. Aaron Fernandez (Kalaheo) played well, but the team was missing seven regulars. I believe two are injured. Surprisingly, Brereton didn’t show — as Jefferson explained, it’s been an especially busy week for the UH student-athletes — and that perhaps led to a mass exodus at halftime of the second game. A lot of Hauns’ fans?

  4. Hope everyone is resting and taking care of business prior to the playoffs. Nothing like an elimination game to pump the adrenaline. So far during the regular season most players seem to imitate the NBA with isolation plays and lethargic defense. (But some play hard both ends). Like the pros, gotta protect the body for the long haul I guess. Maybe we will see some defense intensity in the playoffs. But I won’t hold my breath. In any case enjoyed the season so far and looking forward to the playoffs.

  5. Agree with you Servante: At least it is fun following UH MBB this summer. Will be exciting looking forward towards this upcoming season with Vander and Davis back and maybe one more athletic player. Thanks again Dayton and Warriorinsider for the past some 3 years of MBB coverage!!

  6. So Vander & Angola didn’t make the Olympics …
    BUT The Angola Ladies did …

    Maybe Vander can help Lady Coach Laura Beeman and bring over an Angola Olympian or Potential Oly Basketball Player or Three …

  7. Aloha, Eagle:

    that’s an excellent idea; fast thinking!

    coach Beeman’s Wahine definitely could use a ‘true big’ (6′-6/7/8″ be good).
    why don’t you get together with her, maybe ask her to contact Vander before he leave home for Hawaii.
    for that matter, ask him to find a replacement for himself too!?


  8. Good Assignment…

    (More to Follow…)


    Hauns’ Help on the Way…

    6-5 Freshman from Cali…

    Looking for Official Confirmation ….

  10. Eagle: if true, would be good late get..you are right, have to wait OFFICIAL announcment, confimed , signed sealed and delivered..and you know what? I think maybe Gib not finish recruiting yet, until he says, so..just gotta wait and see. Exciting stuff, during a rather slow sports, except an excellent Olympics..UH season until football!

  11. The “UPDATED” /Revised Wording was similar to:

    “However, his recruitment process is in the early going and much could happen before he is theoretically admitted to UH, a source indicated.
    Several recruiting outlets picked up on his commitment via twitter, but that information was premature.”

    which sounds like…

    “has not yet passed the NCAA Clearinghouse…”

    Any Corrections or Updates Appreciated…
    Eventually, one or two are gonna clear those hurdles…

  12. n2o4joy — FTR — Sent Angola Concept to Both Coaches Laura & Gib …
    (I’m SURE it’s already on their radar…)


    RE: Past Comments RE: Depth @ 3 Position —

    In a radio interview today between Christian Standhardinger and The Sports Animals…CS noted that in Summer League he plays because the team needs his height inside and he can take advantage of the height mismatch — However in D-1 Big 12 as well as German Second League, he is much more comfortable at the Three position…

    i guess between Standhardinger (who can be relieved at 4 by either Fotu or Dressler, even Vander if needed) and Spearman, the three backup behind Hauns should be stable with D-1 proven players and in good hands — If we get a Legit 6-6 to 6-8 small/shooting forward it should be solid …

    CS also noted that he only pursues Refs/Techs and Hauns in Summer League because they have sizable leads…”we won’t have 20-30 point leads in D-1, so don’t worry, fans; i won’t be getting Techs/ejections in D-1 games …”

  13. hi, Eagle:

    appreciate your attention to my suggestion; thanks for the follow up.
    I’m certain that both coaches will appreciate your show of support for them.

    if anything comes out of this.. the TEAM & fans will be benefited for games will be more enjoyable!

    your feverish output on WI+, attracts continuous interests!


  14. Thanks n2
    EDIT: In case not obvious…RE: Above Depth @ 3

    CS (second line): …in Summer League he plays “Four” … because…

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